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  1. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    I don't recall anything much ever coming out of Davis's time there and Raab didn't even have time to put his personal mug on the shelf by the decaff. I think the whole brexit thing is an awful mistake but May's result is probably the least harmful one. I think there is so much potential for damage to the UK that if any of the idiots who make so much blather and noise started poking this hornets nest then we really could be in trouble for years to come. Delaying the vote will (maybe!) take the heat out of the situation and perhaps even the boneheaded posturing tory fools will start to see sense. Or, maybe she will have a moment of clarity and walk into the commons and say ' Lets forget the whole stupid thing and be sensible. We Stay in. Now that would be leadership.
  2. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    I think you could be right. That policy has arguably destabilised the EU to some degree and some of those countries are politically dangerous in themselves. They are potentially right wing and not what we think of as mainstream 'European'. I think it was always going to happen that Russia would seek to reclaim those countries though and on balance it is probably (but definitely not certainly) better that they are 'ours' rather than 'theirs'. I would say that Russias meddling in the Brexit mess was deliberately planned to f*** up the EU and I would also say that the extreme brexiteers are either treasonous Russian Quislings or just complete idiots - or both.
  3. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    Well that includes Mongolia, Antarctica and some awfully dodgy countries that will see a real opportunity to screw a desperate UK by demanding a huge bribe - sorry - Foreign aid before they will even think about any sort of trade deal. This 'trading with the rest of the world' stuff that we used to hear so much about comes with some real shackles. We flog our goods to them but they will want to flog us their tinned camels testicles or Llama's eyeballs in syrup. Mmmm.... nice.
  4. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    So we can expect to hear years of moaning and complaining from the true believers that if only we had the pure and shining 'real' brexit they wanted then everything would be wonderful. Even that prat Johnson was burbling on about his passionate belief in brexit on the telly yesterday. Then he dropped in a mention of achieving a free trade deal with the EU. That's what we have now you blithering idiot.
  5. Bee

    Just a rejindee

    Back in the good old days (outside loos, Spam, Woodbines, beer 1/6 a pint) people used real candles on trees, held in little metal things like clothes pegs. Did we have fires? eh? Well yes, actually we did. Lots. It puzzles me that we have legislation about fire extinguishers for boats, factories, offices etc. but nothing for homes. Why not?
  6. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    I have no idea why those vehicles have the EU symbol on them but my car has little blue stickers on the number plates to denote the cars country of registration and the EU symbol is on them. I also fly an EU flag on the boat when in Europe. This definitely means that both my car and my boat can be seized by the EU army and used to put down rebellions by protesting citizens. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is a FACT. I know 'cos a bloke in the pub said so and he got it from someone on Fox news.
  7. Now she's safe and sound perhaps she could be made an honorary bloke? OK, OK I'm going, where's me coat..
  8. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    I don't think we have ever had a modern Western European political party in the UK, possibly the nearest was the Blair government which bid a lot of good but then blew it. Labour under Corbyn is an odd sort of animal that I don't feel at ease with. The Tories and the UK establishment would carry on driving the country back into the mud of feudalism for their friends. I don't think our politicians are capable of running a modern society or economy. That's one reason I would be happy for us to be part of the EU. I don't think God will help us so the next best thing is the EU. I'm sure everybody will agree with me. Tin hat, flack jacket....
  9. Bee

    Thames Moorings a warning

    That's really sad. I felt like that a few years ago and sold up, it did coincide with having sprog no. 3 so a move onto land was kind of inevitable. 10 years ago we felt the urge to get a boat and built a 10m x 3.4m Dutch harbour tug for Europe. We have always felt very welcome and even on the Rhine this year (the quiet bit upstream of Strasbourg) we were welcomed by lockeepers and great big ships.
  10. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    According to a piece on Radio 4 a few days ago a Norwegian MP or whatever they are in Norway said they are not at all keen on the UK joining the Norwegian club. Britain is too big, would have too much clout and would act in its own interests to the detriment of Norway.
  11. Bee

    Oil light warning

    Personally I would not run it until you know whats up. What engine? how old or how many hours? When was its last oil and filter change? Its probably the sender (that's the little brass thing that screws into the engine block) it reads the oil pressure and they go wrong far more often than some major engine problem. Whatever the problem it can be fixed
  12. Hmmm, You could spend a lot, do a lot of work, and at the end of it you could end up with an old boat of not much value. Probably not the best project boat out there unless you have a shed full of stuff waiting to be used on a boat.
  13. Probably a good idea to use neoprene. If you look at al bodied vehicles the al often gets all horrible and moth eaten. I expect it needs to be damp though to suffer. Crossed with Tony's post
  14. Bee

    Because I'm annoyed.

    Yes, he was. UK passport holders get into all sorts of problems abroad. Some forget to wear a vest and 'outrage public decency. Some stick the wrong flag in a sandcastle and 'disrespect the flag' Some are just total prats and try to organise a revolution in darkest Africa - but of course Margaret Thatchers idiot son was always going to get special help. And some are just picked at random by very dodgy regimes when they want to look tough and need a scapegoat for 'spying'. I presume you are referring to Mathew Hedges, there was an interview with him on the radio this morning. Appalling treatment from the UAE and he can thank his lucky stars that Boris Johnston had nothing to do with getting him out.
  15. Bee

    Galvanic corrosion

    If you could guarantee the adhesion then there is no real reason why not but I think overplating is perfectly OK, its one of the advantages of steel, you can repair it easily. I might not be too happy about taking a patched up old colander out to sea though. GRP is brilliant stuff but narrowboats are mostly flat sections, GRP works best when it is moulded into shapes for strength otherwise it needs lots of framing. Both materials are good in their own way. I wonder if there will ever be recycled plastic 'planks' that could be made into 'wooden' narrowboats? No rot, no rust, tough as old boots.

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