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  1. WV, yes I agree what you say about Seeing but I think the point Saramago was trying to make was the fact that with so much fake news being spouted in the MSM (and we know who controls most of it) that its no wonder that people would have a blank voting slip cos they dont have any trust (or knowledge)...so his book is a warning not to lose your right to vote because of what you say about minorities taking power. Right now we have exactly the same rhetoric being spouted about Venezuela as we have about Brexit and the MSM even across Europe are repeating what they have been told despite clear evidence that the truth is different. Jeremy Hunt claims that in the last election there that there was 'ballot-stuffing' by Maduros side yet does not acknowledge that it is digital voting..there are no ballot boxes in Venezuela. The same Jeremy Hunt who went to Slovenia last week and when speaking said how good it was the Slovenia was no longer a vassal state of the USSR..which of course it wasnt as it was a non-aligned country. In the lead up to the Iraq War the '2 Jacks ' ( Straw and Cunningham) both stated that Iraq was 'at least twice the size of France' so it was easy to hide WMD when anyone with a map can see that France is 20% bigger than Iraq (check it out)...so...another porkie...and the MSM pick it up and trot it out and many people actually believe the speil. In the last few years, just how many times has the Express trotted out porkies about the EU and got away with it. It appears to be democracy by press opinion and not by voter knowledge..just how the govt wants it.
  2. Was just trying to imagine what will happen at the next election. With MPs having had to actually try and work for their constituents, for some probably the first time ever, cos of Brexit, with the fracturing and back-biting between parties and within parties, how will our MPs get back some credibility with their constituents? Reminds me of the book called 'Seeing' by Jose Saramago ( Nobel peace author ) about what happens when the electorate lose all faith in their MPs. The thing that made me think of it is because his other books all have stories that somehow seem to have come true already..so his book Seeing is worth a read. Précis below : Seeing is a story set in the same country featured in Blindness and begins with a parliamentary election in which the majority of the populace casts blank ballots. The story revolves around the struggles of the government and its various members as they try to simultaneously understand and destroy the amorphous non-movement of blank-voters.
  3. Went last year to the Broughton Arms at Rode Heath on T&M...ordered a pint which was sour, got a sour response from the woman who served it so she gave me a pint of Youngs which was fine and left the other on the counter. The other barmaid then asked sourface " Whats that pint doing there? " to which she replied " He says its off". The barmaid then says " Its been off since yesterday" but sourface never apologises to me. I then go into the garden with my 2 dogs picking up a menu to order a pudding and the waiter says " order at the bar please" so I go back to the bar and sourface tells me " the kitchen is closed" and then the other barmaid says " No, its OK for desserts" so I get my pudding, drink up and decide...never again. Next time I will go to the Royal Oak which is a walk away but maybe the service and the beer are better. Gave the Broughton zero points on Tripadvisor
  4. Just looked on the www, will certainly do a visit next time we are down that way. Currently in Hebden Bridge where almost all pubs, most shops and most cafes are dog friendly. Is the beer good? looks like a homebrew pub, some taste like homebrew and some are just wonderful. ............Dave In Hebden Bridge I liked the Trades Club personally although I am not sure about dogs. they claim (like many others that hendrix played his last gig there) but I have seen some good bands there and the beer was good too.(and maybe even subsidised)
  5. This is for Phil .about Gibraltar. It is taken directly from the VOX party manifesto..in case you think I was making it up. It is in Spanish but no doubt you can translate it. Look at number 7 in particular as it states the devolucion of Gibraltar. 3 6. Transformar el Estado autonómico en un Estado de Derecho unitario que promueva la igualdad y la solidaridad en vez de los privilegios y la división. Un solo gobierno y un solo parlamento para toda España. Como paso previo: devolución inmediata al Estado de las competencias de Educación, Sanidad, Seguridad y Justicia limitando en todo lo posible la capacidad legislativa autonómica. 7. Intensidad y determinación en las acciones diplomáticas para la devolución de Gibraltar, y el desmantelamiento de las redes de piratería, narcotráfico, contrabando y blanqueo de capitales que se extienden desde la colonia. And these are the populists that you support Phil...must leave you in somewhat of a moral dilemma ...what?
  6. Report post #6326 Posted 47 minutes ago Of course it isn't, it was never going to be. The negotiations needed to be conducted by someone who believed in Brexit, not by the team that has done its level best to frustrate it. I also don't believe your option, it will be May's deal or stay in, either permanently, or by way of the quote below. I look forward to seeing Nigel and his band of merry men, infiltrating the eu, and teaming up with all the other populists from across Europe, who will make gains in the eu elections. Perhaps if we can't escape from the outside, we need to bring it crashing down from within. Bring what down exactly? The UK in Europe, the EU itself maybe? Seems what the populists you support want IMO. So..lets say the populists do win then where does that leave Gibraltar that you care so passionately about, cos your populists friends in Spain ( Vox) are the ones most fighting to bring back Gib to Spain..happy about that are you? You will have no regrets that a far right Spanish govt will take Gib from the UK and return it to Spain?
  7. Interesting to see that #ledby donkeys are putting up billboards to remind us of what we were told and promised over the last 2 years, just in case we had forgotten.
  8. There appears not to be many people contributing to this debate and clearly partisan lines have been drawn..understandable considering whats at stake. Whatever the result is, whether we like it or not my question is how do we deal with the aftermath? As boaters we have plenty in common from a lifestyle point of view so are we going to start hating each other over this? The great Mahatma Gandhi (loved and hated in equal measure) once said 'Clenched fists cannot shake hands"...something to be aware of in the future if we all want to live together and not throw pints at each other in the pub. I am looking for funding for a massive custard pie factory which could help reduce us from tears to laughter.
  9. We tried to get Cornwall interested in this in the mid- 80's. In the Helford River near Falmouth were old tankers (bulk carriers) lying there for years with unpaid bills so they could not leave (probably still there).Tthe idea was to weld a bridge to connect the two tankers together and suspend turbines off the bridge to catch the in and out going tide. Unfortunately it was at the time of the Hinkley C enquiry and the govt. of the day had already decided on what they wanted. It was stupid really cos Hinkley C lost its planning permission after 10 years and had to re-apply much later on....years of potential wasted
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/feb/21/liam-fox-post-brexit-trade-plan-go-unscrutinised Thought that I would throw this into the pot.
  11. I'm sure I've seen, or read of, this being done: the water falls down a weir or waterfall, activating turbines, then it's pumped back up and activates then again. Athy, correct, this has been going on for decades in Wales where they have a reservoir that flows through the turbines at peak times and then the water is pumped back to the reservoir at non-peak times..great system.
  12. One thing isn't in doubt. Whenever any new regulation comes in it makes things more expensive. No problem for those with plenty of wealth, but those without... It would be interesting to view a line graph of inequality, another of the growth in regulation. I wonder if the pretty patterns formed might just look rather similar? Maybe if regulation comes in it makes things more expensive as you state...is that why consecutive govts invariably spout `light touch regulation, , 'voluntary agreements' 'self-regulation'...etc etc...we have heard it a thousand times, this allowing industry to get away with any things that doesnt affect their bottom line. Regulation within the finance industry would not make it more expensive...the 2008 crash cost billions because there was not enough regulation. I think its come down to more than regulation..it comes down to enforcement of any regulation. Only this year I reported a company for selling an eco product which is clearly not eco ( 'eco' briquettes stuffed with shreds of plastic) The EA told me it was not their remit and passed the buck to trading standards who claimed austerity did not allow them to pursue the issue.( not enough money to follow up on all the complaints) Wonder why I bothered in the first place !
  13. Yes I look forward to all the fields of vegetables covering the Lake District fells when devoid of cattle and sheep. Most of Britain in north of the Tees- Exe line where large swathes of land are no good for arable farming. Might be a hole in the market there...terracing the land for arable farming as happens in mountainous countries, especially if obese people are employed to do the work . That will make them healthy and bring down their waistlines.
  14. He is well aware of that..but when you are trying to run a business such as his, 'not knowing ' can destroy your business. he employs truck drivers etc., rents warehouse space, cooling facilities.The Brexit debate has not done him any favours up to now. What' s more if no deal is agreed and he has to close up shop.and return to the UK he tells me that as he has made himself unemployed he is unlikely to be able to get unemployment benefit...which seems a bit unfair
  15. I know an English man who lives in Asturias (N Spain) and he is an importer/exporter of fish. hake from Spain to UK by truck for the fishfinger market and then the trucks load up at Newlyn in Cornwall and bring back squid (not too much demand in UK unless you got a taste of it on holidays on the Costa or wherever). He says he is as usual in the dark now...should he stay or should he go?...the politicos have 'nt told him Maybe we will have to start eating squid ?
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