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  1. Stilllearning

    Old Painted Boat Lamp on TV

    As you say, find another. In which case, how does one value such an item?
  2. Stilllearning

    Old Painted Boat Lamp on TV

    You may well be right, I was chuckling about his choice of blazer, as usual, and looking past him at the butty behind him.
  3. Stilllearning

    Old Painted Boat Lamp on TV

    £300 was the suggested value, I think.
  4. Stilllearning

    Old Painted Boat Lamp on TV

    Paul Atterbury co-wrote the original Nicholson’s guides.
  5. Stilllearning

    Old Painted Boat Lamp on TV

    Did anyone else see the interview about the old boat lamp on the show last night? A lovely old lamp well painted (to my eye) and the expert is a canal enthusiast, which helps, he did know what he was talking about.
  6. Stilllearning

    What happens when no one 'gives way' outside Tooley's

    Sorry, I didn’t realise you were a CMer
  7. Stilllearning

    What happens when no one 'gives way' outside Tooley's

    You first... No, you first... No, you first... lol
  8. Stilllearning

    Midgham lock K&A

    Looks like downhill to me.
  9. Stilllearning

    New Crew

    That, and many other words, some in French , some in Anglo-Saxon. Neighbours across the road thought for some time that his name was Youbas**rd.
  10. Stilllearning

    What a depressing read!

    I kicked the NB world habit a few years ago. It’s tabloid style of doom and gloom, poorly written apology for journalism made me so cross it induced me to make the decision to avoid it.
  11. Stilllearning

    New Crew

    We have a basically well trained (when a pup)husky that we acquired when he was 7yo, now 11yo. He’s obedient up to a point, or totally obedient if there is food in the management’s hand. He seems never to have played with toys or balls, and ignores them completely, and out walking, if he doesn’t want to go somewhere, he just yawns and stops. If ordered to move he might , or he might lay down. This is a known husky habit, and as far as we know, ineradicable. He can be dragged along the road on his side, all 40kgs of him, and he doesn’t care how embarrassed we get We did agility training with him a couple of years ago, and he got bored after a while, yawned and stopped. Having grown up with various dogs, spaniels, collie crosses etc, it has to be said that our lovely Lobo is not interested in pleasing humans, just himself, and humans and other dogs are largely irrelevant to him. We suspect this to be a husky character trait.
  12. Stilllearning

    Are we seeing the end of High Street shops?

    A girlfriend of mine did something like that at TK Max a few years ago. They have a scheme of red label sales for stuff that isn’t selling. She saw a handbag on a red label, bought it cheap(ish), took it home, then back to the shop the next day, said she didn’t like it after all. Went in the next day, it had been further reduced as obviously it wasn’t selling. She repeated this almost scam about twice more and got the bag for about a fiver in the end.
  13. Stilllearning

    Fly control

    We are in a similar situation, and use papers and plugins, but my wife seems to get bitten by anything. Rural living is no doubt part of the problem. We will try one of the electric swatters next.
  14. Stilllearning

    Fly control

    It might be interesting to hear what methods of fly control members of the forum use for minimizing the annoyance caused by buzzing insects indoors. Not just flies, but also mosquitoes, clothes moths etc. I ask as my arm is getting knackered from infective attempts at swatting, and papers are unaesthetic.
  15. Stilllearning

    SAT NAV ( WAZE )

    Sounds quite useful. Do remember not to use it in France though, if the cops stop you here they check if your navigational aid warns you about police radar traps, and you get done and may have your satnav/phone confiscated.

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