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  1. Stopped in Ferrybridge once and went to the local bakers, my then partner pointed at what she wanted. The lady behind the counter pronounced 'you want some scufflers?' A word I had never heard before or since!
  2. Old Birmingham Canal Map: Birmingham Canal Navigations Map 1773.pdf (timlewis.org.uk)
  3. From 1965 ATV Today: 26.02.1965: Consall Village | MACE Archive
  4. You have still failed to provide an example of where a sewage system is designed to 'automatically' discharge into canals. The examples you give on the GU are where treated clean water from sewage works enter the canal, at Berkhamstead at the appropriately named Sewer Lock, and at Maple Lodge into the River Colne. If the water at Maple Lodge was polluted I think we would have noticed it during the twenty plus years we were moored where the blue boat in Peters picture is.
  5. I am still no wiser as to where sewage is deliberately allowed to flow into canals
  6. Have found a few more, the Phil Clayton book, bottom left, is excellent new colourful book
  7. Am not aware of anywhere where this happens on canals deliberately., I am only aware of this happening on tidal waters such as the River Thames in Central London, the reason why £4bn is being spent on a new interceptor sewer. The River Lea in East London used to, and may still do, suffer from misconnected sewers on it's tributaries where?
  8. Just came across this on youtube, be interested to find out if it was ever launched!
  9. Tim Lewis

    dead ipad

    Possibly try a different power source? My old Ipad will not charge from the PC USB port but will from a 13A USB plug!
  10. According to Wikipedia: Research suggests that north-south positions on maps have psychological consequences. In general, north is associated with richer people, more expensive real estate, and higher altitude, while south is associated with poorer people, cheaper prices, and lower altitude South-up map orientation - Wikipedia
  11. Thanks all who have replied, now to do the planning
  12. Am possibly looking to crane out a narrowboat from the L & L near Burscough, does anyones have any experience/information on where this can be done, happy to move the boat for a day or two if necessary Tim.
  13. It's not a secret Some interesting archive film here: https://www.macearchive.org/search/field_has_video/1?for=Canal&from=&to=
  14. Michael To Open Debate On The Future Of Britain’s Waterways Michael Fabricant has initiated a debate in the House of Commons on the future of Britain’s canals and waterways. He is chairman of the Waterways All Party Parliamentary Group and the debate will be opened by Michael at 9.30am on Tuesday 22nd November. “The Canal and River Trust are responsible for 2,000 miles of canals and rivers as well as infrastructure including 71 reservoirs and over 2,700 listed buildings. Much of these are over 200 years old and have to be maintained to preserve their safe operation” says Michael. “Regardless of whether you are a boater or just like walking along canal towpaths and enjoying the wildlife, our canal system is the envy of the world. Nine million people live within a 10-15 minute walk from an inland waterway and 83 per cent of them agree that these waterways are important to their area. “But funding for these waterways is under threat. The Trust’s fifteen year grant expires in March 2027 and the grant is overdue for renewal. I shall be asking ministers to confirm the future of our waterways and towpaths. We cannot allow them to fall into disrepair.”
  15. It's a typical D & C history, very well researched
  16. A few (most of) my BCN books and Maps:
  17. A few good Facebook Groups Love the Birmingham Canal Navigations, clean it and cruise it!! | Groups | Facebook (1) BCN Canal Cottages | Facebook Art & Photography inspired by the Birmingham Canal Navigations and environs | Facebook BCN JOEY & DAY BOATS (original & converted) | Facebook
  18. Foe interest, the latest Canal Hunter video of the missing Brindley Locks:
  19. From Facebook: Crown Wharf We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who supported us following our hearing at Stafford Borough Council earlier this week in relation to our Premise License here at Crown Wharf. We can confirm that the Council agreed with our management policies that we have in place and have adopted them to the Premises Licence. We will of course, always endeavour to respect our neighbours and serve our community. For clarity; before opening Crown Wharf in the Summer of 2021, we decided to close the canal-side terrace and balcony at 11 pm, out of respect for our nearby neighbours close to our town centre Flagship pub. Despite having no restrictions on our license. After meeting with EHO a few months ago and wanting to work collaboratively to ensure we can continue operating as we have been, a community pub for all, we carefully reviewed our in-house noise management policies, and some customers will have noticed we changed the operating hours of the canal terrace and balcony to close at 9:30 pm Sunday – Thursday and 10 pm on Friday and Saturday. We can confirm that these policies are now a permanent condition of our Premise License, and we will continue to work with EHO and explore further ways in which we can monitor noise levels as well as continuing to engage with the nearby residents. Anna Brakel – Brand Operations Manager
  20. Another from the London Canal Museum Archive, A map from 1773 showing the canal. http://timlewis.org.uk/webspace/Birmingham Canal Navigations Map 1773.pdf
  21. From the London Canal Museum Archive a 1968 British Waterways Board Map showing their waterways and their classification http://timlewis.org.uk/webspace/Waterways Of The British Waterways Board December 1968.pdf
  22. Half a million for a mooring in London! https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/85923249?fbclid=IwAR1hNR1WfGPns9aAE4sZXbQDgF_IxcdmTPuYX853d04EllbLHK4OxG5xtFc#/?channel=RES_BUY
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