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    General Joinery, Cabinet Work, and Restoring Antique Furniture.
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  1. Most of the books in my library are too specialized (or out of print) to ever appear on Kindle. I also find Kindle difficult to read, and you cannot slip hand written notes into Kindle.
  2. My comments were not about the books, but the dramatised versions of them. To be honest I have not read a fiction book for something like fifty years, so the suggestion to read a "Hitchiker's guide to the Galaxy" book is unlikely to be pursued. I have book cases full of books, but they are all reference works, which I both read and consult on a regular basis. Most people would probably find them boring, but we are not all the same.
  3. It isn't that I dont want to like it, the problem is the hammy acting and poor unconvincing sets that detract from any advantages the script might have. Perhaps listening to it on the radio could have been much better. I think of programmes like the Goons who were funny on radio, but would not have transferred to TV very well (if at all).
  4. I suppose it depends upon individual preferences. I have just watched some BBC clips on You Tube, and the acting is almost amateur, was it a children's programme?
  5. I have heard of HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy. but have never watched it. Cosequently Marvin The Paranoid Android is a mystery to me, Thanks anyway.
  6. Forgive me for being thick, but who are we talking about? I can only think of three famous Marvins and two of them (Marvin Gay and Lee Marvin) are already dead, and I cannot find any mention anywhere on line about the only remainiong one, Hank Marvin dying, so who is "Marvin"?
  7. I was once advised by a marine surveyor to only use compression fittings on plastic waste pies on our boat, as they are the only type which will nopt come apart in use but can be dismantled if needed.. To be honest Alan, plastic waste pipes and fittinge are so cheap, it may be easier in the long run to replace the whole lot with new ones, which is what I ended up doing.
  8. The wiring on our old boat, built in 1982, complied with what I believe was standard UK automotive practice at the time. ie brown for all negatives and various different colours for positive supplies. It was very neatly conduited in spiral wrap and was easy to understand.
  9. A few weeks ago I was at Bradford on Avon Station with Jan, who was waiting for the delayed Newport train, when "Union of South Africa" came through, hauling three coaches. Quite a treat for me as the Gresley A4's are my favourite non GWR mainline locos. There was no announcement over the PA and only one solitary photographer who had been hanging around the station for a while.
  10. Avoncliffe aquduct, is also technically a viaduct as well as an aqueduct, as it carries a road wide enough to transport a horse and cart on one side, and an equally wide road on the other side which used to carry a tramway from the underground Westwood stone quarry.
  11. Which makes his statement even more inaccurate, as there are 29 continuous locks at Tardebigge.
  12. My first reaction would be to ask how the measurement was taken, and have it checked. Unless it was built more than forty years ago, I doubt that it would be over 7ft wide. Our old boat was built in 1982 and was a tad over 7ft wide over the top guard irons. We travelled fairly widely and the only place which we could not negotiate was the entarnce lock onto the Llangollen.
  13. Oh yes he did. 25minutes in he said "It still boasts the longest continuous flight of locks in the country" Tardebigge with it's 30 locks is also a quarter of a mile longer, so wrong on both counts. And that does not include the six locks immediately below Tardebigge bottom lock, wheras the Caen Hill 29 locks includes five below the main flight.
  14. Dan Snow also stated that Caen Hill was the longest flight of locks in the UK. I seem to remember there being more locks on the Tardebigge Flight. Perhaps he meant to say double locks.
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