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  1. I accept my contribution was provocative, but there's no need to respond with accusations like that. You have no knowledge of my personal circumstances so don't make assumptions. "Keep legal/lawful and you will be left alone"..? - that is patently not true. I do not regard criticising the police as a waste of time. Our present system of policing has never been worse in my opinion, if we don't criticise/complain nothing will ever improve.
  2. The only time I have set an anchor was on a yacht some years ago, when it came to recovering it I asked the skipper where the winch was "no winch on this boat" he replied you do it by hand. I was a lot younger and stronger then but jeez I thought I was going to pass out but I had to do it or risk being labelled a wimp. But this was a 40 footer I thought, why no winch? Oh, the skipper said, it's a French boat and they expect you'll be spending every night in a marina... Must admit I've always taken the view that the sort of rivers you're likely to be navigating on a narrowboat a Danforth would be fine, so long as you've got plenty of chain, but reading this thread has made me reconsider. So, there are a few experts here, my Sea Otter is 40' and about six tons in the water - what size of Rocna/Manton would you suggest and what length of chain/warp - or does it not matter what type of anchor you have? I think from memory I have 10 metres of chain and 30 metres of 3 strand nylon which is probably a bit over the top.
  3. I, and many others, worry about what the police are not doing, such as investigating burglaries and prosecuting shoplifters. Not so long ago we were being told that the constabulary was dangerously under resourced, now they seem to have the time to drive up and down quiet mountain roads and deserted streets at night. Ever been on the receiving end of police harassment? If you ever are, you will change your view.
  4. You would think so wouldn't you, yet I have seen more police in and around our village (where there are a lot of second homes) since the lockdown, than in the entire nine years I have lived here. It particularly baffles me that we regularly see patrol cars now late at night, after 10.30 when there is literally no-one around. I suppose there are fewer motorists for them to hassle these days.
  5. Do you have a link to this other thread Matty - I'm curious to know when that photo was taken.
  6. I would certainly keep your powder dry - if this lockdown goes on much longer there could be quite a few hire boats coming up for sale later this year...
  7. Well that is obviously Ulverston with the Bay Horse in the background. Th OP's picture is almost certainly from the Netherlands.
  8. Are you sure this is in UK - looks like a Dutch scene to me.
  9. Neil2

    bukh dv 24

    One good reason to buy the genuine article is to support guys like TW Marine who are experts in their field, hard working and give a lot of their time for free. It's the same reason I buy my dog food in bulk from our local post office even though it is much cheaper from Pets at Home. When folk moan about the lack of real shops on the high street or the demise of independent traders, this is where it starts. In any case what you get from an Aquadrive is out of proportion to the initial outlay, I simply don't understand why all boats don't have them.
  10. FWIW we came down the Watford locks last year with a guy on a 31 footer who lives on it all year round and has done for several years. I think condensation is potentially more of an issue with an aluminium boat, but it wouldn't dissuade me from choosing a Sea Otter as a liveaboard. Quite the reverse. If you live on a boat you really do have to embrace the long term expenses which includes such costly things as hull protection and cabin painting. The canal network is full of shabby rusting narrowboats where the owners haven't appreciated this and their boat has turned into a restoration project as a result. All a Sea Otter needs is a good clean every couple of weeks.
  11. Neil2

    bukh dv 24

    Ah, I see, that wouldn't help however well balanced the engine was. I've seen the advert for these engines, must admit my initial thought was too good to be true - given the price of a new unit. But if it's a lifeboat engine it should have been hardly used - hopefully... Did it come with a gearbox and is it the ZF marinegear - if so it's probably a better buy than a new engine which I believe has a much inferior box these days. What does slightly concern me is that you say the engine doesn't smoke - it should, especially from cold. It's the only downside of these engines that you can't totally eliminate the white smoke (unburnt fuel) unless it is running really hard under load.
  12. I wouldn't assume the shorter boats are ok to tow either, I do remember a club member taking his 26 foot rig to a weighbridge and being quite shocked how far over the limit he was. I think Sea Otter made a mistake in trying to sell the trailable aspect of the boats. The appeal is low maintenance, with the bonus of less weight and a shallower draught than a comparable steel boat. £45k for a 41 footer is probably about right especially if it has covers fore and aft. Age isn't really an issue with these boats unless it's a red one in which case the paint will be badly faded, but even then you don't really worry too much about the paint on these boats. You would have a good old look and find a few things to knock the price down a bit. As the owner of one I am biased but I think the 41 foot version of these boats is the best designed, you get a fixed bed, a dinette, and a clever second bed in the lounge, plus a decent sized cruiser stern deck as it's squared off. Let me know if you are seriously interested in that boat, I may even know it.
  13. I suspect it will. Don't be taken in by the very optimistic Sea Otter specs or the sales talk from brokers - these boats are way heavier in real life, even the small ones. A 31 footer will be well over 4 tons so unless you have a serious towing vehicle you'll almost certainly be over the limit. I have seen photos of these boats on a trailer towed by a Defender or similar, almost certainly illegally. Sea Otter used to recommend using their own transport services for the longer boats. Pleading ignorance won't work either, a friend of mine got prosecuted for overloading his van - three offences - and was handed a four figure fine.
  14. Neil2

    bukh dv 24

    I had a DV24 for several years - if the engine "shakes" out of gear, at any speed, something is wrong with it. These engines are smooth as silk. As Tony says, in a narrowboat they are normally partnered with an Aquadrive, in fact I've never seen one rigid mounted to the shaft, - that's why they are sold with flexible mounts. These mounts are very flexible though, so if you try and use the engine without a flexible coupling I would certainly expect a whole lotta shakin' goin on.. Even with perfect alignment. I don't see why you shouldn't solid mount it, they are lifeboat/fishing boat engines after all, and I can't think they put Aquadrives in lifeboats. Is it new or secondhand? If it's new and it shakes out of gear go straight back to Nick/Steve, but I would be amazed. If it's secondhand it could have been reconditioned and not correctly reassembled with the balance weights but to be honest Bukh engines are so well made there can't be many in the uk that have been rebuilt, though it could possibly have come from a fishing boat I suppose. Final thought is the engine could just be goosed, Bukhs are made to keep on going regardless of condition or abuse so it's possible you could have a badly neglected engine with serious bearing wear.
  15. I agree, this is world class hypocrisy. At no point in this whole sorry saga do you get the feeling that politicians have stopped playing the political game, and the disconnection between the four devolved governments is the latest twist - it's already created some "border" issues worthy of an Ealing comedy. What is still puzzling me though, seven weeks in, is why our media seem to be so incapable of holding those in power to account? Am I the only one yearning for John Humphries to come out of retirement?
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