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Tim Lewis

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  1. Tim Lewis

    1986 Brentford Rally

    The Brentford Rally was the first rally appearance of Fulbourne under it's current ownership, we featured on the front cover of Waterways World having a meeting on the back deck to work out what to do with it!
  2. Tim Lewis

    1986 Brentford Rally

    Boston Manor park was the location of the 1986 IWA National Waterways Festival, this is not the IWA plaque though
  3. Tim Lewis

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    I went to Grimethorpe a few years ago and a bigger dump I have never been to (It was well after the colliery closure), I can only hope that it has improved!
  4. Tim Lewis

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    On the Witham Navigable drains you can go from New York To Boston!
  5. Tim Lewis

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

  6. Flying Scotsman and Fulbourne, River Nene Sept 2018
  7. For peeps who use Flickr for photo storage and linking Flickr are drastically reducing the amount of photo storage on their free accounts from 1TB down to 1000 photos. From January you will not be able to upload photos if you have 1000 photos stored and from February all but your newest 1000 photos will be deleted. To avoid this you will need to upgrade to their (Paid for) Pro account https://www.dpreview.com/news/0022573882/flickr-makes-changes-to-free-paid-accounts-with-new-login-revamped-storage
  8. Tim Lewis

    Click & Collect

    What does it matter where they come from?
  9. Tim Lewis

    Click & Collect

    If I buy from Amazon and collect from the amazon locker at my local co-op it doesn't cost any more than delivering to my home.
  10. Tim Lewis

    International Rescue On Canal

    RCR have been in the boat reflaoting business for a few years now, I believe that they have a contract with CRT for boat recovery http://www.rivercanalrescue.co.uk/2018/01/18/rescue-figures-increase/#.W9XHFvZ2uUk http://www.canaljunction.com/news/sunken-boats-should-be-floated-more-quickly/2386 http://www.rivercanalrescue.co.uk/other-services/rescues-refloats-emergencies/
  11. Tim Lewis

    Fierce gate paddles...

    Castelnaudray in 1988
  12. Tim Lewis


    It was in the genes, My father had a couple of Princesses and before that the 1800, they were great for us being a big family. Being company cars they were always new, would have hated to have an old one!
  13. Tim Lewis


    By co-incidence I came across this picture to day as part of my project to digitised all my prints, it was taken at the Bluebell Railway at Sheffield Park in May 1982. Sadly my car was the Marina 😞

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