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  1. It is times like this when you find out how good your insurance company are .
  2. Maybe it is a Navy thing .
  3. My mistake I use the term rust as that is what I feel I am trying to combat however as you rightly state the term I should use is corrosion . Most on this Forum are far more learned than me and I am keen to learn so what in your opinion has caused the baseplate in Mattys photo to 'corrode' and what would have prevented it mindful of the fact that the sides did not show similar pitting ?
  4. Thanks for that Matty I'm not sure if Sea Dog or Captain Pegg will now believe baseplates can rust through .
  5. I'm fairly certain I once read somewhere that a narrowboat had a baseplate rust through but maybe I am mistaken . I'll carry on painting mine as the surveyor that last surveyed my boat made a positive comment in his report .
  6. No idea other than it will take longer to rust through if painted . Not all of us are fortunate enough to own a boat with a 10mm baseplate but I realise unlike me many do not have access to a slipway that lifts boats high enough to be able to paint the underside .
  7. Yes when they eventually rust through .
  8. As already mentioned I use Sealex B which is very thick and I almost always warm it up using a hot air gun otherwise it is difficult to apply . I have found that the cheaper bitumen is so thin that it never needs warming up . I'm with Dr Bob on not blacking when the temperature is too low though . One other point make sure you paint the bottom plate if at all possible . Many owners don't as many dry docks / slipways don't raise the boat sufficiently high to be able to get access .
  9. I use SealexB on my boat every two years and am quite happy with it . What I would advise is any areas that are rusty clean with a wire brush and then apply a coat of Vactan before blacking .
  10. Peterborough Embankment at the bottom of Potters Way, Fengate is free.
  11. And a rev counter , must have one of those .
  12. Another recommendation for Vactan from me .
  13. From the Calcutt site it would appear that they are and I have used an MGB rocker cover gasket on my !.5.
  14. The part numbers are the same for the 1.5 diesel and MGB 12H 1836 .
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