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David Schweizer

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    Bradford on Avon
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    General Joinery, Cabinet Work, and Restoring Antique Furniture.
    Collecting and researching the history. of old Woodworking Tools,
    Agricultural, Social, and Industrial History.
    Canal History
    Genealogical Research.

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    Formerly Helvetia, Sadly now with new owners

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  1. David Schweizer

    Rubbish Pipex Email server.

    Yes, that thought had occured to me.
  2. David Schweizer

    Rubbish Pipex Email server.

    I have just googled n=my question and came up with this page :- https://www.broadbandchoices.co.uk/ask-our-expert/can-i-keep-my-old-email-address-ask-our-expert It would appear that TalkTalk will enable me to collect emails for up to 12 months, but whether that applies to their Pipex accounts is not stated. Personally I do not trust TalkTalk so would probably move all my contacts to gmail, just in case. P.S. my email seems to be working again, after I emailed them, (from GMail) but they have not replied yet, I doubt that they will!!
  3. David Schweizer

    Rubbish Pipex Email server.

    And the question I asked 20 minutes ago?
  4. David Schweizer

    Rubbish Pipex Email server.

    Well it is all happening again, I have been unable to send or receive any emails for more than 24 hours, and on top of that they have recently informed me that my Pipex "Internet Only" cost is increasing to £27 a month at the end of February. I am now wishing that I got rid of Pipex last August, but after my last complaint, it suddenly restored itself, and became quite reliable. This time I am definitely going to dump them, and am looking at Plusnet who still do an "Internet Only" deal for half the monthly fee that Pipex will be charging. One question. I have been told that you can now retain your email address, even if you change internet provider, is that correct advice?
  5. David Schweizer

    Partially incontinent Shurflo 403-444

    That is a Shurflo Trail King designed primarily for use in mobile homes etc. and it is still available, as are the neccessary parts to repair it if you are so inclined :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR2.TRC0.A0.H0.XShurflo+Trail+King+.TRS0&_nkw=Shurflo+Trail+King+&_sacat=0 We had one on our boat and it is virtually identical to the much more expensive Aqua King version, which is the one always sold in chandlerys, quite inapropriately, because the Aqua King is designed to be protected from salty water!!
  6. David Schweizer

    Historic waterways pictures

    The B488 (Station Road) from Ivinghoe goes over the canal and on to Cheddington, where it continues to Horton as Horton Road. The road which turns left off at this point is a continuation of Station Road, passing the entrance to Cheddington Station where, coincidentally, my Grandmother's Father was Station Master.
  7. David Schweizer

    Historic waterways pictures

    But did that matter Alan? They surely named it after the nearest identifiable place, irrespective of how far away it was by road. If you look at the names of some old railway stations, particularly in rural areas, they could often be several miles from the place they are named after.
  8. David Schweizer

    cloudy diesel

    I have also experienced Diesel bug blocking the filter, many years ago on a hire boat, but that was before it was a serious problem in narrow boats, and before the ready avaiability of treatments. To be honest if I was as foolish adventurous enough to attempt a sea voyage in a narrow boat, I would have undertaken a number of precautions, including having the tanks inspected or cleaned beforehand.
  9. David Schweizer

    cloudy diesel

    I often wonder why people become so obsessed with the diesel in their tank, although after the introduction of bio diesel I did add Marine 16 when re fuelling. Our boat was 35 years old when we sold it, it had a pair of linked integrated steel tanks with no sumps, no drain plugs, and no inspection hatches, so there was no way we could inspect the fuel, except when I changed the fuel filter. That was always a clean pink liquid looking exactly the same as diesel which went into the tanks. The take off pipe was about two inches off the bottom of the tank, and I expect there was a layer of sludge in the bottom of the tanks, but as long as it didn't get to the engine why worry?
  10. David Schweizer

    GU tree down

    Lovely Place!
  11. David Schweizer

    The Deisel Engine in narrowboats

    If you have an interest in engines used in Narrowboats, may I suggest that you try and precure a copy of this book by Kevin Whittle I am not sure whether copies are still available but you could try contacting Kevin. Last known address :- 1 Sytch Lane, Waters Upton, Shropshire, TF6 6NT. Last known email address :- [email protected]
  12. David Schweizer

    Jam 'Ole Run

    Good photos Derek, but a bit after my time, I left London for Birmingham in 1971. Pisces, the boat I was associated with, was moored the other side of the bridge for a number of years but I am not sure whether it was there in the early 1980's. You may well know it as the "Malt Shovel", but it was just "The Shovel" in the 60's. In fact your first photo still shows the original signage on the side of the pub that I remember, the word "Malt" was added to the pubs name much later. Below is a Photo taken in 1955, not too many years before my first patronage!
  13. David Schweizer

    Jam 'Ole Run

    Is that the Shovel at Cowley Lock? That was one of our regular watering holes with a resident Pianist at weekends.
  14. David Schweizer

    Jam 'Ole Run

    When I started Willow Wren had a sizeable fleet carrying grain to Wellingborough, British Waterways were delivering lime juice to Roses at Hemel Hempstead and Blue Line were still delivering coal to Southall, along with a number of small independants trading between Birmingham and London. Joe and Rose Skinner had retired to a small house at Hawkesbury by then, but still sleeping on Friendship. I met them several times, even spending an evening with them in a pub in Leicester.
  15. David Schweizer

    Jam 'Ole Run

    We try to get to the Braunston Rally every year, and whilst there are a lot of new faces. I usually meet quite a few people I remember from the working boat days in the 1960's.

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