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  1. Brexit 2017

    Defeatist? Dunno what sort of wonderful victory we're heading for, its not a case of being optimistic or not, if I go and stand outside tonight for a few hours without a coat it doesn't matter how much I tell myself its a good idea, it isn't, and I will get cold (And eventually I will realise it)
  2. Hillmorton to Clifton stretch ruined.

    Actually, when I think back to the canals as I first knew them (And the towns, villages and roads and the rest) its really sad what we have lost and spoiled. Haven't got the faintest idea what can be done but clonetowns and housing developments are pretty awful. I am lucky though, I have a house (And a boat) and more children than strictly necessary and rely on economic growth to pay my enormous pension so that must make me part of the problem. Pass the gin.
  3. Way it was sitting I wonder if a water pipe had froze and burst and emptied the tank into the boat, maybe no engine bulkhead.
  4. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    Crikey, Stuff that for a lark.
  5. Brexit 2017

    Have woken up this morning feeling quite mellow and optimistic, this can't last, I have to buy the Daily Mail for a poorly neighbour and if I even peek inside the thing I will be filled with despair at the loathsome attitudes and hate expressed within.
  6. Brexit 2017

    I know what Thatcher had for breakfast, Eye of newt, toe of frog etc.
  7. BSP's recipe for Supertherm

    I think you have made a dilithium crystal there. Half a pint of anti matter from the local ironmongers and you may, with luck, achieve warp drive.
  8. Trump

    The badgers are getting a bit too confident around here. Gonna get me a gun.
  9. Official Supermarket of Team GB!

    Ha! My house is owned by me and I'm English. Although..... hang on... the building society is probably owned by some Spanish bank or maybe the Hong Kong and Shanghai bank and they probably own more of it than I do. In fact most of the houses in my road are probably foreign owned. Never mind, after brexit I'll have control. Won't I? Eh? No?
  10. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    I think a square edged flat bottom boat is actually quite resistant to rolling - up to a certain point then it just capsizes. V bottom and rounded chine boats that go to sea tend to roll a bit but they tend not to turn over. Anyway, I will not be trying to prove how stable a long, narrow vessel really is. Can never understand how old sailing ships stay upright either, all that weight and leverage of sails up high, recipe for disaster if you ask me. Don't think I have any salt water in my blood.
  11. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    Not something I'd do but how many narrowboats actually have got into trouble in what are apparently unsuitable water because the boat itself was unable to cope? Not just the crew, I could make a pigs ear out of a calm day on the Solent in a proper boat but the actual vessel.
  12. Trump

    Nice boat. If we didn't have gun control anybody with a grudge or feeling humiliated by wife / husband / employer / bloke in pub etc. could go and buy one and get 'revenge'. This is a good thing. In the US that person can just go and buy a gun - and they are cheap, then go and shoot someone or the whole pub or school. That is a bad thing If The US had our gun laws then that person would have to get that gun illegally, just like here. Its not that difficult to get a gun if you want one and its not a cure but it would save lives year on year until like smoking fags it would be a minority thing.
  13. Official Supermarket of Team GB!

    They gave someone a bigger bung?
  14. Trump

    Presumably they feel justified in doing it, I imagine its the same sort of thing that makes people go on the Jeremy Kyle thing on the telly, they feel so strongly that they are right that they want to show the world how unfair everybody else is. Idiots.
  15. Brexit 2017

    My dog thinks I am too. My wife thinks I am just about OK on a good day. Who's right? Dog or wife? Hmm