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  1. Calorifier leaking.

    1 Turn off Water Pump (if you have't already) 2 Turn on taps This will release any positive pressure in the domestic water system. The leaking fitting may well be one of these :- https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/store/category/1647/product/j27%2f15.aspx (Other suppliers may be nearer or cheaper) - if as you suggest it has been distorted then replacing the fitting is probably best I would expect (though not guarantee) the 15mm or 1/2" fittings on the calorifier to be "domestic water" i.e cold in, hot out to taps, while the heat exchange fittings are more likely to be 22mm or 3/4" i.e. feed & return from a heat source (engine or C.H.) You do need to identify whether the leak whether the leak is "domestic" or "heat exchange" as this makes a considerable difference to what needs to be drained. Can you locate a tank drain ? Does it go anywhere sensible or are you going to need a pump or aquavac of some sort to remove the drained water. If the leak is on the domestic then it should make the water pump run every so often. If the leak is on the heat exchange circuit the water should have antifreeze in it and you may need to drain the engine or C.H. as appropriate. springy
  2. The future of coal

    Ta for that JP - i hadn't realised we still used so much - effectively essential for the process. springy
  3. The future of coal

    AIUI Coke is/was one of the products of "the coal gassification" process i.e. the production of town gas, all of the volatilles have been driven off leaving a very light porous solid with a high carbon content and few impurities - as such it does burn clean but usually needs forced air to maintain the burn. It does burn hot and historically most would have been used in iron & steel making as it would not add impurities to the iron, important in the production of cast iron from a Blast Furnace and also when working iron in a forge. The coming of North Sea Gas and Electric Furnaces means that very little is now produced or used. springy
  4. Ebay vintage engine sales

    Kelvin P4R https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kelvin-P4R-Diesel-Marine-Engine/122952058327?hash=item1ca08385d7:g:vgAAAOSwD39aeGkz Sabb for spares https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sabb-Marine-Diesel-Boat-Engine-Spares-Or-Repair/183048707137?hash=item2a9e8d9c41:g:y8sAAOSwRE5acu8G springy
  5. Is my engine a 2.2 or 1.8

    Hi Billion Pics 2 & 4 certainly look like 1.8 to me, never had much to do with the 2.2, however IIRC the rocker cover on these engines is quite different - the 1.8 (& 1.5) usually have a pressed steel rocker cover with the oil filler in between the retaining bolts. wheras the 2.2 has the filler cap at one end outside span of the retaining bolts and appears to usually be cast alloy. A quick google for some images should allow you to identify it springy
  6. Metric rules

    I have worked on various bits of kit for the oil & gas industry - all of the "structural" bolting (brackets, supports etc) was metric, however all of the "process" bolting (pipe flanges, manways etc) was imperial thread specification but metric lengths ! springy
  7. 3/8 or 10mm gas pipe??

    My understanding is that they should be "Competant" to comply with BSS, but, for someone working on their own non residential boat, there are no other specific requirements. springy
  8. Towy

    Indeed - that's what the barrel of concrete is for on the crane springy
  9. Blowers Green

    Blowers Green Pumphouse has been used for a number of years by Dudley Canal Trust, presumably on some sort of lease or rental arrangement, now that they have the new buildings at the Tipton Portal they will probably have given C&RT notice that they wish to quit and C&RT are obliged to find another purpose/use for the land and Buildings. springy
  10. Accumulator tank

    Very slightly off topic but I would have expected the filter to be on the Inlet side of the pump. springy
  11. Seized Mushroom Vents

    Is there a Locknut ? It seems unusual for Brass to seize that solid on a large thread, and I added locknuts to mine to ensure that they could not be removed from the outside. springy
  12. Holed up on the Coventry today

    Cannock Extension this morning Springy
  13. I would also go for something like a rule 500 but also consider the area you're covering - the float switch will probably need a couple of inches to operate - if this is an area of two or three square feet (typical area under the stern gland) then the pump will probably only run for 30 secs to clear down to the "off" position, if however the float controlled area is large then a small pump may take an excessive time to cycle and a larger pump may be better. springy
  14. Wolverhampton Locks

    I like the 21, yes if you're the first through that day then low pounds are common, and you may well need to run some water down, but they're not particularly deep and the paddle gear & gates not particularly heavy, though lock 20 has a single bottom gate unlike the rest of the flight. I went through twice in september, both times met no traffic on the flight, both times around 2 1/2 hrs two handed (with pushbike). springy
  15. It relates to a high level pipe and thermo-syphon system but allows both outlets to be running uphill, if you connect the branch of the T to the outlet of the boiler and the two pipes out to radiators to either side of the main length of the T, then one will run uphill and one downhill except when the trim is just right when they will be level, fitting the one end of the running length to the boiler outlet allows the branch to be set at an angle and thus ensure an uphill run, adding an elbow to the other end of the running length of the T allows that outlet to also run uphill. It gets a bit bulky but achieves the desired result springy