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Tony Brooks

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  1. Tony Brooks

    LED halogen replacement bulbs

    I suspect these are basically domestic bulbs that are designed to be driven by a 12V driver. As such they may not take too kindly to a boat's electrical system if it suffers any spikes as inductive loads turn on and off like the water pump. Very much suck it and see as long as they are cheap enough or fit a voltage stabiliser thing to their supply.
  2. Tony Brooks

    Corroded Diode in Vetus control panel.

    Anything that will carry the bulb & resistor current. It is to ensure the alternator does not try to supply the auxiliaries (warning lamps gauges etc.) with the engine on and ignition off. If t did it may blow teh filed diodes that would then be passing higher currents. I think you have some wiring missing because it also ensures a fault in the charging circuit, overheat, or low oil pressure buzzer and warning lamps only indicate the specific fault instead of all three.
  3. Tony Brooks

    Vetus engine rough above 1800 revs

    Not so much more effective filtering wise but being larger far less prone to clogging, espevciay if you got one with a coiled rather than pleated element. It well also act as a water trap as well.
  4. Tony Brooks

    Vetus engine rough above 1800 revs

    Personally I would fit a proper primary filter in the pipe run and throw the idiot one in the pump away.
  5. Tony Brooks

    Brexit 2019

    Because its unenforceable. From what I can see many MPs would simply resign from the party rather than vote for the deal - that's on both sides. I suspect many Tory MPs have a shrewd idea that they will not get re-elected so have nothing to lose by doing what they think is right for the country. Anyway whipping only serves to confirm MPs primary duty is towards their party and not their constituents thereby giving the lie to our so called democracy.
  6. Tony Brooks

    Need help to identify engine

    Agreed and one towards the back looks OK in another photo. Question is how did the OP test test them when out. If he put 12V across them they are now probably burned out. Of he connected them up as they ar supposed to be connected and tried them then all that proves is there is an open circuit somewhere. Those 2V glow plug circuits often had a fuse in them, 50 amp I think.
  7. Tony Brooks

    Need help to identify engine

    Except the OPs photo shows the first glow plug has a parallel connection to the second. (If series one eye terminal should be under the insulator). To me that means they may all be in parallel and if the 2V plugs they ave probably all burned out now BUT the part that screws into the head looks very slim for 2V plug and suspect they may be pin type 12 V plugs. If they are there is a good chance the dropper resistor may still be in circuit and with 12V across it that may well have burned out. Better photo showing the glow plugs and wiring?
  8. Tony Brooks

    Need help to identify engine

    OK, I will add to the confusion. I think its a Landrover engine. Definitely not a 1.5, 1.8, 2.2 unless someone has managed to fit another rocker cover.
  9. The one that de-energises. Is it the one on the batteries with the solar input? If so and the batteries are well charged the solar voltage just might be causing it to shut down but it should fire up again as soon as you turn an electrical load on it. However I suspect a bad solder joint or a sticking brush inside the alternator.
  10. Tony Brooks

    Replacing exhaust

    And it helps prevent the flexible pipe unwinding itself and breaking. Be prepared to fit a new flexible as well, you may need to.
  11. Tony Brooks

    Brexit 2019

    And the German bod from their far right party that is reported to be asking for EU reform or a German exit.
  12. Tony Brooks

    Sterling Alternator no output

    My experience of Mr Sterling (just once on the phone) and some of eh OP's language makes me suspect he got fed up with him and as someone said there is some indication that this involves an unofficial reseller that has caused Sterling problems in the past. As we don't know what Mr Sterling knows about the alternator & its source and the OP seems to have gone away I doubt we will ever know.
  13. Tony Brooks

    Sterling Alternator no output

    I think he did state he only had a B+, D+ and the white fly lead but experience tells me what members claim may well not be accurate.
  14. Tony Brooks

    Sterling Alternator no output

    And that is one reason I asked for a photo but unfortunately the OP declined and does not seem to have been back for ages so we must conclude its fixed..
  15. Tony Brooks

    New to canal barges and your forum

    Except a wide boat or a thin one much over 57ft can't roam across the system. Fat ones will be limited to the Northern waterways or the Thames, K&A, much of the GU and the Lee system (and even then I understand beam is limited on the Stort). If the OP intends to retain bricks and mortar then I would suggest he carefully considers a 57/58 ft narrowboat then he can travel pretty much the whole system although I suppose it would feel cramped after a large barge. I also suspect he will find it easier to step and and off a narrowboat (or wide beam narrowboat) over much of the system. I know that now (75th year) I would much rather face narrow locks than K&A ones (that stupid stirrup to climb onto the top of the gate) or Thames locks going up stream.

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