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    General Joinery, Cabinet Work, and Restoring Antique Furniture.
    Collecting and researching the history. of old Woodworking Tools,
    Agricultural, Social, and Industrial History. Model Railways.
    Canal History
    Genealogical Research.

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  1. Sorry about that Steve, I got the info from this site :- http://www.deuchars.org.uk/hiwb/boatgallery/modern.htm Fifth boat down. I must admit that I was a bit surprised about the claim, as I always thought that John has a hand in the building
  2. Hardly the last. I can think of four working boats built after 1976. Newbury built in 1981/82 by Braunston Canal Services, and later owned by John Forth, Newdigate built by Barry Morsde for John Forth (date unknown but later than 1982), and Stokie built for Dave Sharman by Pinders in 1991/92. Then there is Hadar built more recently for Kieth Lodge, plus quite a few others.
  3. Yes along with several other Leyland family cars, but I was selective in my examples.
  4. Is that why SU's were chosen as the prefered Carburetta for many quality cars, including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Rover, Riley, Jaguar, Volvo, and Saab?
  5. Quite a few immediatly post war cars had the dual system, but Riley changed to all hydraulic brakes in 1952 when the RME was introduced, and some people fitted rear hydraulics retrospectively to earlier RMA's. I had three RM's and the best one was the cream 1951 RMA. Unfortunately I could not afford the conversion kit so it still had a dual system when I sold it.
  6. The most "interesting" advice I ever got for tuning my Riley RMA was from a mechanic who had worked on the Riley Racing team before the war. He suggested that if I had 40 thou skimmed off the head, opened the ports out to 2 inches and fitted a 2" single SU carb, the car would do 140mph. But he did add that I would have difficulty stopping the car at that speed withiout serious modification to the brakes, which had an unusual dual hydraulic/mechanical system (but only standard drum brakes!) Needless to say I did not take him up on the idea. Not my car, but an alomost identuical one :-
  7. I used to do mine by ear using two equal lengths of rubber tubing like a stethescope. I found centering the needles far more challenging.
  8. Apart from proper French Bordeaux wine, the best Merlot I have tasted is Australian Yellow Tail.
  9. May I suggest that you contact Kieth Lodge, who is a member of this forum. He recently commissioned some transfers for a model GUCC working boat pair, so I assume that he either built them, or had them built for him :- https://fox-transfers.co.uk/customers-projects
  10. Is this an improvement? Three pages of VNC posts with just a splattering of others. OK, no Political & Current Affairs threads, but the site is unusable now. Fortunately, after a lot of perseverance a few days ago, I was able to set my own VNC content to exclude P&CA posts, and will be sticking with that until the present situation resolves itself. Edited to Add :- I have just found MTB's thread on how to change VNC, and everything is now back to normal Thanks Mike.
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