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  1. I believe that it is a recreation, it is part of a massive extension of the BCLM to create a 1940’s to 1960’s quarter
  2. Better not tell my friends who are moored there tonight!
  3. Opens tomorrow 😀 https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/dudley/2022/08/15/new-pub-hails-emotional-return-of-city-icon/
  4. It wasn’t a derelict lock but a brand new lock, now called Theee Mills Lock, incorporating a weir which made the waterways through the Olympic park non tidal, it was built too late to be any real use for the games construction. Even if it had been built earlier it was not really needed as little waste left the park, the contaminated waste was treated on site and it already contained a major rail head for the importation of aggregates
  5. this is in the Thames Water rules.
  6. The article states that the photo was provided by the fire brigade
  7. Sad Huge fire destroys narrow boat on Grand Union Canal in Heath and Reach | Leighton Buzzard Observer (leightonbuzzardonline.co.uk)
  8. Consultations had already started on the timing of a stoppage possibly 18 months long for a major refurbishment.
  9. https://www.chilterntimber.co.uk/product/plywood-decorative-veneer-white-ash-one-side/
  10. Fulbourne is currently at Brinklow having a new bottom installed, will have to ask about spares!
  11. For interest, just come across this picture of mine of the last Metalastik coupling of ours the went, it is a 7.5" one
  12. My local NatWest had a coin counting machine in public area which Nat west customers could use to deposit coins. Don’t know if it still there as it’s years since I’ve been into a bank branch Seem to remember that the one time I used a supermarket coin counter that the ‘commission’ went to charity
  13. You didn’t miss much, it only mentioned the Leeds and Liverpool closure, nothing about the rest of the system shutting down!
  14. Except that we do. A pipeline ihas recently been constructed from the River Severn to Birmingham as a back up to the Elan Valley pipes https://waterprojectsonline.com/custom_case_study/birmingham-resilience-project-raw-water-project-2020/
  15. Was surprised to read that he lost his driving license as part of his punishment!
  16. Lots of people out by the canal at St Pancras last night, not a lot of cyclists getting through though 🙂
  17. With the Cheshire Ring closed I reckon that there will be a lot more pressure from hire boaters, it’s what friends o f mine are having to do this week
  18. BCML are currently building a second pub 😀
  19. We've used more than one of them 😞 When we broke our original one as a temporary 'fix' we bolted the coupling 'straight through'. This does of course mean that the gearbox is much more vulnerable
  20. No it doesn't, it is a privately owned by a friend of mine. The area was once bought by British Waterways when they were leading the restoration but when they pulled out the buildings were sold but the lock given to the Trust
  21. A bit pointless posting details of an event that happened yesterday!
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