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  1. Leeds and Liverpool now closed too. why do CRT keep referring to the “boating season” in their stoppage season. Are they planning on introducing a reduced boating season license......
  2. Cheshire Rose is right In practical terms it is the landowner, in reality it is normally CRT. In the case of fallen or dangerous trees that are removed by CRT (Some 900 last year) the cost to CRT was @£500k very little is recovered from the landowner as it would cost more to identify and recover the monies.
  3. I’ve renewed recently
  4. BSS have an announcement on the web site now see below it says COVID-19 News Boat Safety Scheme Examinations Temporary Suspension Following the most recent announcement from the Prime Minister regarding the UK’s response to the coronavirus crisis, the joint owners of the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) are allowing a temporary extension to safety certificates for those craft requiring an examination in the period until the 14th April. Any future change will be reviewed in respect of the Governments most up to date advice and we will advise you accordingly. In the meantime, Navigation Authorities and licensing bodies will maintain a record of extensions. see https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/about-us/news-and-press-releases/news-releases/ and here https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/media/298936/NR20-001_COVID-19_BSS_Temporary_Suspension-FINAL.pdf
  5. I heard there were 8 reported incidents of wide beams going through Braunston or Blissworth tunnel last year, presumably more went unreported. Not sure what CRT does about if anything.
  6. I was recently advised that when a wide beam is seen on the North Oxford to notify crt via customer services who in turn will contact Matthew Symmonds who will take the appropriate action. I suspect when CRT are not formally notified then the ‘problem’ doesn’t exist.
  7. i recall when the original wharf rings where removed without the knowledge of the then waterways manager one of CRTs suggestions was that boats should just be held by mooring ropes whilst using the facilities!. By then it was too difficult to put all the rings back due to access. I suggested at the time that CRT put rings opposite and create a waiting area this was on the verge of being pursued when CRT discovered it was leased out for fishing and was actually no mooring. As a result rings were put back between the houses and the old office to create a waiting area. Being a pessimist i imagine that residents will get this is valuable facility closed eventually Totally agree with Alan re Bulbourne, ruined a historic site. CRTs property arm overruling any other use. A really dangerous turn off a fast round. Once the residents get settled the pressure will no doubt start to stop mooring opposite.
  8. There was only ever an Elsan and water point there. The new pump out was built at the same time of the houses. The developer CRT would have been well aware that boats would need to moor in front of the houses to access the facilities. CRT then removed the mooring rings that had always been there on the wharf just to make things easier. They must have known this would lead to conflict.
  9. Did the boaters reps vote for this nominated unelected position. Certainly in a conversation with a senior manager within CRT shortly afterwards it did not seem to be a CRTrecomendatiin.
  10. I know quite a few who do this to use the services and do not do the whole flight
  11. We had a rental property that we wanted to sell quickly we got prices from local agents took £10k off the bottom of the lowest range given and sold it in a week dropping another £2k. This was 18 months ago. One of our sons has just sold his house after a couple of weeks there is obviously still a good market for realistically priced property.
  12. Friendly owner and lovely boat. Saw in the millennium at Cassio wharf. Hope she goes to a caring owner
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