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  1. Can I play as the Great Mattress of the Tame Valley?
  2. So the back cabin on my boat wasn't proper, then? ? edit: and even more pedantically, butty back cabins aren't "proper" either?
  3. And I believe the stern end was tied up next to it over the weekend, as it is now the foreend of a new boat.
  4. How about a BW year- boats in BW blue and yellow, or blue, or green, regardless of original company? That would be interesting.
  5. MILTON, ex-MILTON PRINCESS, is still very much carrying today- albeit self-loading cargo. It handles nearly as well as PERSEUS.
  6. Half open the first, pause for a second until the flush bounces off the bottom gates and the boat moves forwards again, then fully open it.
  7. That's not in their risk assessment!
  8. Between the 5 of us at the wharf, we have 11 boats..... And some canoes.
  9. Can't remember where the nearest winding holes are, but is it worth going down backwards?
  10. We took Willow through (7' 3/8" at the widest point) with no problems about 5-6 weeks ago. It's worth a go!
  11. It's much easier to overplate a baseplate rather than the sides.
  12. You need: -A suitable boat, and the gear for it (Merchant on the Thames cost nearly £200,000 all in!) -A patch or round that isn't already covered. The margins are thin enough without people competing. Failing that, an area such as London where there's enough customers to support more than one. -A Boatmaster licence (CRT requirement for hazardous cargo) -to become a Registered Dealer in Controlled Oils and know all the paperwork requirements Enough savvy to use social media to contact your customers and arrange your deliveries Places to load (Harder than it seems, Jules on the Southern GU has to run a pair as there aren't enough loading points any more for regular resupply and she needs to carry enough stock. Either a willingness to cover a large area and work almost every day, or a side interest or job e.g. fendermaking to top up your income A willingness to get more acquainted with poo pumps and their contents than you thought likely- often just before your lunch The skills, fitness and willingness to load many tons of coal and gas bottles manually, and heave it up onto cabintops; to fight a loaded boat through shallow cuts, bladefuls and bunged up bridgeholes to get to your customers The knowledge that you will never make a fortune doing it, it's bloody hard work over long hours for little financial reward. But then again, not all rewards are financial! It'd work well on the Thames, the prices are high enough that you can undercut the boatyards. Talking to the operator of Merchant, he sells almost entirely diesel, very little coal and gas. Or run it with fuel on the motor and a butty with the coal, gas, and pumpout!
  13. That's a straight 30 oil, a monograde, rather than the multigrade 10w/30 which is thinner when it is cold for easy starting and then thickens as it warms up.
  14. Bargus (technically Beta - argus) - Small Woolwich. Owner is a member here- Jay4472 but rarely posts.
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