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    General Joinery, Cabinet Work, and Restoring Antique Furniture.
    Collecting and researching the history. of old Woodworking Tools,
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  1. Probably not a good idea at the moment given the reported pound levels.
  2. Those spaces often get filled a few days before the Rally starts, so keep an eye out for suitable spaces on your way down, just in case you have to turn and moor a bit further out. If you decide to try the Puddle Banks, they could be full, it may be possible to moor beyand the official 14 day moorings , but you may need a long plank, and some shears to cut back vegetation. I have moored there in the past. If notbe prepared to continue and turn at Wolfhampcote, there us usually some space near the winding hole. Do not be decieved by apparent bankside space between the Puddle Banks and Woolhampcote, the canal sides comprises of large stone slabs layed at 45degrees under the water.
  3. That is a rather simplistic and naive attitude. Smoking causes a number of conditions most of which will lead to the death of the person contracting one od those conditions. I contracted Bladder Cancer because of smoking, and only had about a year left before it could have spread throughout my body, fortunately it was caught in time ans some radical (life changing) surhgery saved me,. So please forgive me if I get upset about people who spout off whithout any informed knowledge of the facts
  4. No need to do that. Your coal carrying was back in the days before we knew all the consequences of burning fossil fuels for domestic and industrial heating.
  5. I agree, I have noticed that more mail order companies (particularly in the hardware industry) are using re-cyled paper packing rather than bubble wrap, and only today Boots have announced that they are changing over to using only paper bags instead of plastic ones. Yes a small gesture, but it all contributes to a greener environment without any significant inconvenience to the consumer. I in turn will retain most of the paper and bags for re-use.
  6. An old trick in the past, when selling older cars with side valve engines which were getting a bit "loose" Some people were even known to add sawdust to try and hide the knock of worn crankshaft bearings.
  7. Is there any update on the Braunston Locks restrictions? I am surprised the top pound is low, it is usuallly brimming full after heavy rain, and we have had a lot in the past few weeks,
  8. Yes it was, or "Bo" as the boys used to call him - apparently shortened from "Bosun". Dennis Jewiss was a good friend of our captain, also a Dennis.
  9. As no one has started a thread on any of the boats which have started to arrive for this year's rally, together with and those which are expected to attend, I am starting this thread in anticipation.
  10. We often accompanied the William to IWA Rallies. In 1971 on the last day of the Northampton rally we received a message that the river was in flood, and we needed to make a swift escape. Here are a couple of photos of the William being coaxed under a sluice lock gate after we had helped them remove roof top equipment (including the water tank!!)
  11. You clearly have little knowledge of the symptoms of dementia. Like Alan I watched a close relative slowly decline with dementia, and It has nothing to do with long term memory loss, which can remain intact for a long lime, It is short term memory failure, which characterises dementia together with a gradual change in personality. They certainly still had it last year, and I know where they moor it.
  12. If you met her, as many of us have, you would realise immediately that she is suffering from dementia. The problem is that she always looks amazing, which detracts from awareness of her illness.
  13. Aynho and Ayr were used for carrying piling and Lock Gates in the 1970s, operated by Billy Brown and Dolly Dakin (and her 13? children!!)
  14. From recollection, I believe that a number of independant carriers were used on the last days of the Lime Juice run, including Three Fellows and Tam and Di Murrel.
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