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  1. But if you are asking about fuse boards and don’t know where it is it may be a good idea to find it for future reference 👍 Graham
  2. Hi all i have just found out that my brother in law is on O2 so we now have two different networks thank you for your help Graham
  3. We have always had side fenders up when moving and down when moored up it seams to work for us 👍 graham
  4. jacko264

    K & A

    Hi all we are going on the k&a this year and I was wondering if Vodafone mobiles get a signal ok as I have to keep in contact every day with my Dad My Dad is going to be 101 years old in August Graham
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. When we have diesel tanks repaired they are washed out and filled with water the best they can they leave the top off this is on buses
  7. We are really enjoying the programme and looking forward to the next one It’s lovely to see the places and sights we have been to over the years Boating Graham
  8. I’m just interested to know how you will heat the boat if electric that’s more drainage on the battery’s ? Graham
  9. That’s the one thanks
  10. jacko264

    BBC 4

    BBC 4 has a canal boating program today at 1900 hours it may be a repeat I don’t know Graham
  11. Hi All many thanks for the info you all have given me the slow cooker will be going with us next time where on a narrow boat in June / July Graham
  12. Hi all What is the thought on using a slow cooker on a narrowboat is the electric supply up to it while cruising thanks for any info graham
  13. Sorry to read this RIP Graham
  14. You can remove rust by electrolysis using a battery charger a plastic tank water and baking soda look it up to get the mix of water and baking soda right Graham
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