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David Schweizer

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    Bradford on Avon
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    General Joinery, Cabinet Work, and Restoring Antique Furniture.
    Collecting and researching the history. of old Woodworking Tools,
    Agricultural, Social, and Industrial History.
    Canal History
    Genealogical Research.

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    Formerly Helvetia, Sadly now with new owners

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  1. David Schweizer


    More Ice breaking - Winter 1968 on the Southern G.U.
  2. David Schweizer


    On the matter of a narrowboat cutting through ice and sinking a fibreglass boat, I actually witnessed it happen back in the 1960's. A single working boat approached Uxbridge Lock where there were a number of boats moored above the lock. The large sheets of broken ice were forced sliding on top of the ice alongside the moored boats, cutting one of them in half. It sank within less than a minute. I could still name the boat and the steerer, but will refrain.
  3. David Schweizer

    Disecting a narrowboat

    I know that Roger has converted a couple of unwanted GU butties into Motors, and very skillfully too, but a describing him as a past master is a bit of an exageration. Anyway, I doubt that he will be doing any more as his is now trying to be semi retired.
  4. David Schweizer

    Because I'm annoyed.

    Or a male swan, or a stockyworking horse, or a mud building block, or a lump of coal. I am sure there are more.
  5. David Schweizer

    Because I'm annoyed.

  6. David Schweizer

    Matthew Hedges (UAE)

    Debating anything with you Mike is like wrestling with Jelly, I give up. This Forum, and it's partisan moderation is becoming a joke.
  7. David Schweizer

    Matthew Hedges (UAE)

    I am neither insulted or tetchy and cannot see how you have come to that conclusion. Like many people, I have views about the Hedges case, but they are irrelevant, I am merely seeking to have the Forum rules applied appropriately. No, but there have been several posts which suggest an anti Arab view, that is also a breach of the Forum rules.
  8. David Schweizer

    Matthew Hedges (UAE)

    What world do you live in Mike? A thread that deliberately seeks views about the arrest of a British subject accused of spying in an Arab country is political , and a comparison by a moderator to football is an insult to our inteligence.
  9. David Schweizer

    Matthew Hedges (UAE)

    But the circumstances which surround the issue are. Did it escape your attention that the matter had to be resolved via a high level meeting between the UK Foriegn Secretary and his UAE counterpart?
  10. David Schweizer

    Matthew Hedges (UAE)

    The subject matter is Politically contentious and therefore, in my view, breaches the Forum Rules
  11. David Schweizer

    Deleting old uploaded file attachments

    Perhaps, but what I meant was personally rude, rather than a general comment. Anyway I am now in danger of becoming one of the repetative posters that I was criticising, so I will not comment any further.
  12. David Schweizer

    Deleting old uploaded file attachments

    I don't want anyone to leave, I but I would ask those who seem glued to their keyboard to reflect on whether they need to say the same thing more than three times in any one topic, and also whether they need to be rude about posters with whom they disagree.
  13. David Schweizer

    Deleting old uploaded file attachments

    Yes I realise that, but anything that would help curb their incessant argueing and re-arguing the same points would be welcome. I have given up even looking at some threads, because I know that if I return to it within more than ten minutes there will be another three pages of their argumentative drivel.
  14. David Schweizer

    Deleting old uploaded file attachments

    Yes that is good, if difficult to enforce, suggestion. However, one of the worst offenders made the fact known, some while ago, that he was cancelling his donation standing order because he disagreed with the moderation of the site.
  15. David Schweizer

    Deleting old uploaded file attachments

    Perhaps you should consider putting a limit on the amount of space any individual can use up within a specified period of time. Apart from enabling the fopum to keep within it's budget, it might also limit some of the rubbish we have to tolerate from the same few excessivley verbose individuals.

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