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  1. Yes, I looked at the map when passing one of the trig points and found it was 2 metres above sea level, but about 5 metres above me!
  2. There's a general store just uphill from Congleton wharf, and several handy shops at Hightown, on the other side from the station.
  3. Think yourselves lucky that you don't have to use the little 3.9Kg bottles. I've been paying the rip-off price of £16 for these for years, but was dischuffed to be asked for £21 for one at Stanley Ferry Marina recently. When I expressed surprise, the chap said prices had shot up recently, and consulted his list to read out a price of over £40 for the 13Kg.
  4. Yes, I think the area is one of the most attractive and interesting in the country, so much so that despite my home mooring being in the North of England, I have spent three summers exploring the Ouse and its tributaries and the MIddle Level. Scholar Gypsy of these forums probably knows more about the system than anyone else here. You will need to have a mooring for the winter, though, as continuous cruising is not comparable to the canal system, there being no general permission to stay in one spot for up to 14 days. Most Environment Agency moorings are 48 hours.
  5. You don't need a drone to get aerial views of the Rochdale. Yes, that tiny thing is Cygnet.
  6. Don't forget to check the profile of the boat to make sure it fits through the tunnel. And book the tunnel - you can do it online now. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/places-to-visit/standedge-tunnel-and-visitor-centre/boating-through-standedge-tunnel
  7. As others have mentioned in your other thread, the route involved in your move is very different from the OP's experience, which seems to involve the GU, Lee & Stort.
  8. I don't have a television on the boat, and now I realise how much I'm missing. I could be watching all sorts of exciting stuff instead of trudging off to the pub and sitting in the corner with my crossword, pint and book. Actually not much trudging last night, as I'm moored about 20 yards from the Marina Club in Goole. It may be of some use to know that this establishment is chicken friendly.
  9. Just tried with Mrs Mac's e-mail address. After a very upfront screen inviting donations, it then presented the registration screen to be filled in before my post was made visible, with a promise to send reminders. She's not going to be pleased with this.
  10. Well, I just tried it and was asked for my e-mail address, and given one of those CAPCHA tests. It then said that the e-mail was in use by another member, but I could join the conversation and register later (I've not seen any evidence of this). I then signed in anonymously to see if I could post, and I could, but with my identity revealed, as you can see.
  11. Also the Ouse is very much a controlled river, with 3 artificial rivers and a large relief channel to take off any excess.
  12. More likely to be Romiley on the Peak Forest. Not far away.
  13. In contrast to all this mayhem, I've just had a very pleasant trip down the Aire to Ferrybridge with the river levels on green after a couple of days on amber. Rather glad my plans to go darn sarf were scuppered this year, after all. Beautiful morning.
  14. Would the dog owners and parents take the same test?
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