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    How about setting up stocks at various points so the goody two shoes boaters can chuck cabbages and elsans at their fellow boaters. But seriously, by the government putting progressively less money into a very good national asset more pressure comes onto those who can barely afford to use the canals. Inevitably there will be more unlicenced boats and boats with no, or fictitious moorings, its what happens when something becomes unaffordable. It is just the usual cynical attitude of authority when faced with a problem, lets blame those at the bottom of the heap for our f*** up. The depressing thing is that those lucky people with more cash join in and blame the minority for causing the problem. I sometimes think that the British canals are no longer a very nice place.
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  3. Horrible things batteries, hard to tell if they are accepting a meaningfull charge and you can't repair the brutes anyway if there is a problem. If they are being charged but go flat quickly with nothing much connected then they are worn out.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. If you use sprayfoam you must keep the cat out of the boat. I did my own sprayfoam and afterwards I had to poke all the big lumps until I found one that miaowed.
  6. They are OK for short spells and quick warmth but for extended periods I would not use one, and never for overnight. Stoves can be bothersome things and produce dust and ash but they stay in overnight (well mine used to) and they are silent as well as being reliable and they don't use that electricity stuff that can be so hard to replace.
  7. Spray foam is best. The rust that I can see is nothing to worry about, if you are a bit worried about it maybe around the windows then sand the loose stuff off and paint it. It looks as though bitumen paint has been used, if so then use something compatible. A lot of the work is straightforward, there are no difficult curves, battens are already there, everything will be straight (ish), ply below the gunnels and whatever you like above, windows are in, the floor and presumably ballast is in, a basic elsan will do for a loo, You certainly will need a stove and I would recommend a simple gravity system with radiators and be careful to not create a fire hazard where the flue goes through the ceiling. You will need a gas cooker eventually so buy the 'forever' one and get it fixed and fitted. Curtain off the loo and bed spaces and move in. 5 weeks to move in? Yeah, it won't be finished by any means but it will be a home and when it is finished you will know how to fix it which is a lot more than most owners. I've lived on much more primitive boats with really difficult women. Keep it simple and enjoy it. Good Luck.
  8. A quick google seems to indicate that spare parts are available - don't know how much but as I said make very sure that a) the coupling is actually the cause and b) that it could well be reparable. You need to understand how all these things work and be able to work out what needs fixing as much as possible otherwise you will have a succession of people traipsing through your boat charging a fortune and some of them will not be as expert as they say. Good Luck.
  9. Centaflex 11/2” Marine Shaft Coupling | eBay try an offer but check yours is actually beyond use first.
  10. R&D Marine 202-165C 4" Propeller Shaft Coupling for 25mm Shaft (asap-supplies.com) Something like this but it is not a flexible coupling so you would have to be meticulous in aligning the gearbox and shaft. Speaking of which I do not recognise the rubber bellows and stern gland - someone else might and if you are lucky it will accept a bit of misalignment. There are other alternatives as well so the hugely expensive Centaflex is not your only option.
  11. Presumably the shaft from the gearbox turns but the shaft the other side of that big flexible coupling doesn't. That almost certainly means the coupling is broke and I don't know if there is any repair possible. Personally i would look for an alternative coupling, those things are dear.
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  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. If you have a water cooled engine I would check that first, make sure you have water in the keel cooling tank and engine then run it and see what happens then run it in gear to see if water is dripping from the stern gland, after that just dry everything out and again, see what happens.
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