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  1. Troyboy

    perkins L4 engine

    The wikipedia entry referred to by Tony shows the 4.107 as being EB . The L seems to relate to essentially the 4.236 engine . I've no idea how accurate wikipedia is on this .
  2. I use one for cleaning the drain tubes on my Mazda MX5 .
  3. Looks like the hire company have let maintenance slip on your boat . Heater not working when handed over , stern gland leaking , batteries knackered . Not a good advert for the hire company .
  4. I've always used Vactan no need to wash off after use and easy to paint over .
  5. Had the bottom plate on Madeline been blacked ?
  6. I'm from the black the base plate camp and apply blacking every two years to my boat . In this case I suspect it is relevant that the microbes haven't attacked the sides because they were blacked . I also believe that the reason most people do not black the base plate is because it is a pig of a job crawling underneath and many dry docks do not lift the boat high enough to be able to get underneath . Having said that a 10mm base plate will take a while to be 'eaten through'. In the pictures that Cheshire Rose has added it looks as if the microbes have crawled under the rubbing strake . That again highlights best practice of having the underside of the rubbing strake continuously welded. In the past those from the no need to black the base plate camp have claimed lack of oxygen underwater as the reason blacking is unnecessary ,I wonder what they will say knowing these microbes thrive without light and oxygen.
  7. Wire brush any rusty areas after the pressure washing and then coat with Vactan prior to blacking.
  8. I remember relining lorry brake shoes in the 60's . An upturned inlet or exhaust valve in the vice to rest the rivet against and a smallish hammer to flare the rivet over. I also remember blowing the brake dust out without wearing a face mask nobody seemed to bother about asbestos dust in those days.
  9. Not even when you run out of fuel ???
  10. Good advert for the strength of Kinver Canopies.
  11. Plenty of well off people on this Forum many own multiple boats and houses.
  12. The EA also name and shame giving out offenders names and addresses in press releases for local newspapers to publish .
  13. You will have no problem turning round a 43 foot boat on most stretches of the the River Nene . If planning any 'wild mooring ' then a gang plank is handy as often shallow against the bank that also applies to some Friends of the River Nene sites. The Nene is a lovely river I'm sure you will enjoy your visit .
  14. They are called 'E' retaining clips that is the name on the Spafax box that I have got.
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