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Tim Lewis

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  1. Tim Lewis

    Clifton wharf scary

  2. Tim Lewis

    Please Hoot

    From the River Great Ouse From the River Great Ouse
  3. Tim Lewis

    BWML Announcement May Be Imminent

    Doesn't always happen like this, the construction industry is littered with famous old names that, even if not immediately, have gotten consumed by the name of the group that bought them. My first employer was John Mowlem ltd, a company with a history second to none, unfortunately the eventual buyer was Carillion who almost immediately dropped the Mowlem brand (Carillion also took over the equally historic Alfred McAlpine and dropped the name like a shot)
  4. Tim Lewis

    How much does my boat weigh?

    The size of the crane used is normally determined by the size of cranes in the crane companies yard that morning :-)
  5. Paddington 2 has a chase scene through little Venice!
  6. Tim Lewis

    River Great Ouse

    Looks like we booked our slot through Denver heading off the River tomorrow just in time!
  7. Tim Lewis

    I Pads and Android (In)compatibility

    Or that they have lost their not-backed up phone which contains all their pictures!
  8. Tim Lewis

    I Pads and Android (In)compatibility

    Had a similar (ish) problem in that when I user the auto loader in Flickr it would upload the photo albums but place them all in one place so that I have to recreate the directory structure in Collections which annoyingly do not show on mobile devices. I had however discovered the Amazon photo drive which allows unlimited cloud storage of photos as part of the Amazon Prime package. This drive automatically uploads all my photos in the original directory structure and is viewable on all devices. For me it is worth paying for Amazon prime just for this!
  9. Tim Lewis

    wey and arun canal

    The latest Nicholsons Guide (No 7) covers the Wey & Goldalming navigations and Wey & Arun Canal
  10. Tim Lewis

    wey and arun canal

    I think you will find that it is the Basingstoke Canal that joins the River Wey by the M25 crossing!
  11. Tim Lewis

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Deleted link
  12. http://www.friendsofcanalmuseum.org.uk/vaw-2018/4594099174
  13. Tim Lewis

    Angry Annie

    Possibly not but the next question will be
  14. Tim Lewis

    Drone recommendation

    Kind of depends on what you mean by silly money I originally bought a DJI Phantom 4 but since buying the Spark have hardly used it. The Spark will fit into a large pocket but has limited (15 minute) battery life, spare batteries a necessity. If if I was buying today I would seriously consider one of the Latest Mavics These drones are great fun and are very easy to fly.
  15. Tim Lewis

    Angry Annie

    You might want to state your reason for your request before people would want to give out personal information.

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