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  1. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2019

    Luckily, we don’t watch soaps and never look at tabloids. Continuous growth is obviously unsustainable, it’s howto manage steady state or planned reduction without economic hardship that is the clever bit.
  2. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2019

    Interesting that you take part of that long and thoughtful post, and suggest that it is anti armed forces, that is not how I read it. Thank you for that. Downwards on a graph means that whatever is happening is now happening more slowly, therefore a rate has reduced. Oh and do try to be polite, just as I am.
  3. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2019

    A reduction, that is a downward line on a graph, is a negative as far as most people are concerned.
  4. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2019

    Nothing to do with the thread subject, but it would be interesting to hear who you think on CWDF thinks the armed forces are good for nothing
  5. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2019

    Your opinion that the report serves no useful purpose is just that, your opinion. A quick glance at the graph shows an almost exactly 2% drop in UK GDP Information about the current situation is always needed for government and business to make informed decisions Reports, or more accurately forecasts about the future are made all the time Everyone has biases but reputable experts are paid to avoid obvious bias Your bias shows clearly in your posts The report’s commissioner might have just asked for a report and got something that you don’t like, that doesn’t make it propaganda or fudged
  6. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2019

    One can just read a selection on well informed sources, including post grad degree level writers. Newspapers are also useful, as is the radio and television, and one sees and hears many acknowledged experts being interviewed. Then one decides who to believe, and naturally one includes one’s own bias when making a decision. However, to ignore facts because they are inconveniently contrary to how one wishes the world to be, leaves one open to being disbelieved and ignored.
  7. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2019

    We live in very rural France. There is employment here, but there is also unemployment. The largest employer here is either the government, or agriculture followed by forestry. Young people often leave the countryside to find jobs or training in the cities, but even cities are far away. It is not a fair comparison, as you say and those young people who do stay and work where they are brought up tend to work in local small businesses, learning trades. Society is much more supportive of everyone, of all ages. It is also worth pointing out that many young people from France have moved to other countries to work, including the UK, I believe the figure for the number of French people living and working in south east England is around 300,000.
  8. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2019

    You have been quoting his figures and then disapproving of them.
  9. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2019

    How do you know he’s wrong, or bitter, or biased? Please explain how his claim is rubbished by facts that you don’t quote so that you can then refute.
  10. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2019

    I think Imissed the outlandish bits of the statement, could you point them out please?
  11. Stilllearning

    The Ultimate Floating Brick ?

    The name makes me think of Richard the Thirds .
  12. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2019

    I find that intelligent discussion of the facts can often be useful. Both sides do need to have open minds and to want to resolve matters.
  13. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2019

    That is as good a description of the present situation as I have seen anywhere. My compliments for putting it so succinctly and let us hope that it is read and understood by those that need to understand what is happening to the UK at the moment. Just because something is difficult to understand does not make it ridiculous.
  14. Stilllearning

    Lister ST3

    Is it one of the boats with the sliding centre roof?
  15. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2019

    There are, sometimes, crossovers between movements for equality, and populism. Often however, populism can involve compliance with the loudest voice, which has little or nothing to do with equality.

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