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  1. In the early 70s, I was at a recording studio in west London and parked outside was an old Rolls, plate was WOM13, across the road from it was a red mustang, plate PEN15, they made me and the band I was with laugh a lot, but not want one. I still think they are a waste of money and an exercise in ego.
  2. A mad language. ”That cow over there leaning against that bough has a chough on it’s back, and one of them has a cough. Try explaining that to a non native speaker of English. I suspect your July estimate for tourism in the UK is a tad optimistic.
  3. For the pound to skyrocket, most other currencies have to fall, and why should that happen?
  4. I do try to be polite to god-botherers face to face, without forgetting that they start from a position of irrational ‘thought’.
  5. For some reason, Freesat tv listing webpage has gone forward 2 hours, and I can’t see how to set it to the correct time. Luckily it really doesn’t matter.
  6. Perhaps having an authoritarian government and relatively compliant population?
  7. New Zealand has the advantage of geographic isolation and low population density, I hope it works for you there. Here we think the government and the people are just about coping, across the channel we suspect that they think they are coping but they were complacent. Our region has a low density of population so we are quietly optimistic but are being sensible.
  8. There are worse places to be stuck. The paperwork is a pain if you have to go out, but at least you have a garden, we only have a courtyard and a dog who prefers a walk and tells us! All the shops are within walking distance though and there’s is no one on the streets.
  9. We were sat in front of the tv over a week ago watching Boris swear that there’s was no need to declare this ‘lockdown’ despite it being patently obvious it was needed. We were already in a situation where we needed a paper declaration of why we were going out: this has the effect of making the less thoughtful think about why they are doing something outdoors. Perhaps Boris has now learned why there should have been a ‘lockdown’?
  10. We wouldn’t watch Sky even if he paid us, and Morgan???
  11. Way more than the French, around here anyway. Don’t try arriving at most French routier style restaurants much after 1245, you probably will get turned away. The evenings they tend to shut earlier too.
  12. Only one person per car here anyway, so one person shopping. No queues anywhere and shelves as full as they ever are, the UK does appear to have gone madder than nearly everywhere else, any idea why?
  13. Well into the second week here, and we realise a couple of things: firstly, how little we go out anyway, so that being stuck indoors most of the time is more of a psychologically limiting factor than in reality. Not being able to go out in the motorhome will become more annoying as the weather improves. Secondly, we spend less time chatting when we do go out (separately) with friends/acquaintances. Walking the dog is a bit more of a chore, as remembering to take the Attestation with me, signed, dated and timed is a pita. More DIY is being done.
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