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  1. Stilllearning

    Opinions on a 60' trad for sale?

    They have decided against a cruiser stern boat, a decision I completely understand.
  2. Stilllearning

    Dirty Water Sump

    A neat looking bit of pipe work, and a very smart basin, which as you say, will easily sit on top of a new corner unit, with ample drop to the outlet. My only caveat on these new (to you) systems is that as there is no trap, U bend or sump etc, do take care what gets dropped down the plug hole! Small items of value could get deposited in the cut all too easily.
  3. Stilllearning

    Opinions on a 60' trad for sale?

    It is an interesting set of data. Can you factor in age and length of boat as well?
  4. Stilllearning

    Off there head really

    Their out of there minds, I agree.
  5. Stilllearning

    Off there head really

    There cannot be any narrowboats built in 1980, 50 foot long, that are worth even 25% of the asking price. So it must be a typo. Alternative explanations involve words like greed and stupid.
  6. Stilllearning

    Canal and River Trust Drought FAC

    I knew I should have checked. Think my point about impermeability still stands though.
  7. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2017

    Multiple choice only in theory, as no doubt you are aware. The UK electoral system is, in practice, a binary one.
  8. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2017

    The sort of first past the post democracy that works on the principle that with a bit of luck, the minority that “wins” goes on to make the best decisions for the majority that didn’t vote for them. Its a lot to ask and hope for, let alone actually get.
  9. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2017

    I am well aware of the extremely lengthy ad nauseam arguments for why the UK is leaving. It doesn’t change my, and many others, feelings that it seems likely to be a mistake. Although brexiters may find this surprising, I hope that the Uk makes a go of it, if only for the purely personal reason that my UK state pension will be worth more if the pound is strong against the Euro. It also doesn’t change my suspicion that voting to jump into the unknown was a really, really dicey move to take, and at the moment no one, including those that pretend to run the country, have the slightest inkling of what the outcome will be.
  10. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2017

    It gives on a warm glow, knowing that such a large proportion of the population voted to leave.
  11. Stilllearning

    Brexit 2017

    Could someone please remind me how many people voted for leaving? Ta.
  12. Stilllearning

    Opinions on a 60' trad for sale?

    Not doubting you, but I can’t find the link to the boat for sale.
  13. Stilllearning

    Tunnel light mount

    Try removing it, and taking it with you to an ironmongers?
  14. Stilllearning

    Opinions on a 60' trad for sale?

    There are others around, this for example https://www.apolloduck.com/boat.phtml?id=567122
  15. Stilllearning

    Canal and River Trust Drought FAC

    Doesn’t it rather depend on where the pound is, geographically and geologically speaking? A pound on an embankment would tend to leak and dry out more than a pound in a valley, and a pound on chalk like the K&A, leaks more than a pound on granite like a pennine canal?

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