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  1. That does look interesting. Thanks for posting. How does it sit with the Boat Safety stuff and how do you have in installed given the exhaust requirement?
  2. Have come across that before in the finance sector. Move the operation "offshore" knowing that service standards will suffer but also knowing that settling any claims will be more than offset by the cheaper labour.
  3. Interesting for we also moor at Crick, although we have experienced this elsewhere. Maybe a directional aerial is required as backup?
  4. Will give that a try, Richard, thanks.
  5. I really do not get TV ariels but clearly our's is not doing what it should. Have had situations where one day the TV will pick up 40 odd channels and the next day zilch and that is whilst at our home mooring so nothing changes. Have also seen it just pick up a dozen or so channels but none of them are viewable - they keep breaking up. Why is this? Any ideas? And what sort of Ariel is best for digital TV. We currently have a Maxview Omnimax with booster.
  6. The decision to go one way or another is a personal one and has no relationship with the question asked at the start. Matty40s has confirmed my suspicions. Would be helpful if we could stay on topic.
  7. Maybe 🙂 But I have come across others who have the same problem. One installer told me he would not install the product as the company were difficult to communicate with. Move on to Bubble I guess. Failing that is is something like Planer or just stick with the basic multi fuel.
  8. Three messages and two emails thus far. It rather shoots their credibility to pieces.
  9. Does anyone know if Lockgate are actually in business still? I quite fancy the idea of a Refleks stove to replace my multi-fuel but attempts to contact the supplier (Lockgate) fail completely.
  10. MIght bring back the looks but not stop the leaks 🙂 The seals are shot and the windows need a complete refurb. New seems the better option to me.
  11. Thank you. I would prefer it if someone could come to the boat on the basis that time is at a premium here at the moment - but the job has to be done.
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