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  1. Install spiders in the wing mirrors is also on the check list before handing over a new car .I think they also check they are there on every service .
  2. That would certainly have stirred any crap up in the fuel tank.
  3. If it were my boat I would give it a coating of Vactan first before applying bitumen .
  4. Blimey, not exactly a bundle of fun is he. I won't be watching any of his vlogs .
  5. There seems to be a huge increase in Youtube videos by people new to boating . Stumbled across one by a young couple Gareth and Nicole who have started a You tube channel called Life on Rosebud. They have decided to move in together on a 35 ft narrowboat named Rosebud that they are buying from Whilton Marina . The survey turned up a few issues that Whilton have agreed to fix and the boat should be ready for collection by the middle of October . I wish them well but wonder if rose tinted glasses weren't involved somewhere as they speak of watching Youtube videos and fancying canal living themselves. The joys of youth.
  6. 15th August 1985 moored at Rose Narrowboats in our 18' 6'' Norman cruiser when a brown spaniel type dog jumped on the boat at pinched a huge piece of cake. Got a photo of the offender somewhere . Other than that nothing stolen.
  7. Troyboy

    Fuel pump

    I think a 5/16 AF spanner will fit . That was the size on my pump.
  8. My narrowboat is almost 40 years old and I have owned it since April 1986. In my ownership I have always painted the base plate every two years . I am a member of a boat club that has a slipway with a trolley that enables me to walk under the boat one end and crawl under it the other . During my ownership I have had to have two surveys for insurance purposes using two different surveyors and both commented on the advantages of painting the base plate . The most recent survey carried out in July this year concluded ' Troys ' hull below the waterline showed little general wastage and no indications of significant galvanic or electrolytic pitting within the sample areas inspected. For a vessel of her age this is considered exceptional and almost certainly due to the use of good quality original materials ,good initial preparation of the steelwork and regular maintenance over the years . I always use Sealex B130 Bitumen however this year I noticed it is much thinner and easier to apply than previous years . I am convinced that the reason base plates are not blacked is the majority of boatyards cannot get the boats high enough to be able to work underneath . In another thread I mentioned my most recent surveyor told me he surveyed a Braidbar narrowboat that had pits on the unpainted base plate of 5 or 6 mm . I should perhaps add my boat is moored in the crystal clear waters of the River Nene , the steel shell was built by Peter Nichols and the boat is 12 volt only so no mains supply with the problems that can generate .
  9. I know absolutely nothing about Braidbar narrowboats but I recently had my boat surveyed for insurance purposes . Whilst discussing with the surveyor the merits of blacking the base plate he commented that he had surveyed a Braidbar boat that had huge pits on the base plate , 5 -6 mm I believe he said ,needless to say that base plate hadn't been blacked . As Alan has mentioned those pits could be have caused by other factors but the surveyor mentioned the boat had cost over £100,000 when new . I forget how old he said the boat was but it was certainly less than 12 years.
  10. I wonder if they will put it behind the counter for a year ?
  11. To answer your question I would say when you have the money start looking . If you see a boat you like and you have the money you can start negotiating but without the funds you are wasting your own and the sellers time. Some idea of what your budget will be would help as many on this Forum like searching out suitable boats for others .
  12. I think the idea is you make a donation into their Paypal account. There seems to be any number of these boating vloggers on Youtube many making their living from the number of views /subscribers they get . A similar thing is happening with the vanlife community linked I suspect to the idea of cheap living . There seems to be several unanswered questions around the surveys on this boat.
  13. It's a while since Harborough marine built shells so as someone suggested earlier it looks as if he fitted out old shells before his latest venture. Looks suitably 'London' with all the white paint .
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. Troyboy

    Full service bmc

    I've got a 1.5 diesel in my narrowboat with the engine number 15 JH U/ D 6807. From the parts book for the J2 Commercial vehicle that these engines were fitted to the first prefix indicates the cubic capacity, with the letter J indicating a commercial vehicle. The U indicates Centre gear change gearbox [ an A would indicate automatic. ] The D indicates diesel. The H after the J I can only comment that it was used for variations of engine type , I don't know what H type was . Not much help to you . I hate to be the one to correct Tony but I think the drill you need to reamer out the carbon in the glow plug hole is 11/64. Lovely old engines and so simple to work on . The canister oil filter is the same as early MGB's so plenty available . Similarly rocker cover gaskets same as MGB.
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