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  1. I think that you will find that they do a bloody sight more than just vegetation clearance!
  2. The Chesterfield canal is in two parts, the navigable bit east of the tunnel is CRT where they are assisted by volunteers especially on vegetation clearance using the Chesterfield Canal Society historic boat Python. The isolated sections west of the tunnel are being restored by a mixture of volunteers, grant aided work and by developers
  3. Searching though Iplayer I came across this archive episode of Nairn across Britain from 1972 of a trip along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p01rwfkm/nairn-across-britain-2-transpennine-canal
  4. The Basingstoke is a delight and you will struggle to find a nicer flight of locks than Deepcut. As others have said it it probably best done earlier in the season. Spent a day or on it in July this year and it was being closed behind us through water shortages. A few pictures: https://www.facebook.com/tim.lewis.3950178/media_set?set=a.10156228337037341&type=3
  5. Hertfordshire Police suggest 'work from home' during Nato summit https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-50404708
  6. I picked up a company pool car (Passat) a couple of weeks ago. First time out in the rain spent ten minutes swearing and pressing all the dozens of dashboard buttons trying to find the rear wiper button before I realised that I was driving a saloon!
  7. My first trip on a canalboat was a holiday out of Brummagen boats in 1982. A brummie friend of mine used to help out with their show outs as a Saturday morning job so we used to get really cheap off season deals. Sadly I went to his funeral this week. One thing I remember from that first holiday was walking down Sherborne Street to get to the yard thinking what kind of place was I being taken to, it was a bit rough in those days!
  8. Rufford: http://www.nortoncanesboatbuilders.co.uk/home/index.php/boats-for-sale/78-rufford
  9. Hardly a drama though, at least not the episodes I saw 😀
  10. By co-incidence am just watching an episode of DCI Bank, To burn in every drop of blood, which includes a scene where a narrowboat is searched Tim
  11. CRT don't own them, they are supplied and installed by a contractor: https://onsite.co.uk/capability/portadam/ Tim
  12. From today’s Times https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/renaissance-in-lost-art-of-lock-keeping-rdvdfq2ww
  13. Zomboat! Also Peaky Blinders has many canal scenes generally filmed at the Black country Museum
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