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  1. I hope he doesn't pinch my secret supply of firewood which I've got stashed near there, ready for my return in the Autumn.......
  2. None of the definitions (of barge) I've seen make any reference to width or size, just to freight carrying. So are are (narrow) coal boats barges? And narrowboats confined to leisure or residential use? Anyway, when a member of the public calls my boat a 'barge', it doesn't trouble me in the least, unlike the OP, who seems to getting uptight about it. 'Barge' is common usage for a narrowboat, and that's good enough for me.
  3. The Telemachus nightclub moored in Selby basin. Nick had nipped back to Aberdeen, leaving instructions with the butler (sorry, Jeff!) to roll out the red carpet for his return However, only green was available.......
  4. In a village near here. Given various threads on CWDF, makes you wonder what goes on in Morebattle.
  5. Very confusing ad. Price given as £13.25 (£4.42 / unit) Which is it?
  6. Actually, I've got a Skoda (Yeti). One of the best cars I've had.....
  7. They've put booms round it and closed the navigation now.
  8. If you do use the Envirograf sealant which blackrose recommends (and it is very good), then make sure you can evacuate the boat for an hour after first firing the stove up. I did mine at the bottom of Wigan locks in the rain and it was not enjoyable.
  9. Like an earlier poster, being only 27ft I can frequently get into these gaps. I particularly remember slowly cruising past the pontoon at Newark eyeing up a gap between two gin palaces. The owners' looks turned to incredulity as I slotted in with the prow of one actually overhanging my stern. My usual quip "Always room for a little 'un !" got no reply, and I was studiously ignored until I left next day.
  10. But doesn't that apply to any boatyard? It's not as if gas goes off like you say diesel does. Fairfax is so far from the canal that passing boaters without transport will find it very difficult to access Fairfax. Boaters coming into a well-stocked chandlery to pay for their gas will frequently buy something else - I know I did several years ago when I was last there. Also, I recently got gas at the canalside garage at Boroughbridge for less than I paid Fairfax. Are they selling at a loss, then?
  11. I'm afraid I don't agree with any of the original list, except perhaps democracy. The original Mini was a great little car for its time, the Sinclair C5 was never a good idea, and the other two were largely bad luck and external forces.
  12. Don't know how long you're staying in Brighouse, but if you're still there tomorrow, you shouldn't miss the Market Tavern, a relatively new micropub with superb beer and a great atmosphere (closed Mon & Tues). It's errr, next to the market. Failing that if you're not a Wetherspoons snob, then the Brighouse one is very impressive. I like Brighouse - as you say everything to hand and a thriving High Street.
  13. When are you planning to go down, Nick? A week ago I was stopped at Naburn because the river level was too high, and now because of the high Spring tide - scheduled to go down tomorrow (wednesday) but the river here in York has come up overnight and must be marginal again now. Apparently a narrowboat got into difficulties a couple of days ago and the lockies are being extra careful. So am I - I've only got a little engine!
  14. You may not get into the side easily above the guillotine lock. I always moor on the old cafe boat mooring above the next lock - less far to the pub & shops! The Commercial was the best pub pub last time I was there. The level of the next pound down can vary by as much as a foot - if too high you may not get under the bridges, but you can let water out through the next lock - I've had to do that more than once.
  15. Indeed an unpleasant term, but if it was used in 1970s playgrounds, then that is the reason that neither Athy nor myself had heard of it - it was well after our time. People seem to be too ready to assign perverse or negligent reasons to moderators' actions.
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