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  1. There does seem to be a lot of “I died in the war for the likes of you” claptrap on this thread at the moment. Brexitophiles look desperate for Farage and his “I’m not racist but” friends to get themselves on the EU gravy train that they are so rude about, whilst quoting questionable statistics or carefully selected quotes to support their stance. None of it is very pleasant to watch, whilst one contemplates the truly awful level of government incompetence that has led us here. At least there’s going to be a nice state visit soon, to deflect interest from what actually matters.
  2. As an analogy, CWDF is akin to the BBC. It’s here to educate, Inform and entertain, but sometimes there are programmes you really don’t want to see, so you change channel, avoid them in other ways or turn off/over to Channel 4 etc. On the TV one is aware that there are idiots who one wishes to avoid, the same is true here. ETA, the celebrities go barging programme is usually fun to look at so that one can shout at the screen.
  3. Having one or two carefully selected people on my ignore list, it rather annoying to have their posts become visible when quoted. It can help to remind me of exactly why they are so listed though.
  4. That was the set of shows I was at. Yes, his appearance there, and that solo, my god. Sat so close to the front, we had to almost crane our necks up to watch, and felt pinned in our seats. The view of mother and the teacher right above my head will for ever stay with me. The quad sound was fabulous, btw. You really should stop extrapolating wildly from your own individual experience. I used to have a Russian dentist, who was very good as well as being beautiful, and it seems likely there were other east Europeans too.
  5. One of the best gigs I ever went to. Just got to my seat after a long delayed flight from Nice, and the bloody gig started on time! About 10 of us, 7 rows from the front on the middle, an immersive, overwhelming experience. Roger Waters lyrics have always felt very relevant, having had something of his experiences while growing up.
  6. If it were true, it might well be on the news, however......
  7. What I say sounds disjointed most of the time.
  8. All religions depress me. The need for an imaginary friend upstairs comes with a balancing need for an imaginary enemy downstairs, and the whole thing is predicated on a system of control of “the people” by a ruling elite. Quote “The history of religion is the history of the State”.
  9. Yes, it’s that Toyota ad that I was referring to, in order to point out the insanity of marketing speak.
  10. Trump, as usual, opened his mouth without engaging his brain first, but he’s very good at that, if nothing else. About the fire, and the history of fires caused by renovation work, I would add Uppark House. The collégial church here in town is at the start of a planned 15 year restoration project, and I do hope that special attention will be given to fire safety during the works. It is a beautiful example of 12th century largely Norman architecture.
  11. All hybrid cars are self charging cars! Those ads induce me into shouting at the tv. Bloody advertising copywriters have no shame and would be hard put to justify the existence of their jobs.
  12. We get weekly update emails from the UK government about Wrecksit (thank you Tam&Di) and we suspect that much of what Gary is reading is based on the assumption of a hard Wrecksit. Try looking at gov.uk then search for brexit, remember that most info given is for a no deal scenario. For residency in France, a proof of income, health cover and probably being registered for tax here is what they will want. Thanks to Wrecksit the French administration can’t cope with the amount of people asking for residency, French driving licences, and putting uk reg cars on French plates, so there is a moratorium informally in place atm.
  13. What intrigues me is that the logos being there imply that Lister are still a going concern, and I thought they had gone out of business?
  14. https://mondialdetonte-france2019.com/2017/02/08/victoire-de-lorganisation-mondial-2019-080217/ Who knew that Lister and sheep shearing went together?
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