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  1. Troyboy

    Gas locker paint.

    I wire brushed the rust off and then gave a coat of Vactan followed by a coat of Hammerite. No sign of rust returning so far.
  2. I hope it is a leaking head gasket that is causing your overheating . I have a BMC 1.5 diesel in my boat and was having problems with it overheating . It wasn't the head gasket it was the skin cooling tank that was too small for use on rivers.
  3. Troyboy

    Insurance survey costs

    I was quoted £450 for a full insurance survey on my 45 foot narrowboat earlier this year . That did not include a lift out.
  4. Troyboy


    Is there still the huge amount of Swan / Goose / Duck poo on the embankment at Peterborough ?
  5. Troyboy

    Andy Russell Gunwale paint

    I don't do courier work but Midland Chandlers who you may have heard of would charge £4-75 to deliver a tin of paint costing £10. Bargain !!!!
  6. Troyboy

    Andy Russell Gunwale paint

    Not sure about 3P but £38 for delivery of a 1 ltr. tin of paint is definitely taking the P.
  7. Troyboy

    Insurance without survey

    My daughters car is insured via Hastings Direct with the policy underwritten by Advantage Insurance Company Ltd. Registered in Gibraltar . No Spain but very close .
  8. Troyboy

    Rank these boat builders!

    I wonder what research you carried out before deciding to marry Alice , the spreadsheet would look interesting .
  9. No help to your problem but purely for my own curiosity who builds boats where to change the starter it is cheaper to cut a hole in the side ?
  10. Troyboy

    Out of water survey in London

    From a previous thread it was suggested that Insure4boats didn't require a survey for boats up to 40 years old. Worth contacting them ,might save you a lot of money.
  11. Troyboy

    Out of water survey in London

    Why not change your insurer ? There are some companies that do not require an out of water survey on a 30 year old boat . From a previous thread I recall someone stating www.basic-boat.com didn't require a survey but there are others . If you are 20 years older than your boat then I believe Saga were another company that didn't require a survey.
  12. Troyboy

    New skin tank or not

    I had exactly the same problem on my 45 ft narrowboat with a BMC 1.5 engine . The problem was cured by replacing the skin tank cooling with two pipes along the swim . The late Charlie Fox had this type of cooling on all his narrowboats and there is an added bonus that the new system is not pressurised . I had mine modified at Foxes boatyard in March and it has never gone over 80 degrees since .
  13. Troyboy

    Shower drain pumps

    Buy some earplugs, they will make everything on your boat quieter even the engine.
  14. Troyboy

    Blacking Disappeared!

    'base more pitted than the sides' . Did you black the baseplate ? There are members on this site that claim baseplates do not rust so no need to black them !! I always black my baseplate and received favourable comments from the surveyor when the boat was last surveyed for insurance purposes. My view is the reason baseplates are not blacked is at many yards it is virtually impossible to get to it . Tin hat on ready for flak.
  15. Troyboy

    Oil/gunk/watery stuff under engine

    Cat litter will soak it up, not sure if it works out cheaper than disposable nappies though.

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