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  1. Anybody know a good boat window man working the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk area? A couple of mine need attention and I don't have the time at the moment. Moored on Great Ouse between Ely and Downham Market. Thanks
  2. What about Dynax? I have used their spray wax and it still fine after three years and no sign of rust in the areas.
  3. I always understood that a GI when installed inboard was earthed to the hull (mine is). As an in-line version will not be earthed to the hull I wondered if that would impact performance in any way.
  4. On the basis that there is an earth from the consumer unit to the hull?
  5. Apart from the convenience of heaving a fixed GI is there any downside protection-wise with the plug-in variety. Plug-ins will not be earthed to the hull so I wonder if this has any impact on performance?
  6. HI Phil, hope you and your's are well and all the best for 2019....and all the best to the rest of the forum also.
  7. So true, Clodi. The only one's appeared to be those conning from Fox's hire yard on the Middle Level. Now there are loads of 'em 🙂
  8. Fortuntaely no need for flood poles on the lower end - never even seen the water breach the jetty on the Little Ouse.
  9. Have moored on the Little Ouse for the past three years and no problems experienced whatsoever. As has been said winter cruising is fine but as always watch the weather. Will be leaving the Great Ouse system this coming spring to head back to the canals as were mis them 🙂
  10. ThInk we have now gone full circle. Don't know how many times that article has appeared on here and been discussed. I think the general consensus is that the secret is getting the right person to do the job.
  11. That is the camera I have and it is indeed excellent. Even more so now as Nikon are up to the D5600 so you can get a new D5300 at a knock down price. And it is basically the same camera.
  12. Quite right, Phil. Nobody on the Broads has ever heard of a boat sinking due to Osmosis.
  13. Already in hand. No problem in that direction.
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