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  1. Traveller

    Boatshed Experience

    What I meant was that Estate Agents do not take responsibility either, they sell a house but do not check the fixtures and fittings work! But yes it is perhaps harder for them to get away with things.
  2. Traveller

    Boatshed Experience

    It disgusts me if that is the case. There must surely be a duty of care on the broker, otherwise the seller could tell the broker to sell a boat but deliver a bus? That said, I can see the similarity between that and house sales.
  3. Traveller

    Boatshed Experience

    I would like to know the legal difference between "they believe the boat to be as described" and "they believe the seller is accurately representing the boat". Both appear to me to be saying that the boat is believed to be ok.
  4. Traveller

    Boatshed Experience

    I would still take advice - I just do not believe, from what I have read, that Boatshed are in a position to avoid blame. That have said they believe the seller is accurately representing the boat - on what basis do they believe that? I do hear what Alan says but would push it a little harder - hell it seems they did not even have the keys to the boat!
  5. Traveller

    Boatshed Experience

    There must be a difference between a best endeavours fair description and a downright sloppy/misleading statement of condition based on no substance? The details may not are guaranteed as 100% accurate but there must be some responsibility for the broker to take reasonable care that what is written is based on facts. Saying the boat works when clearly it did/does not cannot be right can it?
  6. Traveller

    Boatshed Experience

    Don't know what the advertising said but if it implied the boat was in good running order when in fact it was not can they really hide behind the above? Could they not in fact be guilty of misrepresentation, especially if they had never seen the boat running? I bought a boat via Boatshed once and they had all the keys etc and were able to give me a "sea trial", which I followed up by independent survey.
  7. My boat is currently Weathershield gloss and has been fine for the last three and a bit years. Have used Weathershield many times on boats with great results - not water based version though.
  8. Have ben thinking along same lines but undecided between a matt or silk finish.
  9. I think it is many pies in the sky, indeed a few pies too many for us even to hope.
  10. Traveller


    Thanks! Going the silk or maybe matt route as it is easier to touch-up than gloss - in my experience that is 🙂
  11. Traveller


    I was thinking of the Combicolor silk finish.
  12. Traveller


    Time is approaching for a repaint. Want to move away from high gloss to a silk/matt type finish - believe Mason's did this but they are no more. Just found Rustoleum which appears to be a decent solution. Does anybody have experience top coating the topsides with this? I have used their black on the gunwales satisfactorily. Or is there a better option? Thanks Colin
  13. Traveller


    Now that sounds ideal. I shall certainly check that option out. Thanks Sea Dog.
  14. Traveller


    Thanks but far too pricey for what is a holiday boat. Guess I should be looking at something like wet-room floor covering or the like.
  15. Traveller


    Have spent some time doing a refit of the shower area. Near finished now but need to decide on something to line the shower cubicle walls. Have discounted tiles and favour a suitable linoleum type product that can easily be stuck to ply backing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.| Thanks Colin

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