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  1. Hey Tony Brooks This morning I opened my pipes and used a water hose to clean the entire system from old dirty water to new clean 50/50 water and glucose. afterwards I ventilated all my pipes / radiators, and now the system runs like a new one. And the heat on the last radiators on the system are way way hotter now. Thanks a lot for the pointers everybody was a huge help when u got a frustrated head ?
  2. The proff guy that came with his laptop and plugged that in and show a perfect running heater 3 weeks a go. explicitly asked how big my system. because it heated up pretty fast. so i am really into the to much air in the system.
  3. my battery bank and charger are fine. wrote 14.4 just because it tops there now and then when the charger pulses as soon as it takes of it drops to 13.8 and then slowly down to 13.6 then at some point the charger want to pulse again and it bumps back up to 14.4. Sry for the confusion I made in the first post. gathering the diesel pipes again now, and tomorrow I will fire it up and vent the entire system. had a tiny tiny hole in one of the radiators, less than a mm in diameter, so i was able to fix it very easy. But that hole must have adding air to the system when it was not pumping the water. And I haven't vented out the system after. fingers crossed.
  4. U are spot on my heater is mounted in the cockpit bench so it is a bit higher and there is some elevation from and to the heater. have vents on there to. i thought it was the flameguard (photocell for the flame detection) replaced with a new one 3 weeks ago (can it become dirty that fast
  5. The last one on the pipe does not get that hot. the first once get very hot in the 10 mins i have air vents near all radiators.. TBH i havnt ventede them in a while. that could allso explain that sometimes it runs more than 10 min (if the air bubble is far a way ill vent em all and try again
  6. that pump is under heavy suspicion I cant say this with 100% certainty but i feel that the click is more mechanical and harder than it was at start. And as extra info the heater is running the pump at 2 Hz for the first 5 mins then it slows to 1 Hz for a other 5 min then it closes and restart.
  7. I have removede my thomostate and are only running with on and off ATM just to besure that was not broken. (are u talking about thermostates inside the heater that i cant easy replace those i havnt bypassed. ) can i use any diesel pump really want one of the "red once" ppl on this forum says they are better. but allso very expensive could i get a very very cheap one and see if that helps and then order the nice webasto pump after once i "traced" the problem to that ?
  8. My batteries are on 14.4 right now cause the charger is running. Could u elaborate a bit on the "its just programming" that really sounds interesting i just have no clue on what to tell the guy with the lap top.
  9. I have a correct marine exhaust system on and i have a ppm alarm on the other side of the hole that takes my fuel and that have never showed any exhaust in the boat. I am on a land powered line so my current voltage is 14 (or 14.4 i think) cause the charger is always on. Wouldn't the voltage be a problem from day 1 ? and not something that builds up
  10. It is one that was meant to be in a Mercedes cause all the small connection fittings have there logo on what is "higher voltage setting" and what should i do ? I hade it checked for faulty codes 2 weeks ago by professionals that pluged a computer to it and no errors was showing up and the heater was running fine for 45 -1 hour then doing a small reboot. and then run again ( i actualy thougt that was normal behavior )
  11. Hey experts I have a Webasto termotop C 4 kw installed in my boat. the heater is from november laster year so a very new one. 1 month ago i startede to see the heater run for 40 mins then close down and restart and run again. Now it has become so bad that it only runs for 10 min then shut off and restarts. but once it does restarts it only runs for 2 - 4 mins then restart again. if i plug out the yellow fuse i can get it to retry for the 10 mins duration. I can see white smoke out of the exaust when it is starting. so some diesel is burning. I got the burn chamber replaced 3 weeks ago and it helped for a 2 days or so. but now we are back. Besides that i have replacede the fule line from my pump to the heater. and i have even tryed having 1 meter fuleline before the pump go directly into a can so i am sure nothing is stuck in the tank. i have 3 meters from my tank to my pump and then i have another 3 meter from the pump to the heater. Can the pump be tired or something ? Any tips is welcome
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