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  1. Bee

    Water in the hold!

    Cruiser sterns are terrible for filling up with water, Semi trad less so but there's not much in it. Its poor design as many boatbuilders are really just fabricators. Anyway, you are where you are. Dry the thing out, check the engine for anti freeze or in fact any coolant at all, check the oil for water, carefully, remember, oil floats, turn it over cross you fingers and try it. You are dealing with a 'barn find' so it could be excellent or it could be u/s. In fact check everything that you can, new oil and filters, new grease, the lot. It could be a leaky stern tube and everything is OK. You just don't know and nor does the broker. Good luck.
  2. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    I'm not an overnight expert on Japanese car plants in the EU but surely if Japan has some sort of free trade deal with the EU and the UK hasn't that must mean that we cannot possibly compete with the EU on cars, components, or much else, 10 miles from here there is a great big Makita factory that makes tools, presumably that too is Japanese and can shift itself back to Japan. In fact it looks like Japan has negotiated a deal with the EU that looks a lot like the customs union that the brexit true believers see as some sort of enslavement.
  3. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    We're all going to move to Australia and start a really big row.
  4. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    Just a couple of small points about Honda, Global companies have been careful not to get involved in domestic politics, Japanese companies would see it as impolite to get down with the mudslinging. Also it might have occurred to them that trying to flog Honda cars to the UK could be that much more difficult if they become some sort of hate figure with half the population. Anyway, in a post brexit world any disaster will be blamed on brexit, just like in the pre brexit world everything was blamed on the EU. Some people are still blaming the EU for everything from neo liberalism to - well everything under the sun really.
  5. Bee

    Dunkirk Little Ships, Elf & Safety

    Hmmm, sometimes the Daily Mail just likes to find stories to outrage people ( I know, its hard to believe but its true) I guess this really only applies to boats that go to sea with fare paying passengers. Can't be that many of them. Still, I hope they can find a way to work around this.
  6. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    Honda, I imagine that Honda have a combination of reasons for closing the Swindon plant but it does show that companies can and will close a huge operation, stick all the plant in lorries and cart the whole thing off to somewhere else leaving a wasteland. That fool Boris Johnson who supposedly said f*** business should take note as should many others driven by political dogma - left and right.
  7. Yay! another referendum! I love arguments!
  8. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    I think the answer is that nobody knows. Just like everything else that is happening. Living, travelling, health care, driving, buying, selling, moving stuff across borders, nobody has the faintest idea. In our case its boating on the European canals, I see Porsche is saying customers might have to pay a 10% 'bond' for their cars (damn, their goes the second car) but despite all this time having past nobody knows anything. The 'Transition period' is the only hope that any sensible conclusions can be reached but judging by the past few years I'm not betting on it.
  9. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    And that is a very good question. In fact why, in a market/ capitalist economy whose supporters believe with an almost religious fervour that capitalism will regulate itself to provide does it fail to? The boneheaded end of the socialist spectrum and the crazed wing of the right (Like Moggs Patrick Minford) truly believe that if only they could have a pure form of their faith then they would be proved right. In fact both those extremes look a lot like the mad arguments of Brexit., Mogg / Boris / Fox,/Farage etc. Mad, the lot of them. Mad.
  10. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    That reminds me of a argument I had in a pub in the 1980's Friend of mine was enthusiastic over some Thatcherite dogma regarding the service industry, Wasn't quite so enthusiastic when the midlands metal bashing place he worked for closed.
  11. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    That leaves a big hole in Swindon. Car manufacturing is having a tough time but does Honda actually make a lot of diesels? I honestly don't know. Anyway if you have an industry that is treading carefully because of difficult trading conditions it certainly doesn't help to turn this country into the economic laughing stock of the world - and this idiocy will not just go away if Mays 'deal' gets bashed through with threats of no deal and bribes of a few quid to the UKs bleak wastelands. Honestly, its like watching kids squabbling. If its not too horrible a picture May ought to grow a pair and stop the whole brexit shambles.
  12. All the best things on boats are the simple things, pumps, sensors wires. pipes are all devils work. A galvanised bucket is the absolute best thing followed by various luxury elsans and cassette loos. I have a Vacuflush, I've told it the very next time it goes wrong its in the blasted skip and some sort of non electric cassette device is going in.
  13. Bee


    Are you looking for an argument? Eh? 'Cos you've come to the right place.
  14. Bee


    So much that happens these days is political though. Important stuff like climate change turns into the yellow vest anti Macron thing and then that turns into Brexit and then people get touchy about things. Like many others I have some experience of fixing things on boats and that is pretty safe territory and if I didn't have a passion for boats and things I wouldn't be on here. The aggression though really is a sign of the times, its Britain 2019, Its a shame when it escapes from the Brexit thread, perhaps those of us with strong feelings should be locked in a cage with clubs and just get on with it - or perhaps a more civilised way would be have a vote on it, maybe even a referendum?
  15. Bee

    2nd viewing this week- one bit advice

    Survey. That's difficult. Is it more than 15 years old? I would like to see it out of the water. Is it painted underneath the baseplate? . An unpainted lump of steel can rust horribly sat in a canal. Some boats were never painted underneath as it is hard and dirty work. Some people will rightly point out that they know of much younger boats being quite pitted. 3 years from being painted is not a long time but 4 or 5 years, in my opinion, is, Any chance of getting it out of the water? high pressure washed then if all is well slapping on a couple of coats of epoxy. Sorry not to have any real answers but its all a question of judgement (s)

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