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David Schweizer

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    General Joinery, Cabinet Work, and Restoring Antique Furniture.
    Collecting and researching the history. of old Woodworking Tools,
    Agricultural, Social, and Industrial History.
    Canal History
    Genealogical Research.

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  1. David Schweizer

    Boaters group recognised by CRT

    Hello Howard, I relaise that they are still around, but the problem seems to be that since Stuart Samson moved on, the Wateways Authorities have taken very litle notice of NABO, and I am not aware of any effort on thier part to improve the situation. As you know, I used to be a member, and even got involved by setting up and running the NABO stand at Crick one year, but my enthusiasm waned significantly when they failed to even thank Jan and I for our hard work in apalling weather, but praised the alleged activity of some committee members, who hardly showed on the stand. I allowed my membership to lapse at the end of that year, but no effort was made to try and persuade me to re-join, since then they have done a good impression of fading into oblivion
  2. David Schweizer

    Boaters group recognised by CRT

    Well as their name suggests, they are only engaged in promoting the interests of people who live on boats, so hardly a good cross section of boaters.
  3. David Schweizer

    Boaters group recognised by CRT

    What happened to NABO? In BW's days their view was sought on various issues, on a regular basis
  4. David Schweizer

    Sign writing

    One thing vynil cannot do is follow, and take account, of the cabin side profile, which can make it look out of proportion, particularly on a cabin side that has a distinct upwards curve.
  5. David Schweizer

    Sign writing

    it was about six years ago, but Dave Moore didn't charge much more to signwrite our boat properly, and we got some nice scrolls as well.
  6. David Schweizer

    seen "elswhere"

    I bet you would look twice if he saw this lot :-
  7. David Schweizer

    Wetherspoons To Stop Selling Champagne And Prosecco

    Not all Weatherspoons are the same, the Imperial in Exeter is huge and quite plush, and the food was good. The clientele is predomiomnantly University Lecturers and Students. It is also where many students go with their parents. We always had lunch there with our daughter at the end and beginning of term. The Car park is not huge, but as most of the customers come on foot, it was never a problem.
  8. David Schweizer

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    Yes I know all about that, the trick is to drive onto the site and help the disblaed person into their chair/buggy, and leave them there whist the driver parks the car in the field, and then returns to join their friend/partner.
  9. David Schweizer

    Anyone know what this is ?

    I think you have demonstrated what I stated very well, removing them requires two hands. I wanted to be able to remove both the rope, and stow the pin quickly at both ends, before the boat had floated across the canal into the bushes.
  10. David Schweizer

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    As a matter of interest do they allow blue badge holders to park for free, or reduced parking fees? I know they allow them into the small area next to the gate, but wondered if that was as far as the concession goes.
  11. David Schweizer

    Anyone know what this is ?

    We used piling hooks for years and unlike Nappy Pins never lost one. When you remove the rope from a piling hook, it falls onto the top of the piling, wheras Nappy Pins require two hands to stop them sliding down the back of the piling and into the water. We did have a pair of Nappy Pins with rings and short looped ropes attached to them so that, when we arrived at a chosen place, the looped end could be placed onto a mooring dolly and the pin dropped onto the piling to hold the boat close to the bank before the boat's mooring ropes and hooks could be deployed. A very useful idea learnt from another boater which made mooring a lot easier on a busy waterway. With regard to mooring rope angles it would seem that each boat varies. We had a high bow and found that the boat held best with a rear line almost at right angles, and a forward line at 45 degrees. We always dropped fenders down against the piling and preferred ropes to be tight, which prevented a lot of backwards and forwards movement when other boats passed.
  12. David Schweizer

    Overreaction ? ( Did I Have A Choice )

    I deliberatly avoided any reference to race. The predjudice I and my friends experienced was against young white males, and being basicly law abiding, none of us was ever warned or aprehended. They just did it because they could.
  13. David Schweizer

    Overreaction ? ( Did I Have A Choice )

    There were more than just a few, the SUS law gave them authorization to stop anyone they had a predjudice about. I worked at a Youth Centre in Uxbridge and was usually driving home about 11.30 pm. I was routinely stopped and questioned, and their basis was that any young adult with long hair driving a big vehicle at that time of night, was likely to have been involved in a crime. I was a proffessional worker, employed by the Local Authority, and they knew that, but it didn't stop them harassing me. In more recent years my experience of the Police was far more positive, although there was still a disturbing undertone of predjudice amongst some of those I worked with.
  14. David Schweizer

    Overreaction ? ( Did I Have A Choice )

    I didn't have to read any books about Police intimidation in the sixties and seventies in London. I was there, working with young People, and often being mistreated by the Police myself for doing that.

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