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  1. We live in London but the boat doesn’t
  2. We use the dried coir bricks. They are cheap, take a tiny amount of storage space, half a brick expands in water to form a dry mass which we chuck into the empty box. Stir and occasionally glance in, empty as necessary. One day soon we’ll go on a long tour and will continually be on board and thus able to use the contents as intended on the garden...tho maybe not on the veg??
  3. No not really. We start by putting in just enough to reach the &&&& stirring device. Then it’s months before the box is near full, bearing in mind we don’t live on board. At which point it all goes down the CRT service point sometimes pretty well rotted and in any case never clogging. Gonna happen this weekend as it happens, come and watch!
  4. It’s not all the time, I guess once a year or so. So it once then easy like many things
  5. For us it’s not so much the flies. Aerosol, rolledup newspaper or squash and wash, there’s only so many of em. No, it’s that when we’ve been away in warm weather, the little sods get into the fan on our Airhead which eventually jams. The aroma is then no longer expelled and you need to dismantle the fan to clean em out of it. if this happens, take careful note of which way the fan goes back together. Or you end up making a bad situation worse!
  6. Thank you very much. After some research I did finally dig up some of that info, but more importantly, youve confirmed it from the horses mouth!
  7. Whats the situation at Foxton, anybody? We were hoping to go up to the services there or at Mkt Harborough. Will we have to turn back to Crick or Welford?
  8. We like it. Although we’re keen gardiners in a small way, we’ve not managed to compost our, erm, product sufficiently. Problem being, we don’t live aboard or cruise for extended periods. So we just leave our no 2s in the rear compartment until nearly full then find a quiet facility to empty into. It’s pretty inoffensive but naturally not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s only 2 or 3 times a year, we’re CC but on board a week or 10 days at a time max. If it’s been warm and 2 weeks since anyone on board, the first stir or two raises a whiff, but otherwise virtually no smell. Wee bucket is no problem, just don’t forget about it every day or two. Compared to finding pump out or tip in during what’s often a short visit, it suits us. Everyone to their own
  9. We live in one of those house things, and when it gets chilly, we moor up and go home for the winter. For the rest of the year we normally potter about the canal system, returning home for a fortnight or so and then back again. We have been informed that due to the boats location relative to our house, it is wise for us to overnight on board during our imminent move, rather than return home after a hard days locking and tunnelling. And presumably (were not going to double check!!!) during any subsequent fortnightly moves. So thats what were gonna do. A bit obscure I know, Id prefer not to identify any officials involved. But I think theres a clear and sensible message here.
  10. We’re interested in this too. Heading off next week (all going well!!😬😬) up the Leicester Arm so not hitting the Soar for a few weeks, depending....(we don’t live on board). All going well, we’ll time it perfectly for a tour round the reopened Space Museum and welcoming hostelries of this fine City, home in different ways to Richard III, Vichai Shriva...., Gary Lineker etc etc and then take on the Soar with our underpowered heavy bottomed nb Mollie. So can we expect an easy ride, as long as there’s not too much or too little rain?
  11. I dont normally go much for this kind of thing, but Ive really enjoyed this thread, thanks chaps
  12. Thanks Matty, very helpful. I would have expected to make normal type progress in such a well served area, Crick and so on. But it’s reassuring (which is the thing for us) to hear that there are indeed plenty of options once we get going. Its just biting the bullet in these times, and with, erm, a little nervousness on board, shall we say. I’m certainly hoping we can get through the first locks ok, but gonna wait till at least Monday to try. Once we’re off we should drop into some sort of routine, hoping that the kids can come up soon, hoping for lots of things! thanks all
  13. Yes understood. However, will we be able to go anywhere? From Braunston we’d like to head for Leicester. Will the locks and tunnel right in front be passable from day 1? If not, then what do we do? We’ve been cc’ing for years but these are strange times. Yes, we’ve been lucky to be where we are (I hope, who knows??). So we just want to bide our time till the situation clears a little. I’ve asked crt and will post if I hear from them. keep well all
  14. For some of us this needs a little more detail. We are ccers but don’t live on board. We are moored on a 48 hr town mooring. When we last boated, it was of course March, and signs clearly stated that it was 14 day mooring till end of March. Our reading is that the notice clearly says 14 days, which is just as well as our planned route soon hits some locks which may be restricted and then Foxton which I believe is closed. Do we need to confirm with crt or can we just wait till we’re confident that the system is more or less open, perhaps early June?
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