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  1. I have around 8 gallons which measures just over 6 inches. Fuel is coming through. First I bled the banjo on top of the filter (once fuel came through I continued for 30 seconds). Then the bleed screw on the pump (on the left above the nameplate). Then I undid 2 of the injector pipes and cranked it. Small spurts come through. Then turn it over (full throttle) and a couple of times it sounds like it want to start and then it just turns over but doesn't fire up. I have had white smoke when it tries to start but then nothing. I am unsure how to test the glow plugs.
  2. damonleslie

    Non starter

    I am having trouble starting the engine (bmc 1.5) after replacing perished fuel hoses. I have bled the system several times but no luck at getting it started. Could it be that I still have air in the system? Also I think a new set of glow plugs are due. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  3. damonleslie

    Fuel pump

    Engine is starting and running with no problem but... I have noticed more smoke coming from the exhaust than before. What could be the reason for this?
  4. damonleslie

    Fuel pump

    Thankyou! This now makes complete sense. Thanks for the link to the manual. I now understand a whole ot more than when I started! Much appreciated.
  5. damonleslie

    Fuel pump

    The leak comes from the lock nut. The original post did show the 12 point screw and I did mention it but I haven't tried to undo it as I don't have a tool that fits. I just thought that the play had something to do with these two screws. I have no intention of being heavy handed or doing anything I am unsure of, and it wasn't my intention to cause frustration or annoyance. I will take a look at the manual. Thanks for all the info, albeit full of misunderstanding. Sorry people
  6. damonleslie

    Fuel pump

    Ok. So I dont need to take it out? Should I just tighten the nuts and see if this stops the leak? Also, should I try to tighten the 12 point screws to stop the play? Sorry to go on but I really want to understand fully what needs doing
  7. damonleslie

    Fuel pump

    I think I may have confused things. The first photo with the arrow points to where the fuel was leaking from. On the second photo with the arrow I have circled the spindle I am taking about. This is the part I was trying to take out. This is what turns but doesn't seem to come out. I was told it is a spindle and inside would be a small o ring that may need replacing. Is this correct? (I will post a photo of where the play is in the next post)
  8. damonleslie

    Fuel pump

    Yes sorry, it was a bit muddled. I now understand a bit more. The governor assembly has slight play. I thought maybe that the 12 point screw needed tightening but wasn't sure what tool I needed. The leak seemed to be coming from the large nut at the top of the housing. This is the one that turns but doesn't come out.
  9. damonleslie

    Fuel pump

    Just one thing I'm not clear on: "you can turn the 12 point screw and it won't come out" Do you mean the spindle on top with 3 nuts (the larger nut at the bottom) or the smaller splined one on either side? Thanks for all the advice and info, I really appriciate the help! I will read through it again and make some notes. I've had the boat since April and the engine has always run without problems. It was last week for the first time when it cut out. I'll go through the steps and see if I make any progress. Thanks!
  10. damonleslie

    Fuel pump

    I thought I needed a special splined socket. What size spanner would I need? Idon't have anything small enough.
  11. damonleslie

    Fuel pump

    Initially I thought it was the fuel filter but it wasn't even dirty, I changed it anyway. I haven't the inlet filter. The main problem seems to be the leak from the spindle on the top, plus the housing it goes into has play in it.
  12. damonleslie

    Fuel pump

    I emptied the water trap and put a small amount of deisel back in. I also changed the fuel filter. The steps for bleeding the system were done after. First I primed the lift pump and undid the nut on top of the fuel filter until the air was released and fuel was flowing then tightened it up. Next I undid two injectors and again pumped the lift pump until air was released and fuel flowing and then tightened them back up. The leak is coming from under the biggest nut of the spindle on top. I've added a new pic and circled the spindle I am referring to. The arrows indicate where there is slight movement. What do you think? Just checked the fuel tank and I have 4 inches of fuel which amounts to about 16 litres
  13. damonleslie

    Fuel pump

    Hi. I have a bmc 1.5 that recently cut out after eractic revs from the engine. Bled the system but unable to start it. Looks like I have air escaping from a bolt on top of the fuel pump, there is a thread with a big bolt at the bottom of the thread and a smaller one slighter higher and then a small nut right on the top. I tried to remove the bolt as was told it may just be an o ring that needs replacing. The bolt turns but doesn't seem to come out, also that whole bit that the bolt goes through has slight play. Do I need to remove the small multi spline bolts that hold it in place and if so what tool do I need? I'm stuck as to the best way forward and live aboard so really want to get it running. Any advice would be much appreciated!!
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