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  1. Have heard more on Thumper - the additional expenses were 22% of the winning bid plus 20% vat on that commission.
  2. That's kinda how it is nowadays. It is being helped a bit now as they let their moorings out but the question is will that arrangement survive when the pub is sold. Apparently there is now a potential purchaser on the scene.
  3. Ken is the chap Can’t help on that one regrettably. It is always a nightmare getting stuff done on the Ouse.
  4. Have asked but see the question has been answered πŸ™‚
  5. Well Thumper has been sold for Β£5k. The guy who bought it is a drinking buddy of mine from the Ship. He moors there so no problem moving the boat πŸ™‚
  6. Indeed, Paul, it is an awful stretch. I was moored at the junction with the Little Ouse for about three years. The company was great, the cruising was not so good. Loved Ely but hated getting there. In fact hated getting anywhere as I had to traverse that bit of the Ouse :-). Hence now being at Fox's in March en route back to the canals.
  7. This Thumper has been moored there for several years to my knowledge. Have never seen it move.......until now 😊
  8. A local in th pub tells me the boat is Thumper which did indeed moor the other side of the river. It was apparently full of water when seized by the EA and the engine will not run. I am told it needs a full strip and refit in addition to sorting the engine.
  9. It could be that boat. I am not moored there now - I am in March (Fox's) on my way back to the canals. The pub lease has been on the market for an absolute age now and it is a shadow of its former self. They used to have excellent open mic nights but something went terribly wrong. The girls who work the bar are brilliant as is the chef. The remains of the boating crowd that still use it are great. But it spends most of its time pretty much empty these days. Sad.
  10. The pub regrettably is not as decent as it once was. But the boat types who go in there are a great bunch. I used to moor outside the Ship so know it well, very well. Some great memories there πŸ™‚ Is the boat outside the Ship or is it on the EA mooring just above the Ship?
  11. They went obsolete years ago but they are very good. Paloma Bob does a good job and gives a great discount if there is an exchange. We were lucky in that we could go and do the trade at his workshop. Just remember to drain the unit down during the winter months (if you are not on the boat that is). An earlier one of our's got frosted years ago (when they still made them and parts were easily available). That taught us a lesson so now, be it summer or winter, we drain our's down when leaving the boat.
  12. I exchanged my old Paloma for a recon one from Paloma Bob a few weeks ago. He was still going strong then as evidenced by his workshop that was crammed full of Paloma spares and rebuilds. https://www.for-sale.co.uk/paloma-water-heater
  13. Official residential are few I believe. Some of the yards might take a blind eye approach but that is about it. The mooring on the Broads is very limited in summer anyway as most of the so called wild moorings have been killed off by the BA.
  14. Moved to Norfolk and decided to sell nb and go Broads cruising. Worst days work we ever did and now back with a narrowboat on the Great Ouse (but back to canals next spring). Broads are crowded in summer and only about 130 (I think) miles are available to cruise, assuming you can get under all the bridges. If you want lock free then I recommend ( as did an earlier poster) the Great Ouse and its tributaries. There is also a bonus here, if you keep the narrowboat you can always take a trip up on to the canals should you so wish. Broads are great for a week or two but as a constant cruising ground they soon become boring. You will also feel at home on the Great Ouse as there are many narrowboats. Be prepared though, neither the Broads or the Great Ouse have an infrastructure to compare with the canals.
  15. Have used Whilton for two purchases. The first was completed and I had the boat for years. The second had a miserable pre-purchase survey and I got my deposit back with no issues.
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