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David Schweizer

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    Bradford on Avon
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    General Joinery, Cabinet Work, and Restoring Antique Furniture.
    Collecting and researching the history. of old Woodworking Tools,
    Agricultural, Social, and Industrial History.
    Canal History
    Genealogical Research.

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    Formerly Helvetia, Sadly now with new owners

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  1. David Schweizer

    Trendy (?) Mrs May !!!

    You just don't get it do you? it is nothing to do with gender. Mrs May is a Politician, and also Prime Minister, polticians, and in particular those in higher office have always been subjected to humerous ridicule, irrespective of gender. It is just more noticeable because very few women have been afforded higher office. but that will also change in time.
  2. David Schweizer

    So What Happened To The Forum Last Night ?

    Question - Why is this thread appearing twice in "New Content" ? I also seem to be getting three copies of the "Brexit" Thread Edited:- This very odd, the second thread has diasapeared, and there is now onoly one "Brexit" thread
  3. David Schweizer

    Steel quality and origin

    I hope that was intended to be a joke. There are actually more than ten generic European Standards for steel , with something like seventy sub-catagories within those standards. Some will be more appropriate for boat building than others.
  4. David Schweizer

    Shurflo water pump

    Most of the Shurflo pumps problems which people report seem to relate to the newer 41xx series mk11 Aquaking models, which replaced the older, and more reliable, 20xx series, which are no longer available. Except they are still available, and are marketed for caravans and Motor homes as the Shurflo 2095 Trail King.
  5. David Schweizer

    Shurflo water pump

    Anyone who claims that, has either not actually done it themselves, or have been careless with the repair. Two items routinely fail on the Shurflo pump, the diaphragm, and the pressure switch. A diaphragm repair kit can be bought for about 30% of the cost of a new pump, and the pressure switch usually just needs removing and any limescale gently brushed off. Both jobs take less than an hour (including removal and reinstatement) . The other issue which some people report is leaking, which is also cured with a new diaphragme kit. I have heard that the newer Shurflo pumps are less reliable, but both the pumps I had on Helvetia were the older 2088/2095 models and were more than twenty years old. I always kept a spare serviced pump on the boat for immedaite replacement, along with a couple of repair kits
  6. David Schweizer

    Trendy (?) Mrs May !!!

    From Today's Guardian :-
  7. David Schweizer

    Ducks in a cage

    Only if you keep your racist views to yourself, and do not commit any act which is motivated by your racist views.
  8. David Schweizer

    Ducks in a cage

    The keeping of poultry is covered by the Animal Welfare Act, but it's rules are open to interpretation. The main one which can be considered to cover the caging of poultry is that they must be "..free to express normal behaviour, and that sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind should all be provided". The OP does not indicate the size of the cage other than it is small, which suggests that it may not be large enough for the ducks to display normal behaviour. There may also be local By-Laws covering the keeping of Poultry. Putting poultry into small cages for transportation is normal, but we tend not to buy live poultry except at agricultural markets, wheres the French still appear to want to buy live birds at market.They have to be transported to market, which would explain them being in small cages.
  9. David Schweizer

    Rabbit, .........., rabbit, ..........another one gone..

    No. People from those three Broroughs have a similar accent ,apart from which, and I would say that Cath does not have a noticeably London Accent. I was actually suggesting that there is a noticeable difference between a North London accent and a Cockney Accent, not between three adjoining boroughs.
  10. David Schweizer

    Rabbit, .........., rabbit, ..........another one gone..

    Where did you get that from? Chas Hodges came from Edmonton, and Dave Peacock came from Enfield, Neither of which are in Tottenham. Admittedly all three are in North London, but the accent from that part of London is easily distinguished from Cockney by this native North West Londoner.
  11. David Schweizer

    First Frost

    We had a frost in Wiltshire overnight. I had to move a car this morning and there was still some ice on the windscreen at 8am despite the sun having been on it for half an hour.
  12. David Schweizer

    Rabbit, .........., rabbit, ..........another one gone..

    Perhaps all the professional Northeners choosing to make observations about the way Southerners pronounce vowels should listen a litte more carefully. Unlike Northeners who truncate their vowels, we do nor place an "r" behind a single "a" in a word, we extend the vowel. something which becomes more pronounced the further west you travel. To use the example put forward by a couple of poster, Bathonians do not say "Barth" they say "Ba-a-th". Other regional variations include Bristolians adding the letter "l" after words which end with a sounded vowel, so for example "idea" becomes "ideal", area, becomes "areal", "camera" becomes "cameral" etc.
  13. David Schweizer

    Rabbit, .........., rabbit, ..........another one gone..

    Yes That would be the one, What the Thunderbirds lacked in blues ability they made up with over confidence, almost trying to take over, rather than supposrt a great artist. By the end ot the session it was fairly obvious that Sonny Boy was less than impressed with their performance. Have you found an y reference to him playing at Uxbridge , it would have been mid October 1964.
  14. David Schweizer

    Rabbit, .........., rabbit, ..........another one gone..

    Not good on regional accents then Gareth? Personally I find that regional accents help to define a person rather than encourage me want to ridicue their diction. Your observations would suggest that you speak with true a BBC English accent, or do you have a regional accent which is unintelligible to peope from outside the area where you were raised?
  15. David Schweizer

    Rabbit, .........., rabbit, ..........another one gone..

    Sorry but Chas Hodges does (did) not have a Cockney accent, his accent was North London. which is noticeable different.

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