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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Well that puzzled me for a while. I thought I'd made a pair with that number but with scallops not ears!
  3. My system can be tricky to bleed, I always have a couple of litres of fuel in a bottle before I start and fill the filters before I spin them on. Saves a lot of effort and sometimes you really are not sure if anything is happening when pumping by hand.
  4. Its the prop. that's spinning away under the water that does the shoving. Beta recommend an 18 x 12 prop for the 2 litre 43 hp motor. All of those numbers are pretty much rule of thumb but useful guides. An 18" prop might be a practical limit for some boats. There's not much difference between 38hp and 43hp but as others have said a decent strong gearbox is a good option. The only times I have been short of 'power' on waterways I have in fact been short of 'speed' and short of fitting a great big engine and getting the boat up on the plane its going as fast as it will go anyway.
  5. Bee

    Engine Revs

    So many variables..... 2000rpm is pretty fast. Gearbox is 2:1 ??? so shaft speed is 1000rpm??? you need to find the dia. of your prop and the pitch and then find the recommended size for your engine/gearbox/boat. You might just have the right size already in which case the problem might be with the shape of the boat. Shorter boats tend to have quite blunt ends and have lower max speeds than long boats but there are many exceptions and ifs and buts to that rule. If water flow to the prop is not smooth and easy the prop will struggle.
  6. Hmmm. That's a lot innit. Valve clearances? why? Apart from the fabricate and weld pipe brackets the rest is simple stuff. I'm not belittling anyone's lack of DIY skills ( I was stumped recently by a fuel problem) but it is really important to know your boat. The very fact that RCR exists at all shows how little people know about their boats. Start by oil and fuel filters and basic stuff, understand the things that go into drive train and alignment issues and you will soon start to save money, Keep it simple, you really do not need loads of electronic gubbins on a canal boat. Talk to other boaters (especially the hairy and dirty ones, they are poor so fix stuff themselves) and don't be afraid to get the spanners out (but don't strip the injection pump down!)
  7. Try opening a tap and then sucking it, you might well find there is some sort of airlock, I have to do this if the tank runs out, nothing happens without a really good suck!
  8. Its had a lot of new steel around and under the stern. I guess you will get insurance, as its getting on in years they may want a survey, personally I would, if possible just get a hull / underwater / stern tube survey, Springers have a slightly 'v' shaped bottom, water lies in the 'v' so that needs a look at. The hull is the bit that matters. the pic shows that someone is using a paint roller to paint bitumastic on the nice new steel, no primer and I bet it only got 1 coat. If you have an out of water survey then use the opportunity to get a few more coats of something black and sticky on it. Apart from that it looks tidy and has what looks like sensible gravity heating ( that just means the hot water circulates by convection without a pump) Springers were a budget boat but if I had a tight budget I'd be very happy with one.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. The only thing that could write off a stern tube / stern gland and shaft is serious misalignment, the shaft may have worn the front part of the stuffing box. Either that or there is virtually no packing in it. This is one of those times that I wish I lived nearer as there are a lot of 'experts' around that really aren't. Unfortunately I am nowhere near you. If I were you I would offer a couple of cans of beer to some untidy and oily boater to have a quick look. I fear you may be getting bad advice - I hope not but another opinion could be useful.
  11. Where is your sensor located? I put a temp gauge in and put the sensor in the top of what I think is the 'stat housing (removed a blanking plug) Temp only ever gets to 60 unless something unusual happens, Calorifier gets nice and hot, engine feels hot so I've stopped worrying, always assumed it was mismatched sender or my rubbish wiring.
  12. F1, probably the most boring thing on the radio or TV. Only entertainment is taking bets (loser does the washing up) on how many seconds it takes for someone to mention b***** tyres . A variation is tyre bingo, soft, super soft, intermediate, budget, remoulds, wet and dry, even mentioning the tedium makes you lose the will to live.....snore.....
  13. What PD1964 says is pretty sensible. You should be able to put your trust in a surveyor but as with all things they vary. You need to emphasise that you need to be sure of the hull condition. Overplating is a contentious issue. The fact is that the older the boat the more likely it is to need or to have had some overplating and the newer the boat the more expensive its likely to be. If I were you I would engage in conversation with as many boat owners as you can to find out about the real cost of owning a boat and everything about boats, rust, welding etc, At least half of what you are told will be wrong! If it is only you living on the boat you only need a little boat which brings the cost down, the little 'Wilderness' boats will serve well but they are awfully scarce. Microplastics in Rivers? Did you go to the Greenpeace plastics in rivers thing last week in the Houses of Parliament? it was good. Good luck with boats anyway!
  14. You're right on both counts. There is not a nice comfortable way out. On Radio 5 this morning there was an interview with a US border guard who said people from central America were trying to cross the border from Mexico because of drug wars, unemployment and climate change. For many people in S. America, central Africa and other marginal places that dystopian future is happening right now. Those places are becoming lost to people right now. Organising things in a slowing economy? No idea, as a socialist I have ideas but no real confidence. We are being overtaken by events. If it wasn't for the immigration 'problem' I think Remain could have won the referendum so the current and continual chaos has been influenced to some degree by climate change. Off to France tomorrow to a boat on a canal which closed last year due to lack of water, which is still short of water and clogged with weed in 40 degrees of heat. Something ain't right.
  15. You're right, harsh and extreme. Nevertheless its not hard to imagine some sort of dystopian world where this could happen anyway despite the rhetoric and promises of politicians. Perhaps the UK will lead the world into our Welsh friends nightmare scenario after brexit, That might seem like a cheap shot at brexit but if the never ending pursuit of growth, airports, energy consumption, yet another lane on motorways, more cities and the whole never ending merry go round is ever to slow and we learn to live within our means then maybe the post brexit world will be a nudge in that direction. Interesting times.
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