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  1. Ok winter mooring first. Otherton is pretty handy for motorway, or bus or train from Stafford. Shops and pubs in the village (15 mins walk) which is bisected by the horrendous main road. Midland Chandlers have a big branch just along the canal, 10 mins by car. And in breaks from wintry weather, you can chug up and down the cut, plenty of locks! The marina itself is a bit, em, functional, which may not be a problem for you and wasn’t much for us. Boatyard wise, we had mixed experience there, you could say. We bought our boat while she was up on piles there awaiting replating. I say we bought, but actually Phil (following discussions) paid the owner himself, did a full replate and sold on to us, thus taking a risk and a profit, so fair enough. We continue to enjoy cruising the canals, having the expected issues with an old boat, some of which we trace back to work done at Otherton I had heard that they were under new ownership, anyone know is that so?
  2. droshky


    Hi. An actual copy, eh? We are coming into Brum for our first tour of the canals, hoping to moor in the Uni area on Tuesday night. I wonder if I could cycle over to you (if you're at home base!) and make a copy at some local establishment? Cheeky, I know. Dave
  3. Thanks again Sam, I’m not a great mechanic and wasn’t too confident about taking this one on. We ended up calling in a local bloke and he had a hell of a job getting anything to move. The prop shaft had not as we understood been replaced when we bought the boat, and had, as well as general wear including inside the coupling, a significant groove or hollowing inside the gland packing, making it extremely difficult to move the prop forward or back to install the new coupling. So now it’s a new prop and probably housing as well as the coupling. He reckons that the drive assembly (ultimately, the engine mounting) is also out of true. So to bring it up to the proverbial B-O-A-T grand or so, we may as well have the blacking done too, many months early but if it’s out of the water..... That’s turned into an expensive squeaky noise! For good measure, after we’d got it to his yard, we cycled the short distance to the local station, to find that they didn’t stop there on Sundays, and we had quite a long ride instead. The sun shone, all is not lost!
  4. Yeah pretty much, except brass (?) not steel. Diameter is approx 1 1/2 inch. There seems to be a keyway but no key as you said. There seems to be no play at all in the bolts, the two halves are just slammed against each other. If the tin can did work, it’d be just putting off the inevitable new shaft I reckon?
  5. Sorry Sam, being preoccupied is no excuse for bad manners, thanks for your tips
  6. Sounds about right, so it was incorrect of me to link to the earlier thread, sorry. Does that change the picture? I’ve had a chat with a mechanic here on the Stratford, who reckons that if the scoring on the shaft is much, that’s it, out it’ll have to come. In which case, we may as well have it taken out and blacked a year early. Of course the wear might not be so bad, considering we only once gunned it when slipping, and that was a year or two ago. Ah well....
  7. Hmmm. Trying and failing to send a photo. The coupling is brass, attached by 4 bolts to a white plasticky disc (the damper?) which in turn has 4 bolts to the drive shaft coming out of the gearbox. The prop shaft appears to go right thru the coupling but I guess could have slipped forward.
  8. I’ve got something similar...we’ve in the past had the coupling slipping on the prop shaft and it’s been tightened twice, once by the Canal and River rescue and once (nuts in random order) by me. It’s happened again and this time all the adjustment seems to be used up and still slipping. Is it just a new coupling needed, and how easy is that to fit, or is the fairly new prop shaft likely to have worn too thin? cheers, dave
  9. Steady on, tigerr, common sense, here?.....as you say, weird.
  10. He was an idiot, and broke the law, but I'm afraid she was in the wrong. The clue is where the tragedy happened, in the road.
  11. Thanks for the indications, so we might not be completely &&&&ed?? Thanks also for the recommendations, insulate and set on auto switch on!
  12. Never got round to making it on demand, it’s push button
  13. Hot water tank is well insulated. 2 little expansion tanks , don’t think so unless internally but both fairly new. Main water tank has split in the past and is not much insulated. Pipes are mostly plastic
  14. Previous message sent in error, Apologies for computer incompetence..we too are not yet winterised. we shot Home in the snow the other day leaving her on the Shroppie round the corner from yesterday’s coldest place in the country and only remembered a couple of days later that for the first time, we’d forgotten. Engine lister a/c so not an issue , heater has antifreeze in it. But water tank is 90% full and all taps are shut. Can’t get up for a couple of days yet. Have we had it, flooding guaranteed?
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