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  1. Thank you for that film, it's fabulous. I've walked from Sheffield Basin to the bottom of the locks a few times this year (and once to Rotherham) and could recognise a few bits. Good to be able to place the Tinsley towers too, I could never quite work out where they were in relation to the canal.
  2. Late to the party but what about Naburn? Still - as far as I can tell - essentially operating as a maintenance boat but with volunteer crew and under the guise of a 'community boat', albeit owned and managed by CRT, and another one for the list with the BW workboat cabin. On the Sheffield Canal based at Tinsley.
  3. Used to be up the end of the arm by the toilets; I relied on them for my annual purchase of hippy dresses and patchwork trousers. 'Historic costume' is all very well for the blokes; scariest thing I've ever done was going down to stop the engine in a long skirt.
  4. Chertsey


  5. Thank you Tam and Di and MJG - I have just contacted the Dutch Safety Board and the rijkswaterstaat so I will see what comes back from them.
  6. Sorry just to pop up and ask this (I have been very busy at work...) I heard via my son's Facebook connections that an old friend (he was in fact one of my PhD supervisors and a witness at my wedding, but we had lost touch) was killed in a boating accident in Rotterdam on September 30th. I don't know what sort of boat it was or whether it was at sea or inland. If it had been in the UK, we could have looked up MAIB reports, local press etc - but we (Jim has done most of the looking) haven't been able to find anything about what actually happened. Is there a Dutch equivalent to MAIB or some other avenue we could pursue to fill in the gaps? I don't want to go badgering his family as we hadn't been in touch for about fifteen years, but I liked him a great deal and would - for some reason - like to find out what happened.
  7. Get a working boat, you could rig up a tightrope from back end to deck board - or at least to the mast.
  8. Just had Chertsey done in Ballistic so ask me in five years. It certainly looks the business (i.e. it's not smooth and it's not shiny). So much of it seems to be about preparation - I've always used Comastic before - and always on shotblasted bare metal. Chertsey's was still unbreached - other than scrapes on the most exposed guard irons - after seven years. I wouldn't fancy the chances of any product on a surface that wasn't scrupulously prepared. People will shotblast before applying two pack, because it's so expensive and they know that it's necessary to get optimum performance from it - but if you're going to shotblast, and black really well, a cheaper product might well work just as well - it's the shotblasting that makes the real difference.
  9. The same tactics used against people who wouldn't or couldn't pay the poll tax - why send them to prison and create martyrs, when you can ruin them financially, and for a lesser burden of proof.
  10. I make that eight remaining out of 68 then - blimey.
  11. So, a follow up question... How many PD2s were fitted by BW during that late 50s/early 60s shift to air cooled (compared to how many Listers) and did they start with one sort and then change, or were they fitting both in different boats simultaneously? PS I believe that Chertsey's current PD2 is out of Rufford, and the one out of Chertsey is in my shed :-)
  12. Thank you Pete, that's great. Quite an exclusive club then.
  13. Ooh, thanks for finding that old thread! I shall start a separate list for Joshers :-)
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