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  1. Brandreth was not only a Tory MP, but held the record for the longest-ever after dinner speech, either of which would disqualify him from anything I wanted to listen to.
  2. Perhaps the OP should be made aware that there is already a member 'Midnight' on these forums with a boat of that name. Don't want any confusion in this well-ordered community do we? 😀
  3. It also depends how many WPM you can type. I suspect I would be penalised for extreme slowness.
  4. It was indeed one of the hardest locks I had to work singlehanded last year. And rather a curious notice - there's paddles and slackers and sluices, etc., but 'clout' was a new one on me.
  5. Greenies in the Virtual Pub didn't used to count to your total. Do they now, then?
  6. And still broadcasting until recently. Must have been the oldest BBC regular by a LONG way.
  7. This exact question was asked several years ago, and received approximately the same responses, including an identical reply by Ryeland. https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/48878-ripon-canal-is-it-ok-for-60ft-boat/ But both the IWA site and Canalplan give a maximum length of 61ft 4ins, which seems to be incorrect. CRT say 57ft, and Wiki 58ft.
  8. Well, obviously since the board has a tapas menu they must be in a Spanish 'Spoons ('Cucharas?)
  9. Better than 'Boaty McBoatface', though (which name has been given to one of the mini submarines carried on board - AUVs, since we're into acronyms). As you probably know, RRS stands for Royal Research Ship.
  10. Not quite 'boating', but here is an update on progress of the Antarctic research ship 'Sir David Attenborough' http://www.gm0hcq.com/SDA-Update.htm
  11. They can't say the right words.
  12. I spent a lot of time on the Selby Canal last summer, for various reasons. Clearing out my raw water strainer was a regular task, including an emergency stop on the rather rickety pontoon at Cawood to clear out stuff picked up in Selby Lock.. Edited to say that CRT told me that they were waiting for a consignment of weevils to eat the Azolla. I wonder if they used them?
  13. The Selby Canal was totally infested with Azolla last summer, to about 4 inches thick. It physically slows progress, but doesn't tangle with props. A serious nuisance to those of us with raw water cooled engines, though. Here is a close-up, together with a pic of Nicknorman's boat Telemachus surrounded by it in Selby Basin.
  14. In a completely different style, the most impressive (not in size) station I've been in was Toledo. It's like catching a train at a catherdral.
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