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  1. Bee

    Brexit 2017

    So do I, In those dark days of the Thatcher gov. the European courts tempered some of the spite of our government. But, even if people disagree with that comment it seems to me that the dangers we face, especially the really big stuff like climate change, brutal and powerful regimes, mad sects who would like to wipe us from the face of the earth, rogue idiots like Trump and a long list of other malevolent characters are much better challenged by acting together with other countries. Our generally reasonable influence in the world is very much diminished with Brexit and will fall even further. Take back control? Aaron Banks? Farage? Murdoch? financiers and hedge fund managers who control the Tory party? the deeply unpleasant right wing who pay their bills? The biggest con trick ever and the UK fell for it.
  2. Bee

    Big DIY Rust repair. Boat sprayed with Two pack.

    Cor, that was a mess, very acidic that tarry stuff, I've seen it drip down the chimney and onto the enamel of a brand new stove, permanently marked the stove.
  3. Yeah, it was the worst case scenario really, just that I often see boats with a pile of old wet logs and pallet wood on the roof that has been dragged out of the cut. Genuine wood burning stoves certainly are different from multifuel, I have a 'multifuel' stove in the house that is great on coal but useless on wood, even dry wood. I think the wood pile is a bit of an obsession in France, the biggest winter store of wood we have seen was considerably bigger than the house it was attached to and I reckon must have contained wood from the ark.
  4. Stoves are best form of boat heating (I think) wood is good but smokeless is better, wood exudes tarry smoke that causes horrible stains on the boat, clogs up the flue, releases carcinogens (so does almost everything else though) burns way too hot sometimes, goes out overnight and makes the boat smell like a tar works. Sorry, giving my opinion of all the worst things that can happen. Stoves burn out more boats than anything else and CO kills lots of people. Having said all that, I have always had stoves in boats, still have in fact. Just please be careful when installing and using it. Get it right - no worries. Get it wrong .......
  5. To my inexpert eye that filter looks pretty grim. What does the diesel smell like? if it smells wrong then I would try to run the engine from a container of clean fuel after changing the filter. If it runs ok then you have horrible stuff in the fuel tank. I would carry on with your cruise topping up the temporary container and leave the fuel tank for a project, having had a sludgy fuel tank nightmare I think you have to get into the monster and scrape the rusty sludge and crud out. Fingers crossed.
  6. Bee

    Bmc engine problem

    First thoughts re. black smoke is air filter, remove the thing and see what happens. One way to isolate a stack of odd problems is to get a container full of nice clean diesel, 2litre milk containers are good, bodge up some sort of plastic tube, place it above the height of all the pumping gubbins on the engine, bleed it and see what happens, this will obviously cut out dirty tank problems, filter problems and maybe lift pump problems.
  7. Bee

    Cannabis oil, should it be available on prescription?

    Didn't do me any , what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, harm, that's it. Where was I? But seriously, its nonsensical to have rope, various textiles, paper and all sorts of stuff derived from the plant but not be able to use the rest of the plant for medicine.
  8. Bee

    The Long Good Thursday

    Yuk! Not sure I like the sound of that.
  9. Two things, you say the engine speeded up a bit then died, that can happen if you run out of fuel, but you have plenty you say so maybe its sucking in air? dry off all the unions then with a fingertip just see if theres a little drop of diesel leaking out after a few minutes. Secondly, Easystart. you say it started but a bit noisier, that noise is all the innards shouting NO! at you.
  10. Bee

    Boat name: Punning assistance required.

    Mangle. Moorhen. You're right, its difficult innit.
  11. Bee


    Presumably the invitation for Trump to visit the UK still stands, wonder what HM Queen thinks of having him round for tea? maybe she will be protesting against everything the b****** stands for in Trafalger square and tea will be off. I could become a confirmed royalist.
  12. Bee


    So....... what is it that Trump really hates? liberal ideas, any opposition, perceived weakness, any organisation that stands in his way, and so on, remarkably similar to Putin in fact. He 'admires' Putin. What would Putin like? A fragmented EU, the Balkan countries back in the USSR fold, free reign to sort out the Middle East and more, all of it rather nasty. Conspiracy theories are usually totally mad but is it possible that this unlovely pair have a common aim? that it would suit both of them to carve up most of the Northern hemisphere to 3 power blocks? USA, Russia and China, and its all going rather well, Trump screws NATO, Putin works on Europe (Thanks Farage, heres a big cheque for your work) and a new world order emerges, a really nasty right wing future. Meanwhile our stupid politicians preen their self important egos and waffle about the EU being some sort of danger to us. Fools. Perhaps I am worrying too much....... perhaps not.
  13. Bee

    Samofa 2-S-108

    Nice engine and very nice layout all round. Jealous of engine, boat and workshop.
  14. Tightening the ring often helps.
  15. You're ALL wrong - Its midges!

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