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  1. Cheers. Lot of aggro though to do that though. Could be one of those jobs one may regret starting! May try Caldwell's as Pie Eater suggests.
  2. Thanks Philjw - i tried Wesley a while ago - very helpful people, they stopped doing them about 5 years ago, as apparently they are no longer manufactured. In truth, i am probably hoping someone may have a few in a junk box!
  3. Can anyone help me to source any sliding bolts like these? They are probably 25 years old - sliding catches for the top tilting window. All the adhesive eventually failed, and the previous owner replaced them with simple wooden triangular blocks!
  4. Sadly it's too late. I am booked in soon . I have to say though, they strike me as totally genuine folk, and would happily rectify any issues.
  5. I am considering having my boat 2 packed there. They seem really helpful there. The word is they have the mother of all pressure washers instead of a back to metal approach. If the pressure doesn't take off the bitumen remaining bitumen can take 2 pack? Bare metal and bitumen combination. Less mess and cost?
  6. Alan.... 1. At least i said "deployed" 2. You will note, i did say "fit for purpose" 3. I suggested it is not an exact science- perfect anchor set ups don't exist- and sometimes "shit happens" oh, and 4. with nearly 30,000 posts on here, you will of course be aware the Anchor/Rope blah de blah debates have raged on and on here many times! Worth a separate thread if you want to rekindle....?
  7. My assumption is based on a possible engine failure on a river, and after deploying a decent anchor with a rope (both fit for purpose) failing to bite on the river bed and not arresting a moving boat. My understanding is it's not unknown.....shit happens.
  8. Well......that was a hornets nest! On balance i have made a decision to renew. I think you can buy some peace of mind. Insurance is a complete waste of money, until you need it. On the subject of supporting local businesses, i have used RCR 3 times in the last 7 years, and each time it was a subbed out local contractor. On two of those occasions, i reckon i would not need to have called them out if i knew then what i know now. However, i can't easily repair or replace a starter, gearbox, or injector, and i certainly couldn't rescue my own boat off a weir in the event of an engine and anchor failure.
  9. I have had a renewal notice this morning from RCR. Although i have reasonable ability to deal with boat problems, I find the bit of peace of mind for longer distance cruising, especially on rivers, worth it should disaster strike! Maybe not this year though. Standard email asks if we have had peace of mind whilst cruising, blah de blah, and to do the same again this year. We have barely done any cruising since last March, and this year is still uncertain to say the least. It's funny how they seem not to have noticed or mentioned this, in what must have been a very profitable year for them in this aspect. Stick, or twist?
  10. I have had these on top of the roof and also in the gas locker. In truth, after a while the pimples break down and they gather or hold even more moisture anyway. So who is going to plasma cut the gas locker top off the boat then and make it good? Still looking for someone trustworthy near Nantwich area?
  11. Well, i don't feel so good now! The boat is going nowhere for a while (lockdown) but when it does, it is going straight off to be welded up, after i have put a temporary sealed cover over the hole. it will have a low water tank, and nothing in the locker! Thank you for all these contributions so far everyone. The stainless steel water tank is behind the hole in that bulkhead under the deck below the cratch. I will be looking at getting the gas locker floor and bulkhead plated. If my regular welder chap can't do it easily, i am open to suggestions from anyone on here. The boat is in the Nantwich area. Happy to travel a couple of days.
  12. Thanks chaps... That already makes me feel better and makes a lot of sense. I am particularly glad there is a void under the floor! No escaping the fact that the top bow area will need cutting open. Temporary patch over the hole, and i will get onto my welder contact. I always thought those rubber mats cause more problems than they solve too ......
  13. Well, after not inspecting the gas locker properly for about 4-5 years, i am now paying the price for my neglect. A complete clear out, and removal of rubber mats reveals this nightmare. The white spot is the "drain" hole, and the floor is pretty poor. Most worrying is the gaping hole - which didn't need much prodding with a screwdriver to make itself known. Its on a bulkhead, with the water tank a couple of inches behind it. It isn't great in the other corner either. Meltdown! A few questions .... 1. Is the floor of the gas locker likely to be below the waterline or will it have a separate skin? I have scraped a fair bit of rusted metal off it. 2. The hole in the bulkhead- is it an urgent fix in terms of structural integrity of the boat? I am sure it would fail a BSS re: proximity to the gas bottles. 3. How the hell can a welder get anything done in there without hacking off the top bow area of the boat? The boat is a 1996 Evans and Son Trad. Thanks in anticipation. (Sad face icon thingy .....)
  14. After a number of years with no complaints about going too fast past moored boats, a recent trip from Nantwich up to the Peak Forest yielded 3 critics - Marple ( slow down, idiot, hooligan!) Hardings Wood (Wanker!) and a withering sarcastic shake of the head from some miserable sod near Ettily Heath as i passed by at close quarters as i mouthed "hello". All looked like permanent/long stayers, and were extremely senior citizens, and were in narrow sections as i passed window to window. I was told by another boater who tracked our route that he had had similar. I am convinced there are many online moorers obsessed with moving boats actually moving, who would be even more angry if you collided with their badly tied up boat due to being unable to steer because you were in neutral .....
  15. Brownie points to Richard and Ruth. Mountbatten.
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