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    General Joinery, Cabinet Work, and Restoring Antique Furniture.
    Collecting and researching the history. of old Woodworking Tools,
    Agricultural, Social, and Industrial History. Model Railways.
    Canal History
    Genealogical Research.

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  1. That says a lot about you. I like birds and trees, but having spent most of my adult life working with Young People, I find them far more engaging than trees or birds
  2. Don't worry Mike, "Silo Menality" is yet another meaningless expression imported from the US.
  3. There are a lot of comments and counter comments about not driving in the above posts. However, I have read through the new "Health Protection" legislation several times, and can find no reference to car driving in it, the only word used which could be interpreted thus is "travel" which presumably also includes Public Transport. Am I missing something or are the Authorities interpreting the legislation in a way which may not stand close scrutiny in a Court? Just to be clear, I am not supporting people who want to drive around, in fact my car has not moved for the last two weeks, but I am curious as to why the Police and other "Relevant Persons" are stating that driving to a place where (for example) one can safeley excercise is "Againt the Law!
  4. Thanks for that Richard, things have clearly changed since C&RT took over. One interesting point:- To make the condition legally enforceable the Government would have presumably needed to repeal permitted access in all the Enabling Acts, did they do that ?
  5. The General Public have always had restricted access to the towpath ever since the canals were built. Historicaly the towpath is an intergral part of the canal infrastructure, and until comparatively recent times it could only be used unchallenged for the bona fida navigation of a boat. Anyone else wanting to walk or cycle on the towpath had to pay for a Towpath Walking or Cycling licence, and I can remember them still being issued on the Grand Union in the 1960's. I can also remember the BCN being locked off from the public, and keys were only available from lock keepers to open the doors which were located next to roadway bridges. In more recent years BW relaxed the regualation regarding walking and cycling on the towpath but, except where the topwpath became dedicted as a "Public Right of Way", the towpath retained the status of "Permitted Access" for the general Public, which the Waterways Authority had the right withdraw any time There also used to be a condition in the licence regulations which permitted each boat to have two bicycles, to be used only in connection with the bona fida navigation of the boat. Practice has changed a lot in recent years, but as far as I know, all the regulations still remain in place although no longer enforced.
  6. I am not sure about that, the closure would only relate to Public Right of Way status being withdrawn, C&RT would still have control of the towpath. From recollection, the footpath closure in 2001 only related to the general public, but the towpath could still be used by boat owners in relation to the navigation and management of their boat. I was certainly still permitted to access my boat which was on a short term winter mooring.
  7. That report relates to last weekend, when there were a lot of people on the towpath either side of Bradford on Avon. Since then the Local Council has asked people, apart from those who are moored there, not to walk on the towpath. C&RT are almost correct in saying "it is not practical nor desirable to shut paths", one of the problems being that the Towpath between Bath and Bradford on Avon is designated as a "Right of Way" rather than a "Permitted Access" path which means they can only close it with a closure order, which is quite a complicated proceedure. It was actually part of my job, as Parish Clerk at the time, to manage closure of the towpath from Avoncliffe to Dundas, during the Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001, but The Parish Council was able to do it under a general Government approved order submitted by the County Council. Having said that C&RT could still apply for an order, but seem unwilling to to so.
  8. I am not certain that older people are any more likely to look for advice from unreliable sources than young people. Intelligence and reasoned analysis of information is not the perogotive of the young.
  9. I realise that you are trying to be helpful, but as an "older" member, I find your statement a bit patronising, I would be interested to know what you base it on.
  10. Still doing on line delivery https://www.craftmasterpaints.co.uk/
  11. Why do you find it neccessary to constantly post like a teenager? Furthermore, if you insist on continuing to use an outdated adolescent abbreviation, please spell it correctly, and use the correct punctuation mark.
  12. But don't they wear protection clothing anyway? looking as if they are about to embark on an Apollo Mission.
  13. And remember where you put that light meter ! Last time I checked, it was still possible to purchase roll film from proper camera shops.
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