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    General Joinery, Cabinet Work, and Restoring Antique Furniture.
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  1. That is a bit of a misnomer. The K&A is more like a narrow canal with wide locks, built to accomodate the Honey Street barges, which had Barrel shaped hulls. The canal profile is also barrel shaped in many places, which restricts the operational width for flat sided hulls. When I moored near Dundas, I witnessed quite a few widebeams run hard aground whilst still some six feet away from the offside bank.
  2. I used to buy CC grade oil in 25 litre drums direct from Morris Lubricants, but a quick look at their current website seems to ignore oldder marine diesel engines. Maybe a phone call will help identify the oil you need. There was a company in Aylesbury which also sold Morris Oil in bulk but I cannot remember their name. I have just found them, they have moved to Bicester:- https://www.classic-oils.net/All-Products-by-Manufacturer/Morris/
  3. I am struggling to find an illustration of your new boat which shows what I would call access at the front end, unless you are referring to the unglazed "window" which does not have a hinged or sliding hatch. If that is the "access", does it have a ladder inside, or do you have to be a gymnast to get in and out?
  4. Our boat was a trad stern, and had access at both ends. I am a firm subscriber to Muphy's Law, and would, consequently, have two means of access and egress if I was designing a boat from new. There is also the issue of ventilation, boats can get very hot inside during the summer, and an opening at both ends encourages a through draught.which assists better ventilation.
  5. You do have some strange criteria for determining your choice of access and egress😀
  6. Small point, but Buxton is in the Peak District, not the Dales, which are in Yorkshire and Cumbria. We were living in Buxton in 1975, and I well remember the County Match between Derbyshire and Lancashire on 2nd June being Snowed off.
  7. We had two Bromptons on Helvetia, and I used mine regularly for lock wheeling. It is true that the ride could be a bit uncomfortable on very bumpy towpaths, but not often so bad for me to get of and push. The biggest problem was if the towpath grass had not been cut for a long time. With the chain only being about six inches off the ground, long grass could get caught between the chain and the rear sprocket, causing either slipping or jamming, that is when I did have to get off and walk.
  8. Roger went semi-retired a few years ago, what that means is that he works a shorter day and only does hull repairs and conversions. Recently, a regular long term past customer pleaded with him to build another hire boat, but he declined.
  9. And, conversely, the Hancock and Lane Tripboat that I used to steer had a square back end!!
  10. The acoustic Folk Band (Saturday and Sunday) were excellent, and no problem hearing them without and amplification. I also met a lot of old friends who I had not seen for three years.
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