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  1. Boats used by the 'Idle Women'

    Thanks Pete. These films were often put together from several bits of original filming and Betty and Mary certainly had Vela for quite some time. Often what are quoted as 'New Trainees' were old hands who happened to be available when the film crew turned up.
  2. Boats used by the 'Idle Women'

    Well, not in my copy of that film Ray. but looks like Serpens and as I identified the crew in the first place I agree with you. Betty had Deimos and Vela mush of the time before she broke an ankle or leg and returned to the Bank. Kit Gayford and Monica Martin, (otherwise known as Frankie) also appear so the unidentified motor may be Battersea. Having looked again though it probably is Uttoxeter. Back to square one. I can see rivets.
  3. Boats used by the 'Idle Women'

    It is difficult to come up with a complete list of boats worked by the Canal Boatwomen Trainees as pairings and crews changed quite a lot during the 3 years they were in operation. In addition to those noted by Peter Harrison above, I can add BAINTON and SALTLEY, HYPERION and NEBULAE, HERCULES and CETUS, later HYPERION and CETUS, but note CETUS also worked with CERES with a different crew of Women. COROLLA and ASTRA(E)A PAVO replaced UTTOXETER after the V2 attack on City Road damaged Uttoxeter. I also have a film showing Trainees on SERPENS with an unidentified Motor, but have no other reference to that. The Captions in 'Troubled Waters' are notoriously inaccurate - ALCOR was a Fireboat so is unlikely to have been used for carrying and an author who is writing about Olga advises me not to put too much trust in anything she is supposed to have said. I knew Olga and tend to agree with him. None of the other Trainees I have spoken to have ever mentioned Cassiopeia as being one of theirs. It would help tremendously if someone could come up with more 'Manning Lists' from the quarterly reports kept by GUCCC!
  4. Grand Union books

    No idea about Arteries of Commerce - I only have the softback reprint, but the GU Canal is one of a number published by Canal Companies. I do not know how many, but I have the Leeds and Liverpool and the Aire and Calder as well as the GU. I am in the middle of a shelf rearrange at the moment so cannot lay my hands on the Aire and Calder, but I have that catalogued as 1937. One of the adverts in the GU one shows the Butty Tiverton, which was not built until early 37 according to the lists so the earliest date for that one has to be post February 37.
  5. Christopher James

    It spent quite a long time at Keays Yard before the Foulkes' bought it. It certainly had an AS3 in it at that time because I helped change the oil on it before the sale was completed.
  6. Place names

    In Northants it was Will's Mother, not Bill. but I had never heard of the Nen, only the Nene.
  7. Passing Place in a Lock

    Stover Canal Graving Dock appears to look very similar., although only on one side.
  8. Passing Place in a Lock

    There are dry docks built like this in mainland Europe, which actually operate above the working lock by raising the area temporarily, but I think this is really just a means of creating a reservoir for the next locks. Don't believe it is a passing place at all.
  9. Bottom Road

    The Bottom Road was specific to the Garrison, Minworth, Curdworth, Glascote and Atherstone route to the Coventry Coalfields. I have never encountered the term being used for the Oxford route. Knowle Locks are the Middle Road and the North Stratford the Top Road, rarely used because of the state of the cut during the latter years of carrying.
  10. 15 things you never knew about

    At one time the Canal Museum were in negotiations with the Ragdoll organisation over the boat/series, but nothing came out of this. however, Stoke Bruerne does have an Anderson Shelter on display, or certainly did recently.
  11. Idle Women Show

    I am probably biased, having seen the show develop over a couple of years but I think it improves with every performance and look forward to the next one I can attend.
  12. Cambrian Wharf

    This is neither cheap or easy to repair.
  13. Brunel's 'lost' bridge

    Yes Derek, it is Peacock. John kept a lot of his 'stuff' in the shed under the corner of the bridge. Last time I saw the metal bits of the bridge they were in Portsmouth but have no idea as to their current location(s).
  14. Water Wanderer

    Someone on here will be able to confirm this is Water Rambler - it has been discussed in this forum before but I am not familiar with the search facility. Plenty of images exist of Rambler and I believe that this is indeed it.