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  1. My boat steers to the right if I let go the tiller. I regard this as an advantage, as it lets me steer with my hip while leaving both hands free to do other things, like taking photos. If the veer was inconsistent, I would have far fewer and more blurred photos!
  2. That was my birthday! Why didn't I get it? 😀
  3. It's been the law in Scotland since last week. I haven't heard about any riots yet. The only disturbances I've read about were in a park in Glasgow, and judging by the pictures that appears to have been drink-fuelled.
  4. I suspect that one of our mods may easily out-Luddite you!
  5. I think you are making assumptions there, I've been to all those places, but not the Tinsley flight, and have absolutely no wish to do so.
  6. I catch an average of 2 mice a day in the several traps set in the house and garden. It was rather more when I had the plant nursery, so I calculate that I have caught upwards of 20,000 mice in the past 30 years. Recently for some reason an increasing number have still been alive when I found them in my morning inspection, usually caught by a leg, and I've had to kill them. This was rather unpleasant, so I bought some 'humane' traps. None of them has caught a single mouse, so I have reluctantly continued with the Nippers.
  7. Yes it is a Mick Sivewright boat. I have seen Tawny Owl on my travels, as well as several other Owls. I probably have a pic somewhere - I take one whenever I come across another Owl. Yes, it has the coal bunker, and it was full of coal (real coal, not smokeless) when I bought Cygnet in 2006, but I gave it away as I burn only wood, and converted the bunker, which is very deep, into a 3-layer locker. Ropes & mooring equipment on top, then spare cassette, with some coal for emergencies, never used, in the bottom, still available via the hatch by the stove.
  8. I enjoyed the Erewash, too, and can endorse the Bunny Hop, but it certainly doesn't have space for social distancing! The Great Northern Basin, a rather grandiose name, accommodated Cygnet for a few days with the boat club, but is a bit of a misnomer, being a small but secluded pool.
  9. The cables under the the C&H towpath rather charmingly have notices saying "Yorkshire Electricity - High Pressure Cables." Heaven knows how long they've been there.
  10. Yes, film music can sometimes be an intrusion, but Sergio Leone's westerns are made by Morricone's scores. Apparently the music was sometimes written before the films were made, and Leone adapted the shooting to the score. A good innings, though, as they say - 91.
  11. Yes, I had to look that one up! But if we're into song lyric 'jokes'
  12. Regarding the above, 1. The Lidl (not Aldi) has now shifted to the other side of the canal, below the bridge in Mirfield - still very convenient though. 2. If going up to Huddersfield, mooring above Lock 1 of the Broad Canal is quite pleasant and handy for the White Cross at Bradley, if open (and for future reference) Also pleasant moorings above Battyeford Lock, opposite the Boat Club. Not far to the Pear Tree pub.
  13. That is fantastic, David - brought joy to my heart. I'd never heard of the Fabulous Ingenues before. Apparently no girl was allowed to join unless she could play at least six instruments.
  14. Rather ambiguous, this. I've added a dash to clarify: shagging or fighting people - should just leave them to it 😎
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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