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  1. First of all its not a 110 amp battery, its probably a 12v 110 amp hour battery. Next how do you know the battery is in "good condition". How do you know how well charged it is? A lead acid battery in good condition and well charged can deliver well over 1000 amps if required but note the "good condition" and "well charged" bit. The less well charged and the worse condition the shorter the time such high currents can be delivered. If the batteries are not well charged then the voltage they supply to the thruster will be lower so can push fewer amps through the thruster. This also has the effect of increasing the current drawn from the battery thereby discharging it even more. You can see that once you ensure the thruster propeller is not fouled and the sheer pin/rubber bush is in good condition my guess is that your battery is not in the condition you think it is. Unless you can ensure the battery is kept fully charged for most of the time a new battery will quickly be destroyed. Voltage reading from the thruster battery as you shut down for the day and just before you start the next day please. PS the majority of experienced boaters manage with the thruster that lives on the roof (long shaft/boat pole)
  2. Especially when the box is a Lister LH150 that is low on oil. Seen a few ram lock gates because of that.
  3. On the throttle cable the swaged joint between the end fitting and the inner cable wire at the control end gets swung through an ark whenever you go between gears. Often the stiffness of the whole cable or excess bundling clamping prevents the outer moving so eventually the inner cable fatigues and snaps.
  4. For future reference.The PRM 120 is a mechanical gearbox and it uses ATF oil. Yours is a hydraulically actuated PRM and uses engine oil. Please forget the 120 from now on, it is likely to get you the wrong advice.
  5. I am on Ethernet and I find this particular topic plus the brexit one in its later stages could take ages to open. I am with Athy in suspecting it to do with locking while people submit their post. It may be down to the host's available bandwidth with lots of people posting on lots of forums.Pre 7am it opens as fast as the others.
  6. Except "4) Other switch or relay contact connects to D+ terminal (this is one side of the charge light, which is very handy if the switch is on the instrument panel next to the charge light,)" which suggested to me that you were talking about the terminal on the alternator side of the warning lamp with the cable it disconnected at the alternator. Agree all fine.
  7. Yes an inverter with an inbuilt battery charger. Sometimes called a combi-unit. Hard to help without knowing exactly how the boat is wired and what kit you have. The most likely explanation is that you dragged the other terminal onto a negative post.
  8. Inverter-chargers are often wired bypassing the master switch so if you have one and if it was turned on that could explain the sparks. They also have big capacitors in them so such things charging up or discharging can cause an impressive spark.
  9. Something about this does not ring true. I think the waning lamp would be on all the time the switch is in the charge position because there is no "feed" from the field diodes to put it out and I don't see how connecting the regulator to the warning lamp would provide enough current for maximum output - that is what the field diodes do. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you say. I would start as you describe but at step 4 connect the second relay/switch terminal to the lead from the field diodes that you removed in step 2. This means you will have two wires coming out to the alternator, each connected to one of the relay/switch terminals.
  10. That is your take on the subject. I stated my view that the likes of Ebay need bringing under control and explained why. A bag of flour in neither here nor there but the message such behaviour sends out is of concern to me at least. It is that sort of thing that encourages things like the hoarding. The message is amplified by the governments refusal to condemn such behaviour and start to put in place the regulations that we have seen are already to go into law.
  11. I agree but that is why I believe that free enterprise needs moderating to a degree by effective government legislation to control the outrageous behaviour.
  12. One must assume you never watch the BBC consumer protection programmes than. The laws broken rage from selling dangerous goods, incorrect description, selling counterfeit products, and so on. I hold that the internet companies who seem to flout consumer law and deliberately facilitate the dissemination of lies by claiming they are a "platform" rather than a publisher or retailer need bringing into line. They patently are unwilling to effectively police themselves. Your last point just seems silly as I never claimed there are guns available on Ebay. there are goods available on Ebay that are misdescribed and I suspect are fakes or dangerous. (Knock off Iphone charger for instance). If that flour was bought via an actual auction the fair enough but I don't know. If it was a Buy Now sale then if Ebay were an ethical company they shoudl have refused to publish the product for sale.
  13. If you are a supporter to the policy that allows all those internet sites to class them selves as "platforms" rather than publishers or retailers then I can see why yo think its bizarre. If however you think they should be regulated just like the equivalent non-tech outfits then its not bizarre. I doubt there is a a single similar site that has not assisted the flouting of UK law. As an example following your logic. Someone hires/sells an illegal gun or a car to a third party to use in a crime. They do not commit the crime but they are likely to be prosecuted as an accessory to the crime. You think they shoudl not be charged?
  14. That kind of proves there was a ready made set of legislation that only needed going through parliament again, just like rationing. The question is why did it not.
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