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  1. Troyboy

    Out of water survey in London

    From a previous thread it was suggested that Insure4boats didn't require a survey for boats up to 40 years old. Worth contacting them ,might save you a lot of money.
  2. Troyboy

    Out of water survey in London

    Why not change your insurer ? There are some companies that do not require an out of water survey on a 30 year old boat . From a previous thread I recall someone stating www.basic-boat.com didn't require a survey but there are others . If you are 20 years older than your boat then I believe Saga were another company that didn't require a survey.
  3. Troyboy

    New skin tank or not

    I had exactly the same problem on my 45 ft narrowboat with a BMC 1.5 engine . The problem was cured by replacing the skin tank cooling with two pipes along the swim . The late Charlie Fox had this type of cooling on all his narrowboats and there is an added bonus that the new system is not pressurised . I had mine modified at Foxes boatyard in March and it has never gone over 80 degrees since .
  4. Troyboy

    Shower drain pumps

    Buy some earplugs, they will make everything on your boat quieter even the engine.
  5. Troyboy

    Blacking Disappeared!

    'base more pitted than the sides' . Did you black the baseplate ? There are members on this site that claim baseplates do not rust so no need to black them !! I always black my baseplate and received favourable comments from the surveyor when the boat was last surveyed for insurance purposes. My view is the reason baseplates are not blacked is at many yards it is virtually impossible to get to it . Tin hat on ready for flak.
  6. Troyboy

    Oil/gunk/watery stuff under engine

    Cat litter will soak it up, not sure if it works out cheaper than disposable nappies though.
  7. Troyboy

    Insuring older boats and survey requirements

    Neil, I've spoken to my surveyor and he is of the same opinion as you so I've cancelled the survey . Thanks for your advice.
  8. Troyboy

    Insuring older boats and survey requirements

    Thanks to everyone that has replied, I've decided to have the hull only survey as I think the time has come to sell the boat and an up to date survey might help the sale.
  9. For 32 years I have owned a 1981 Peter Nichols 45 ft narrowboat and have been with the same insurance brokers originally St Margarets now Nautical Insurance Services Ltd. When I renewed my policy recently I was informed that next year the insurers require a full out of water survey and valuation . My boat is booked to come out of the water in 3 weeks time for blacking [ I do it every two years ] and I have been quoted £450 for an Insurance survey and £270 for a hull only survey. I am in two minds about selling my boat so am tempted to go for the hull only survey to give me peace of mind and I believe some insurers are happy with that . What experience have others had regarding insuring older boats ? I know I could opt for third party only but I prefer to have comprehensive cover . I seem to recall reading that Saga didn't require a survey but things may have changed. I should add that I did have to provide a survey about 8 years ago . Looking back I notice that up to 2016 the insurers were shown as Navigators and General but now they are shown as Certain underwriters at Lloyds Crb.
  10. Troyboy

    First time blacking, advice needed

    No probably definitely get some Vactan . Apply that to any rusted areas after you have wire brushed it . Like others have commented I find using a brush gets a thicker layer of paint on particularly in any areas that are pitted. It is a messy job but take plenty of before and after photographs and it makes it all worthwhile. I use Sealex B as a coating and have been happy with it although if the weather is cold it needs warming up to make it easier to apply .
  11. Troyboy

    Bmc 1.5 tappet clearence

    Mahle OX 13 is one filter that fits , other manufacturers obviously have different number.
  12. Troyboy

    Izusu engine parts

    I'm pleased I've got a BMC 1.5 in my boat , head gasket set about £25 .
  13. Troyboy

    PC world

    Would that be with Spedeworth ?
  14. Troyboy

    Tragic death at Cathedral Marina ,Ely

    Thanks Richard
  15. I don't know how to do the link maybe someone can assist but the Cambstimes.co.uk/news/latestnews has a report of the occupant of Elysian Lady a 34 ft 1970's Elysian boat moored in Cathedral Marina ,Ely being found floating in the river . Article appears to suggest he slipped off the pontoon due to icy conditions . A timely reminder of how careful we all need to be when slippery underfoot.

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