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  1. There is a regular bus service between Red Bull and Crewe. I don't think you would get a better transport link than that!
  2. Also, screening stops when you reach 74, unless requested. I suppose looking after people of my age is not regarded as cost-effective.
  3. The tree came down on Friday, and the stoppage notice promised heavy lifting gear. Instead we have Three Men in a Boat............... Now 8 boats waiting at this side, not far above Tuel Lane.
  4. I was on the same mooring as The Welsh Cruiser ( Whiteley Green) the previous year when I couldn't get back to my home mooring because of the Marple closure. I was very happy to leave it there for a month at a time; one of the other boats was occupied. There is quite a good pub 200 yards away, and some very good ones and shopping in Bollington a pleasant 15 minute walk away. Armco to moor to. Suited me down to the ground. If I'd been a liveaboard, however, I'd probably have popped back and forth between Gurnett and Whaley bridge, as I did until the end of November.
  5. I've deleted all my German contacts from my phone. It's now Hans free.
  6. Hear! Hear! However, Deja vu? But : Met a depressed Scandinavian the other day. He wished he'd never been Björn.
  7. Possibly you have the reason for this in the previous sentence?
  8. I must say I'm full of admiration for Tony's patience. He must have been hard up for something to do this morning.
  9. Follow my link a couple of posts above. You can click on 'View as a map'. Edited to say that if you want stoppages only, you also 'Filter by Type'. It then becomes much more like the old Winter Stoppage map. Stoppages are in red.
  10. I read them too, but I'm not answering them, because they're a mixture of the blindingly obvious, answerable by your own research, and just silly. There are a few which have been asked and answered previously in these forums and canalside by boaters to passers-by. There are also too many at once for people to be bothered. Welcome to the forums, and when you have done a bit of research on UK canals and boating, one or two questions at a time may be better received. Cheers Mac
  11. Go to the stoppage notice page https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices Scroll down and fill in the dates you want. It gives you the choice to view as a list or on a map, selectable for area or waterway. Not quite the same as the old maps, but still there.
  12. Yes but millions of people do that and are therefore unlikely to be caught. I can't believe that a hunt, being so conspicuous, would be so stupid as to use a whole pack of hounds.
  13. It is illegal to have more than two hounds in a 'pack' in England (not in Scotland).
  14. Our first ever boating holiday about 40 years ago on the Broads. Never been back. Not that we didn't enjoy it, but the next year we discovered the canals (Oozels St. loop!) ............
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