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  1. I will have to have a look Zac. I should have it somewhere in the pile of tapes. Will have a search for it and see if I can still watch it before I try and copy it. I had to really work on the production team to get a free copy by asking for a fee for my appearance at the same cost of them trying to sell me one!
  2. Not sure if that is the point, given all the comments about photoshop etc, but Tardebigge is not taking on water in Gas Street in this photo. It is close to where Mrs Farmer's Bridge formerly passed over the cut by the top Lock of the 13. The Cambridge Street Bridge gives that away.
  3. Northamptonshire. Sparrows were also spadgers.
  4. But that is also the way I would use the words. A sliver (as in liver, etc) is a very thin small piece and a sliver (as in another similar word, skiver - leather workers term I believe rather than a lazy person) in the textile trades.
  5. Europe was built in 1974 I think. It's first trip in and around Brum was to promote the European Union. Because of that it was 'launched' the other side of the Bar Lock by Edward Heath. I helped with the fit out, was present at the 'Launch' and also helped by steering the dead boat down into Stratford when the engine broke its crankshaft half way down the South Stratford. The Ansells boat was definitely pre 70.
  6. I think 69 would have been a bit early for Britannia. There was a trip boat operating before 71 when we first discovered Gas St, operated by Ansells Brewery if I remember correctly, but I cannot recall the name. The last time I travelled on it was based near Brentford as we travelled from the Hanwell area into Brentford Lock. I remember discussing its history with the Steerer
  7. Don't remember ever taking it through any locks, but did a lot of journeys between Smethwick and Kings Norton, including Netherton Tunnel, both in the bar and as steerer. I believe it is known as Dove now.
  8. "The set included what I believe is my oldest canal photo!" Is that the trip boat Britannia, Tim?
  9. It was still possible to take boats into the Whitmore Arm into the early 60s as coal was delivered for the Museum boilers. The Big Freeze of 63 put an end to that as continuity of supple led to the powers that be converting the Museum boilers to oil firing.
  10. It appears to be Bill Brookes, who worked at the Museum, steering. We often came back up from the Museum backwards , as the nearest winding point going down was Aston Junction, all the other arms and wides being filled in or unusable.
  11. 8 from left Is Victoria. Hawkesbury and Sirius were normally on the other side of the Bar.
  12. Mid 70s because the buildings on the right were demolished by 77 and I didn't moor on that side of the Bar until 74 after the trip to London. I can see Bodmin, Otley, Victoria and, I think Bognor, but not sure of any more.
  13. My first thought was 'Hyperion', but we didn't appear there until after this was taken. Someone will know.
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