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David Schweizer

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    Bradford on Avon
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    General Joinery, Cabinet Work, and Restoring Antique Furniture.
    Collecting and researching the history. of old Woodworking Tools,
    Agricultural, Social, and Industrial History.
    Canal History
    Genealogical Research.

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    Formerly Helvetia, Sadly now with new owners

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  1. David Schweizer

    Clueless Boris

    Homo Sapiens (modern humans) have been around for 200,000 years, but if you are going to compare humans with Dinasours which is generic grouping, fossil evidence suggests that human Homonids have been around for about four million years. Who suggested that Boris is evidence that some of those are still with us? 😄😄😄
  2. David Schweizer

    Clueless Boris

    You and I, as unimportant members of the public can express an opinion without much fear of any consequence, but when one is in a prominent political position, a degree of circumspection is required before spouting off. Unfortunately Boris was not in the queue when that chacteristic was being distributed.
  3. David Schweizer

    Clueless Boris

    Yes that is correct, I will alter my post to say what I actually meant, which is "...what most, who choose the full head and face covering, actually wear is a Niqab...." However in my experience the most popular headgear worn by Muslim women appears to be a headscarf, rather like the Queen!!
  4. David Schweizer

    Clueless Boris

    You would have to ask a Muslim woman to get a definitive answer, but it is my understanding that most wear it as an expression of modesty, which they are required to demonstrate by Islam, when they are in the company of men to whom they are not married or related. Actually very few Muslim women in the UK wear a Burka, which has a mesh covering the eyes, what most, who choose the full head and face covering, actually wear is a Niqab which has an unshielded gap in front of theyes. Having said that the term Burka has gained generic usage to describe both in the UK.
  5. David Schweizer

    Clueless Boris

    I think you will find that statement to be technically incorrect. It is my understanding that there is no specific requirement for Sikhs to wear a turban however, their Religion does forbid the men from cutting their hair, and the Turban has become the customary type of headgear worn to keep it tidy and in place. Some Sikhs do not wear a Turban and prefer to wear their hair wound round in rings and pinned in place. You are however partially correct about the colour of turban chosen, which is dictated more by the circumstances in which it will be worn, rather than in order to match the clothing being worn.
  6. David Schweizer

    Clueless Boris

    I am aware that the Burka is not required to be worn as part of the Islamic religion, just in the same way that Christians are not required to wear a Crucifix, or Jewish men required to wear the Kippah, (except when at prayer), but many do. To suggest that wearing an it is a fashion statement is to belittle the reason why many Muslim women wear it.
  7. David Schweizer

    Clueless Boris

    Oh dear, the usual voice of common sense and reason has deserted you Dave. I tried to explain in my post why I think the statement made by Boris was unacceptable. What he has said is different because the reverse wearing of a baseball cap is a fashion choice, wheras the wearing of a Burka is associated almost exclusively with women of one non European religion, and for them is an expression of their faith.
  8. David Schweizer

    Meeting Forum Members

    If he does, he will probably blame you for being in the middle of the canal! 😄😄😄
  9. David Schweizer

    Clueless Boris

    That is one man's opinion and may have some validity in a Western Society, but to use that comment to imply that the Burka is not worn by many/most women in Mulim Countries is to ignore reality.
  10. David Schweizer

    Clueless Boris

    Were the comments made by Boris Racist or not? they were made about the traditional dress worn by some Muslim women which was a negative attack on their Religion rather than the wearer's Race or Ethnic origins. However, and it is a big however, almost all Muslims are ethnically African or Asian with very few being White Europeans, therefore, by implictaion, the comments made by Boris can almost certainly be considered Racist.
  11. David Schweizer

    Question about a VW Key Fob compatability

    You can get coloured fob skins on ebay for a couple of quid.I may get one to smarten up my damaged one :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Silicone-Key-Fob-Shell-Sleeve-Skin-Case-Pouch-for-Volkswagen-Jetta-Passat-Golf/122289402299?hash=item1c790431bb:m:mYjnuG7Ybfx7UtbQcdBB2cg
  12. David Schweizer

    Question about a VW Key Fob compatability

    Thanks for that, I thought that would probably be the case. I have actuall just found a trader's advert for a used key fob printed circuit on ebay, which states that it will need to be re-programmed. I now have to decide whether I fit all the innards of the damaged fob into the good one, or just learn to live with the fob which looks as if it has has been gouged by dog's teeth !!!
  13. David Schweizer

    Question about a VW Key Fob compatability

    The key fobs are visualy identical, but even if they were not, it would not matter if the circuit board did not have to be changed over.
  14. A question for the automotive experts about VW three button key fobs. I am considering fitting the innards of a key fob which has a damaged case into a used (identical) fob from another VW car. I know that the transponder is coded to the car and is not compatible with any other car, and needs to be re used if fitting into a used key fob case, but does anyone know whether the printed cicuit boards are all the same and compatible without re-programming, or does that have to be changed over as well. Oh and I already know that the metal key istelf needs to be changed over.
  15. David Schweizer

    Historic Boats for sale online

    A photo of Helvetia at Lock 13 on the Aylesbury Arm in 1998 with Kent on the opposite side. Photo taken to compare the similarities/differences between a Nurser and a modern steel boat based on the Nurser style:-

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