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  1. A good Single Malt?

    Oops no. A senior moment is my excuse for saying Glen Grant. We bought the Glen Turner single malt, delicious and cheap
  2. A good Single Malt?

    We bought, yesterday, some Glen Grant pure malt, very cheap and rather tasty.
  3. Bread making

    I know it’s CO2, I was being lazy with my wording. So it gets sort of “dry” and crumbly if it isn’t knocked back?
  4. Bread making

    As a fairly regular bread maker, and not a fan of bread machines, one part of the process mystifies me : after kneading and leaving the dough to rise a second time, it is always stated that one should knock back, or briefly re-knead the dough before putting it in the loaf tin for baking. Since at that point one is going to let it rise again, in the tin, why knock the air out of the dough?
  5. A good Single Malt?

    Any recommendations for good single malts that are not from distilleries owned by Diageo?
  6. A good Single Malt?

    Monkey Shoulder is our easy drinking whisky. We tried - and never again - a bottle of Nikki Japanese whisky at Christmas, it was chemical tasting and underwhelming. Years ago my brother in law gave me a litre bottle of a cask strength single malt, I think a Lagavullin, and it was fabulous. The best bit was telling hm thanks a few months later, and him looking horrified clearly he hadn’t meant to give it to me! He is a total a**e as well as being an accountant.
  7. Trump

    Good question, my wife and I were just discussing this, and the Trump’s seeming inability to say a single word against Putin. We assume that the refinancing of Trump’s businesses after his bankrupt ventures was with Russian banks, and so he can’t say anything.
  8. Trump

    Got that wrong, he has been sacked! Ot is sort of sad to watch the USA sliding into a rudderless state, and being a laughing stock.
  9. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    As E M Forster put it.
  10. Wooden boats and MCA

    As has been mentioned elsewhere on the forum, the French have a much more sensible attitude to safety and personal responsibility than one finds on your side of the channel.
  11. Mobile broadband abroad

    It is a minefield, getting a good deal on internet connection when abroad. In this town, those in the know sit outside the restaurant opposite our house, and use the free WiFi that is available to any customer that asks the owner what the code is. We can use their WiFi free in the front half of our house too .
  12. River level Sawley

    Surely the level is now at it’s normal summer level?
  13. Trump

    Trump made the offer of face to face talks with NK apparently without letting Tillerson know. Tillerson is “taken ill” in Kenya. Let’s hope Tillerson’s illness isn’t both serious or a means to retire early with dignity, having been sidelined by his boss.
  14. Trump

    I suspect that China is quite capable of making decisions entirely independently of anything that the USA has said or intimated.
  15. Trump

    Or that a neighbour, like China, might be leaning, very secretly, on N Korea and not telling the likes of us about it? Or is that one conspiracy theory too many?