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Mac of Cygnet

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  1. Mac of Cygnet


    I've just noticed that 'contributor' has changed to 'patron'. When did contribution become patronage? It must be very recent. And rather pretentious.
  2. Mac of Cygnet

    signs of the times........

    At our local market yesterday, lots of signs.......
  3. Mac of Cygnet

    Silicone grease

    About 5000 hours. I can see no way to put grease in and it has never dripped a drop.
  4. Mac of Cygnet

    Behold The Sacrifice

    I was thinking of the time When MJ dangled his offspring over a hotel balcony.
  5. Mac of Cygnet

    Are the canals unpleasantly overcrowded ?

    Indeed. I have had many days in the height of summer on the Calder & Hebble, Aire & Calder, and Huddersfield Narrow when seeing another moving boat was an event to be celebrated with much waving.
  6. Mac of Cygnet

    Silicone grease

    I have Volvo stern seal also, and the correct grease for it. I bought it 12 years ago, two years after I got the boat, but wouldn't know what it looks like, because I've never opened it........
  7. Mac of Cygnet

    Behold The Sacrifice

    Terrific second pic. The first, well, a bit Michael Jackson-ish..........
  8. Mac of Cygnet

    Tiller Jammed Advice Please

    In Pics 1 & 7 the rudder post is nowhere near central through the hole in the swim (sorry if my terms aren't right!) which would indicate to me there has been some physical damage and distortion.
  9. Mac of Cygnet

    Friday joke

    We seem to be getting into towel jokes, but did you know that towels are a leading cause of dry skin?
  10. Mac of Cygnet

    Best Dylan song.

    I don't think His Bobness is quite finished yet!
  11. Mac of Cygnet

    Friday joke

    A man walks into a library, and says to the Librarian, “I'm looking for a book that's been recommended to me… It's about Pavlov’s Dogs and Schrodinger’s Cat… Do you know it?” The Librarian answers, “well, that rings a bell, but I'm not sure if it's here or not”.
  12. Mac of Cygnet

    Wood Burner Advice Please

    You need (shhhh........ an Ecofan)
  13. Mac of Cygnet

    Happy birthday tree monkey

    Bet u la(ughed) when you saw it! May your sap still rise for years to come!
  14. Mac of Cygnet

    Friday joke

    What? Out clubbing badgers? I've reported you to the RSPCA. You should be kind to badgers: A couple were driving home late one wet and miserable night when they clipped a badger at the side of the road. On inspection the badger was found to be alive and they decided to take it home to see if it would recover. As they continued on their journey the badger began to shiver uncontrollably so the man suggested his wife should place it between her legs to keep it warm. "No way!" she said "It's wet and smelly." he replied "That's ok, just make sure it's head is sticking out and it should be fine!!"
  15. Mac of Cygnet

    Best Dylan song.

    Subterranean Homesick Blues always makes me smile, and Lay, Lady, Lay almost shed a tear. I didn't like Dylan until I reached late middle age and was mature enough to appreciate him.

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