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  1. And who knew he was so cheap?
  2. Yes, we know we don’t need to. He will do it all by himself without any assistance from the real world.
  3. I’m guessing you didn’t mean to write what you did? The Greta Garbo argument....
  4. Neither you nor others seem to have actually read what Parahandy wrote. My comment was meant as an ironic agreement with his mistake. Ah, so the picture was taken on the Titanic?
  5. Yes you can indeed be alone.
  6. The only impersonations I do are poor ones.
  7. Sheet as in sheet off a shovel? Another vote here for Ecover products, though for general cleaning vinegar or lemon juice are very good too.
  8. Elected in the narrowest sense, only by the members of their own party, which is not much of a democratic mandate. Now if the buffoon was to call a general election as soon as he becomes PM, and won it (!), then he would have a democratic mandate.
  9. And British prime ministers aren’t even elected. The mother of parliaments, cradle of democracy.
  10. If it was an open border, why was there so much smuggling?
  11. How very true. He and the Orange fool share the same habits and delusions. So then why quote it a t all, if you don’t consider it to be what he would say now? You are not making much of a point, except perhaps to your co leavers.
  12. As my wife would tell you, I tend to be relentlessly optimistic, much to her annoyance. Unfortunately, when presented with the continuing omnishambles that is brexit and the tory party, there seems little to be optimistic about.
  13. Did you see which year he said that? Venezuela wasn’t totally screwed then.
  14. Has mrsmelly not heard the proverb “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? He is getting ever closer to being reported to the Moderators for his language, which seems inappropriate for a friendly forum such as this.
  15. And he is going to be able to manage the whole country?
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