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  1. We had a rental property that we wanted to sell quickly we got prices from local agents took £10k off the bottom of the lowest range given and sold it in a week dropping another £2k. This was 18 months ago. One of our sons has just sold his house after a couple of weeks there is obviously still a good market for realistically priced property.
  2. Friendly owner and lovely boat. Saw in the millennium at Cassio wharf. Hope she goes to a caring owner
  3. Aber was delivered on 16 July 1936 nearly a year earlier. fascinating photos
  4. Reads like a self fit out, I would have thought the OPs surveyor would have advised on the general quality of fit outta the very least. Although the OP was aware of the majority of niggling issues before purchasing which should have rung alarm bells perhaps
  5. Exactly, fishermen, for example, are told they have priority on visitor moorings if they are there first outside the boating season. Soon keeping the navigation open outside planned stoppages will no longer be a priority.
  6. Few more settees , new chairs, a bit smarter but same customers, didn’t eat so can’t comment on food.
  7. Well despite recent posts from CRT and various volunteer sites about the end of the boating season it’s been very busy today. Waited at Calcutt for a boat to come down , went up with another boat with two queuing behind us and met another coming down the flight. followed another up Braunston crossing with a boat coming down. Glad to see boaters enjoying a 12 month boating season. only concern was after a couple of pints in the Nelson , was suprised to see the side door TP the patio which I thought was a fire exit locked, perhaps i was wrong.
  8. "One of the things that has most angered local people is the way in which, sadly, the Canal and River Trust did not step up to respond when they could have done," said councillor Simon Greaves. "It was almost like ringing someone up that had no idea where we were, what was happening, or what the reality of the situation was and the urgency of the situation”
  9. Call your insurance company for advice.
  10. Or perhaps the reverse where the EA navigations are given to CRT in return for the dowry being renewed/increased.
  11. Good management ploy, change the criteria so that you no longer can compare like with like.
  12. As the Horton pound is often so shallow , we often moored just below the lock
  13. If I remember correctly the farmer wanted to create a marina in the field which was refused so is not particularly friendly. When the moorings were there I think latterly a fence was erected just in from the moorings to prevent access. Presumably as there had been long term moorings there for many years CRT must have had some rights to enable them to have them. There is no way CRT could fine you for mooring there but it would be interesting to see what CRT say about this assuming you contact them.
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