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  1. Bristol floating harbour

    No, It's just you they don't wan't. Seriously, why don't you phone the Harbour Master for mor information :- https://www.bristol.gov.uk/documents/20182/0/Bristol+Harbour+-+Information+for+boaters/7d385665-47b9-4013-8458-e4ea6ef70d6e
  2. Earthquake

    We felt and heard it here in West Wiltshire, It was more like a Gas explosion followed by several smaller ones, and the windows all shook. We regularly get noisy vibrations from Army tank excercises on Salisbury Plain, but this was much bigger and much louder.
  3. Canalside cratch cover repairers

    Yes they are usually busy, but if it is only a small replair, may I suggest that you visit them (don't phone) and ask very nicely, they may well agree to do the repair while you wait ,or agree a day. They have done that for me several times , but I always bought my covers from them, so I was a "returning custiomer".
  4. Fishing People Fish with Respect

    Really? I was told about the prize money to be won in angling competions by an angler several years ago. A quick google produced an Angling Times article from 2017 which identifies four contests with prize money ranging from £12,000 to £70,0000. Admittedly the competitors have to go through a series of eliminating matches, but the big money is certainly there.
  5. Pigeon/Dog box finish

    It will if it is Polyeurethane, which degrade in UV light. Proper exterior varnish will last several years before requiring re-coating.
  6. Audlem Gathering of Historic Boats 2018

    I have long believed that one of the issues with the Historic Narrowboat Club is that it uses the wrong derivitive of the word "History" in it's Title. The word "Historic" means that something is famous, important or significant, which could well include boats such as Newbury, Newdigate, Hadar, and Stokie, all of which were built specifically as fully operational working boats but later than 1960. To exclude boats of significance but of more recent build, the correct word should be "Historical" which relates to objects or events in the past.
  7. Fishing People Fish with Respect

    Whilst there are still genuine recreational fishermen who enjoy the sport and treat the envirrionment with respect, an increasing number, especially those that you see every evening and weekend, are no longer doing it for recreation, but in the hope of winning substantial prize money. Angling Contests are no longer about skill, but about the potential to win thousands of pounds.
  8. Audlem Gathering of Historic Boats 2018

    That Leopard has changed it's spots several times. I joined the founding organization in 1966 as a group member when the title was "Narrowboat Owners Club" No mention of Historic and as far as I am aware, it retained that name for at least twenty years.
  9. Pigeon/Dog box finish

    For durability there are really ony two options, Yacht Varnish, or Le TonkinoisVarnish . I certainly would not go for an oil finish, it will end up looking dirty in no time as it attracts moss etc.
  10. "Plain Text" Edit View

    Could someone please explain what this thread is about, and do I need to know??
  11. 'Vollockies' versus Lock Keepers

    The problem is that the Paid Lock Keepers were full time employees of BW/C&RT and carried a level of Proffessional Authority, wheras the Voluntary Lock keepers are unpaid and part time, often only one day a week with no weekends, and many of them have less experience than the boaters they are trying to manage. Whilst most of them are good, I have also come across a fair bit of incompetence and lack of knowledge amongs some of them.
  12. London gets tough

    The organizations which can grant themselves non development Planning Consent are known as "Statutory Undertakers", and I think you will have to go back to either the 1990 or even the 1969(?) Town and Country Planning Act for a definition. I seem to recall that the legistion was very complicated, so I will not even try to explain it.
  13. London gets tough

    I had access to the information when I was Clerk to the Local Council, but that was more than fifteen years ago, and they were passed on to my successor. However, the Town and Country Planning Order seems to come to mind. It may also be referenced in one of the earlier Waterways Acts, but I disposed of all my copies some years ago. Your Local Planning Officer should know.
  14. London gets tough

    Yes, Permitted Development is something comletely different. A number of "Public" bodies (including BW) have (had) the legal right to award themselves Planning Consent without reference to the Planning Authority in the event of what they consider to be an emergency or urgent. It is how British Rail managed to demolish uneconomic Victorian Railways Station buildings without Listed Building Consent, because they declared them to be a danger to the public. The usual proceedure was to declare the building unsafe just before midnight on a Saturday, and move the bulldozers in before 1am on the Sunday morning resulting in the building beig tortally demolished by the time the world had awoken from it's slumbers. They did exactly that with Trowbridge Station near me some years ago, and did the same with many more. For what it is worth, some years ago BW tried to use it's planning powers to make material alterations to the Frome Road Wharf building in Bradford-on-Avon when I worked there as a volunteer for the K&A Trust. Whilst they had moved their equipment onto the site, they were a bit slow, and I contacted the local Planning Officer, who I knew well,before they had started, and she was down there within fifteen minutes to stop them. They subsequently submitted a Listed Building Planning Application which was refused.
  15. London gets tough

    Can I throw another spanner in the works? As the boards from which the structure was made were displaying the name of an Estate Agency, and the area covered was bigger than the permitted dimensions, the structure was also in breach of Planning Regulations, and as such could be removed by the Planning Authority without any notice at all. Assuming that C&RT inherited the old BW entitlement to award itself Planning Consent in urgent cases, they may well have used those poweres if they considered the structure to be a danger to the public.