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  1. Anyone have an idea of the painter of my hand bowl brought a few years ago at the Historic Narrowboat Club auction.
  2. Thanks Dave Moore and David Mack for your replys are now sorted with Bee .?
  3. Hi Does anyone know where I may be able to get two replacment BCN gauge plates cast for Ex FMC England. I would like to fit the last set issued to her which was No2011 when last gauged by the BCN company in 18.03.1938. Thanks.
  4. Are tempted to but a bid in. If its still for sale when I get back in the Uk.
  5. Ya we put in a stop lever for emergency stopping of the engine on edge of the step in the boatmans cabin see photo. The red paint I use is Rylard enamel.
  6. Yes it is solid Brass. Saw it by chance so brought straightaway. See photo.
  7. Finally came arcoss a brass rocker cover for the FR2.
  8. The trick I do with mine is when I stop it after a long run I work the levers up and down to free them off. Otherwise the ccarbon build up causes them jam or not seal correctly.
  9. Lovely pair of boats tempted. Dont think the good wife would be to pleased.
  10. Like Rob -M said Smethwick is a tight fit came down with Scorpio on a Skiper Training Day two weeks a go fun when you have a blade full yards of material removed.
  11. H​I, We have had our 1953 FR2 16HP fitted to our narrow boat Alzark No2 for the last 25 years. I good motor for canals and Summer river levels. Have used for towing another 60 foot boat no problems. Cheers. Bitty
  12. Bitty


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