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  1. Tim Lewis

    Do you want to run a waterway?

    There have been three managers in the 14 years the IWA have run the waterway so hardly an annual turnover!
  2. Tim Lewis

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Advert now withdrawn!
  3. Tim Lewis

    Viewing boats for sale on Warwickshire Ring

    Next to top lock at Glascote http://www.nortoncanesboatbuilders.co.uk/home/index.php/boats-for-sale Tim
  4. Tim Lewis


    Walking canals carrying a DSLR and accessories/lenses can be quite wearing, I would advise looking at getting a ‘mirrorless’ which are slowly replacing DSLRs. Not requiring a prism and mirror means that they and the associated accessories are much smaller and lighter. I personally use the Canon M6 but all the major manufacturers have equivalent models.
  5. Tim Lewis

    Canal Community Centre

    There is already something similar planned at Stonebridge lock just north of Tottenham: a bridge is a very expensive option any new bridge will have to be DDA compliant which means extensive ramps. The advantage at Stonebridge is that their is an existing bridge below the lock
  6. Tim Lewis

    Do you want to run a waterway?

    The IWA took over responsibility for running the Navigation when the owners went into administration and no other body would take it on
  7. Navigation manager job vacancy on the Chelmer And Blackwater Navigation: https://www.waterways.org.uk/essex_waterways/vacancies Tim
  8. Tim Lewis

    Boat swap

    Came across a boater a few years ago who was part of a private syndicate that regularly swapped boats amongst each other. It appeared to work well, it appeared to be a good way of seeing the system especially for people who were still working and did not have the chance to do long cruises to get to far flung parts!
  9. Tim Lewis

    Dog Friendly Pubs

    ‘‘Tis a good pub 😀
  10. Tim Lewis

    We Made The Front Page!

    Picture of me steering Fulbourne in the same article!
  11. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/transport/leamington-lift-bridge-across-union-canal-to-be-saved-with-350-000-grant-1-4845375
  12. Tim Lewis

    HS2 canal crossing points

    Phase 1 is already due to go north of Birmingham to connect to the West Coast main line hence the need for the two crossings of the Trent and Mersey near Fradley!
  13. Tim Lewis

    Hire companies on Warwickshire ring

    Sail and Trail based at Glascote, close to Tamworth station: https://www.sailandtrail.co.uk/canal-boating-holidays
  14. Tim Lewis

    Admiral Nelson for sale

    Now an Everards pun: https://www.daventryexpress.co.uk/news/canalside-braunston-pub-sold-to-leicester-brewery-1-8738036
  15. Tim Lewis

    The best waterside pubs

    Was in there on Saturday whilst we were waiting for our train, lovely pint of Batemans Porter Out Train earlier in the day:

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