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  1. We moored our 55 footer there easily a couple of years ago. It was all very much overgrown on the path to the old basin, a secluded short amble away. The little bridge very much stuck fast. Keep it our dirty little secret. It is fair to say that there are not a lot of good mooring opportunities on the Monty. Half a mile or so after Queens Head is doable and àlmost out of earshot of the A5, between the first two locks. Decent Armco piling about a mile before Maesbury Marsh and very quiet - as there is just before and also about a half mile after Maesbury Bridge. Its all pretty much down the far end.
  2. 3 pages. The first four words in reply to the OP must have encouraged him greatly. Since then ........?
  3. Yes - front of the boat near the first bollard .... Exactamundo Mike, especially on a breezy day .... Cheers Iain ,and these comments collectively makes me feel vindicated, as if i was at least indulging in good boating practice! Still learning after 6 years. Cheers chaps x Report post #69
  4. Yes -Middlewich does have an air of grumpiness and possible conflict. Here is another conundrum .... We descended the top lock onto the 90 degree turn opposite the dry dock going to go into the middle lock. There was a boat just about to leave the middle lock coming up, so in order to facilitate his passage up, i stayed on the left, tight on the sharp bend, holding a centre line, scraping my own boat, but allowing him an easier turn (albeit on the "wrong" side) into the lock with a wider turning passage. I made polite small talk over the roof, commenting on how his bow thrusters must come in handy on such turns, and he responded with growling something along the lines of " would be a damn sight easier if you were on the right side" - i disagreed with him .... The volockies were saying he was moaning about stuff coming up the lock too. I simply don't understand why some people choose this way of life, or leisure pursuit, when they clearly dont seem capable of much in the way of civil behaviour or good natured communication. The guy was a typical example of the breed - sixties, stocky, follicly challenged with grey goatee, sturdy replica "working boat" (with bow thrusters?) and shouting instructions at his poor wife from the back of the boat .....
  5. The winding hole at the end isn't the easiest to use. A bit silty and sometimes craft on the wharf shrinking it, particularly on a breezy day. It's a lovely trip - pretty enough and traffic free - but decent moorings are not frequent. Little in the way of clear areas. Some ingenuity needed, but i have to keep secrets secret! Either side of Maesbury bridge probably offers the best "proper" mooring.
  6. Very good post from DMR We are on the Weaver now at Vale Royal after checking out the Middlewich branch repair yesterday. Chatting to a lockie today and he mentioned the accident. Its a pity, but at least no one was injured or worse. We were talking about CRT, and agreed that in general they do a decent job in enabling us to continue doing what we enjoy the most - or at least the lads and lasses on the ground do. I sometimes think a lot of folk fail to realise how incredibly difficult and expensive it is to maintain such a vulnerable and fragile system......
  7. Thank you both. I found this link on a previous thread that made me think, because it specifically mentions the Platinums and the Varta in the article. http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/battery-technology.php I have just realised that this thread may have been better placed on the Equipment section. Mods, feel free to shift it over there please if so.
  8. Thats good all round advice from Jennifer. Our new 10 week old cocker Bertie will be on his maiden voyage tomorrow with big stepsister Bella. Lots of pads, disinfectant, and patience for a while. I would also mention crate training. We take no chances on long busy lock flights, and especially in tunnels. In they go, safe and sound. You dont need dogs under your feet halfway through Harecastle .... I am sure the potential owners will have necessary common sense. Dogs generally love boat life.
  9. Hello all. Well, it is time to replace the bank of four! They were fitted by the previous owner in 2011 and i took over ownership in 2013. I have been either on the marina pushing power into them via a Sterling inverter/charger or cruising regularly for up to 3 weeks at a time. I have been flogging on with them since, and they have done really well considering i once left the fridge on with the door open for 2 weeks unattended, and exhausted them completely. Despite a subsequent obsessive power conservation regime, it is time to wake up to a charge reading of over 12.1v. The barcode suggests they are Platinum LB6110L's and given the fact they have done well i thought i would get like for like. My inkling is though that the Platinums' longevity is more down to my (generally) careful regime, and other batteries may be even better. I am tempted to get some Varta LFD90's, which have a lower rating of course, but seem to have good reports and will fit. They are even a bit cheaper and a top branded name. Is a good 90 better than a "regular" 110? Tayna stock both, and i live locally to collect. I was also considering similar Banner or Exide. The most critical aspect is any replacement must fit in the box and take the same cabling - see pic - i am not in the mood for extra aggro and expense in that area, although the existing batteries are a pretty much a standard size.
  10. We did em once (up - does it make any difference?) and were on course for easily about sub 3hrs with our friends setting some locks early am in front of us. Lock 20 something got clogged up wirh debris and a CRT man on a quad sorted it and we relinquished our record attempt! Its not a race but it still can be fun. We did Grindley Brook 6 in 22 mins mob handed once as an exercise with lotsa crew. We also do leisurely as default....
  11. https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/store/category/1882/product/fk-028.aspx Then there is this?
  12. Aye- its the roof collar aspect that bothers me. Hadn't thought of that! There is no back boiler.
  13. Another great post BEngo - thanks for the detail. Lots to consider now.
  14. Now THAT is thinking outside the box. Won't be pretty but will be effective and do the job. Will probably do for the lifetime of the stove. Someone said that effective lifetime of a stove without constant repairs is about 7 years or so and its already about 9 years old, albeit not used every day in the winter. I will explore that avenue.
  15. Thanks so far .... I have used the high temp black silicone stuff - still got some - around the collar top, and I am confident it would do a job. But I am generally a "whats the worst that could happen" kind of guy, and the worst that could happen here is a nightmare. If it has to be done, now is the time, as it will be needed in a few weeks. If i am into a replacement, does anyone have any tips on what to look out for and what i will need. It seems like a messy and intrusive job (detaching the top of the flue, struggling with heat suffered fittings etc,, blah de blah) Is it best left to a specialist ? - the boat is in the Nantwich area.
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