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  1. I see this "discussion" has gone round in circles since I last contributed, and, as usual, deteriorated into the usual bickering and holier than thou attitudes from the usual suspects.
  2. That's partly correct, I have a filter system for most needs except drinking water which I estimate will last at least three months ( new filter system that I installed about a month ago ). We spend half the year on the Thames and half the year on the Kennet. Burn solid waste but not plastic as I think that is a bad thing to do. Everything else I take to recycling centres. Compost toilet waste which is stored for three months on board initially. Keith
  3. Highly unlikely that it will be cheaper than a standard licence plus surcharges as they would be applied proportionately. Currently my Gold licence costs less than a Thames registration but much more than a standard CRT licence including the wb surcharge. Keith
  4. Well I can tell you that this ccer doesn't generate any more of the direct costs you mention than a boater who takes his boat out one week a year. Keith
  5. What makes you think that they will even try to justify it? Keith
  6. Which goes to prove what I always say, these "consultations" are really simple polls with inevitable results. Keith
  7. Yes I expect so but excitement followed by frustration within a few minutes is a scenario that I thought was well in the past for me!😉
  8. Got mine yesterday too. I carefully followed the instructions to pay it into my online bank account and just at the point when the transaction would have completed I got an error message telling me to contact Department of Energy Security and Net Zero. This I duly did and am now waiting for what happens next. Not impressed.
  9. You could sell it back to Calor, I think they pay £7 for them. Keith
  10. Yes they are quite big and probably too big for anything that uses our canals. Keith
  11. I shall be spending it on my Winter fuel, other bills will have to take their chances. Keith
  12. Some Dutch barge owners in Europe have installed one of these but they are eye wateringly expensive. https://www.nauticexpo.com/prod/scienco-fast/product-33374-208418.html They can't be used legally in the UK until they are approved by the E A and for that to happen someone needs to install one and then seek approval. Keith
  13. France introduced charging by area some years ago but more recently reverted to charging by length and you don't pay if you don't go anywhere! Keith
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