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  1. One of my regulars in the 1960's, when it was just "the Shovel". They changed the name to the Malt Shovel quite recently, but it was recorded as "The Malt Shovel" in the 1851 and 1871 censuses
  2. I am sure I successfully used them with Hep20, but cannot remember which grab rings I used. However, as you know, we had four (five?) different versions of Hep20 fittings on Helvetia (including the original brown Acorn fittings), and there were certainly at least two different styles of grab ring, using either type seemed to make no difference to performance. Until recently I had a box of spares with all types in it, but gave them away, did you have them or did they go to Richard?
  3. B&Q still sell Polyplumb fittings which are also compatible with the older style Hep20 :- https://www.diy.com/search?term=polyplumb
  4. It is still possible to buy a limited range of fittings which are compatible with the old Hep20 fittings at Tool Station page 127 of their current catalogue :-https://www.toolstation.com/elbow/p11031
  5. No you haven't. But I think the point that Jennifer is making is that some posters resort to personal insult rather than marshall a good counter arguement, which does not contribute to the debate.
  6. Yes, I had not even noticed that at the time, but thinking about it, you are correct. The one thing I do remember is the locks being wider than normal single locks (about 8ft 6ins from memory) and not being able to cross the lock over the boat to open the second bottom lock when descending, and having to walk all the eay round the lock to open it.
  7. On reflection, How was this "feedback" obtained? Was a poll conducted to determine whether the forum should include a Political and Current Affairs Forum, or was a decision made by the admin team, based upon the lobbying of a vociferious minority? As six of the eight threads started in the Political & Current Affairs forum, since it was introduced, have been started by the same person, perhaps it should be re-named the "Parahandy Soapbox" forum.
  8. I will not be participating in the poll as it is asking the wrong questions, which should not be about Political threads in themselves, rather than the content of some political threads, which at times can be both unpleasant and offensive.
  9. I would expand that statement to read "The proliferation of political, or politically inspired threads from a small number of unpleasant members who have little of no interest in canals or boats is annoying" I seldom. if ever bother to open any thread started (almost daily) by one particular idividual, as I know it will invariably have serious racist or xenophobic undertones. Whilst I have no problem with the discussion of political issues in principal, it seems that most of the political threads are invariably started by individuals with an extreem right wing philospophy, which does not reflect the views of most of those member who I have met, and as MTB suggests could be the reason why many previously enthusiastic and useful members no longer participate.
  10. Yes all is ok now. What appears to have happened is that after it's restoration, my VNC page had changed to the expanded version, which I have changed back to condensed. I was not previousl;y aware thar there were two versions,.
  11. Someone has obviously been messing about with the "View New Content" page, as the layout has changed.
  12. View new content not working on my computer, anyone else having problems?
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. I always used to push a one litre plastic milk bottle over the top of mooring pins. Not only are they very clearly visible, they also afforded some physical protection if someone brushed against them.
  15. The last time we went through Harecastle Tunnel, the southern end the Tunnel Keeper was Ivor Batchelor, and he was both helpful and friendly.
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