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  1. March of the Wide Beams

    It was brought up by CRT as a growing issue at last weeks NAG meeting and it would appear that CRT are looking to take some action to try and ensure/persuade widebeams to cruise on waterways where the navigation is deemed suitable.To address areas like those discussed on the North Oxford. At this stage there were no clear proposals from them and it was also going to be discussed at the NAG Ops meeting the following day, also last week. So the subject is definitely now on CRTs agenda. there are no minutes yet but they should be up in the CRT website in a couple of weeks.
  2. Boat left adrift/abandoned? Hyde Lock, Kinver.

    Totally agree , CRT should starting taking action under existing by laws against the growing number of boats not displaying an index number
  3. Interesting details from the bottom of a lock.

    Thanks MP that’s good to know. Due to the sites protected status it would be difficult to fence the side ponds.
  4. Interesting details from the bottom of a lock.

    I assume if she fell in now she would be sucked against the guards under water while the lock filled. Hopefully not, it can get very crowded there on a sunny day. Came down the flight early January, only boat and not a lock keeper in sight not even to book in. Had to run some water down as middle pound was full,
  5. CRT Not To Get EA Navigations, Yet

    Perhaps Defra has realised that the promised additional revenue to be generated by the partnerships and ‘friends’ has not materialised to replace the existing government funding for the canals let alone EA waters.
  6. Problem with BT emails

    Try getting rid of trash/sent emails to free up some space. Worked for me when I had this
  7. The leaky bottom gate at Watford has meant that the first pound is very low and there is not enough water to moor in the first pound,as Mal has posted, most mornings. . We have had to run water down the last two times. Should be ok to come up though during the day if the flights busy and the waters up.
  8. Middle levels, New Parliamentary Bill

    It’s the only place with services including pump out I thought and these are owned by the town I believe not the middle level commissioners. Happy to be corrected as it’s been a long time since I personally cruised there, just visited a friends boat based at Foxes.
  9. Middle levels, New Parliamentary Bill

    Yes I watched some of it using the televised link. The non professionals were powerful in the simplicity and directness of their views and questions. The witness from the IWA came across as badly briefed when questioned on things like why not put a minimum level of services into the bill if this is largely what the funding was required for - a good point. From a few boaters that are based in March that I have personally spoken to this is the key issue for them before any charges are introduced. . Then If I recall correctly he stated that were many boats on the middle levels that were unsafe and very scruffy due to their being no requirement for a BSS certificate but on being questioned could only recall one dangerous incident and this was on the Thames.
  10. From the all party parliamentary group reviewing the role of the partnerships “In addition, the Partnerships need to be clear of their financial role within CRT and understand that they need to develop their own revenue schemes to fund themselves and provide income for CRT. Ensuring that the Waterway Partnerships will be able to cover their operating costs will be a crucial aspect of their success. The APPG is pleased to see that Partnerships have already begun looking into funding and believes that they should aim to be completely self funded by the end of 2014.” worth a read if you are looking at WP's and their role - https://www.waterways.org.uk/pdf/appg_crt_report talks about the expectation of partnerships raising funds considerably in excess of their costs.
  11. Middle levels, New Parliamentary Bill

    Well done Nigel. The Navigation Advisory Committee proposed sounds very much like CRT’s Navigation Advisory Groups.
  12. Blowers Green

    the decision to dispose of it obviously has been taken. It would not surprise me if a smaller number of higher priced properties were built. CRT is meant to be about preserving the canal heritage the original housing proposal obviously didn’t do this. Like you I don’t have the answer just st a hope that there is a chance of some light development which still captures the essence of the place. After all CRTs new focus is all about attracting people and ‘wellness’. Footbridge and cafe/environmental centre. Youth hostel style accommodation .
  13. Blowers Green

    You are right the original plans were rejected (quite sensibly IMO) on highways grounds and according to the parish council variations remain under review. It is still CRTs intention to redevelop if they can obtain appropriate planning I believe.
  14. Blowers Green

    CRTs charitable objects are to preserve the canal heritage , a listed pump station like this would seem to qualify. Marple wharf under threat Bulbourne and Marsworth gone amongst others. Yet more services that no doubt will be lost in the future.
  15. A you tube video she made.