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Tim Lewis

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  1. Tim Lewis

    Tv licence dilemna

    Can only agree, the DAB reception on my car radio is excellent and gives me a much wider choice of stations.
  2. Tim Lewis

    Leak at Bollington

  3. Tim Lewis

    Mytchett Canal Centre - lock model

    Some details here on page 3 http://www.basingstoke-canal.org.uk/bulletin/Basingstoke Canal Bulletin No. 11.pdf And page 6 here: http://www.basingstoke-canal.org.uk/bulletin/Basingstoke Canal Bulletin No. 12.pdf
  4. Tim Lewis

    Mytchett Canal Centre - lock model

    Maths slightly awry there!!
  5. Tim Lewis

    Boater drains section of K&A

    Funny how such piddly stories get picked up. It is on page 3 of today's Times and at one point this morning it was the most read story on the BBC news web site!
  6. Tim Lewis

    Tv licence dilemna

    TV licencing would probably class it as a moveable chalet :-)
  7. Tim Lewis

    Tv licence dilemna

    To watch a TV on your boat covered by your home TV license you are required to send in a declaration stating that only one TV will be in use at a time: http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/faqs/FAQ30
  8. Tim Lewis


    It depends how you want to work, starting out touting for business and working on the towpath may be a difficult way to initially carry out your business.. You may get better/faster experience working for a boatyard first of all to build up a reputation (Hopefully good) Worth noting though that a lot of tradesman that work in boatyards are self employed but if this suits you it is still a good way to start out.
  9. Tim Lewis

    Electoral Register

    You don't 'choose' If you meet the requirements and are asked you are legally obliged to be on the register.
  10. Tim Lewis

    Claydon Marina

    Interestingly though CRT have stated that the development will have no adverse effect on water supply Also that the EA objection point 4 is based in it being a 250 dwelling development! Er, isn't Roydon on the Stort 🙂
  11. Tim Lewis

    Claydon Marina

    This one: https://www.publicaccess.cherwell.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=externalDocuments&keyVal=P9315YEM0N400
  12. Tim Lewis

    Lost Camera, Nafford Lock, River Avon

    I doubt if even 1% of people using/losing or finding a camera know what EXIF information is or have the softwarte/knowledge to be able to edit it!

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