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  1. Bmc 1.5 tappet clearence

    Mahle OX 13 is one filter that fits , other manufacturers obviously have different number.
  2. Izusu engine parts

    I'm pleased I've got a BMC 1.5 in my boat , head gasket set about £25 .
  3. PC world

    Would that be with Spedeworth ?
  4. Tragic death at Cathedral Marina ,Ely

    Thanks Richard
  5. I don't know how to do the link maybe someone can assist but the Cambstimes.co.uk/news/latestnews has a report of the occupant of Elysian Lady a 34 ft 1970's Elysian boat moored in Cathedral Marina ,Ely being found floating in the river . Article appears to suggest he slipped off the pontoon due to icy conditions . A timely reminder of how careful we all need to be when slippery underfoot.
  6. BMC 1.5 Has my crank been re-ground?

    Ive got a BMC parts book for the 1.5 diesel and the part number for standard con rod bearings is 8G 2324, .010'' undersize is 8G 232410 and .20'' undersize 8G 232420. The standard main bearings part number is 8G 2323 or 8G 2335 . Like the con rods if undersize the 10 or 20 is added . Do any of those numbers match your old bearings ? Trevor
  7. Do Sterling Inverters eat toothbrushes?

    Get yourself down to Lidls they have 3 Professional Toothbrushes on sale this week for £1-25 . No batteries involved although the term 'Professional ' baffles me somewhat .
  8. Solo Blacking

    Just paint the bitumen over the Vactan no need to rub down or wash off . Vactan soon dries but I cannot remember how long the manufacturers recommend before overpainting . You will find it on their website I'm sure.
  9. Solo Blacking

    I would treat any areas of rust that you wire brush off with Vactan and then black over the Vactan . Any area of blacking that stay on after pressure washing I would leave and just paint over . Whilst using a roller is easier I've found it doesn't always get into the small pits so prefer to use a brush which also applies a thicker coat . I also black the baseplate which is about as controversial on this forum as cassette versus pump out.
  10. Purchase is close

    Where are all the 'no need to paint the baseplate it doesn't rust ' members ?
  11. BMC 1.5 Oil Level Problem Solved!

    Measured my 1.5 dipstick at the weekend and the measurements are the same as John quoted . The only measurement I can add is the overall length of my dipstick is 463mm. My sump is the standard BMC vehicle sump not a marinised version .
  12. BMC 1.5 Oil Level Problem Solved!

    Thanks John , there will be a lot of 1.5 owners measuring their dipsticks now including me .
  13. bmc1 1500 maintenance

    Make sure you change the oil filter at the same time . If you have the canister type not screw on then a Mahle OX13 is one filter that fits . Costs about £6 from your local motor factor .
  14. Farce at Camden Lock

    This is now on the River Nene at Barnwell or it was a couple of weeks ago . Not sure if it still does pump outs but it was near where the fuel boat moors.
  15. BMC 1.5 Oil Level

    This thread is of interest to me as I have a BMC 1.5 in my boat and putting 8 pints of oil in would way overfill it from marks on the dipstick. I always slightly overfill it from the dipstick mark as it probably takes about 6 pints to reach the full mark on the dipstick . I'm sure my boat has the standard J4 van sump not a marine sump but the J4 workshop manual shows oil capacity of 8 1/4 pints [ 4.69 ltrs] including filter which holds 1 1/4 pints [ .7 ltrs] . I thought I might have the wrong dipstick and sourced another one but that was the same . One observation when I drop the dipstick in there is a noise that sounds like the dipstick touching the bottom of the sump which I'm not sure it is supposed to do . I have had my boat over 30 years and running with about 6 pints of oil hasn't caused any problem so far but I do change the oil and filter regularly . I'm with Tony on the dangers of overfilling with oil but I will watch this thread with interest . I'm not at my boat at the moment but maybe the question should be asked of 1.5 owners 'How long is your dipstick ?' in fact I'm sure that would make an eyecatching header for a new thread . I would also be interested in whether their dipstick touched the bottom . Wow what an opportunity for double entendre.