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  1. Traveller

    Galvanic corrosion

    Quite right, Phil. Nobody on the Broads has ever heard of a boat sinking due to Osmosis.
  2. Traveller

    Water Pressure

    Already in hand. No problem in that direction.
  3. Traveller

    Water Pressure

    Have already answered that, it was indeed 24 volt. I did order a 12 volt.😕
  4. Traveller

    Water Pressure

    Bought mine mail order. Said Parmax 2.9 on the box but I never checked the voltage. Just assumed it was correct or more likely did not even consider there was room for error. Lesson learned,
  5. Traveller

    Water Pressure

    Spot on. They have sent me a 24v model in error. I never even thought to look, assuming as I did that 24v would not even run. I could have been looking for a leak forever without the great help from this forum 🍺
  6. Traveller

    Water Pressure

    Thanks all. As helpful as ever 🙂
  7. Traveller

    Water Pressure

    The previous pump worked ok until it broke! Voltage is a thought though, although I have tried it with the generator charging the batteries as well as with engine running. What reading would you expect?
  8. Traveller

    Water Pressure

    BMC 1.5 but you are correct bizzard in that water heating is via a Paloma. When I crack the taps water comes out ok, although as I said earlier it seems a little lack lustre re the flow rate and especially so on the Paloma side of things. The Paloma heats the water ok though so there is enough flow-through it to fire to up. The pump is pumping water as expected.
  9. Traveller

    Water Pressure

    Thats useful chaps thanks. I had though about a partial blockage but discounted that on the basis that as water was flowing from the taps and shower the pressure would still build up eventually. Apparently there is no way to adjust the pressure switch on a Jabsco!
  10. Traveller

    Water Pressure

    Fitted new Jabsco pump to the water system. Would not switch off. No identifiable leaks but the pump just kept working, although I did not think the flow coming out of the taps was anything to shout about. Supplier replaced on basis it might be a dud but the same thing is happening with the new one. Been right through the boat - no leaks and the bilge is dry. It is a Jabsco Par Max 2.9 and is driving two sinks and Paloma - so two hot and two cold taps plus shower. At testing I was only running one tap at at time and made sure there was no air in the system. I just cannot fathom this out - maybe the accumulator is dodgy but would that cause this? Help!!
  11. Would there not be a risk of contamination to the diesel from drilling through the top of the tank? I ask as on the face of it that looks a brilliant way around fitting a diesel heaters fuel line to am existing tank.
  12. Traveller

    Blacking and resulting problem

    Yes - an excellent result from a clearly honourable company.
  13. Traveller

    White smoke / BMC

    I am going for a top end overhaul next spring so hopefully all will be picked up then. Thanks for the insight though, it is interesting stuff.
  14. Traveller

    White smoke / BMC

    Thank Guys. Tony it is a 1.5, apologies for the omission. The smoke when reving aggressively - effectively slamming the accelerator open - happens when in neutral as well.
  15. Traveller

    White smoke / BMC

    Thanks all.

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