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  1. At first glance this poll seems to be pointless but I suspect that it is intended purely to stir up sh*t. Perhaps the OP should ask the NBTA to poll it's members, after all the question only applies to them ( us ). Keith
  2. Yes but that isn't quite as simple as Athy put it. Keith
  3. I wish there was! Keith
  4. As 'Petra' is an old (98 ) Dutch barge she has to have periodic surveys and valuations as required by my insurers ( GJW ). The valuation is to ensure that the insurance cover is sufficient to cover total loss and must be carried out by someone qualified to do so in order to prevent fraud. Interestingly, my son recently asked them for a quote for his narrow boat and when he said he wanted to insure it for more than he paid for it, which was less than the market value, he was asked to justify the higher value. Keith
  5. The one that Naughty Cal made her comment about was the one of the boats moored on the Thames but never mind. Keith
  6. Except that that picture was the river. Normal etiquette doesn't really apply because it was an event and boats weren't likely to be moving for some days. Hopefully they would have deployed their anchors as a cautionary measure for when the Salter's boats were passing! Keith
  7. Ah yes I remember it well, we were moored in the pond as part of the Dutch barge section. Keith
  8. It might be a good idea to join a cruising club. https://awcc.org.uk/index.php Keith
  9. What a load of old codswallop, not a lot of news going on at the moment obviously. Keith
  10. Of course everything is always the fault of those without a home mooring, strange that considering they are a minority on the waterways. Keith
  11. Peter at Sonning Lock
  12. Why? Am I supposed to get off? Keith
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