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  1. Mmmm.....not worried what happens to the stove as that is destined for the tip. It is the collar that I want to keep in one piece if possible.
  2. Have installed a few but now it is time to remove one. Any tips? I am particularly concerned about how solid the cemented joints might be and how to break them apart. Thank you.
  3. What are peoples views on the below comment that is wandering around that awful place called Facebook. I always appreciated a Transformer was better but I certainly never believed a Galvanic Isolator was useless! "It is now a well-proven fact that in highly populated marinas, galvanic isolators are being activated by the stray currents on the shore side of the galvanic device, so rendering such a device useless."
  4. Some may already know this but TMP has been acquired by Graham Turner and is back in business. Might be useful for those of us with a TMP box.
  5. It does say they were throwing him, indeed each other, off the moving boat, which suggests reckless behaviour even if borne of high spirits. The article also says they had been drinking. The point is it is not unusual behaviour on the Broads.
  6. That is a very sad tale, very sad. Having lived in a Broads village and cruised/sailed the area extensively I am surprised that there have not been more like it. Too often boats are seen with rowdy crowds on board. The summer months are sometimes much like a procession of booze cruisers. All nice enough folk I am sure but in the wrong place for their kind of enjoyment. SO sad when what should be a joyous occasion ends in such a way.
  7. I am with you on that and as I said earlier the idea of a bed over the batteries or webasto heater and the like does not sound good to me.
  8. Sleeping in (as oppose to next door to) a room where the batteries are and where they maybe charging and possibly giving off some nasty fumes does appear a risk to me. Not to mention being over what might be a wet and somewhat oily bilge and any other appliances that might be out there, such as heating. Must admit I have never been on a narrowboat where the engine compartment was not the other side of a steel bulkhead but appreciate there will be those which predate modern build standards.
  9. There is an interesting debate going on FB. Basically someone wants to build sleeping accommodation into the engine room of a trad. I always thought an engine room had to be separated from the living accommodation by a steel bulkhead/door but maybe I am wrong? The idea seems silly to me and dangerous.
  10. Take your point but not so sure the threat of being chucked out is so potent now - there does seem to be a growing willingness to question/oppose. In this instance it is obviously just a matter of routine given the opposition have been pushing for such a course.
  11. Don't know about that, we are talking specifics here. New Government commitment On Wednesday 30 September, Matt Hancock (Health Secretary) promised the Commons that “for significant national measures with effect in the whole of England or UK-wide” the Government would (a) consult parliament and (b) hold votes (wherever possible) before regulations come into force. He also promised that there would be regular statements and debates in parliament, and more opportunity for parliament to question government scientific advisors.
  12. Is it not because it has to be put to Parliament first?
  13. Read somewhere that herd immunity is not achievable without a vaccine and for the reason you suggest.
  14. Richardsons of Stalham do repairs of all sorts, I know I used to moor there. Trouble is they get busy and will understandably always put the hire fleet first. Another excellent yard is Ludham Bridge, which does not have a significant hire fleet but does have a fine reputation.
  15. What would the bss position be if the spillage fell into front well and then drained overboard. via the scuttles?
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