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  1. Yes, you need to at least inspect it, take off the cover plate, have a look at it and if there is any sign of damage remove it (sometimes tricky) and replace it. The little flappy things break up after a while and they will be found by taking the end cover off the heat exchangers, not a big deal but why make more work (incidentally I remove the end cover from the big heat exchanger every so often to check for fine sludgy weedy stuff anyway) Eventually the impeller will not pump properly so a spare is a really good idea, There are loads of impellers that look the same so make sure you get the right one, Beta will know which one. My engine is cooled from canal water not skin tank so it might be a bit different.
  2. I expect the 'end' of this is a mixture of herd immunity, vaccination, continuing scares and stuff like that. I doubt that it will be possible to eradicate it like smallpox though as South America, India, Africa, Syria, the Gaza strip and so many other disadvantaged and chaotic places will provide a reservoir for the virus for years so the travel that we have enjoyed for years might be much different. The 'flu virus is slightly different every year when it comes around so there's every chance this horrible thing will do the same. I think that eventually everyone in Europe at least will be tested for antibodies and have a barcode tattooed on their forehead and then they will be able to rejoin society again.
  3. Ah, you need to listen to yourself then!
  4. Utterly irresponsible, childish and bigoted but oh so tempting.
  5. An opinion from the irresponsible side. You only need to comply with the RCD if you get caught. The RCD is, as Murflyn says, a device to protect the purchaser, and, in fact more than that, it is a device to protect manufacturers from sub standard vessels competing with home produced items. If you re fit an old vessel then feel the urge to confess to trading standards that you did not go through the whole RCD process then I very much doubt that they would welcome your honesty or want to pursue it. There is though ,stuff that does apply if your boat is over 20 metres and you take it back to the EU. For this I would recommend the Dutch Barge Association as the people on there know more about it.
  6. Bee

    Hydraulic steering

    If it is a simple system, i.e. one steering position and one hydraulic ram shoving a single rudder then almost certainly not. Ah, edited due to Alans reply to say that on my boat it works fine, there is plenty of oil in the pump.
  7. There's a whole army of vigilantes out there full of indignation and just itching to phone the Jeremy Vine show or write letters to the paper if they see anyone not following the 'rules'. I think our fishing friend has hooked and played some of us like the fish he is after. Having said that I think cycling should be banned. Groups of cyclists belting along all breathing hard and leaving a plume of virus laden air like the smoke and steam of an asthmatic steam loco in their wake really get my goat. They're all out again this morning pretending to get 'exercise' and even on the little paths in the woods they're forcing the dog and I to leap into the brambles. Grrrr.
  8. Snag is with my blacklist, Wetherspoons, Sports Direct, Travelodge etc. is that I never used them anyway so although I am seething with righteous anger I can't take my trade elsewhere, I hope Screwfix and Toolstation and the local timberyard don't go on the list though or I will be really stuck.
  9. Lucky to still have windows to graffiti on.
  10. Every currency in the world will be devalued Does that work? or does that just mean everybody is back to the same position? Has the UK borrowed container loads of money? and who from? is this debt in government bonds? and why is my pension fund only worth 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps? or has the world just printed millions of tons of the stuff? and will there be colossal inflation? and is this headache something to do with trying to work all this out or some horrid virus?
  11. You're quite right, I just needed the rant.
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