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  1. New menace on the L&L

    To be honest the water taxi on the Bridgewater canal is almost as bad and that appears to be legit. Sadly the L/L is so quiet these days it's possible to get away with this sort of thing.
  2. Old sayings.

    WARNING - rugby fans only... For some reason reading this thread has reminded me of a few of the late, great, Bill McLaren's comments, for example; On David Duckham - "he could sidestep two men in a telephone box" On Simon Geoghegan - "like a mad octopus" On Doddie Weir -- "Like a runaway giraffe" On Jonah Lomu - "like trying to tackle a snooker table" But my favourite was when the Australian centre Tim Horan had just flattened one of the Irish team "they do say being tackled by Tim Horan is like having your hand slammed in a car door"
  3. Visionary Val

    I'm puzzled by that comment. Pretty much everything comes back to the money, and the lack of it just throws all the other issues into sharper focus.
  4. Severn-Avon ring

    There's others on here with more experience but the Avon is so volatile to sudden heavy rainfall and these days you can get that at any time of year. We did it mid June last year thinking that would be an ideal time but a couple of stretches were on amber.
  5. Visionary Val

    I think MP sums it up quite well. Plus, a lot of recent restoration projects have been dreamed up by people who really don't know much about the localities the proposed schemes affect. I reported for Waterways World some years ago on the proposal to restore the Northern Reaches of the Lancaster canal. From the very start I could see that it was never going to happen, yet BW and the IWA were whipping up interest in it with ridiculous "estimates" of how much money, employment etc it would bring to the area. I was rounded on by John Fletcher then Chair of the IWA at a public meeting for daring to ask basic questions like where was the money coming from. Of course in the wake of the Foot & Mouth epidemic they just assumed the government would throw money at any old scheme that had a connection to areas affected by the outbreak. They were even talking about employing an "artist in residence" for pity's sake. Personally I don't think any scheme which involves restoring a dead end canal is worth pursuing. The only ones that have a hope of succeeding are those that create a new link/ring, and I think it's a shame that in some way we can't pool resources and concentrate on a small number of worthwhile projects eg the Rother Valley link. Even then, because they are pretty much totally reliant on public funding you can't see much happening on the lines of previous restorations for a very long time.
  6. Severn-Avon ring

    Clockwise every time. I would always do the Avon heading downstream, given the choice. Apart from the hazard of the flow suddenly increasing the locks are a real pain to do coming up river.
  7. Obscure connections to celebrities

    How's this for obscure. My wife has a friend who once met someone who claimed to have mowed Ernie Wise's lawn during "bob a job" week. Apparently Mr Wise was very nice and let all the boy scouts choose an ice cream each from his freezer. (The story stuck because famously Eric Morecambe used to joke about Ernie's meanness).
  8. Hit and run

    That's the best, and possibly the most truthful, comment on this thread.
  9. Old sayings.

    Thinking about the the Pillings Lock marina thread how about; "If something looks too good to be true, it probably is."
  10. Still looking!

    I agree ABNB do not routinely picture the engine bay which I don't understand, but most of the other brokers are deficient in this respect. It's not true to say they never show it though, I've seen plenty of examples. The wider point is not may be hiding a multitude of problems... a 26 year old boat is guaranteed to be hiding a build up of 26 years of less than perfect ownership. Very few boats, if any, are maintained regardless of cost or time. Those that are sell within seconds. Most of us on here know what we would be letting ourselves in for were we to buy the boat in question oh and by the way let's not kid ourselves that a "professional" survey is going to reveal all, unless the surveyor has x ray vision and a crystal ball.
  11. Hit and run

    To be fair there's bugger all on TV on a Saturday. Sorry, forgot about that drama about Guy Fawkes that was quite good.
  12. Presumably under the Roman Governer, Preposterus Faxus..
  13. One for canal & railway buffs.

    Pullman livery looks good on old motor coaches too.
  14. Still looking!

    Just to clarify, what I meant was the detail ABNB go into when they market their boats would actually put a lot of cheaper boats in a poor light. Compare the download you get with ABNB with some other broker where all you get is a couple of photos and a basic description. That makes it a lot harder for a novice buyer to ascertain the difference between two boats at the same price. With ABNB it's very easy to make a comparison without asking a lot of questions or actually going to view the boats. Considering ABNB charge pretty much the same commission as other brokers it surprises me the "opposition" get away with it. I'm not on the payroll or related to anyone at ABNB by the way... In today's market the only boats that don't sell quickly are either badly marketed or overpriced. As regards this specific boat, if as you say it hasn't sold as quickly as other boats then that suggests it is overpriced.
  15. Still looking!

    I suspect ABNB don't attract many owners of lower priced boats because of the detailed marketing information, a lot of cheaper boats wouldn't stand up to the close examination. But they do get lemons, I recall making enquiries about one of their boats some years ago that was ridiculously cheap for what it appeared to be. Turns out it had been originally marketed at a vastly higher price and it turned out to be a bit of a colander when a potential buyer had it surveyed.