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  1. Scuse the ignorance but what are Goat Chains?
  2. Dear old Coutts. Used to place all our clients cash via Coutts as they gave us a better rate than the main NatWest Treasury. They were a nice outfit but changed over the years - as did everything; and not necessarily for the better.
  3. Ah, those were the days. Can remember being summoned to Lothbury to have a chat with the General Manager following my first management job. And the NatWest sailing club with its flappy jobs, river and canal cruisers. It was a great place to work back then.
  4. Heavens, yes, remember her well. The one boat we never got around to using. She must be long in the tooth now but good to know she is still out there. She was named after NatWest's head office (Lothbury Office). Thanks badgerbag.
  5. I use the term email loosely, it was FB messenger. The phone number is - 07581458069. He has a FB page.
  6. There is one there - Stretham Ferry Marina - and I'm now in contact with a chap called Ken who runs the dry docks (amongst other things). Cannot confirm number you kindly provided as I emailed and received a mobile number in return.
  7. Thanks all - in the main they all seem to be up around Huntingdon which is a fair old cruise from where I'm moored (near Denver). The closest so far is probably Fox's.
  8. Has anybody got any recommendations/suggestions re places to get my boat blacked at a reasonable cost on the Great Ouse? I am moored at Brandon Creek. Thanks!
  9. Traveller

    no earth

    I agree with all that has been said, but many do not use shore power and just rely on a generator which is not earthed. Others do sort of use shore power to run the odd drill etc but run off what is no more than an extension cable (hopefully with a trip in the circuit). That leaves all the onboard 12 volt stuff which presumably is not earthed and this might be what is behind the thinking? This ignores the potential for a live short to the boat's shell and I guess therein lies the problem? But I am no spark!
  10. No idea.The chap I refer to reckons it has worked. I have no way of verifying that.
  11. There was a guy on FB who did exactly the same thing to his boat and was adamant that grit blasting was not necessary. A very high pressure clean off leaving only the well stuck bits of the original coat (even if that coat was bitumen) was good enough, he said. Be interesting to see how you get on as it was a very convincing argument and I am now tempted!
  12. Yeah, my head was coked to hell and two GPs broke!
  13. Thanks Arthur. My pet engineer is of much the same view - it will last ages if not hammered. Like you, I am trying to be prepared.
  14. I'll have to measure it when I get back to the boat which won't be for a few days so will report back. The boat is a mid 80s Peter Nicholls and I believe this was quite a standard arrangement for his builds - BMC1.5 and a TMP gearbox. Thank you for the greenie, Richard. Thanks Brian. I believe the term is: normal service has been resumed ?
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