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  1. Going to argue the last part. I agree overloading (or lack of air) but caused by incomplete combustion because of reduced swirl at lower speeds that the fuel being delivered is expecting. I also think overloading can (like with a fouled prop) cause overheating, rather than low combustion temperatures.
  2. Tony Brooks


    SAE 20W50 or SAE 15E40 API CC, CD or CE but CF in a well run in engine will probably be OK. I have been using CF for years without any noticeable problems. Don't go to Halfords, be quick (most close at 12 noon on Saturday) and get your stuff from a motor factors car parts shop. They are normally staffed by fairly kn knowledgeable people unlike many at your first choice. If you by well know brands like Castrol you are paying for the advertising budget. Less known brands like Comma and others often mentioned on here offer better value a song as the SAE and API numbers are correct. I tend to use Wiko oil to the relevant specs.
  3. Tony Brooks

    Rust - Remove or Convert

    Agreed, but those options are not available for most [people doing DIY blacking.
  4. Tony Brooks

    Rust - Remove or Convert

    I only reported what Hemple wrote but if a course disk will take no more good steel off with a "quick go over to give some kind of key" that would be taken off if you were trying to mechanically remove the rust from rust pits in the steel. in fact there would be less removed because you are not tying to remove pits, you are just scratching the surface.
  5. Tony Brooks

    Rust - Remove or Convert

    I don't think its an issue as long as the reaction has formed it surface. Certainly it has not seemed to be on the cabin sides under the window frames I did several years ago. Now, the well deck was another matter probably down to the unreacted Fertan and the back dust. The paint lifted off almost in sheets. That is why I am trying Vactanesque products.
  6. Tony Brooks

    water pump being weird

    8 - unlikely if it blips every 5 minutes as Dora claimed in the question. Not even if every 10 or 20 minutes - even without an accumulator. One of the leaks far more likely.
  7. Tony Brooks

    Rust - Remove or Convert

    From observations. Some of the Fertan seems never to react so you are left with black dust (I think reacted Fertan), adhering black coating (reacted Fertan) and a sort of soft brownish almost varnish (I think dried unreacted Fertan). The washing off removes the dust and unreacted Fertaan but on horizontal surfaces getting it clean is easier said than done.
  8. Tony Brooks

    Rust - Remove or Convert

    But how will its so called primer react with the blacking? seeing how much blacking loves red lead type primers I would be cautious.
  9. Tony Brooks

    Rust - Remove or Convert

    The question will be how well does the blacking of your choice adhere to the converted rust. I suspect Jenolite rust converter (not rust remover) Kurust, and Vactan are all much of a muchness and leave a water based "primer" on the surface. Normally for blacking the rust is removed by a twisted cup brush on an angle grinder and the the blacking is applied. However Hemple (was Blakes paints) said that a wire brush tends to polish the metal surface and make adhesion worse so I would give the wire brushed areas a quick go over with an angle grinder and course grit disk to provide a key of some kind. I doubt a retail rust remover will work fast enough for you. Fertan does not leave a primer on the surface and Keelblack advise its use but it will probably add a day to the job. Apply as instructed and leave overnight, wash off the following day, wait to dry and then start blacking.
  10. Tony Brooks

    Vactan Fertan Jenolite

    I suspect most of us suffer from not writing what we mean from time to time.
  11. Tony Brooks

    Hidden market

    Try Boats & Outboards, Apollo Duck, Towpath Telegraph.All have loads of private narrowboat sales. Just as with Ebay be very aware of the potential for scammers.
  12. Tony Brooks

    Vactan Fertan Jenolite

    If Fertan is used below a certain temperature it does not cure properly. and whatever the temperature it produces black dust (unless totally uncured). This is no such an issue on vertical surfaces where the dust and any uncured product can be easily washed off but it can cause adhesion problems on horizontal surfaces. I am sure Vactan, Kurust & the ilk also have a minimum curing temperature but being some kind of water based emulsion dry without dust and seem to dry in lower temperatures.
  13. Tony Brooks

    Spare alternator

    As long as you know how to remagnatise it then it will be fine, just a little extra task if it did lose magnetism. In any case you really ought to know how to do it in case the present machine demagnetises over the winter or some such.
  14. Tony Brooks

    Spare alternator

    Some of the self exiting Leece Nevel jobs might lose magnetismg but if you had one of those you may well know how to demagnetise it. Ordinary 9 diode machines should be fine in store.
  15. Tony Brooks


    I suspect that rather depends upon the internal charger wiring. If the mains earth cable (but most such chargers seem to be double insulated) connects to battery negative then there may be a problem but if not it should be safe from the hull corrosion point of view. Unless you were leaving the charger connected for long periods then I doubt any corrosion problem would be detectable. Different if you left it on charge for weeks but in that case the boat should be properly wired.

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