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  1. In 1978, me and my then girlfriend would listen on, I think, a late Wednesday evening just so we could listen to H2G2 and have a good laugh, before going to sleep.The radio series was always the best, because of course the best pictures are in one’s mind. I saw the stage show in Bromley in 2012, that was a pleasure too. For a long time I have envied a friend of mine who had a “Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz for poet laureate” tee shirt, acquired at one of he original stage shows in either 79 or 80. For those who don’t know the show/books/tv series etc, it’s best to think of it as a very funny and odd satire on modern life, through the medium of science fiction.
  2. And yet, according to Mr Dog, he was in the right....
  3. I have watched it several times, and each time my reaction is the same, to whit: the narrowboater was in the wrong. It is as simple as that, as a large number of people of this forum have said, he made no serious attempt to avoid the cruiser. It was stationary, alongside, and yet he carried on and hit it! Do please explain to us all how we are all wrong. By explain I mean actually describe what the cruiser did wrong, in your opinion, second by second, taking into account that there is a film, with clock counting each second for you to relate each error to.
  4. Do you suppose that he has read this thread?
  5. Yes, exactly. Your point 1: it did occur to me that since the downstream boat was a steel narrowboat or broadbeam, maybe he was thinking of using it as a large steel fender. Point 2: the more one thinks about his actions, the less tenable is his position, isn’t it. Having just checked in our bookcases, we have a copy of his book Narrowboat Dreams. Perhaps I should reread it in the light of this episode?
  6. Took this picture, plus a few others, on a recent visit.
  7. Thank you, and thanks to Cuthound, I now know how to do it myself.
  8. Any news of what his Editor thinks of the whole thing yet?
  9. I’m not surprised that he points out that he is an experienced boater. At no point in the video did he and his crew come across as anything but competent.
  10. I had never seen that way in to the VP before, doh!
  11. Yes, one clicks on virtual pub, then one has to choose a sub heading, such as politics and current affairs. Un,ses of course I’m missing something?
  12. One of the limitations of this forum is that there is no topic title along the lines of “stuff in the news that I think is interesting “.
  13. Our dog sulking is quite enough, without another one doing it.
  14. Unfortunately, the film of the incident in question is quite good quality. Unfortunately, for Mr Haywood, at least.
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