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  1. This is one of the best posts I've read on CWDF for some time.
  2. Athy is in the enviable position of having a secluded garden fronting the river. I don't begrudge him it in the least, but not all are so fortunate.
  3. As I always reply (twice a year) to these posts, I won't be doing anything to my clocks. But at least from tomorrow Mrs Mac and I won't be living in different time zones.
  4. But you'll be all right when you get carted off to hospital, Nick. Brewdog have just informed me that they've delivered their first consignment of Punk Hand Sanitiser to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. They converted their distillery to its production.
  5. Actually, here in Scotland it means exactly that. Nicola asked people not to go to the shops more than once a day.
  6. A LOT of money will have to be found from somewhere by the Government. Your bank account will be frozen to prevent people taking money out before a wealth tax is imposed. I say this because the head of the Federal Reserve in the US has just said that it will absolutely not happen.
  7. Huh! And I bought Mrs Mac a subscription to WW for Christmas! (She did actually request it, in case you're wondering about my choice of presents.)
  8. I think Athy put this rather well in Post #31
  9. One of the reviews: 🤥
  10. Doesn't your supermarket have a 'wrinklies hour'? A couple round here have done just what you want.
  11. I think that's very callous in the circumstances.
  12. Nonsense. I've moored at least a dozen very pleasant spots on the Upper Peak Forest. I was going to say 'and a very good choice of pubs, too,' but that's gone down the drain now.
  13. But the Aussies beat them to it! https://happymag.tv/aussie-newspaper-prints-extra-pages-to-use-as-toilet-paper/ Personally I always found the Eye rather difficult to digest https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/16/uks-sewage-system-in-danger-of-gridlock-from-toilet-paper-substitutes-coronavirus
  14. Not necessarily. The immune system declines with age (from about 55) remarkably consistently however the body's general fitness keeps up. There are some very fit septuagenarians around quite capable of holding down jobs*, but their immune systems are still seventy plus. Complicated of course by the fact that certain conditions render one susceptible to the present virus. * Excepting The Donald, of course.
  15. Well at least one of the contributors to this thread has died, and several more have 'disappeared'.
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