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  1. I recall the former head or was it Director of customer services saying that he was in favour of getting rid of the prompt payment discount as the accountants preferred the certainty of direct debits which guaranteed a constant income stream that was more predictable. As he as the guy that kicked of the painful impartial consultation (where CRT had no preconceived ideas and boaters didn’t seem to want to remove the discount) I for one wasn’t surprised when CRT introduced the reduction regardless. I’m just an old cynic.
  2. The article says he is about to loose his home imminently and the S8 process for those who live on their boats usually takes many months. CRT must have told him why they consider his boat unsafe when they refused to relicense surely and given him time to rectify during the S8 process. I
  3. Totally agree having gone through the process, but you don’t do it as an investment and accept that like any ‘new’ boat it will substantially depreciate. The price would be reasonable IMO with a different engine.
  4. Should something go wrong who is liable the VLK orthe helmsman?
  5. I would speak to a mortgage broker to get a feel for how much you could borrow and the repayment cost. The age of your husband may limit the repayment term available and therefore increase the cost. This will give you the figures to check out your options. Good Luck.
  6. I agree with Matty , a combination of leaks and vandals often results in low pounds north of Leicester. Other than that a lovely trip
  7. We will be away Friday to Monday afternoon but Sunday am is now forecast to be -3 here
  8. We need to leave the boat for a few days. We are in a marina. What’s safer leaving the bubble stove on low linked to radiators or leaving a fan heater (with thermostat) on low
  9. Yes my wife not only lost out on her pension for 6 years by 9 weeks but has now discovered that she needs to top up her pension to get her full entitlement which she would otherwise have received at 60. Doesn’t make sense to do this for us as for years we realised that it would be foolish to rely on others to help us in retirement but others may have no choice but to go back to work.
  10. Hunting is a very inefficient way of culling foxes and in the past I believe mainly used to succeed in chasing down the old or the weak. Probably why it’s far more effective to shoot them.
  11. Not something I’d want to do , but if on a genuine long term cruise I don’t see what the problem is mooring up before a stoppage until such time as the stoppage is lifted and you can continue in a journey. We now seem to be in danger of a restricted summer cruising season. Often it would be better for some of these planned stoppages to be carried out in the summer , longer hours, better use of labour and materials, preventative maintenance before it breaks blah blah
  12. It’s one of the few charities I’m happy to give to, im not particularly religious as I imagine are most who benifet from the work they do.
  13. Interesting to infer the boatlift is Whilst I agree it’s a magnificent asset a war memorial it is not, surely this was a marketing exercise why would people want a sound system for a two minutes silence. Having said that if it made people think of the madness of war and the lives that were lost rather than the spectacle of the poppies then I can’t see a problem.
  14. I remember one of the many CRT customer service managers/directors telling me that he would prefer to remove the prompt discount completely and have everybody paying by direct debit. As the accountants preferred the predictability of the revenue stream.
  15. Then hoping everyone has forgotten the year on year 5% increase they will then add the basic increase thereafter. Revenue neutral this consultation definitely wasn’t !!
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