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  1. Bee

    Brexit 2017

    I had a movement this morning in the loo. Much the same as your movement I think but I flushed mine away.
  2. Seeing as how diesel is now viewed as an evil polluter and it kills babies and kittens the chances of a price concession for leisure boating is vanishingly small especially as the gov. will need every penny it can get in tax after brexit. We use road diesel on our boat and with a small 2 litre engine the cost really isn't that great. We met a Dutch guy a year or so ago with a beautiful ex steam tug who's boat now has a WW2 tank engine in it and his fuel costs really were astonishing. Fuel economy was not a consideration back then.
  3. Bee

    Passing of moored boats on the river

    And here's one we met earlier. Rhine somewhere South of Strasbourg, We're not moored or anything but it doesn't half make the boat bounce and the wash comes back off the banks and the confused water is really unpleasant.
  4. Bee

    rusty water tank

    Now that looks a lot like my diesel tank looked. I wonder if a lot of the muck in water tanks is a version of diesel bug?
  5. Bee

    rusty water tank

    You're probably right but what is that mud? old metal tanks in lofts of houses are rusty but I've never seen mud like that.
  6. Bee

    Brexit 2017

    Dunno about the media but I was in a Sears shop in the USA earlier this year. Would have bought something but as the £ is so weak because of Brexit I couldn't afford to. Seriously though it had that air of a tired old shop, so did Walmart for that matter, a bit like Woolworths just before it finished. Just think, if you had billions of $ or £'s would you open a great big department store? They're Dinosaurs now.
  7. Bee

    Lithium battery project.

    Its no good consulting me - I still work in Whitworth.
  8. Bee

    Allies and Enemies.....who are they these days?

    Unless you really study this stuff at great depth and in minute detail and understand many years of history its practically impossible to get any sort of understanding of what is really going on. I certainly haven't but that doesn't matter, what does matter is if our politicians and professionals in the Foreign office have, I have not much confidence in that. Bring back the good old days when your enemy wore a nice colourful uniform, stood in straight lines on the battlefield and spoke a different language and proxy wars hadn't been invented - so much easier.
  9. Bee

    canal bucket list?

    A bit of a waltz down the Danube?
  10. Bee

    rusty water tank

    Yup, good antidote to the nanny state. Seriously though. what is that mud in the picture? I have a poly something or other window cleaners tank, its translucent and has a big screw on lid. The inside is perfectly clean and all that's in it is a tiny bit of sand, its over 10 years old - I wonder if that mud is canal sediment that's settled and the tank is rusted through?
  11. Bee

    Allies and Enemies.....who are they these days?

    Never heard that before but spot on. The poor so and so almost certainly murdered by the Saudis was not British though so maybe the Saudis are not really 'our' enemies. Certainly an enemy of a long list of decent standards and a nasty brutal regime though. Russia under Putin is a direct threat though, falling short of violence but using every other trick in the book to destabilise the west. The USA is everybodys enemy re. climate change _ and so are we. We have very few friends in fact and after Brexit maybe even fewer.
  12. Bee

    When do you run your engine?

    But lead acid batteries are still much the same which is why we have to run engines so much.
  13. Bee

    When do you run your engine?

    Yeah, all of that plus the fact that peoples expectations of boating now include everything that you would find in a house. (The following has an Old Git Alert) - When I was first on a boat we had Tilly lamps, a black and white tv and a heating system that worked without electric pumps. We had to lug a damn great 12 v battery up the towpath and charge it off the car engine as the boat dynamo put out about 2 amps, Were we happy? No- my wife left (but another one with lower standards moved in) Ah the good old days.
  14. Bee

    rusty water tank

    Is it an 'Integral' tank? i.e. if you make a hole in the bottom does the canal come in? They used to be pretty common but I don't think they are now. Its quite important that it doesn't rust through as you will be drinking the canal - a Bad Thing, so it could do with cleaning, drying and painting even if you put in a liner. If its not 'integral' I'd be tempted to chuck it out and put in a plastic tank. We have a window cleaners tank (Just google it, lots of sizes) but they are all squarish so won't fit in a triangular space unless you have a long front deck and its not full of stuff underneath. To be honest there are plenty of waterpoints on the UK system so huge capacity for most boats is not vital. That pic. of the 20 year old tank is 'orrible. Where did all that mud stuff come from? even an ancient old galvanised loft tank is not full of mud.
  15. Bee

    Discoloured Diesel in engine

    That is a mixture of diesel and water. It all needs to come out and be disposed of. What Bizzard says is right, you or they need to check, maybe endoscope?, and get rid of the sludge and rust in the tank, If its at all possible it would be good to pressure test the tank to make sure it has not rusted through somewhere. You are not alone, I scrapped a large amount of expensive road diesel a couple of years ago in my boat and it really was a right pain. It shouldn't damage the engine as it simply will not run on that stuff . Mention all of this to your surveyor and trust him to check the tank and the engine. It doesn't write the boat off, there are lots of boats with horrible things in their fuel tanks but their owners don't know (yet)

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