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Tony Brooks

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  1. Tony Brooks


    Tempted to observe "of course he is - a true Tory"
  2. Tony Brooks

    tank blacking not drying

    Being in a corner I suspect the evaporating solvent is being trapped so is preventing the blacking hardening. I think that you need some kind of fan to blow the air in the tank about and hopefully drive the solvent vapours out.
  3. And as long as the pump shoulder is marked in line with the pointer (or the pointer adjusted) the 1.5 must be just about the easiest diesel on which to re-time the pump after overhaul. Well within the competence of even a mediocre DIY person.
  4. It would be a miracle if it can find its way through steel or cast iron. If the sump gasket was iffy it might find its way in there but its far, far more likely that sump oil would find its way out. However if the pump is in that sort of state no one can guarantee it will not leak from the shaft sea and that will get into the sump. As long as you ensure the oil level is always below the maximum AND the oil keeps at more or less the original viscosity there would be no particular danger of getting diesel in the sump. The problems come when the level rises or the oil get too "thin".
  5. Tony Brooks

    wet exhaust system for B m c 1.5

    So is the one I tried to describe but not the Bowman aluminium manifold we are more used to seeing. That is why we really need a photo.
  6. Tony Brooks

    wet exhaust system for B m c 1.5

    Apart from the rectangular header tank being BOLTED to the circular heat exchanger this sounds like an early cast iron heat exchanger 1.5 with the heat exchanger cum header tank transversely across the front of the engine. Hard to tell without photos. These used a much slimmer cast iron exhaust manifold when compared with the Bowman ones normally seen. However I think I have seen home brew lash-up using a stainless steel header tank that might fit your description. The cast iron manifolds can crack during frost if not properly winterised but the water would tend to get into the exhaust ports and as they are lower than the manifold water jacket would tend to fill a cylinder. From that you can get emulsified engine oil, bent con rods/damaged pistons, difficulty starting or starting on less than four cylinders and if only a minor leak then condensation inside the engine when it cools down. The normal oil pressure switch that you remove is (I think, I am always getting it mixed up with other engines) is on the starboard side of the engine block just in front of the bell housing in a gap between bell housing & injector pump. About half way down the block and into a longitudinal bump that is the main oil gallery. Run the engine with the rocker cover off, you will soon see if any oil is getting to the rockers, you can even safely rev it at the expense of oil splatters.
  7. I have no knowledge about who actually supplied the engine and felt it was not wise to allow the thought it was Calcutt who did the work when it was not.
  8. Yes but another contributor implied it was.
  9. I have been in touch with the OP about visiting the boat to help. He has told me who did the work and assures me it was NOT Calcutt. Calcutt have offered to look at it when he gets there.
  10. Tony Brooks

    Opinions on this solar setup?

    When I did what research I could there were a number of disgruntled users with flexible panels that had de-laminated, especially at the edges, and failed after a very few years. I went for horizontally mounted rigid panels. Fpr the cost not worth the risk in my view. Especially now rigid panels are much cheaper. Re the 20 year thing. I think they "warrant" that the panels will still have 80% of their rated output after 20 years so could well produce a useful output for much longer. I do wonder if the second-hand offerings have lost sufficient output to may it economic to replace them with more efficient panel.
  11. Tony Brooks

    Ebac hot fill washing machines

    Thermostatic mixing valve set to your wash temperature connected to the cold fill & set machine to a cold wash. You will be rinsing in using hot water unless the valve can be got at and is easily adjustable.
  12. Modern Trad engine is a bit of a contradiction unless you could the Beta tractor engine conversions trad and I ma not sure one would fit under the deck in the stern.
  13. Tony Brooks

    Tilehurst - station access

    Re using Reading. Yes, paid for moorings on North bank, walk across the new foot/cycle bridge, east along the towpath for maybe 100 yards, Turn right through office buildings, cross road on crossing and you are almost at the station. I am not sure about the condition of those Tilehurst steps.
  14. Tony Brooks


    I don't think that I am a geek. I am just a long term computer user who is fed up with Microshaft producing endless updates of doubtful quality and just wants to get on with work. I find it unacceptable that MS thinks its fine to render maybe several hundred pounds worth of applications unusable on their latest version. I consider the few days spent getting my head around Linux time well spent and I don't use the command line either. If I had to it would be a total non-starter.
  15. Tony Brooks


    Ah but you are wrong there. I have both MS Office, admittedly Office 97, and Paint Shop Pro running on both my Linux machines under WINE.

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