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Mac of Cygnet

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  1. Mac of Cygnet


    That isn't a limiting factor (yet). True, the limit is 9 boats each way per week, but it's not often I've been part of a full complement, and sometimes the only one. More limiting is its remoteness from the busy parts of the system, and people being put off by stories propagated by people who are horrified to meet situations where a bit of ingenuity or extra effort is required.
  2. Mac of Cygnet

    Stupid Stupid Rebranding

    Actually the new logo reminds me of the joke that was going round at the time of the Jeremy Thorpe affair, all those years ago: "Join the Liberal Party and widen your circle."
  3. Mac of Cygnet


    Like the railways, you mean?
  4. Mac of Cygnet

    Stupid Stupid Rebranding

    I have a much better idea for a new logo. Simple and attractive. They wouldn't even have to replace all the signs.
  5. Mac of Cygnet


    Yes, go for it. Don't listen to these people who moan at challenges. 2 things - make sure your boat will fit through the tunnel - dimensions here and that it it less than 58ft long (for the Huddersfield Broad and C&H, not the narrow). The HNC is far better than it was even 10 years ago - not quite like a normal canal, but easier now. Don't use lock landings - just nose into the lock whether going up or down. I've singlehanded the HNC 12 times now, and of course deveoped a range of methods to make the experience easier, but any competent boater should find it a rewarding experience. Don't miss the Riverhead Tap at Marsden - one of my favourite pubs.
  6. Mac of Cygnet

    DIY Fuel Cleaning Diesel Dipper

    Alan for some reason missed out an important detail. Just in case you're wondering - £450
  7. Mac of Cygnet

    A Visit From Batman

    There were so many dogs and people that Rita the terrier was overwhelmed with joy.
  8. Mac of Cygnet

    A Visit From Batman

    An improvised mooring in the woods today, very peaceful, when the bat man arrived for the six monthly bat census and replacement of bat boxes ( apparently they've had a few nicked recently, which seems a bit weird). Proper professional tree climber, just like our very own Tree Monkey. There were a lot of birds around, so I'm sure there was a robin there somewhere.
  9. Mac of Cygnet

    Wee beasties

    Most insects are viscous once they're squashed.
  10. Mac of Cygnet

    What a depressing read!

    They did have a forum for a while, but it quickly got taken down when people started expressing views disagreeing with theirs.
  11. Mac of Cygnet

    Yorkshire pudding tin question.

    There's recently been a right hoo-ha about the Yanks re-inventing the Yorkshiire pudding and claiming it came from Holland https://www.foodandwine.com/news/dutch-baby-yorkshire-pudding-controversy
  12. She does identify it by name, but it doesn't sound good.
  13. Mac of Cygnet

    Canal Tunnel identification

    But..... If you look at the relative sizes of the tunnel exits, it seems to me that the OP tunnel is much shorter. Edited to say I've now looked at billh's link, and of course he's right, but how do the old and modern pics apparently show different lengths of tunnel? And when was it written, because it says "This 176yd-long tunnel has a towpath through it but boats cannot pass inside it."
  14. Mac of Cygnet

    Typical Mirror Headline

    It's not just the Mirror. From the front page of Saturday's Times: The Duke of Edinburgh, 96, was seen in public with the Queen for the first time since his hip operation last month at the 75th Royal Windsor Horse Show.
  15. Mac of Cygnet

    Marple re-opening put back again

    Yeah, right. There never seemed any great urgency about the work while I was waiting at the top.

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