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  1. The shortage of moorings in London is in some way down to the power cables buried under the towpath........
  2. Tuscan

    Saving water at Foxton

    By mid afternoon yesterday we had sat on the bottom moored just before the footbridge at Foxton. Lot of activity as they were filming antique road trip including coming down the flight , quite a few boats came down. Took the dog out last night and there was a definite flow towards Kilby so water was definitely coming down the flight. With a struggle we came off this morning this section Foxton to Debdale is normally quite deep but we churned mud in several places 4-6” down I reckon looking at old water marks.
  3. Tuscan

    Saving water at Foxton

    I believe they run water down Foxton flight still. Last year they again worked on the flight towards Kilby Bridge but there still seems to be a lot of leakage plus nearer Leicester the local kids play their part. Was told that a boat moored at Debdale had to call CRT help send water down 4 times last week travelling from Leicester. Draft 2’9”.
  4. Tuscan

    Saving water at Foxton

    More to do with the long pound Harborough to Kibworth at the bottom constantly being drained lower while the locks towards Leicester continually leaking. Boats had to be helped through again this week. A week ago we were on the bottom in the marina at Debdale and couldn’t get out. Still low but we managed to get out this morning for a fresh air run down to the locks for a beer before hiding in the reeds for a couple of days.
  5. Tuscan

    Moorings at Gt Linford Park

    Moored there a few times over the last couple of years, always an enjoyable stop. However last time the generators on the boats opposite ran until the early hours.
  6. Tuscan

    Moorings at Gt Linford Park

    These moorings are run by the parks trust (Milton Keynes District Council I think),
  7. Tuscan

    New boat for the next two weeks

    Seems quite good value on a full board basis
  8. Tuscan

    boat fire

    Another boat fire on the K&A earlier this week resulting in one of the two occupants in intensive care with severe burns and the other with burns. Take care out there.
  9. Should have gone to CRTs AGM today and asked them perhaps. Tried to leave Debdale marina today but unfortunately the long pound from Harborough through Foxton to Kibworth was low so we couldn’t get off the bottom and out the marina. First time we’ve been stuck here.
  10. Tuscan

    Labour Women's Conference

    Don’t worry labours woman’s Officer is a man https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/trans-teenager-lily-madigan-voted-in-as-a-labour-women-s-officer-mwchkhzq8
  11. Tuscan

    Supply boat Callisto

    Currently Marks on holiday in the Lake District normalservice to be resumed shortly I expect
  12. Tuscan

    Are CaRT aiming for a record...

    They had to pull Mikron out very recently I believe
  13. Tuscan

    Housing Benefit ending for Canal License.

    Talking of Persimmon above a friend works on one of their sites, there is a huge shortage of bricks which meant the other week they hired 21 flat bed lorries who went to Holland to collect enough to keep them going as there were none to be had in the U.K. there is a shortage of skilled workers he’s currently on 4 hrs overtime a day p,us 6 days a week having refused to work 7. So where is all this extra house building going to come from post Brexit.
  14. Tuscan

    Southern Oxford Summit.

    CRT has just announced many of the locks on the Oxford are to be locked overnight from 13thAugust

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