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  1. We all have different people when we call them I must be very lucky had them 3 times in a month and found them great and feel I should say they have done amazing as far as I'm concerned
  2. Thank you they have been so good I just wanted to praise them I'm 70 years old and have so much respect for them after helping us. And have never meet such rude people in my life can't wait to get home back to London were people ate a lot more grateful thank you for that Bless him
  3. Yes it burst apparently it had rust on it for some reason I woke at 2 in the morning got up sat down my partner got up and said I can here water it was the bow thruster burst he stuck he's finger in the hole till help came itvwas really scary
  4. No I don't matter but they helped me to great extent and I can only thank them
  5. I know that is great so pleased you got it sorted I think they are amazing can't say more than that How funny me 2
  6. Bowl thruster burst not sure how you spell that. 2 in the morning I have to prase when it's due and they have helped us don't know what we would have done without them Praise
  7. So sorry to hear that All I can say is if they had not come out to us we would be in trouble I would not be without them now.extremley helpful and nothing was to much
  8. All can say is after being told by abc marina. Who done a full service we almost drowned engine was overfilled with oil abc broke a pipe oil pouring out. Smoke everywhere oil everywhere marina told us we could go to one of there other marinas to get it sorted it was 100 miles away 161 locks away don't know how we got here then told we needed new engine called rcr out again. Nothing wrong with engine service put to much oil in wrong fan belt and they told us the truth
  9. Never ever go anywhere without joining them they have saved our life's twice and just came out to our boat to make sure it was safe after abc marina serviced it and damaged it the rcr are amazing don't ever run them down.cant believe what they have done for us
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