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  1. marshmallows anyone ? springy
  2. ATV (now Central) 1972 interview with Ernie Thomas https://www.macearchive.org/films/atv-today-04121972-canal-millionaire-ernie-thomas several other interesting videos on the site as well springy
  3. AS2 (?) on sawbench https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stationary-engine-saw-bench/153686812041?hash=item23c872a589:g:jeEAAOSwrSpdZnIj springy
  4. Out of curiosity do any of the cables have a knot in them ? I've seen it done with all green/yellow - doubtless what was available, - green/yellow was positive and green/yellow with a knot in it was NOT positive ! springy
  5. HR3 with a rather odd gearbox, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lister-Marine-diesel-engine/264480472549?hash=item3d9443bde5:g:q2wAAOSwOANco8KY springy
  6. Grey paint on balance beams suggests they mean shropshire union rather than grand union, can't identify it though. springy
  7. nls link for old hill, 6", 1888-1913 - unfortunately there are 14 basins/lay by between windmill end and gosty - mostly clearly associated with collieries, no sign of fishers dock, https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=16.52130223556615&lat=52.4726&lon=-2.0577&layers=6&b=4 springy
  8. springy

    leaking fuel ?

    lift pump or injector pump ? the lift pump has a drain hole underneath it (almost impossible to see in situ) diesel from here is possibly the diaphragm leaking, it also has a rubber washer under the cap. springy
  9. Well worth looking at some of his other videos - lots of hidden and historical stuff in and around manchester, another drained lock, culverted rivers and railway tunnels including standedge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xbtXYAlKhc springy
  10. It sits wherever you like and a suitable length of tube carries the grease to the stern gland, just make sure you can turn the handle without loosing your knuckles, springy
  11. IIRC Ex FMC steamer Count was shortened and a 5L2 fitted to become the tug Enterprise - used to work with 6 "hampton" boats behind. springy
  12. Petter PJ3M & mechanical gearbox https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Petter-PJ3M-Marine-Engine-and-Gearbox/202638328975?hash=item2f2e2f848f:g:ILsAAOSwaAtciBSV springy
  13. springy

    Boat horn

    we did borrow one, but dutifully handed it at the southern portal, we were first through on that day and no one followed us in, besides my bugle playing is rubbish ! springy
  14. springy

    Boat horn

    went through about 12 months ago & were required to have a "powered" horn for emergency signals, a canister powered air horn was deemed acceptable springy
  15. springy

    Boat horn

    almost, - railway ones had B.R. moulded into the plastic, at least the one I have does ! same piece of kit - and yes bloody loud, but not acceptable for harecastle. springy
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