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  1. Lister internal fuel leaks

    Do you mean: it revs up to whatever is maximum and then the speed drops back with the control at full speed it simply will not rev up when in gear. it revs up and holds that speed but it is not as fast as you think or the manual says it should be. First one is most likely to indicate a fuel problem orjust about possibly a lack of air Second one may also be a fuel problem but if coupled to an LH150 box could be a gearbox issue Third one could be something like a fouled or wrong sized prop.
  2. Drying Washing

    We have a pair of short permanent lines under the cratch top board that are more then enough for most clothing but bedding and things like thick trousers/jackets go to a launderette.
  3. Cruiser stern "dodger"

    Ever thought about toddlers and crawlers? That is why I did ours, a few less gaps to watch.
  4. Exhaust Manifold/Heat Exchanger Repair

    Good method if the OP has the facilities.
  5. Exhaust Manifold/Heat Exchanger Repair

    Except the manifold may be aluminium as many water cooled ones are. I would be looking into an advanced adhesive solution as long as I could get everything grease free and clean. Just to be certain are you 100% sure its no leaking from the joint where the overflow joins the filler neck or from the actual cap?
  6. Belt sizes

    And for raw water pumps its probably best to run the belt a bit slack because not all such pumps have proper bearings, a tight belt running a pump with the bronze body forming the bearing may well wear rather fast. The load on the belt is very low so you will probably not notice any difference if you get one of technically the wrong profile - as long a it fits the pulleys.
  7. Cruiser stern "dodger"

    I fitted metal down sheeting between the stern rail and the inside of the gunwale and am very happy with it. The one drawback is its hard to get access to paint the back of the hull bands. I as changing from two diagonal stern rails to a single all in one job so had the welder fit a down stand to the underside of the new rail so in my case it was just a matter of making card templates, cutting and bending the steel sheets and fixing. In my case this was made harder and a worse cosmetic job than it could have been by the yard ignoring my instructions and also not fitting the rail central to the boat. This is the best photo I can find
  8. Taking Wide Boat across channel to France

    I am sure he is, he asked it twice, once in both of the magazine forums. I wonder if he asked WWW as well.
  9. Boat lift

    I don't think so. I think that will be the on-line moorings opposite the Swan at Radcot Bridge. Oxford Cruisers are maybe half a mile or so above Eynsham Bridge & lock, much closer to Oxford.
  10. Lister internal fuel leaks

    I agree although i would be nice to know how free the rack assembly is.
  11. Having suffered an open circuit somewhere between our house and the substation I often wonder what would happen if (as happened another time) a neighbouring property got a neutral to earth fault. This was with fuses. I suspect it could make all those bonded metal parts lethal.
  12. Lidle pump & fuel tank cleaning

    I think that depends upon if the slime was bug or simple emulsification. If its bug it can become very viscous but water fuel emulsion in the proportions one is likely to get in a tank will, I feel, suck up OK with a larger bore pipe and over time run to the lowest point in the tank. I suspect that you just left it brew for too long and would have anyone to avoid at least sampling the bottom of the tank because in your situation the mess would not have been removed. You will certainly remove water by syphoning form the lowest point.
  13. Taking Wide Boat across channel to France

    I could swear I never saw the dimensions and power when I read his first post but there we are. Must be blind or something.
  14. Taking Wide Boat across channel to France

    Just noticed this topic. If its the same Terry that posted the question on the magazine forum he gave me more info:- The size of cabin boat I have in mind is 8 meters long and 3 meters wide with 50 horse power diesel engine. So almost certainly not a planing boat with a top speed of perhaps 6 knots. I told him pretty much the same as he was told here and he has not been back there either.
  15. Lidle pump & fuel tank cleaning

    I agree, there is a half plane for a tideway trip in the summer so that is why I wanted something better than the Pella pump. It will get another syphoning before if the trip takes place. I suspect the tank was like this when we did the tidal Trent and that got a bit lump as did the Severn in 2016 but the water trap and filters have always been cleaner than I used to find on trucks.