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  1. Because you can't From: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/river-thames-boat-registration-and-application-forms We have always bought our Thames licenses at Locks
  2. Love Lechlade 🙂
  3. It might help if you were to ay where your boat is, I can give you the name of a yard in Watford that does shot blasting and two pack but that is no good if you have a wide beam in Leeds!
  4. Galton Tunnels on the Old/New Main lines in Smethwick were built similarly to the Gerards Cross one
  5. The booking fee ha been around for years, remember paying it in 2014
  6. We are looking to reopen the London Canal Museum for two days a week, Fridays and Saturdays, from 17th July
  7. A few years ago I did the Chesterfield Canal from West Stockwith to Norwood Tunnel and back in a leisurely 5 days including walking over the route of the Tunnel to explore some of the unrestored canal at the other end. It is a fine canal
  8. Yes I have boated the whole length of the Regents Canal recently and will be doing so again next week. Although there are many many boats moored on it it can't be described as a slum. Mostly the owners are young, in employment and generally look after their boats.. There are tatty and 'interesting' boats but these are the minority
  9. Speak to the boat moving companies such as Ray Bowern, they will know all the cranage spots https://bargemovers.com
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