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  1. IIRC similar to how the electric tug in harecastle worked but for a while that also used the chain (wire rope actually i think) as one of the conductors for the power supply. springy
  2. Found these in my collection from 1989 springy
  3. No suggestions but a question - has it got to fit into the bed 'ole every day ? springy
  4. what pressure is in the accumulator, have you set it to the right pressure for your pump/switch springy
  5. looks like the one on a friends lpws3, IIRC the panel is a VDO item badged/manufactured for lister petter - so maybe a l-p parts supplier could help springy
  6. BCLM moorings are right hand end where the map is marked "Dudley Canal", sanitary station opposite, BCLM admission can be paid at DCT building rather than going all the way round to the main entrance. springy
  7. I have now found the image I was thinking of and its not the location. The images are from "Lesser Known Coalmines of the Cannock Chase Coalfield" - one of a series of books from the Cannock Chase Mining Historical Society (17 books according to the list - maybe more by now). There are many photos and map sections showing other colliery wharves but I have not found a match for the OP's image, well worth a look for anyone interested in the northern BCN. springy
  8. Flue outlet for a gas fridge - is the gas (3 way) fridge still fitted ? beaten to it by pearley springy
  9. Drilling Square holes :- Animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5AzbDJ7KYI Aluminium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjckF0-VeGI springy
  10. Ruston 2VSO ex 10RB excavator £250 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rushton-Hornsby-10RB-2-Cylinder-Excauvator/353058677997?hash=item5233efe4ed:g:vagAAOSwroheoFJ8 springy
  11. The top, flue box, firebricks & grate I would expect, what happened to the foot ? springy
  12. There should be four - top to side plates, two 2"- 3" from the front and two 2"- 3" from the back. N.B. Fulbourne's site has an excellent full set of rebuild pictures. http://www.fulbourne.org.uk/index.php/miscellaneous/miscellaneous-2 springy
  13. Can you split the plug - if it contains any components other than a fuse or led indicator then replacing it with just a three pin plug is not an option, and that plug appears to have a more complex shape than just a simple cigarette plug. might just be the moulding they had handy but I wouldn't be surprised if there was something more inside it. springy
  14. I wondered if it could be the terminus of the Sneyd & Wyrley Bank branch (cheslyn hay/upper landywood) - I have seen some images somewhere but unable to find anything at the moment, but for the most part the Cannock Extension tends to be level or above its surroundings, whereas this image has the canal below its surroundings. https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17&lat=52.65555&lon=-2.03941&layers=6&b=1 not convinced but a possibility springy
  15. Pages 127 - 129 (Chapter 23 - Harecastle Tunnels) of L.T.C. Rolt's "Narrowboat" have a description of his passage behind the electric tug, and of ballasting Cressy down to give adequate clearance under the overhead power line. The description suggests a single conductor overhead and the motion achieved by a winch picking up a "second cable" laid in the bed of the canal, and paying it back out astern. He also mentions "Vivid blue sparks" from the overhead conductor. A photograph published in Canal Boating Times, November 2015, has a fairly clear image of the tug showing a single overhead pickup. Another photograph published in "Narrowboats at Work", Michael E. Ware, 1980, shows , according to the caption, the Chatterly end of the tunnel and one of the original Battery powered tugs, the battery bank carried in a second boat towed behind the tug. On a slightly different note a pathe video https://www.britishpathe.com/video/electric-canals shows experiments with a two conductor overhead trolley on the Staffs & Worcester at Kidderminster. springy
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