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  1. I recently produced a list of dry docks and slipways in the London area where surveys may be carried out. Contacting them should give you some idea of prices and importantly, availability. It is at: http://www.timslondonwaterwayphotos.uk/index.php/regent-s-canal-3/london-dry-docks-slipways
  2. There is currently a stoppage on at the top lock at Bath, guess who wanted to go through there today😡 Also next weekend is the Bristol Harbour festival, talking to the harbour master this morning it is going to be very busy
  3. We have proper convoys on the Tidal Thames 🙂
  4. Discovered Statold last year, it really s an amazing place. We went on an enthusiasts when they had the workshops open. It is only a few minutes drive from Tamworth. It is probably the tidiest steam railway you will ever go to. A few photos: https://www.facebook.com/tim.lewis.3950178/media_set?set=a.10155573066557341&type=3 Tim
  5. Not a personal recommendation as have never used them but these peeps are based in london https://www.facebook.com/nikki.covers.96?hc_location=ufi Tim
  6. We did the IWA trip after the Castlefield National Rally in 1988 and the only boat that would breast up with us was President! This was great until President had to shut down it's engine as we passed an oil refinery which meant that Fulbourne had to do all the work 😞
  7. Have seen pictures on Facebook of the works complete and the lock in action
  8. Luckily we went through yesterday😀 From Date: 23/06/2019 09:00 To Date: On-going Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Water resources Is the towpath closed? No Location Closest waterway: Kennet & Avon Canal Starts at: Lock 51, Wootton Rivers Ends at: Lock 60, Crofton Lock Description Due to an issue with one of the pumps at Caen Hill, there is not enough water getting in to the Long Pound (Devizes Lock 50 to Wootton Rivers Lock) to enable any transfer of water via the Wootton Rivers pumping station up to the Crofton summit. As a result of the corresponding low levels on the Crofton summit, we unfortunately need to close the canal today between Wootton Rivers lock and Crofton lock 60. We will assess the situation again on Monday morning and provide a further update at this time.
  9. I have been on at least four Thames Tideway trips when one of the accompanying narrowboats has broken down, on two of the occasions they were 'rescued' by other narrowboats so it can be done.
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