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  1. Official residential are few I believe. Some of the yards might take a blind eye approach but that is about it. The mooring on the Broads is very limited in summer anyway as most of the so called wild moorings have been killed off by the BA.
  2. Moved to Norfolk and decided to sell nb and go Broads cruising. Worst days work we ever did and now back with a narrowboat on the Great Ouse (but back to canals next spring). Broads are crowded in summer and only about 130 (I think) miles are available to cruise, assuming you can get under all the bridges. If you want lock free then I recommend ( as did an earlier poster) the Great Ouse and its tributaries. There is also a bonus here, if you keep the narrowboat you can always take a trip up on to the canals should you so wish. Broads are great for a week or two but as a constant cruising ground they soon become boring. You will also feel at home on the Great Ouse as there are many narrowboats. Be prepared though, neither the Broads or the Great Ouse have an infrastructure to compare with the canals.
  3. Have used Whilton for two purchases. The first was completed and I had the boat for years. The second had a miserable pre-purchase survey and I got my deposit back with no issues.
  4. Thinking of getting one of the below. Any experience of them here? Any good?
  5. Except there are now very few boats that can get under the Potter bridge at any time. I do prefer the southern broads to the northern. More water and less crowded. Not personally a fan of the Broads however. Very limited cruising area but ok for a week now and again and it does have a certain magic in autumn/winter.
  6. I agree with DS. Oil based is still available.
  7. Any recommendations for a reliable and easy to read antifreeze tester? Thanks Colin
  8. Well you have to start somewhere and it is not just Trust Pilot. Anyway no matter now as I went with Tayna, a company that had good reviews generally.
  9. Have just ordered via Tayna, delivery Friday.
  10. Thanks DM. Why my search failed remans a mystery but it certainly seems Ebay's ratings are better than TrustPilot! Have also found Tayna now and they look competitive. Thanks again
  11. Has anyone experience of the above company? They have some 110ah batteries on offer with free next day working delivery but theirTtrustPilot rating is low and they appear to have vanished from Ebay.Many thanksColin
  12. Scuse the ignorance but what are Goat Chains?
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