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  1. Traveller

    World Cup football.

    Accepted, my point really is there are those who call them young and experienced yet the wages they get from their clubs suggests otherwise. In any event I do not see this team as being any more special that any other English team in that they look just as flat footed compared to others, and especially so when in front of goal. Credit re their behaviour though - that was exemplary.
  2. Traveller

    World Cup football.

    I hear all this stuff about our great young inexperienced side (who each earn a fortune - for being inexperienced!) but they never ever look sharp in front of goal. Belgium's one touch passing left our defence flat footed whilst when in the vicinity of goal it seems our players have to either get the ball on the right foot before crossing or they run around in circles and achieve little. Sorry not impressed.
  3. Traveller

    Seals on the Ouse

    There was one at our moorings on the Little Ouse last year. Stayed around for ages.
  4. Traveller

    Buying a Narrowboat

    Not now. Post corrected - sorry :-(
  5. Traveller

    Buying a Narrowboat

    Agree with rusty69, this should all be mostly about the boat and not who is selling it. I have bought both privately and through a broker, both went well. What first drove me in any given direction was the boat - it was what I wanted.
  6. Traveller

    Hello from the Norfolk Broads!!

    There is a general dislike if steele boats across the Broads and as mooring is limited it can be difficult. You will see very few steele boats on the Broads but you will see a lot on in the Great Ouse navigations, which are probably better suited and are of course connected to rest of the waterways.
  7. Traveller

    Hello from the Norfolk Broads!!

    I lived on the Broads until a few months ago. I also gave up cruising the Broads as there is only about 130 miles of navigable waterway, assuming you can get under all the bridges. Residential moorings are few and fare between and facilities are very limited, that includes casual moorings and residential moorings. In the summer the Broads are crowded (over-crowded at times) and finding a mooring can be very difficult. They are a fine place to sail and an ok place to holiday cruise if you like that sort of thing. For residential purposes they are not good, continuous cruising would not work imo - there are not enough places to go or facilities to take advantage of. But its your shout of course.
  8. Traveller

    Boat Pricing Conundrum!

    It will indeed :-)
  9. Traveller

    Possible Boat Move

    Will be moving back to the canals from the Great Ouse this year - currently on the River Lark. Time is however at a premium and I may need to find someone who can at least move the boat from the Lark down to the other side of Salters where friends will pick her up - they do not fancy the bit through Denver. I will then take the boat on from the Nene up to the final destination on the GU Leicester Line. Any suggestions? Obviousely willing to pay for a proper job. I guess an alternative would be for the boat just to be taken through Denver Sluice to the other side of Salters.
  10. Traveller

    Crick Boat Show

    Good point, Sea Dog. How many times has the show been dry (rain-wise that is) I wonder?
  11. Traveller

    Silicone spray in bilge

    I used Dynax and it is holding up well. Not sure I would trust a silicone spray.
  12. Traveller

    Just in time for Easter

    Where about is your home marina? I was up on the Ouse yesterday and the Denver end was fine. We moor on the Lark.
  13. Traveller

    Crick Boat Show

    Thinking of attending Crick in May for the first time in years. Cannot do it by boat so does anyone have any recommendations re reasonable hotels nearby? Thanks!
  14. Traveller

    Sliding Hatch

    Thanks, that is the plan then. What I have noticed is the previous owner has inserted a wood panel (roses and castle stuff) into the hatch and it appears to be fixed by having it rest/wedged between hatch and slide. That looks like potential trouble to me!
  15. Traveller

    Sliding Hatch

    Blackrose did you actually cut right through the brass slider and is 5mm the depth or width of the slot? Thanks.

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