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  1. Hi, non live aboard here, hoping to make progress next time we’re on board. Bit of a diversion but sort of related… on the Huddersfield narrow hoping to head for the L+L…our plan is to hang around the west end of the Standedge tunnel (a few locks down obviously) waiting till it’s open again AND for there to be a cancellation so we can slip in. Considering the issues on the L+L above, and the persistent problems on the Hudd narrow, (not to mention needing to cadge a tunnel slot) are we being ridiculously optimistic? cheers
  2. Very strange language. Clearly auto translated from the original Chinese
  3. Yes that’s exactly what I’d heard, thanks for confirmation
  4. Thanks guys, I’m emboldened to carry on! In full knowledge that it’s my personal informed decision and no one else’s responsibility. Like hell I am, anything goes wrong and I’ll <expletive deleted> … not really, thanks for the tips. Generally I’m guessing that if we can creep up in the wet weather we should eventually make it. Given our deepness, that’ll surely take us longer than most. So should I budget 2? 3? days to get up to Standedge, or at least to where we can moor and leave in “normal” security? Worst of all worlds would be get 1/2 way up and give up, then have to return and find somewhere safe swiftly. As you may have spotted, still a little edgy, thanks again for all the tips
  5. That is the way I’m thinking. But it’d relax me (and Mrs D!) to hear that people were making it thru without too much drama. We have had the bottom overplated, so despite removing most of the ballast, we are a bit deep in the water compared to most. And also, we want it to be fun, and we want to get up the Pennines towards the tunnel in short order. so with the utmost gratitude for any good wishes, who’s been up or down the Huddersfield narrow from Portland basin recently?
  6. Getting back to the south Pennine ring… came down Marple and spoke to a guy who’d just turned back from lock 6 on the Hudd narrow. Sounds very bad, low water, many obstructions. He could hear the swearing of the descending boats’ crews before their engines! Among his problems he was grounded for many hours well into the dark in a pound, had to wade to the side and let water down himself to refloat. was he exaggerating? It makes me very nervous about taking it on (anti-clockwise as mentioned)
  7. Yeah but when I slow down to jump on my Canyon, it would become real, and even 20% would destroy me And anyway, you just made that up, I’m sticking with infinitely heavier
  8. Thanks for all the advice on hyperspace travel, I’ll bear it in mind when I upgrade transport modes… though I should point out that were I to follow your advice, I think I’d become almost infinitely heavy, a considerable problem for a sylph -like Lycra clad racing cyclist. thanks also to Goliath and Kendorr for their more immediately relevant advice
  9. Morning all. Fairly experienced non live aboard ccers. Similar topic, hope you don’t mind me jibbing in. We’re going the other way, from the peak forest turn right and then if we have time, turn up to (wards?) Hebden Bridge, then turn back to Leeds and if possible the long way back via Burnley. We got the year to do it in stages, if we fancy it. But immediate decision, when we get down Marple locks we won’t be able to get up the first few Huddersfield narrow locks while they’re working on them this week. We’ll have to leave, come back from home, and continue. So…. where should we leave? Near the bottom of Marple , near the junction, or somewhere else? Mainly concerned about security.
  10. I see from crt posts and OpenCanalMap that there’s a couple of pretty technical looking closures on the way from Ashton up towards Standedge, Bridge 103 and Lock 24w. Thats where we’re hoping to head once our winter mooring on the Peak Forest runs out next month. Anybody got any local knowledge, are either of these long term?
  11. Not quite. The grand canal is about 1/2 mile south of the brewery, it’s the Liffey that is adjacent. And while the water does come from the Liffey basin, it’s pumped down from a cleaner source in the Wicklow mountains.
  12. Haven’t seen this aspect mentioned, you probably all know this, but anyway… A few years ago we wintered on an offside farm mooring. After a month or two, we got a crt letter advising of water charges payable to them in addition to our rent to the farmer. In the end we accepted it and coughed up. So they must have active spotters off season on quiet stretches of the Middlewich Branch, unless of course we’d somehow told them and then forgotten! Or maybe the farmer….
  13. Yes I had followed that. I expect results for a correctly functioning Lister would be similarly promising; we’ll see when they try it out in one. My concern is about the situation we’ve just had, where diesel was leaking into the oil, in our case from the injectors, if I understood it right. With the engine then being lubricated by oil mixed with fuel, wouldn’t using HVO have a risk of engine seizure in a case where, unknown to the owner, this was happening? Obviously if you have a problem you should fix it but I’m talking about idiots like me who only half understand what’s happening down there. Oil could be diluting for some time before you’re aware of it, and with HVO it would be becoming less and less viscous(?). Don’t get me wrong, I want this to work
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