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  1. Annoyed we can’t be there again but family comes first
  2. Many large companies including CRT have terms and conditions some of which are unenforceable. They rely on the fact that it’s highly unlikely that there customers will have the inclination or finances to challenge them. As I understand it CRT are not allowed to levy financial penalties (save in a couple of specific bylaws) they are however able to charge for services. hence the £25 is described as an extended stay charge (although some earlier signs I believe used the word penalty). If there is no mechanism to pre pay or pay the charge should you wish to stay, it is pretty obvious it’s meant to be a penalty. One assumes a court might take the same view should it arise but I don’t know.
  3. Unfortunately there is a lot of rubbish around in your price range, so it would pay you to factor in the cost of a hull survey unless you know what you are looking at. If it looks good for the price it probably is. Good luck
  4. Julie Sharman on a itv tweet Canal & River trust: "A full redesign and reconstruction is anticipated" Engineers need to view the damage to the wall before a decision will then be able to be made with regards to people re-entering #WhaleyBridge
  5. Richard Parry stated on Newsnight that CRT were not short of funds for reservoir works so there should be no problem.............
  6. Tuscan

    Eye level oven

    We are an all electric boat and have an eye level combination neff microwave/oven and a separate hob.
  7. We have always had a positive experience at Watford but not at Foxton. Earlier this month we arrived at 12 (2 hours after the flight opened) were seventh in the queue. We did not go down although the 6 in front did. When I asked one VLK why were not letdown to the crossover point mid at I was told it as nothing to do with him and the guy at the bottom letting the boats up was in charge. fortunately we were only going to Debdale but what irked as soon as the flight was locked a paddle as lifted to run water down to the leaky bottom pound. So no water conservation and no reason for the restriction on movement.
  8. So annoying last Tuesday we arrived at the top lock at 1155 and we were seventh in the queue, they let six down andbythe timethe six came up it was too late. They didn’t let us down to the cross over point which would have made sense. they locked the flight at 4 then wound the paddle up to run the water down and it was only put down at 9am. Even the volunteers were confused as to why they couldn’t run boats down. i now see there is a stoppage south of Kilby bridge next week to help sort out the leaking lock. What a waste of water and lack of transparency
  9. Doesn’t coal boat Alton transit the flight on a regular basis ?
  10. It’s moored up just the other side of the tunnel - or was around 1200 when we went past.
  11. No these have arrived since we came through on Monday. Raymond looks much smarter than it must have done when working. I’m told the two in question were there before the show and are still on the 48 hrs now. But hey who cares.
  12. Currently just started up the Braunston flight booked through in the morning.
  13. Some entitlement remains as a couple of boats are still on the 48 hour moorings at Braunston after the show. Or perhaps the owners are ill, I hope not.
  14. Spoke to the skipper of the Tranquil Rose today as we crossed , he says that the blue lias bridge has shrunk to 12’5” (crt measurements) from 12’6” hence they couldn’t get through although previously they could.
  15. Just Spoke to skipper of tranquil rose as we crossed bridge has narrowed to 12’5” which is why they can’t get through
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