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  1. MGB Hive have the tensioner listed for sale £6-50p .Seems cheap enough .
  2. Nice to see a 15 year old thread brought back to life.
  3. And if you get bored and there is nothing much on the telly you can always give your bucket of shit a stir .
  4. Excellent ,have you got space for Dr Bobs crap too ?
  5. I've now watched the Foxes Afloat video where they report on the Compooster toilet . I wish Dr Bob well with his shit stirring and piss taking in the 5 litre container and look forward to updates .
  6. The similarity with dog poo is that responsible dog owners when their dog shits they bag it up and put it ideally in a bin specially provided for dog poo or alternatively in any rubbish bin provided . I suspect you are going to do the same thing albeit on a larger scale with your bag containing your few days worth of shit . Like dogs I suspect your piss will be poured onto grass /in the hedge row again in a much larger amount. I have no problem with this but please do not call it composting , it is certainly not composting or compoosting and has more in common with the bucket and chuck it t
  7. I wonder how many compost toilet owners actually compost their waste ? I know Peterboat does but from the various boating and van life vlogs many seem to just bag the poo up and put it in rubbish bins much like dog owners do . [ apart from those who hang it in bushes]. Everyone likes a good toilet thread with the more detail the better it seems so this looks like a good start to 2021.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Troyboy

    Full service bmc

    I have a British Leyland Service Book that states that for a road vehicle fitted with the 1.5 diesel engine the fuel injection pump driving gear lubricator and lubricator filter should be cleaned every 6,000 miles or 6 monthly intervals. In 1971 the British Leyland recommended charge for a 6,000 mile service on a diesel Austin A60 / Morris Oxford was £6-64p . The 12,000 mile service was £10-65p .
  11. Unless I've missed something is the only way to get hot water by using the immersion heater ? That would be fine in a marina but not suitable for cruising . I have no experience of using a generator to heat water but I would have thought it totally impractical and very costly . I wouldn't pay that money for it .
  12. Install spiders in the wing mirrors is also on the check list before handing over a new car .I think they also check they are there on every service .
  13. That would certainly have stirred any crap up in the fuel tank.
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