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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. AFAIK, the sluices are operated by the Environment Agency, not C&RT and read somwhere that the EA were collating information in order to compensate those boaters who have been affected.
  4. For those unfamiliar with Bath, and as the Press are being fairly hopeless with their descriptions, I will attempt to explain. There are two sets of sluices in Bath which together manage river flow and flood levels in The City, The upstream sluice is adjacent to Poultney Weir and is in the Unnavigable River Avon. The second set are downstream, next to the lock in the canalized section at Twerton, and are on the K&A Canal section of the Avon. I believe it is this set which has failed, causing the water loss between Twerton and Bath bottom locks. Both sets work to control water levels both above Bath and below the city along with the critical levels in the City centre itself. Sluice next to Poultney Wier Sluices at Twerton
  5. That may well be correct, however, the distinctions tend to be made by people who live miles away, and do not know the area. I live within a mile of the K&A, near Bradford on Avon where we have both the Avon and the K&A Canal, and we all know the difference.
  6. Yes is is on the River Avon, but it still forms part of the K&A, just as long sections of the River Kennet form part of the K&A.
  7. If they are the ones that I think they are, the sluices are comparatively modern, and were installed as part of a system to prevent flooding in Bath. I doubt that they would ever qualify for listed status. Some years ago, when the river was in flood, the Environment Agency closed them to prevent flooding in Bath, Consequently the water backed up on the Avon causing flood havoc in Bradford on Avon and other upstream riverside communities
  8. When the engine in our boat was removed for a re-build, I took the opportunity to re-paint the engine bay. . Like yours it had some minor rust which I sanded to remove any excess, and then painted it with two coats of Hammerite smooth light grey, ten years later it was still intact with no rust. It is also available in silver.
  9. Although it is part of the much older Avon Navigation, it is part of the K&A Canal, administered by C&RT up to Hanham Lock where it becomes the responsibility of the Bristol Harbour Trust.
  10. Technically, it is still the K&A although it is actually on the Avon, but there is a canalised section at Twerton.
  11. So it would seem. I have just checked our log and in 2005, Jan's notes suggest it was much the same as your photos indicate. We tried the Harborough arm again in 2014 and the log indicates that all the reeds had been cut back and it was unlike the choked condition recorded in 2005. However, the section between Saddington Tunnel and Kibworth Locks on the Leicester Arm was (to quote the log) like exploring the Amazon. We have a boat booked in a few weeks time and were planning to attempt the Harborough Arm again, but I think we will probably wind at the top of Foxton and take in a bit more of the Grand Union.
  12. Is that the section from Foxton to Market Harborough? The last time we did that section it was not like that, but much of the section from Foxton to Leicester, was heavily overgrown with reeds, something to do with it being an area of SSI.
  13. I agree. To undertake a research programme which provides an academically valid result, you need to select participants from a predetermined demographically identified sample. As part of my professional training, we were taught how to construct a research programme, and select such a sample. However, this press release fails to give any indication of how, or whether, such a sample will be identified, but if it is to be selected on the basis of self referral, it has as much validity as a journalist interviewing people in a shopping centre during the daytime, and broadcating the outcome as "national opinion"
  14. Are they the people who used to make Craft Master paint in Phjil Speight's time?
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