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  1. Thanks very much, monkey, that’s what I was hoping someone would say. As I say, while we’re in a yard, I may well get them to have a look at it, they’ll have the kit. Or I might wait till we get up there after the glorious 12th! Just to be clear, the tank is fairly full. So if we stick a hose gently down to the bottom, that’ll suck up any water and sludge first? Do I need to go carefully, a bit at a time? Aha! Pela type is a manual suction pump, we’ve got one of those!
  2. There’s a lot of diesel has been sitting on the cut for many months, much more and much longer than usual. Since we’re in a yard, with access to equipment and engineers, what would be the one simple thing to do? Pump out some sludge from the bottom and have a look? Or turn the key and hope for the best? Tank was emptied for a small repair couple of years ago.
  3. Following a fire on the Menai Straits bridge in the 1970s, rail/ foot passenger services to Dublin were (mercifully briefly) rerouted via the nightmarishly distant port of Heysham, somewhere near Scotland. Even compared to the cattle class transport in Holyhead, this wasn’t luxury foreign travel. I may exaggerate. Anyway, I wish we’d known about this luxury service....probably only available on the Belfast ferry! Of all the often stressful trips I made back home, usually at Christmas, that one took the biscuit. It’s taken me a long time to get back on boats!
  4. You think I’ll find you have? it was a simple question, can you point to a single case? Not yet
  5. Well yes chaps, taking in your reasonable points, I don’t think you’ve come near answering mine.
  6. not in a small marina elsan. If they are there longer term, as we are right now, make your way to a larger unit, as we will. My point was that cassette and pump out facilities have to be available at short notice. Ok your system works perfectly but many don’t. And cassette users need very frequent points. Some people are sensible and well equipped and well done them, but lots of boats, using systems which have inherently frequent service requirements, necessitates an expensive infrastructure. Personally, I think dog owners and boaters are responsible for what they create. So for pol
  7. Instead of repeating myself I’ll just ask: have you (or let’s not be shy, anyone) personal knowledge of a single blockage definitively caused by (what I’d call) misuse of a composting toilet? As opposed to a pile of nastiness which might include substances from various sources
  8. Well how about once every 2/3 months instead of days? Is that a point in favour? A bit of hassle but compared to finding a pot every week.... I’ve had a look for these “many reports of composter caused blockages” and all I can see is the same 3rd hand “news”. I can imagine stupid behaviour causing an issue, but considering the (as we’re often reminded) tiny number of composters and the very infrequent use we need to make of toilet points, well basically these reports are bx aren’t they? Not many blockages and not usually us, if at all.
  9. 1. I mean by “monitoring” that the marinas could ensure that composters don’t use their facilities. Penalties if they want, I don’t care, I don’t empty there. 2. Sorry, I’m not very assiduously following the forum, haven’t seen these discussions, I’ll have a search...soon 3. I’m suggesting that canal facilities are blocked for the same reasons as domestic ones. I may be wrong 4. Oh come on. I meant that when a pump out or cassette is full you really have to have an expensive facility provided here and now. Ours last for months so there’s no rush unless you’re extremely careless
  10. Because we don’t use pump out facilities
  11. In 4 years or so I think we’ve done the double bin in a bag once. I’ve stepped in a lot more than that on the towpath.
  12. I can imagine that careless dumping into small Elsan points would be problematic. Most of these would be in marinas and (comparatively) easily monitored. Have you any evidence that specifically composters are in crt units becoming a cause of blockages? As opposed to the usual culprits of nappies, wet wipes, sts, cooking fat, and random rubbish, can we fairly be described as a “definite danger”? A factor that hasn’t been mentioned much is that if you have any of the other systems, when you gotta go, you gotta go. We can wait till we get to an appropriate facility
  13. So who puts all the tree decorations up then? Cat owners?
  14. Answering in reverse order...we empty the poo bucket a couple of times a year into a toilet point. Slowly, adding plenty of water. If we’re on board a lot, it goes home to compost. So to answer no1, why would we expect to pay anything more than cassette emptiers? Actually thanks for bringing this up, I’d like a rebate please as we use much less of everything. The wee bucket goes in a loo if we pass one (!) or on a patch of nettles or suchlike. Other than supermarket wrappings, we hardly touch black bins, nearly all is recycled, often we have to take it home to do so. Ther
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