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  1. It was interesting to see that the only bit of the process that was not mechanised was putting the pepperoni on!
  2. Having walked past them last week I can't say that it would be my first choice of a residential mooring!
  3. Dmr said: The Railway in Hebden Bridge....The urinals are made from cut in half aluminum keg, I imagine I am weeing straight into the lager supply! From the Stroud Brewery Tap
  4. Fulbourne going through Tuel Lane in 2012
  5. As said there are very limited moorings on the Bristol Avon. It is not a great place to be in the winter outside of the marinas due to flooding, it is not unknown for the River to be closed for weeks! Some info: https://www.waterways.org.uk/avonandwilts/a_picture_the_current_situation_on_bristol_avon
  6. Having spent a lot of my childgood on Clent I don’t recall a Washford Mill, Googling it shows that it in Redditch which is stretching the definition a bit 😀
  7. They were extensively used by Banks’s when I stated drinking in the mid 1970’s, both cylinders and spheres. Don’t remember the big heads or oversize glasses but then it was a long time ago!
  8. https://www.procastnotts.com/www.procastnotts.coms/info.php?p=3
  9. We did this journey in reverse a few years ago via the Grand Union/Stratford/River Avon route, It took us 16 days, we were not pushing it but we were/are experienced boaters so as inexperienced boater I would allow at least this amount of time. if not longer. This trip will soon turn you into experienced boaters! Steering a boat and using locks is not rocket science. Don't be afraid to ask other boaters advice, they are generally a good bunch but expect sneers when saying that you are taking the boat to London. The Avon and Worcester and Birmingham routes are about the same in miles but the Avon route has 189 locks as opposed to the 213 of the W & B Route, to Little Venice, add another day and 12 Locks to get to the River Lee. The disadvantage of the Avon route is having to buy an additional licence (£50) and that the first couple of days will be all River Locks which take a bit more nous. This route might not be the best when you are still learning about your boat. There is also a stoppage on the Sothern Stratford until 15th March but as the stoppage at Gloucester Lock shows no sign of coming off this may not be a problem! As has been mentioned your daughter should join the London Boaters Facebook page ASAP as it is an excellent source of information and a good self help group. There is a tremendous boating community in London and is a very cheap way of living here but it does come with 'inconveniences' such as having to find a new mooring every couple of weeks and having to empty toilets, buy fuel etc. Getting maintenance/repairs done outside of marinas can also be problematical. Trying to continuously cruise just on the River Lee will be problematical. Not only will you be expected to move every two weeks but you will also be expected to cover a rage (20miles?) over the year so shuffling from one mooring spot to another nearby one will soon get you into trouble. Enjoy
  10. For some reason I don't drink much Youngs these days but my fuddled mind seems to recall that after a night on the Special you didn't remember much the next morning!
  11. It would appear that neither do Network Rail, an article I found says that they save £50m/yr in insurance premiums by self insuring.
  12. Do CRT carry that kind of insurance, many organisations do not as the premiums do notmake it economic
  13. Many years ago (14 to be exact) we hired a boat from Beacon Park Boats on the Mon & Brec that had Bow Thrusters
  14. The Tame Otter at Hopwas does a mean Sunday Lunch, prob need to book though.
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