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  1. FREE led thingies

    No, I think it's because he's been lounging in a marina for months, not actually doing anything. Ah! I see we have a better explanation .
  2. Standedge tunnel.

    Tunnel blindness? Never come across that before. The last quarter , especially going E-W, is quite frustrating, as the light at the end of the tunnel appears. Then disappears. Takes bloody ages to get out after you first see the light.
  3. FREE led thingies

    You have very clean fingernails for a boater.
  4. Hull minefield

    Here's me thinking this thread was about unexploded bombs in the Humber. At least I would've been able to understand that.
  5. Baseplate Painting

    Well, you look fairly small. Do you wear overalls over your nice red coat?
  6. Cambridgeshire Continuous Cruising

    Your reference to 'canals' is the key here. The area you are talking about is mostly rivers, which is why things are very different from the canal system. And to answer your question about low bridges, yes there are a few low bridges in the area, notably on the Middle Level, including a couple which are on the route to the Ouse, etc. Can't remember the exact air draft - about 6ft I think. I love the area, and have spent three summers there. I'm also amazed (with Scholar Gypsy) that sea toilets are allowed in the Ouse system. Does this also mean you are allowed to empty your bog overboard?
  7. End of winter?

    You've got to be joking. Just 5 years ago, March 21st....... And I was working locks on the Rochdale with snow up to my knees in April.
  8. 'Vollockies' versus Lock Keepers

    You're not married, then?
  9. Dangerous Africa

    And the other day a chap was taken to hospital when a duck shot by one of his fellow hunters fell on his head and knocked him unconscious.
  10. Standedge tunnel.

    I once had to stop at one of the adits and change my headlight. Fortunately I had a spare. No superbright LEDs in those days!
  11. Just for fun - word game

  12. Standedge tunnel.

    Regarding the very low bridges in Slaithwaite, you can lower the water level at the lock in the village centre if you find them too low - there's a reasonable depth of water to give a 1ft leeway if required. But also be aware that there are a couple of very narrow locks on the east side - I've seen a couple of boats stuck in them, including a dredger.
  13. Standedge tunnel.

    The OP's Question is of course impossible to answer, although several have tried. The only precaution I take these days is to tape thick wodges of newspaper to the top front of the roof rails. Having said that, the most scratching I've had has been on the back (cruiser deck) rails. The most bumps I've had was when Fred Carter, the chief 'pilot' drove Cygnet through as part of the trials before self-drive was introduced - I just stood inside and gritted my teeth. Some of the worst pinch points have been removed in recent years. Far more damage was done when we were dragged through in convoy - extreme protective measures were needed then!
  14. Links to past posts not working

    Thanks for solving this. All the way from Cambodia, too!
  15. I Hate Boats and Plumbing.

    You're going to come to a sticky end one of these days.