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  1. I don't no if PSV glass can help you but they make Windows for bus and coaches some coaches are double glassed Graham
  2. SU carbs where very good in there day look at all the cars that had them fitted but I am going of topic so back to the topic. when I had twin su's on a ford pinto engine I had balance tubes on the inlet manifold that made it so easy to set the carbs up as said before the oil in the vacuum pots is very inportant allso use the proper fuel pump and you can't go far wrong Graham
  3. Hi I've just been laughing at most of your posts as you all seem to say when I had su carbs or when I used to set them up su carbs are so out of date having said that motor bike carbs use the same principle Graham
  4. Hi if you don't want to put bolts in the holes then you could countersunk the holes and use belzona liquid metal its for repairing engines etc Look up Belzona 1111 for usage Graham
  5. If you use fiber glass paste type fillers and rub it down flat to the roof in time it will fall out and leak if it was me I would use dome headed bolts with a good type if sealer under the head Graham
  6. Starter motor dog stuck or teeth come of the flywheel pray it's the dog stuck graham
  7. Hi I would think the best way would be to have wood frames like house windows with d/ glassing units . you could have opening windows like fire exits as doors to get in and out Graham
  8. To look nice you could use a rope that is a bummy rope fixing and have a hidden zip Graham
  9. Many thanks to all for the info I have found on the Webb a discription and sizes that I think will fit they are 35mm up 57mm across and 170mm down by 18mm thick so I will make them to that size and take a hacksaw to adjust if needed Graham
  10. Hi Alan all the boats we have had have had square top rails as part of the side with holes about 15foot apart Graham
  11. Thanks so far the thing is we have been hiring narrow boats for 11 years now and all the boats look about the same this is how I came up with them sizes from memmory it would be nice to look a bit more professional then having ropes tied all over the boat to hang fenders where you need them graham
  12. Fasten side fenders too ? Hi All . I would like to make two hooks but I don't know what sizes to make them if some one could give me a clue that would be great its to fit a narrow boat I'm guessing it will be about 25mm down by 50 across the top and 150 down where the fender fastener to thankyou graham
  13. Could it be water getting in the buzzer I had something similar on a tow bar electrics on a car
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