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  1. Indeed. I see why it's not mentioned as no doubt the various canal societies don't like to tread on each others toes, but given the proximity to the BCN it seems common sense to me to mention it on their website. Well, common sense to someone who doesn't know that part of the network intimately, as many of you guys do.
  2. Many thanks for all the suggestions, I had a look at the BCNS website as well but no mention there of the Star City moorings of course. Yes under normal circumstances we might very well try to do the run in one go but I'm looking at overnights mainly because of the weather, there seems to be a rain cloud permanently stationed above us at the moment flaming June it is not.
  3. We'll be heading into Birmingham from Fazeley junction later this month, never done this stretch before, does anyone have recommendations for overnight stops or, conversely, places to avoid?
  4. Neil2

    Llangollen Closed

    Yes this must be a real headache for the hire boat companies with boats going out from Chirk Wrenbury and Middlewich. We got off the canal at the weekend absolutely flying with the increased flow and there's been a lot more rain since. We were thinking a lot of the hire boats will be first timers and what a week to have chosen.
  5. Done these canals many times, both ways, and FWIW it always seems to me there is more traffic going North on the Shroppie. On the Middlewich branch I reckon you are always more likely to get held up when descending locks, the Staffs & Worcs it's the other way round. I wouldn't say I've noticed a pattern on the T&M. So my not very scientific analysis concludes you would encounter more traffic doing the ring clockwise.
  6. It's surprisingly difficult to get accurate information as to the weight of Sea Otters, but there was a guy who took his 27 footer to a weighbridge and it tipped the scales at 4000kg completely dry. On my Certificate of Conformity is states the "displacement" as 6500 kg but the LOA as 12.5 metres which is 41 feet. I don't believe that is the actual "displacement" but it could be about right for the dry weight I reckon, so my 32 footer is somewhere between 3500 and 6500kg - too heavy for the set up in that picture anyway. The hull shape of Sea Otters makes it difficult to do a rough calculation unlike a box shaped narrowboat where you can get a good idea of displacement just by measuring the draught.
  7. I'm curious as to how you pressurised the tank? How big is it and what is it made out of?
  8. Central Boat Haulage apparently managed it with a 32' Sea Otter. I was surprised when I discovered this picture as this boat is the same as mine and AFAIK even without the ballast it would be over 3 tonnes. (I thought this was actually my boat (under previous ownership) when I first saw the photo but the window detail is slightly different.)
  9. I think sellers of narrowboats, be they private individuals or brokers, have just got carried away in the last few years, but the buying public are starting to wise up. We sold a boat last year, the broker insisted on asking what I thought was a ridiculous price and though I hate to be proved right on this occasion, I was. But, even after we reduced the price to what I thought was reasonable, we still made a slight profit on that boat compared to what I paid for it five years previously, plus what I had spent on it. So the trend is still generally upwards, price wise, in my experience. Talking to brokers and marina operators there still seems to be a healthy demand from potential liveaboards who inhabit the mid to low end of the market, and we still haven't exhausted the supply of early retired/retired folk with decent pensions and capital to fuel the upper end.
  10. Yeah, they don't call it the Bridgewater expressway for nothing, warp speed Mr Sulu...................
  11. Good on them, though IMHO you should never pay cleaners by the hour...
  12. That second link is a very useful/comprehensive guide, thanks for posting.
  13. I remember having an argument with one of the directors at Black Prince about this. He said the surcharges were to cover the extra cost of cleaning up after dogs. Ah, I replied, so you pay your cleaners more if the boat had dogs on it..? (They don't)
  14. Well half the boat will be ok.. Suck the excess water out of the bilge, the soft furnishings can be replaced, if the fitting out was with proper marine ply it should dry out with no ill effects, I guess they will swap the engine but the existing one should be salvagable. Houses are made of brick and concrete which take ages to dry after a flood, boats are a piece of cake by comparison.
  15. Yes Caley Marine. Whenever folk say we are a nation of dog lovers I say yes, until you want to stay in a hotel or B&B or hire a cottage, or a boat. Actually I think some of the hire boat firms are the worst, think Black Prince are about £30 now so for you and I that would be another £60. Other companies take dogs for nothing so I don't see how they can justify it.
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