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  1. Usually 4-7 hours, Microwave rarely , maybe 5- 10 mins every other day, hair dryer is low wattage, 3-5 mins every other day, usually done on the move. Fridge is the main culprit, but i am fairly obsessive about power. Last leisure batteries replaced after 11 years!
  2. Update. The bracket is also knackered and i am getting one from Beta. I think it best to replace the aged alternator as well, instead of trying to repair. It is difficult to source though ( yes, an old ISKRA) and despite cross referencing, i may have to get it from Beta, who in fairness have been helpful. It's a bit more than expected, but not extortionate, and i know it will be a perfect fit. Beta offer a 120A upgrade, and all things considered ( pulleys, bolts, brackets) it is about £150 more. Is this a worthwhile option and will life be better? We are not liveaboards, generally long weekend boaters, apart from 2 x 2 week hols, and have fairly modest power needs, 12v fridge, LED lights, have a Sterling Combi Quasi 3kw inverter charger for shore, microwave, and hairdryer needs (don't ask) , and 4 newish 100A leisure batteries. Separate starter Alternator. Sorted the main fuse BTW - is was a 150A one blown. Still embarrassed ....
  3. Cheers Joe. I have actually just bought this for my van. It is actually a white cream, and seems to have similar properties, and does a great job. I may do a small test area on the cratch cover. If no joy, will try the Autoglym product.
  4. Morning all! The cratch cover on the boat is now getting rather tired. I wash it two or three times a year, and recently had the zips upgraded/repaired and a few new studs. The main Dark Green (PVC tarp?) body of it is very tired now though, starting to become slightly opaque in parts, and quite stiff and not very pliable. I don't fancy forking out for a replacement yet. Anyone got any wonder products or old wives tales to recommend for it, and slow down the inevitable?
  5. Sadly no. I struggled to post them, only had a link with an outdated phone and poor signal. Ditchcrawler helped, and there is a close up on the thread. Back at the boat next week.
  6. Do you mean the alternator? I have put up a couple of pics of the alternator and fuse in the OP?
  7. It certainly is high level. I may email them tomorrow. Going back to the fuse, they are not expensive to replace. would be handy to have a spare too. If i replace it, what is the safe way - battery supply is on the right in the picture, power out on the left?
  8. Cheers, biggest dilemma is given the age of the thing and the faff factor, do i just replace it anyway. The previous owner had it on the boat in 2010. Unlikely to be original though on a 96 boat!
  9. Cheers, you have been very helpful. I will get onto it this week.👍
  10. I have had what i have been given! As you will guess, i am no electrical expert! I may take off the alternator completely, and get a garage to fit a new bush before trying to continue with the repair. Do you think it is the main fuse in the picture blown - there is no visible indication. Sorry Tony, i missed your last post , cheers.
  11. So, i expect the existing bush/elongation is not fit for purpose? New alternator given its age, or try to source a replacement bush?
  12. I may be wrong, but it seems to run to the isolator/main switch on the panel? Does that make any difference? i thought it would still compromise the quality of the mount?
  13. Well! It gets worse. I started to take off the alternator to have a closer inspection of the mounts. The mounting hole is clearly is elongated, and the threads on part of the bolt were non existent. To make matters worse, like an idiot, i forgot to isolate/switch off the leisure supply, short circuit, crackle, bang, and no leisure supply. 1. Is it worth persevering with an alternator ( at least13 years old, last 2 owners) with an elongated mount (it is an ISKRA as suspected) - none identical online, and 2. Have i blown the main fuse pictured? I cant find another one related to the leisure switch. only myself to blame on the second one. Uninjured! Pics now as i am back home on the desktop!
  14. Great help on here. Thanks also Ditchcrawler ......
  15. Thanks chaps. I noticed slots on the lower fitting, but no threaded offering. Alignment does worry me- I can see with my own eyesight it's not perfect. Should these fittings gkvern the entire set up, then finally do the sliding adjustable bolt last (not in pic) It's a Beta 38
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