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  1. or 25mm hole saw followed with a file springy
  2. Funeral is 3:15 Friday 8th March at Powke Lane, Rowley Regis Will be missed. springy
  3. The company was Perman & Co of London, started building boats 1904, associated with kromhout 1907 https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Perman_and_Co British made 3cyl https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/File:Im1933EnV156-p275.jpg springy
  4. springy

    Clockwork Starter

    spotted on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lister-TS-TR-Recoil-starter-motor-Marine-stationary-engine-Industrial/264196240432?hash=item3d8352b430:g:5VIAAOSwVbhcZTtG:rk:26:pf:0 springy
  5. the "round head" bolts are "cup square" usually - under the round head is a square section which locks into a square hole in the collar. inside the boat the other end will have a nut on it which must be removed to release the collar springy
  6. 9 links on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-Traditional-Working-Narrowboat-Chimney-Chain/173776644205?hash=item2875e5286d:g:DjYAAOSw~xtcWZsB:rk:68:pf:0 springy
  7. Three rods and a wheel usually - but the wheel only needs just over half a turn from off to full ! The clutch rod however does require fairly long arms springy
  8. It's listed in the events on the back of the most recent Boundary Post , presumably the website hasn't caught up yet springy
  9. a bit more digging found this https://madeinoldbury.co.uk/articles/ham-baker-co-ltd/ I presume its the same company produced the hatton paddle gear springy
  10. great photos, some good then & now pics of titford canal on this page https://madeinoldbury.co.uk/articles/titford-canal/ including a good shot of the shell depot at langley in 1920's with a clayton boat being unloaded and three more waiting springy
  11. The flight is very closely packed with only just over a boat length between each of the re-built 7, to make the volume (water capacity) between each chamber larger. the pound between each chamber is extended sideways and along the non-towpath side of the actual chamber, ending with the bywash weir - waterfall. Factory three is a similar layout but not quite as blatant, as are (IIRC) some of the top locks of the aston flight. Larger capacity in the pounds between each chamber means that drawing a lockfull off has less effect on the level in the pound. springy and the delph are a lovely flight
  12. perkins p4m & gearbox https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PERKINS-MARINE-ENGINE-P4M-AND-GEARBOX/292914697625?hash=item4433139599:g:yg8AAOSwL-xcOIg5:rk:90:pf:0 springy
  13. Yes the leather cup washer - very like the one in a bicycle pump, as has been said, starting from the retaining nut, next a smaller solid (brass) washer inside the cup, then the cup washer itself and finally there should be a larger washer behind the cup, smaller than the OD of the cup but only slightly. The cap nut should not have a seal as that is where air is drawn into the pump body on the up stroke, passing by the cup, to then splay the cup and be forced through the foot valve into the tank. springy
  14. Sometimes that sort of pump requires quite vigorous operation to gain enough pressure to properly splay the washer and form a seal. springy
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