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  1. Doubt it. They never nicked the original panels which could be removed with a screwdriver in a few minutes. Boat next to me has been using magnets for the last two years. A risk I am happy to take
  2. That’s your opinion and we have already ascertained we are in different clubs. Clearly your’s has lower standards or at least lower expectations. But then several first class contributors have left this due to the mentality of some. To be honest I can understand why.
  3. Magnets. Working very well thus far.
  4. What has that to do with being bloody rude and arrogant which is what he was. It matters not what money he has saved you or what I or anybody else brings to the forum. He was out of line and not for the first time. And clearly you do belong to a club. Fortunately not mine though.
  5. Thought of that too. The boat next to me has rigid panels screwed to brackets stuck on with Silkiflex. I could nick one of those panels in pretty quick time with the aid of a screwdriver and wire cutters. The Silkiflex joints don't look that secure either.
  6. Not so, I was after thoughts based on experience rather than opinion and I got one very useful one for which I am grateful. My initial post said "I am thinking of fitting".
  7. Oh that sort on nit-picking - the type you are famous for. People like you need three pages of info when for most a couple of lines will do. To be honest I would rather you just did not respond. You are only out to try and score points and I am not interested. Obviously the old Canalworld mafia still exists in what they see as their private little club. Get a life son you are looking tired.
  8. That is exactly what I was planning and there are several similar installations around our marina, although I have not been able to catch up with the owners unfortunately. Your shortcut to the panels you selected is not working for some reason - any chance of a rerun 🙂
  9. So what is so unclear that you had to guess! And the bigger the panel the more fixing points so flex should be minimal - the risk is possibly no greater than wind ripping off my existing fittings which are stuck on and that has not happened ..... yet anyway.
  10. Why? The magnets fit to the panel with a nut and bolt - hence the holes in each corner.
  11. Pretty much yes. There are a few around me that have been working well enough for a long time now and, as a leisure boater, my demands are not high. I understand the product is also much better than it was and of course they are now cheaper.
  12. @Loddon Why "don't"? That would not be the case if they were mounted via the magnets as there would be a gap between panel and roof.
  13. I am thinking of fitting some flexible solar panels of a type with fixing holes in each corner. The idea is to fix the panels by using Neodymium magnets. Any thoughts on this and suggestions on what strength the magnets should be? They quote a vertical pull based on kilograms, which is something of a mystery to me! Thanks Colin
  14. Mmmm.....not worried what happens to the stove as that is destined for the tip. It is the collar that I want to keep in one piece if possible.
  15. Have installed a few but now it is time to remove one. Any tips? I am particularly concerned about how solid the cemented joints might be and how to break them apart. Thank you.
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