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  1. Hiwe take a net curtain to hang in the front door way to try and stop mozzy type things when we have stopped for the night we will be on the Avon soon too Graham
  2. When you first talked about what you was going to do I was not to sure it was the right thing to do but I stand corrected as I have said it looks very nice and a professional job 👍👍 Graham
  3. Congratulations you have done a fantastic paint job it looks the dogs dangles well done Graham
  4. Sorry I should have said also from Alverchurch Graham
  5. We are also picking our boat us next weekend on Sunday we may bump into each other not literally I hope we are doing the Avon ring Graham
  6. A very big thankyou to each and every one for the fantastic info on the Avon and the Seven Graham
  7. That’s great info thankyou . did you go on the seven if so how is it behaving we will be on it in about three weeks Graham
  8. Hi All a big thankyou to you all for the license info and hope to meet some of you on the Avon ring Graham
  9. Hi all is the only place to get a 7 day license for the Avon from Tewksbury lock or the internet can you get them from Stratford as we are going to do the Avon ring clockwise in two weeks time Graham
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYijGhAt-Ec Here is thelink Graham
  11. Hi all where I work we paint all buses by hand there is a video on utube how one of our painters paints them with a roller and brush Les has been painting buses for 40 + years look up painting a eastyorkshire bus with brush and roller Graham
  12. As above another painting by my Daughter 😀
  13. Could Duke. Just be waiting to have the under coat and top coat painter on Graham
  14. Robert absolute. Fantastic we are doing the Avon ring in June it’s the second time we have done it but this time we are going clockwise as you say it isa very nice ring this time we are setting off from Alverchurch
  15. Hi Rob please keep the up dates coming as we are doing the same ring as you in June and any info is very helpful have a great time Graham
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