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  1. Tuscan

    K&A Closed Until Further Notice

    Not something I’d want to do , but if on a genuine long term cruise I don’t see what the problem is mooring up before a stoppage until such time as the stoppage is lifted and you can continue in a journey. We now seem to be in danger of a restricted summer cruising season. Often it would be better for some of these planned stoppages to be carried out in the summer , longer hours, better use of labour and materials, preventative maintenance before it breaks blah blah
  2. Tuscan

    Homeless on a cold night.

    It’s one of the few charities I’m happy to give to, im not particularly religious as I imagine are most who benifet from the work they do.
  3. Tuscan

    Boatmen commemorated

    Interesting to infer the boatlift is Whilst I agree it’s a magnificent asset a war memorial it is not, surely this was a marketing exercise why would people want a sound system for a two minutes silence. Having said that if it made people think of the madness of war and the lives that were lost rather than the spectacle of the poppies then I can’t see a problem.
  4. Tuscan

    2019-2020 Licence Fees Announced

    I remember one of the many CRT customer service managers/directors telling me that he would prefer to remove the prompt discount completely and have everybody paying by direct debit. As the accountants preferred the predictability of the revenue stream.
  5. Tuscan

    2019-2020 Licence Fees Announced

    Then hoping everyone has forgotten the year on year 5% increase they will then add the basic increase thereafter. Revenue neutral this consultation definitely wasn’t !!
  6. Tuscan

    2019-2020 Licence Fees Announced

    An increase of 5% for the vast majority of boaters dressed up as headline no increase .
  7. Tuscan

    DM2 vs DM3

    Mine is 18bhp
  8. Tuscan

    Middle levels, New Parliamentary Bill

    Well put Nigel and thanks for keeping everyone appraised of the bills progress.
  9. Tuscan

    Central heating webasto

    First thought is a quick call to the previous owner. This might help https://www.butlertechnik.com/technical_library/water-heaters-d7
  10. The shortage of moorings in London is in some way down to the power cables buried under the towpath........
  11. Tuscan

    Saving water at Foxton

    By mid afternoon yesterday we had sat on the bottom moored just before the footbridge at Foxton. Lot of activity as they were filming antique road trip including coming down the flight , quite a few boats came down. Took the dog out last night and there was a definite flow towards Kilby so water was definitely coming down the flight. With a struggle we came off this morning this section Foxton to Debdale is normally quite deep but we churned mud in several places 4-6” down I reckon looking at old water marks.
  12. Tuscan

    Saving water at Foxton

    I believe they run water down Foxton flight still. Last year they again worked on the flight towards Kilby Bridge but there still seems to be a lot of leakage plus nearer Leicester the local kids play their part. Was told that a boat moored at Debdale had to call CRT help send water down 4 times last week travelling from Leicester. Draft 2’9”.
  13. Tuscan

    Saving water at Foxton

    More to do with the long pound Harborough to Kibworth at the bottom constantly being drained lower while the locks towards Leicester continually leaking. Boats had to be helped through again this week. A week ago we were on the bottom in the marina at Debdale and couldn’t get out. Still low but we managed to get out this morning for a fresh air run down to the locks for a beer before hiding in the reeds for a couple of days.
  14. Tuscan

    Moorings at Gt Linford Park

    Moored there a few times over the last couple of years, always an enjoyable stop. However last time the generators on the boats opposite ran until the early hours.

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