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  1. It might be worth contacting Mark Douglas Marine Ltd, Mark is a qualified Marine Surveyor and covers your area . His website is www.markdouglasmarine.co.uk phone number 07596 454701.
  2. At my boat club [ The Middle Nene Cruising Club ] the mooring fees for my 45 ft narrowboat were £35 in 1991, I still have the same boat and mooring , last year the fees were £240. Club membership fees obviously need to be added to that.
  3. You probably won't want to answer this but I'll ask anyway . How much did you pay for this boat and how much money is outstanding if any ?
  4. Not sure about Covid 19 but I bet there's some sweetcorn in there .
  5. More importantly has it got a composting toilet and if it has how were the sellers / renters / new buyer disposing of the solids ?
  6. Hopefully you will send an e-mail to the Chief Constable drawing his attention to the excellent service you received from one / some of his officers . Plenty of people criticise the police I'm sure he will welcome a letter expressing your appreciation.
  7. There is a Youtuber making a series called The narrowboat that James built. On the 10th January this year he devoted a whole video headed 'Which narrowboat toilet is best ?' He describes Pump out toilets, cassettes and composting toilets . He bought a Simploo composting toilet for £320 because he wasn't prepared to pay for pump outs or have tanks fitted and didn't want to buy chemicals for a cassette. He claims he will go several weeks composting his poo and then bag it up and put it in a bin. I suspect many watching this video do exactly the same and for the same reason , namely to save mone
  8. Round our way the dykes are frozen over.
  9. That takes me back , Brown Brothers . Actually I've still got one of their huge catalogues and what you described was called a cylinder leakage tester and cost £34 in the late 60's. A nostalgic read a Brown Brothers catalogue for anyone that was in the motor trade in that era.
  10. What you may find is that unless you are on campsites you will find it difficult to find anywhere to empty your cassette unless you are prepared to dig a hole to empty it in . Wild camping sounds ideal but what many of the van lifers do is pee in a bottle and tip it in the hedge and poo in bin liners and put that in rubbish bins. . For weekends away you will be able to empty your cassette when you get home , for longer trips maybe a camp site every other day or so . If you travel across the channel then facilities are more readily available . Have you negotiated a good deal on that Benimar Mil
  11. In the 60s / 70s BMC / British Leyland included remove heater plugs and clean orifices in the 12,000 mile service for 1.5 diesel engine vehicles. . I wonder how many boat owners with BMC engines actually carry out that task today . A 11/64 drill bit is a must have for 1.5 diesel owners that want a clean orifice for their heater plugs.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. This is obviously the most cost effective route to take with no need to slip the boat again.
  14. I own an over 30 year old boat and my insurers required a full out of water survey last year before they would offer fully comp insurance . On contacting a surveyor there appears to be three levels of survey namely hull only, insurance company survey and then full survey. The insurers actually used the term full survey in correspondence but were happy for what my surveyor calls an insurance survey . I think a full survey would be the type a potential purchaser would require but the insurance survey was certainly comprehensive . I tried to find an insurer that didn't require a survey as I had h
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