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  1. Happy Xmas

    Have a good one, Phil, and all the best for 2018.. We are probably off back to the canals next year - probably Crick Marina where we will get more bangs for out buck than where we are :-)
  2. Dave Clarke Boats

    Some years ago Dave Clark lengthened our Springer. He did an amazingly good job. And yes what a nice bloke! He has been building for eons so that must be saying something.
  3. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    Oh no! The awful reality that winter beckons. Take care and stay warm. Colin
  4. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    How you doing, Phil. We are not far from you these days - Dilley's place.
  5. Plagued by unsolicited emails!

    They should be. Spam is big business but a good email service will have good spam filtering their end but no matter how good they cannot stop everything. Therefore some will get through to you so by sending them tiothe junk/spam mail folder it should help educate the spam filters for the future. It will never be 100%
  6. Plagued by unsolicited emails!

    Not all spam solutions are good. Outlook.com is very poor for instance whilst Microsoft Exchange (paid for) is excellent. Not are what AOL is these days, it certainly is not the internet force to once was.
  7. Plagued by unsolicited emails!

    I'd switch to Gmail if I were you. It has excellent spam filters that continually learn. I use it alongside iCloud (which is Mac) and it is very good. I rate iCloud more but there is not a lot in it imo.
  8. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    Brundall is great boat wise. Unfortunately they are killing the village by excessive (in my view) amounts of building. I do prefer the South. Yup its only money :-)
  9. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    Very lucky, but where did you moor? Anyway enjoy - I will not give the Broads house room ever again, except for sailing. Too small a cruising ground and nowhere really to go in the North - the marshland has a certain charm, but the villages are not that attractive; cannot stand Wroxham and its Southend like feel. Again, South is better with the likes of Beccles. You will have a good trip this time of year I would think. Even the Richardsons swarm might have reduced :-)
  10. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    You were lucky then, very. I have lived on the Broads for some years and it has always burn horrendous in season. It gets worse as the BA seem to keep losing moorings for one reason or another. It is better south than north I admit but still not great. Anyway my words can be heeded or not I am just saying think about it carefully. Pubs are having a rough time as well, the Ferry Inn at Horning having closed again I hear. The River Ant is also plagued by the sheer number of boats that run up and down the River Ant - especially on Richardson turnaround days (which might now be nearly every day). But its a personal choice so I'll shut-up now :-)
  11. Not So Naughty-Cal in Norfolk

    You will be lucky to be able to moor anywhere near a pub in season. In fact mooring anywhere in season is a huge problem. I really would recommend careful thought before moving to the Broads. The cruising range is limited and this is further reduced due to the restrictions of Potter Heigham and Wroxham bridges. We relocated from canals to the Broads and it was a huge mistake. We are now on the Great Ouse but will probably go canal-side again next season. It is of course a personal choice but do think it through. That said, an autumn break will be great.
  12. NatWest Narrowboats

    Thanks for this. But she was def a Braunston wooden top. We used her several times - once Gayton to Stratford upon Avon in a week of deluge! I do know she was the first narrowboat and was sold to fund one of the later boats so maybe that is why she is missing from the list. Can still hear that single cylinder diesel - Petter I think. Happy days :-) Pride of Lothbury not Rose as I first recalled. Thanks again.
  13. NatWest Narrowboats

    It could have been Natwester 1 etc. It was a long time ago but NatWest sticks in my mind, probably because that was the bank's nickname after the merger. Maidenhead was where we picked the boat up.
  14. NatWest Narrowboats

    The one at Gayton was a wooden top and was built by Braunston Boats if memory serves - it was eventually moved to pastures new but I cannot recall where. NatWest 1 I thought was the plastic jobbie on the Thames and upon which I did my original handling course - had to have a certificate of competency before being allowed access to the inland boats. I bet I've got pictures somewhere but where - there was no digital filing then :-) I do remember the Fastnet tragedy. I was working in the Princess Street, London office of Trustee Dept in those days, either there or 15 Bishopsgate.
  15. NatWest Narrowboats

    Remember them well. They were part of the NatWest sailing club. I was a member and used the one moored at Gayton Junction several times, before buying our own boat. Cannot remember all the names but believe there was a NatWest 1, NatWest 2 and a Rose of Lothbury - one of them was a fibreglass cruiser on the Thames. You have really taken me back :-)