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  1. Reply using Firefox - seems ok for me (at the moment)
  2. From recollection Ken Dakin was the lock keeper on the Hanwell flight in the early1970's, and his son John took over from him some years later, The last time I met John was towards the end of the 1990's by which time he was no longer at Hanwell and was working on a maintenance gang in the Cowley area. After John left Hanwell, I believe there was no one on the flight. I single handed the flight several times in the 1990's and do not remember them being difficult, they felt quite rural, despite being on the outskirts of London.
  3. The number of people who come on here complaining that they cannot find anywhere to moor in London sugests that London is (over) full. Perhaps they should look elsewhwere for a mooring.
  4. My experience suggests more than that, but like nicknorman, that was for leisure use only. However, it also needs to be remembered that the US batteries (and probably the Trojans and Yusas) are designed to power golf carts and fork lift trucks etc. which I suspect put a much higher demand on batteries than a boat.
  5. Both my Verniers have to be switched on/off manually and stay off even when the jaws are opened. I use them so frequently that the Workzone one is hardly ever in it's case, which accounts for it's scruffy appearance. The Moore an Wright is treated with more respect and always returned to it's case. My cheap Workzone vernier has an SR44 fitted, but the Moore and Wright uses a bigger CR2032 battery.
  6. The cheap vernier is Workzone brand, which I believe is Aldi, I have had it for more than ten years, during which time it has three or four batteries, so I have either been lucky or you have been unlucky. Just one thing ocurs to me, do you always turn it off when not using it? I realize that they automatically turn off after a period of non-use, but maybe leaving it on to do this drains the battery.
  7. I fitted a pair of 6volt US 2200 batteries into Helvetia when the previous batteries were beginning to loose their charge, they proved very reliable and were still keeping their charge when we sold the boat eleven years later.
  8. Having commissioned and managed a number of research surveys in the past, I can believe it. So called Surveys can easily be constructed to get the answers you want. If they simply asked the question "Are you more likely to visit waterways if there were arts events?" it is likely to receive a "yes" response from most peple, as very few are likely to answer "no", but if you asked at least two qualifying questions elsewhere in the survey, the response could be very different. Examples of qualifying questions might be "Are you interested in the arts?" or "Should the canal environment be maintained as natural as possible?" the responses to those questions could alter the final assessmemnt of the respondant's answers. I used the Social Resarch Unit at Bristol University to construct and undertake the surveys I commiossioned, but these days what seems to pass as surveys, are merely questionaires constructed by someone with no research training sitting in an office.
  9. I suspect that reference is lost on most people ( me included)
  10. I seem to remember a similar suggestion being made two days ago
  11. I have two digital Verniers, one is a cheap Aldi/Lidl purchase, the other is a really good (expensive) Moore and Wright one. I always leave the battery in, and it usually lasts several years. I would suggest that either the vernier is faulty, or you are using poor quality batteries.
  12. All boats have swims. They are not fitted, but are part of the hull design. Basicly the swim is that part of the underwater hull between the pointed bit and where that hull is full width, one at the back , and one at the front. The following photos illustrate the swims. The first photo shows the forward swim which extends from the bow to where the three hull guard irons end The second photo shows the rear end swim, which extends from the propeller to the middle guard iron end.
  13. Well there are some pretty inventive suggestions being put forward, and with the exception of the one being offered by Matty40, none of of them will provide a definitive answer.
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