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  1. My guess would be that the TV aerial has been replaced by a Radio Amateur's array.
  2. and also a DMV. (Deserted Medieval Village)
  3. Only a single leaf, but this is in the area of Weesp last year.
  4. Plenty of water around Weesp, which is very near Amsterdam. The waterways around there have been enlarged and altered quite a bit, but it is entirely possible that this bridge was in this part of the Netherlands.
  5. Looks like The Netherlands, but so much choice there that I have no idea!
  6. Ladyline took over Braunston's Blue Line as well as operating in Market Drayton. I think they were responsible for the expansion there as I can remember the new building going up in the early 80s. The new name board stuck out like a sore thumb. IWA Magazine carried their adverts regularly.
  7. Bursens are Belgian Organ builders. They were still building in the 70s and may well still be. Hoboken is close to Antwerp and several of their organs are known to have been sold to English buyers.
  8. Even more rolled knees from the Hartshill Iron/steelworks. Many of the Grand Union fleet have them apparently, not dependent on builder.
  9. " I have yet to come across such traffic, though" Longford and Baddesley were the principal loading points for Coal for Croxley and London during the Second World War. Trainees like Moira Strachan illustrated above, often cycled from Baddesley to the Office at Suttons to find out where they were due to load rather than get to Longford and have to return to Baddesley when travelling the Bottom Road back from Brum.
  10. "The Coventry Gasworks was called Foleshill, and the boats were loading coke in the foreground, not coal. " Think you might be confusing Longford and Foleshill. These boats are loading coal at Longford.
  11. I understand there is a memorial to some more IWT personnel beside the Caledonian Canal which was operated by them at this time.
  12. Although the IWT had a depot at Aldershot and the article in the 'Great War' Magazine from 1918 is very careful to not name any locations which might be of use to the enemy, especially Richborough, I understand that the training camp was at Longmoor, IWT being a Railway branch of the RE. The sign at the far right of Pluto's picture is headed GWR. I am sure this set of 9 photos has been discussed before on the Forum and I have always believed, as I still do, that the canal is near Devizes. Anyone who has attempted to access the wonderful pictures in the Imperial War Museum Archives will know that they are not at all user friendly and in this case they too do not disclose the location.
  13. Devizes. Series of photos now found in the Imperial War Museum Archives, but probably originally taken for a magazine.
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