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  1. There is only life, if you want to do it make it happen. It’s the best philosophy you can have.
  2. Is it new mills where the marina now manages the long term moorings on behalf of CRT?
  3. Well I’ve tried to get Aber upon the plane several times but never succeeded, this must have been amazing to see.
  4. Who remembers the reverend on his hotel pair, he set the bar. Having owned converted working boats for 30 years I’m happy to hold my hand up and say I still make mistakes and am still caught out normally when the bottom is to nearthe top. In recent past going through Braunston as boats were leaving the show I was queuing at the bottom lock and let the pair behind me go through as they were travelling together they then left paddles up and gates open all the way up the flight. I think twice before giving way to hobby working boat boaters unless they are loaded. opinionated experts are to be found in all walks of life whether they are volunteers or not. Surely not worth worrying about unless they cause serious inconvenience or risk.
  5. Seems crazy you would either moor or leave a glass in such a way that a glass of wine could be spilt. Life is far too short to worry about these things. Boaters generally are becoming more inconsiderate like the world at large. Pour another glass and Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
  6. https://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/crime/unregistered-boaters-from-peterborough-and-whittlesey-fined-1-8919256 Wish CRT would do the same for boats not displaying index number
  7. Unfortunately at Foxton they do not ask boats to lift pipe fenders, boater was moaning how he’d lost one last time. The previous year we collected one wound round the prop shaft going down. Just make sure they are aware they need to leave a lock free behind you when going down if long if you don’t want a shower. The guys at Watford are always helpful. Foxton is more of a challenge due to the number of visitors and the need of some to play to the gallery diverting the attention.
  8. Quite often you come up two locks or down one if it’s busy but of all the lockies these guys on the Watford are normally on the ball. Now they have fixed the leak on the bottom lock it was always good to get into the flight before they came on duty to avoid the queues.
  9. The vine at Kinver is pretty run down or was so better to walk into the village. Rather than spend last night at Norbury travel north a further hour and stop at the Anchor , great canal side pub , goodfor your last night bt no food
  10. Think Braunston also being locked overnight in June. Doesn’t bode well
  11. Last year we got stuck trying to get into the lock below the marina on the Atherstone flight despite the support of quite a few trying to pull us in. We needed to run water down so lesley walked nearly to the top to see if a volunteer could help seeing as the flight was busy. The first volunteer a woman said she’d like to help but she was just going for her lunch so couldn’t. At the top she found the senior volunteer by the hut who ran some water down the flight so we could fill our pound and flush us in with a great shout from the team helping of the stuck boats either side of us. To be fair to this volunteer he helped us up the rest of the flight.
  12. I was told that it was not economical to get the percentage of unlicensed boats under 3% due to the extra staffing levels involved. Within this 3% are people who forget and then pay, waiting for BSS, direct debit rejected due to change in bank details etc. In London and the SE one of the steps CRT could take is stronger action against boats that do not display either boat name or index number which seems to be an increasing trend.
  13. Swingbridge is now fixed. Water taps on visitor moorings as you arrive at Foxton andin basin before swingbridge. Rubbish and Elsan point just over swingbridge in carpark
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