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  1. OK, Dan, you can take the thumbscrews off them now.
  2. Like many here, we had a shared boat for several years before I bought Cygnet. It suited us well. Living abroad, you'd have to look carefully at how usage is allocated. Phil Duerden's website linked in Cuthound's post #6 is certainly the best source of what's available, and you will be able to contact potential sharers through that.
  3. It has been secured properly on each of the three occasions that Guy has done this. I'm sure there was some subliminal reason I put Holden - perhaps because he wasn't holding, just testing?
  4. Depends how well you know the examiner. Guy Holden and I usually find a lot to chat about! Also I don't have the solid fuel stove on, as he usually grabs it and gives it a good shake.
  5. The only time Inline filters sent me an unsuitable filter (it had a plastic drain tap - a BSS fail), they quickly sent me a one with a metal tap and told me not to bother sending the other back. I'm not put off them by the OP's experience.
  6. Actually, my nose is rather large. But don't worry, I'm not sensitive about it.
  7. I managed to find several pubs walking from Westport Lake, and visit two, both in the Good Beer Guide. But perhaps I'm a bit more determined than most.
  8. And as for the Vetus equivalents......... I've complained to InLine about their filters not being gold-plated, but got a response similar to the OP's. Still work, though.
  9. I've never had anyone on ignore, because no-one's ever been nasty to me. What am I doing wrong? Is it because I'm 1. Boring? or 2. Too nice? Is there a self-awareness button? Edited to add an ' and a ? Obsessive, Me?
  10. Because the pic was posted a month ago.
  11. Is this fresh coriander? If so, then red + green makes brown. I also had trouble finding 'Recipes' - it's a subforum of Living Afloat.
  12. I didn't say it was a no-go area, and the OP will at least have a sense of achievement after doing it. I only did it because I moor on the Rochdale, below Lock 1, and felt I ought to. But once is enough. The eastern side is great - I was in Hebden just a week ago.
  13. Yes, I know that, but your quote specifically refers to the anodes being attached to the fibreglass hull. As there is no metal connection between the vunerable metal parts and the anodes, do they still give protection?
  14. Why would you put anodes on a fibreglass or wooden hull?
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