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  1. No sorry the battery's have already gone from our company we used to get them from BA e systems if that helps If we wanted to weld on the bus they had to come and disconnect the electrics we where not a loud to touch them
  2. Its quite funny how things are changing we are removing all the electric battery's , controllers etc and converting the buses we have to Diesel engine and so is a lot of other bus company's just to give you an ideal the battery's cost about 30,000 pound a bus the controllers about the same per bus jacko
  3. Hi thankyou for replying after posting the original question I have done some investigation and agreed with what you say Also we have now booked a boat from Aldermasten to do the K and A in June next yearπŸ˜„ So any info you all can give us will be appreciated jacko
  4. Hi all is it possible to do the above ring in 14 days if we pick up a bout at reedley we have been boating for about 10 years on and off jacko
  5. Hi all My daughter has just found out she is a runner up on the 2020 photo competition im well chuffed jacko
  6. Mike it's nice to see you got it sorted jacko
  7. Look up m3 anti slip tape we use it on buses what you have looks like it but painted over jacko
  8. Just a idea how about something like what is used when towing a car behind a camper van or towing a land rover behind another land rovers jacko
  9. Ok after repairing and painting buses for 28years the paint we use does a fantastic job and maybe I should not have used the word etch and just said primer jacko
  10. Ok I submit we do use it on aluminium but we also use it on steel and it works well on both some of the old buses have steel panelsπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
  11. Well you learn something new every day πŸ˜„ It defanetaly says etch primer on the paint we use at work for painting buses they are hand painted with rollers and brush jackoπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ‘
  12. Primer is a etching paint to eat into the steel you will only need one coat the next thing is the under coat that gives the top coat( gloss ) it's body and two coats is better then one the water proofing is the gloss and the finishing cover and don't forget to give it a rub down with 240 wet and dry paper between each coat to do it right it should have 24 hours between coats jacko
  13. Your the one that escaped from Hull are you πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  14. That bus is indigo blue and primrose at least that's what it says on the paint tins do you live in Hull ? jacko
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