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  1. I have a Beta 43 with a basic instrument panel and after a few hours cruising when the batts are pretty much charged there is the occasional beep from somewhere in the panel. Its always done it, I've tried disconnecting various senders and everything else that I can think of but it still does it. I now regard it as a secret bonus instrument fitted by Beta and no longer worry about it.
  2. Absolutely, don't have to close the gates behind you either, definitely cheaper, the fishermen are (reasonably) friendly and other boaters don't shout at you.
  3. That is good advice for some engines but some more modern engines don't seem to follow that rule, the light on my Beta goes out the instant it fires and comes on pretty much the instant it stops, its done it from new. Same on my 1.5 Renault diesel car, I think it may be because of modern, thin oils.
  4. Just have a go and don't worry, have a look at an empty lock, that big concrete ledge that the top gates close on is the cill, don't get the back of the boat on it as the lock empties. That'll do for now, all the rest of the stuff will follow. Single handed boating is tiring but that doesn't matter, we all have to do it from time to time. The lonely part is in the evening but its not so bad if you have a big useless dog to talk to and its surprising how many people will stop and talk about their dogs to you if you have a dog. Good luck.
  5. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    Is langoustine some sort of newly discovered creature? I've heard of prawns, shrimps and lobsters. Anyway they're all just sea going woodlice and millipedes so far as T'm concerned and there's hundreds under that log in my garden, a bit of salt and stir fried millipedes, mmmmm - nice. Good grief, this week I have agreed with a whole post of mrsmellys and nearly two lines from that Welsh cruiser chappie. . Oh well, time for a cup of tea (Darjeeling in the afternoon of course) and a read of the Guardian.
  6. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    Its easy, what happens is that somebody with quite a lot of money and who listened to maths lessons whilst at school works out the probability of something happening, includes a few variables, invites people to give him money in return for which he will give them more back if they choose the right outcome. Some will but it doesn't matter as most will not. After a while he will have everybody's money, they will be broke and he will be rich. Meanwhile his mate at school who didn't listen to maths lessons just gets a big stick and robs people. The outcomes the same but the first crook lives in a big house whilst the second crook lives in a little cell.
  7. Doesn't sound like a metallic knocking, can't really identify much of a knock at all really. Might be an idea to get the injectors checked though. Before you get the spanners out just check the engine mounts are bolted down well and that one or more is not perished or moving around. Same goes for everything else that's attached to the engine. Does it make the same sound at different revs? if you grab the top of the engine whilst its running and try to stop it vibrating does the noise stop? And if the engine is not running can you rock it and does anything knock. Others will know more.
  8. It'll never work. I, on the other hand, have an unlimited source of snake oil which kills 99.9% of all known germs, up to 100% of unknown germs, fixes that embarrassing hair growth that some ladies suffer, cures baldness in men and if your dog expels offensive 'green clouds' a teaspoon of snake oil in its food will render the animal fragrant. As its uses are so many just send a blank cheque to our partners in the bank of Nigeria and then wait for delivery.
  9. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    Yay! Take back control of our borders! I'm all for that! Lets start by turning that appalling, fatuous, lying, climate change denier Trump and his entourage back. State visit indeed. If they do let him in on a temporary visa I'll be there to hurl insults (and maybe more) at him. Quite getting into this demonstrating lark.
  10. I've been boating for years but there's no way I'd have anything to do with being a vlockie. (Some) boaters tend to see them as wannabee boaters therefore amateurs who don't know what they are doing. I would not want to spend all day being patronised or worse for no money. So there.
  11. This is an inescapable fact. You could draw a similar chart for anything from a can of beer to a narrowboat. (And electric cars and batteries are pretty suspect too) The alternative though is gas, coal, and nuclear. I think all scientists and the majority of people agree that Something Must Be Done. Problem is though, what? How about only having 12 hours of gas and electric a day? Or closing 50% of roads from midnight to 8am? Banning airport expansion? That sounds draconian but my grandparents had no electric until the 1960's. never owned a car and never flew. That is only a few generations ago and we might have to consider something like that or fry. Oh, and a Broom is not much good on UK canals. Perfectly OK on most European waterways though. Commute from Calais or Dunkirk.
  12. We only carry 50 or 60 gallons, maybe even less but even in France where water points are scarce we find that with care we can make it last a week, this does not sound much for some people but we often use bottled supermarket water for tea and drinking and it is surprising how long the tank lasts. Carrying huge amounts of water really is not that necessary.
  13. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    Can't think of much that has been achieved by writing polite letters to MP's, Poll Tax riots were quite effective though, so were the suffragettes and they actually used explosives. Careful with that bacon though, it might contain nitrates, try oats with sultanas, its good for regular bowel habits and you don't need electricity to cook it.
  14. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    And that hits a few nails on their heads. What we need is world government, it always seems to work OK on Star Trek, only the really primitive planets where people live in caves have tribal squabbles, all the advanced ones have a kind of very big EU taking very big decisions. Can't see it being popular though.
  15. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    Damn, this is annoying. I find myself agreeing with that Welsh bloke again. There are a couple of books that have stuck in my mind over the years, 'Silent Spring' by Rachel Carson, came out in the '60's and was about extinction and insecticides and much more and 'Small is Beautiful' by Schumacher in the '70's ( the spellings and dates could be way out) There is of course many tons of other written stuff as well. I have not read 'Small is Beautiful' for many years but from memory it did actually provide a bit of an economic blueprint for a somewhat better world than the global industrial whirlwind that is sweeping all before it now. I expect those books would seem a bit old fashioned now but I do have friends who followed the old 'Tune in, turn on, drop out' mantra and who are now pushing 70 and who have probably done virtually no damage at all to the world except for clearing loads of nettles and planting spuds.
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