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  1. Tim Lewis

    Do new locks have names?

    The new lock built on the river lea for the olympics has had two names already despite not yet ten years old.It’s original name was Prescott Lock but is now named Three Mills Lock!
  2. Tim Lewis

    Look Out Your Flairs The Seventies Are Back

    Plus the Sweet, Slade, Mur Etc.Etc.
  3. Tim Lewis

    Look Out Your Flairs The Seventies Are Back

    I seem to remember bands having silly trousers and haircuts in the 70's
  4. Have you tried online, I have used these people in the past: https://www.boatpaint.co.uk/acatalog/index.html
  5. https://international-yachtpaint.com/en/gb/paint-shops/stores-near-me
  6. Tim Lewis

    Are we seeing the end of High Street shops?

    There are never less than four cahiers on duty in my local Aldi and they are VERY fast Tim
  7. Tim Lewis

    No London Boat Show Next Year

    I have never had a problem looking around the most expensive multi million pound boats at the London Show, you might have had to wait a while but I have never been refused entry.
  8. Tim Lewis

    Are we seeing the end of High Street shops?

    When I lived in Enfield our local High Street Barclays had a plaque on it stating that it was the location of the world's first cash machine, opened by Reg Varney in 1967!
  9. Tim Lewis

    Are we seeing the end of High Street shops?

    The first Natwest cash card I had (in about 1976) was a punched card which when used the belt display cash machine dispended £10. The machine kept the card which was then posted back to you!
  10. Tim Lewis

    No London Boat Show Next Year

    https://plus.ibinews.com/article/BKeAOI0v7A6/2018/05/15/2019_london_boat_show_cancelled/ Shame really as it was an interesting day out at a generally miserable time of year
  11. Tim Lewis

    Re oil change > disposing of drained oil

    There certainly used to be an oil disposal facility at Braunston Marina
  12. Tim Lewis

    VW Passat Elecronic Handbrake

    A few years ago I got a new Vauxhall Insignia company car which had an electric handbrake. I had been driving it for a couple of days before I discovered that the brakes came off automatically, my hill starts up to then were quite hilarious!
  13. 10 May 2018 CANAL & RIVER TRUST APPOINTS REGIONAL DIRECTORS The Canal & River Trust has appointed six new Regional Directors to drive the next phase of the organisation’s development, as the Trust takes forward its transformation to become a charity for the waterways and wellbeing, enriching the lives of millions of local people with waterways on their doorstep. The appointments, including four external candidates, bring a rich and diverse range of experience to the Trust, including from the heritage, charity and local government sectors. The appointments are: Regional Director, London & South East – Ros Daniels, who joins the Trust with extensive experience of the heritage and tourism sector, most recently as Head of Historic Properties, London at English Heritage Regional Director, Wales & South West – Richard Thomas, who joins the Trust following a long and successful career in the Royal Navy Regional Director, West Midlands – Adnan Saif, who joins the Trust having worked for over 20 years in senior positions in local government, regeneration and economic development, and is currently Chief Executive of the British Muslim Heritage Centre Regional Director, East Midlands – Phil Mulligan, who joins the Trust with extensive senior management experience in the voluntary sector notably as Chief Executive of the Landscape Institute, Executive Director of the United Nations Association UK, and Chief Executive of Environmental Protection UK Regional Director, Yorkshire & North East – Sean McGinley, currently East Midlands Waterway Manager, who has worked on the waterways in management and engineering posts for 16 years Interim Regional Director, North West – Daniel Greenhalgh (for up to 12 months) a senior manager at the Trust responsible for delivery of major canal infrastructure projects and who formerly led on the delivery of all the Trust’s operational contracts The Trust has established two new permanent posts and appointed internal candidates in areas requiring very specific additional focus: Tav Kazmi, currently Acting Waterway Manager for the South East, is appointed as Deputy Director, London & South East, recognising the scale and impact of London & South East as a region, with many complex challenges specific to the capital and its surrounding area, and with huge potential opportunities for the Trust to grasp Ian Lane, currently Waterway Manager for the West Midlands, is appointed as Head of Operational Projects in the West Midlands in recognition of the extensive and unique opportunities in the region over the next few years, notably Coventry City of Culture 2021, the Birmingham Commonwealth Games in 2022, and in the near term the ongoing development of the Roundhouse project In addition, the Trust has appointed Interim Head of Boating, Jon Horsfall, as Head of Customer Service Support to lead the organisation’s customer service functions, including boating Julie Sharman Chief Operating Officer at the Canal & River Trust, comments: “I am delighted to welcome such a diverse and high-calibre team to the Trust. It has been a rigorous recruitment process that has attracted very high-quality applicants and which reflects the really exciting opportunity the Trust has to make a real difference to the lives of millions of people, including in some of the most deprived parts of the country. “As we focus on bringing the benefits of the waterways to communities across England & Wales, the appointment of our Regional Directors is at the heart of our proposals to transform the charity, strengthen the accountability of regional teams, and to shift our structure to engage more effectively with prospective partners and the outside world – whilst also enabling the Trust to act quickly and efficiently at every level.” The Trust’s new regional structure goes live on 4 June. The external appointees will be joining the Trust during July and August with interim arrangements in place until then. ENDS For further media requests please contact: Jonathan Ludford, national communications manager, Canal & River Trust t 020 32044420 m 07747 897783 e jonathan.ludford@canalrivertrust.org.uk Notes to editors Biographies (photos included in the attached PDF): Regional Director London & South East, Ros Daniels Ros joins the Trust with extensive experience of the heritage and tourism sector. She has managed a wide variety of historic houses, gardens, coast and countryside for both English Heritage and the National Trust. Most recently this included English Heritage’s flagship property, Dover Castle, and then a varied portfolio of London properties. In addition Ros was part of the project team that relocated and opened the new Design Museum in Kensington. In her spare time she is a keen canoeist and paddle boarder enjoying time on the water here and abroad. Regional Director West Midlands, Adnan Saif Adnan has worked in local government, regeneration and economic development for over 20 years. Until March 2012, Adnan was Chief Executive of Urban Living – which was one of ten national Housing Market Pathfinders. Adnan has also founded and led many non-governmental and voluntary organisations at local, European and international levels. In April 2012, he started a social enterprise initiative that seeks to improve leadership and service delivery in local government and civil society. In addition to this he is currently Chief Executive of the British Muslim Heritage Centre in Manchester. Regional Director East Midlands, Phil Mulligan Phil is currently a National Trust Council member, representing The Conservation Volunteers, an organisation on whose Board he served for five years. Phil’s previous roles have included CEO of the Landscape Institute, Executive Director of the United Nations Association UK and CEO of Environmental Protection UK. For five years Phil was the VSO Country Director in Indonesia and has previously served on Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior, as well as leading youth development projects for Raleigh International. Phil was the Vice Chair of Defra’s Civil Society Advisory Board when the government first considered the creation of the Canal & River Trust and he has also advised the Department of Transport and a global law firm on sustainability issues. Phil has been an active member of the Construction Industry Council, the Professional Association Research Network, the World Federation of United Nations Associations and a Trustee of One World Action. In his free time, Phil is a keen runner and baker, and enjoys tending the garden. Phil is married and has three children. He and his family are very much looking forward to relocating to Newark from East Sussex over the summer. Regional Director Wales & South West, Richard Thomas Richard joins the Trust following a successful and enjoyable career in the Royal Navy. During his time at sea he transited two canals: ‘Corinth’ as Captain of HMS Portland and ‘Manchester’ whilst in command of HMS Middleton; setting him on a path to be the Regional Director for Wales and the South West. Currently living with his wife Caren in Surrey, they have aspirations to live afloat on the canal in Gloucester when taking up his appointment; in doing so delighting his father by returning to the county of his youth. Regional Director Yorkshire & North East, Sean McGinley Sean McGinley, grew up in Yorkshire and started his waterways career 16 years ago in the North East Region before moving to the East Midlands where his management has included the Chesterfield, Grantham and Erewash canals as well as the River Trent and other waterways. Sean is a chartered civil engineer with a passion for the waterways and volunteering. He has previously volunteered in Africa overseeing the planning and construction of roads. He is a keen cyclist and is married with two children. Interim Regional Director North West, Daniel Greenhalgh Daniel was a senior aircraftsman in the RAF and was awarded a NATO Service Medal for the liberation of Kosovo. He was site engineer for a civil engineering contractor in Liverpool before joining the waterways in 2005. More recently he has been a senior manager within the Trust responsible for delivery of major canal infrastructure projects and formerly led on the delivery of all the Trust’s operational contracts. Head of Customer Service Support, Jon Horsfall Jon Horsfall has spent 20 years in the water industry before joining the inland waterways in 2010. He led customer strategy for United Utilities and many of his roles, including at the Trust, have been customer service related. At the Trust, Jon has been the senior manager responsible for the North East and Yorkshire waterways and more recently has led the Trust’s boating business. He is a keen walker and can regularly be seen taking in the delightful stretch of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal between Colne and Skipton.
  14. Tim Lewis

    Supermarkets MK

    Large Tesco about half mile Walk from Fenny Lock, Asda a bit further past.
  15. Tim Lewis

    Police Believe Narrowboat Thief Story And Drop The case

    Also on the Sun web site: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6225964/london-marathon-cheat-theft-allegation/

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