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  1. Try Baileys paints based in Stroud , Gloucestershire. They manufacture their own brushing red oxide. It’s terrific stuff. And not at all expensive. no idea what delivery charges are but definitely worth a look. They also do it in a light shade of grey that looks well on a boat.
  2. General purpose silicone is much more heat resistant than you think. I stuck my tiles with GP silicone to fire board 7 years ago and still absolutely fine. Also it’s much less costly than envirograph.
  3. No need for high temperature silicone in that situation. For direct use to seal a flue yes definitely use high temperature silicone. I suggested over tiling as removing the the existing ones can be a real ball ache and a messy job. Also if they are very well adhered you can destroy the backing board while trying to remove them.
  4. Have you thought about tiling over the existing tiles? Give the original tiles a good clean and stick the new ones on with a general purpose silicon. Another layer will take up minimal space.Just a thought
  5. plato


    Gloucester & Sharpness canal, Saul junction. It is a very popular spot for visitors. Apparently it was packed last weekend.
  6. plato


    Crt have requested that no one should walk on the towpath where boats are moored. You only get this information if you’re subscribed to Crt email updates. So how are the general public are supposed to know about it ? Given Crt’s fondness for new signage I expect a proliferation of signs any minute now. But where I am no one is taking any notice about staying at home and many are not observing social distancing. That includes some boaters
  7. I’m pretty sure that can be welded. I’ve had bits of my Epping welded successfully.
  8. Don’t know if this helps but when I got my boat with a leece neville alternator it was connected to an external sterling regulator. The idea was if you went on a short trip you could flip a switch and it would make the alternator work harder increasing the charging of the batteries. However the sterling failed at some point and as I didn’t use it I’ve not bothered to replace or repair it. I’ve got lifepo4 batteries now and the leece Neville charges them ok.
  9. You need to go to the Avon navigation trust website and sign up for navigation alerts
  10. I doubt you will navigate the Avon any time soon. There are huge amounts of flood debris in and around the locks. And with all the rain we’ve had from storm Ciara plus more forecast for the weekend the Severn will be out of sorts for a couple of weeks at least. It was topping the banks near Gloucester lock and still rising this afternoon. Good luck with your trip. Please don’t under estimate the power of the flow on this river. even when it’s on amber it’s got a hell of current on it.
  11. I would definitely agree with that comment, Did it a few weeks ago. I won’t be returning. Pelsall was a nice mooring tho.
  12. Thanks Biscuits that’s very magnanimous of you. I love life on the cut and it really breaks my heart to see it in decline.
  13. Hi Biscuits. Apologies if my comments came over as a bit of a rant .But just because Mr Parry is busy raising money and ‘awareness’ doesn’t mean he can’t be criticised for an obvious lack of maintenance. I appreciate these are urban canals and will never be in pristine condition. A bit of litter picking is going to do very little to make those sections easier to navigate. For the record, in 35 hours cruising I ended up down the weed hatch 5 times plus several times leaning over the stern clearing rubbish from the prop. The two lumps of carpet, tracksuit bottoms and wire, lump of polythene and rope, sheet of tarpaulin, sleeping bag and bean bag that were removed from the prop were all bagged up and put in the rubbish disposal point , add the two bin liners of rubbish fished out of a lock and In the end I had cleared nine black bin liners of rubbish from the canal. So I think I contributed my bit towards cleaning up. The amount of rubbish in the cut is appalling round there. Perhaps I was unlucky on this trip. in my previous 12 years of cruising the cut from London to Llangollen and all areas in between I’d only had occasion to use the weed hatch twice, perhaps I’ve been lucky up to now. It might be a gap of two or three years before I cover old ground and revisit canals I’ve cruised before and I am often dismayed by the obvious decline in the state of repair I encounter. I feel for CRT as they’ve a lot to maintain on an insufficient budget. And yes they do some sterling work in places, But a lot more needs to be done in that part of the system. There’s a guy on you tube called Dazzies travels he posts videos of still photos taken on the BCN from about nine years ago. The contrast in conditions is stark when you compare what it was then to what it is now. Rant over! To end on a positive note it wasn’t all bad. I came through catshill junction onto the Daw end canal one morning and soon saw five roe deer grazing on some scrubby ground ,pure magic. Also I saw a really lovely sunset one crisp frosty evening when I moored at Pelsall junction, happy days.
  14. My thoughts exactly, I was cruising round the BCN very recently. The wyrley and Essington, Daw End canal , Walsall Canal. A complete mess. The only thing I didn’t see was a body in the cut. Empty pounds, locks clogged with weed and rubbish, faulty lock gear, shallow water, a wall of shopping trolleys across the canal in the bottom pound of Ryder’s green locks. Druggies needles in the water, not pleasant when you’ve got go into the weed hatch. An an utter disgrace. I won’t be returning. Mr Parry has obviously never visited these parts of the system
  15. You need to use a large carpenters square. Put the short edge on the floor and place the long edge vertically and adjust your unit to sit against it. Your units won’t be ‘level ‘ in the true sense of the word but will look perfectly ok
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