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  1. You're right, harsh and extreme. Nevertheless its not hard to imagine some sort of dystopian world where this could happen anyway despite the rhetoric and promises of politicians. Perhaps the UK will lead the world into our Welsh friends nightmare scenario after brexit, That might seem like a cheap shot at brexit but if the never ending pursuit of growth, airports, energy consumption, yet another lane on motorways, more cities and the whole never ending merry go round is ever to slow and we learn to live within our means then maybe the post brexit world will be a nudge in that direction. Interesting times.
  2. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    So what is he going to 'give' the EU to get something in return? We have virtually no say in the process. The bloke is total waffle, first words he said on the radio this morning were 'We have to have a plan' followed by a long silence. He will present the May deal a few more times with a few commas changed (if Bercow allows it) until on Oct 30th as a last ditch effort it MIGHT scrape through parliament by a couple of votes. I wouldn't trust the oily prat to walk my dog.
  3. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    Absolutely agree. Bizarre is a kind way to put it. All this gung ho stuff about independence is tosh. Try flogging stuff to somewhere that the USA is imposing sanctions on and see what happens, it'll be the proverbial ton of bricks. We will be bound and hogtied by more restrictions and conditions than ever, small mention today (could be old news dredged up again) that India and other Asian countries will demand freer entry to the UK in return for trade deals.
  4. Sylglass original greenish gooey fabric tape is good, hardware / garden centres. Then, refill. and as Tony and others have said run the engine with pressure cap removed.
  5. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    Yay! Just seen on facebook a poll (must be true!) that 9 out of 10 girls would rather date a remainer! That's Darwinism for you! Gonna dye the grey out of me hair and get a medallion! Happy days are here again tra la......
  6. II have flown 3 return trips in my life, USA and a couple within Europe so I am guilty of a degree of hypocrisy. I have also had 3 steel boats made from new, I don't know which is responsible for the most CO2 and destruction of the planet, I have also driven many miles and burnt an awful lot of petrol and oil. Altogether my carbon footprint for a fairly frugal life is pretty horrendous. My share of the damage is done but I will continue to campaign for and support Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Extinction Rebellion, I might even fly again. If the cost of flying, car owning and many more harmful things was to rise through taxation to reflect the damage done (Just like fags and alcohol) then I and millions of others would change our habits. I think that's legitimate and responsible government. Others will disagree.
  7. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    Oh yes, quite a lot, in fact human beings of either or any variation of the two sexes are quite good at killing, wounding and maiming each other, a male friend had a nasty slash wound to his arm, a female friend had a broken wrist and I had a broken heart .... Sob....
  8. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    Am pleased to know that I can now beat my wife as apparently what goes on behind closed doors is no one else's business and everybody has little tiffs now and again. (just do it reasonably quietly) I expect our next prime minister, good old Boris will probably legalise it. Back to the good old days. Right, Get here woman. I've told you before about serving gravy by the slice. Put that rolling pin down right now. Ow, that hurt..
  9. And that is a cautionary tale for those of us who have raw water cooling, double clips on the below water level joints, proper hose, turn water off and keep an eye on things.
  10. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    The great liar also said in that BBC interview that it would be perfectly possible to solve the Irish border problem in the transition period after brexit. There will not be a transition if we leave with no deal. There will not be a different deal., The chance of another extension is awfully slim. Interesting to see what the blustering bully can salvage from that little conundrum.
  11. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    Time to start sharpening my pike (That's the pointy stick thing, not the fish) When's the civil war booked for? I'll pencil it into the diary.
  12. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    'My' woman belongs to a certain 'type' i.e. she cares enough and is worried enough that the 'types' of stuffed shirt businessmen being addressed by the chancellor at a cosy meeting need to be shaken out of their complacency and reminded that their actions are dangerous to the world unless they put climate change right at the top of the agenda. Politely writing letters to MP's and CEO's helps but proper protest is what grabs headlines and gets peoples attention. If any effective changes are going to happen it will be people such as those protesters and Extinction Rebellion who remind business and politics that they cannot just screw up the planet for their own fun.
  13. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    I really cannot bear to slog through the whole thing but just that paragraph above is interesting. If you Google Lorand Bartels he is indeed a well qualified chap who has written no end of stuff about WTO rules and pretty dense stuff it is too. If I was Ian Duncan Smith I might have chosen not to mention him as he does not seem to be very enthusiastic about the UK managing to adapt to WTO rules outside the EU. He's a sly sod is IDS, he says' We've asked very senior people at the WTO and ...Trade lawyers .... and the impartial Article 24 expert Lorand Bartels' What he doesn't say though is what they told him! He's maybe not the most honest politician and that's saying something. I usually take politicians words with a pinch of salt - even ones I agree with- but that missive looks as though its designed to obscure more than it reveals.
  14. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    I think two thirds of the Tory party would support a pact with Beelzebub or Darth Vader if it led to their bleak vision of the future.
  15. Bee

    Brexit 2019

    I can't, Those 'facts' are a list of dates when various countries joined with opinions tacked on. Presumably they are correct, you are asking for opinions to counter the opinions in the piece. The only part that I can offer an opinion on is the bit that says the EU proved useless in containing and stopping the conflict in the Balkans, that could be factually correct but the collapse of the Soviet Union could have had something to do with the starting of the conflicts, At least those nasty wars did not lead to the re starting of WW1, maybe the existence of the EU helped, difficult to say. The Balkan countries are a dangerous bunch and if anything threatens the existence of the EU it is that lot.
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