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  1. In my younger days I used to drink in a pub near the Rotherham/Doncaster boundary. The two regions had different closing times so we supped up at 10.40 in the Travellers Rest then all piled in to my mates Morris 1000 van, as many as we could fit in, for a thrash over the border to catch last orders in Doncaster. A lot of pubs posted a sentry on the door to watch out for the Police and the cry of get yer beer off lads was taken deadly serious, Great days. Personally I miss the old closing times.
  2. I didn't think RCR offered a rescue service on rivers? I'd be very interested to know if it was RCR who arranged the tow to safety.
  3. That's all very informative guys, thanks. I have passed on this boat, at least for now, for reasons other than the engine.
  4. Thanks @PaulJ and @NB Caelmiri that is helpful. What I did like about the engine was the oil and diesel filters were very easy to get at unlike many engines when shoehorned in a trad. But I don't recall seeing a primary filter/water seperator, just the one on the engine - is this normal or is there another filter somewhere?
  5. Looking at changing boats at the moment and I'm interested in a particular 57 foot NB which fits the bill in every respect except the power unit which wouldn't be my personal choice. It has the Vetus M414, can't remember what box it has but pretty sure it's hydraulic. My concern is that the M414 isn't man enough for a 57 footer on rivers, and also the general negative gossip that surrounds Vetus engines. Would anyone like to reassure me, or alternatively, reinforce my concerns?
  6. Neil2

    Alternator problem

    I've had a similar problem recently which started the same way, having to rev the engine quite hard to get the alternator started. But a few days ago the output ceased altogether. I limped in to Calcutt where they bench tested the alternator and initially got no output. We were all assuming a new unit was on the cards when Ian suggested reconnecting everything with the original securing nuts from the boat wiring and lo it sprang into life, and it's been fine ever since. None of the guys at Calcutt could fully explain what had happened so I can only assume that there must have been a duff connection somewhere which the process of removing and reconnecting the wires a few times resolved.
  7. Forget it. Never, ever, be rushed into the purchase of a boat and definitely not under these circumstances. Valuations for insurance purposes, BTW, are meaningless but often used by unscrupulous vendors to con the inexperienced into thinking they are getting a bargain.
  8. I Wanna be Sedated (The Ramones)
  9. We've been here many times, nothing inherently wrong with the "thin" plating it just means any pitting has to be taken a bit more seriously. You need someone who knows what they are doing to have a good look at the hull. (Not necessarily a surveyor). Insurance will be an issue - check out the requirements of various companies most have some restrictions/requirements for boats over 30 years old. FWIW if you don't know much about engines I would have that bmc 1.8 checked over by someone that does. But if it is smoking and or leaking oil, which is highly likely, I'd be factoring in the cost of a replacement or reconditioning.
  10. It's an interesting way of doing it but those pipes are way too small and it's complicating the removal of the weed hatch cover. I've seen drainage pipes in this situation that go straight down to the uxter plate, but it always seems to me that's creating a corrosion trap. Larger bore pipes to a skin fitting above the water line is how to do it.
  11. Just this afternoon I met a guy from Texas who spends six months of the year over here aboard an Aintree Beetle he bought five years ago. He originally bought it as a try out, thinking he would eventually progress to a longer boat but he loves it and has no intention of swapping now. It's all about storage space really, you can adapt to a small kitchen/shower room/bedroom etc. but what you really give up on a boat is space to put stuff. If you can deal with the lack of storage, there's a lot to be said for a small boat. Once you get over 60 foot you will find boats become more bang for buck as the perception of restricted cruising kicks in. Many will argue the point but personally I can't imagine having a boat that won't navigate the Leeds Liverpool.
  12. Please don't imply I am a complete idiot it is definitely the glow plug light not the oil light I've never known one to start flashing before, even in a modern car, and my assumption is there must be a short somewhere, but I thought I would check it's not something more sinister. Excuse my short temper, things are not going well at the moment in fact this flashing light is the least of my problems.
  13. Does anyone know why my glow plug light has just started flashing? It's an intermittent flash, not a constant regular flash, Nannidiesel 3 cyl ie Kubota base engine.
  14. After I posted we got two boats through then the gate stuck again as we tried to get through. Same process, a lot of pushing shoving and raking and we got out in the end. Someone had a message from CRT that a team were on their way, didn't stick around to see if they turned up or what the problem was. Funny though, there was but one boat waiting coming up but maybe a dozen going down when we departed even though we were there a good two hours, maybe more.
  15. We have been trying all morning but whatever it is won't shift.
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