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  1. You want to get it high up ...
  2. Oh yea, a proper breach. Landslide events. With whole hillsides coming down. So jealous. 😎
  3. My mast is half a metre in length (as it were) ... but I'm sure someone will be along to say how you can extend yourself to an 8-foot whopper ...
  4. ... And you'll want to stabilise that 12v feed to the electronically sensitive router with something like this 12v Stabiliser ... and have the right-sized barrel jack to plug into the Huawei router, like this Barrel Jack on Extension Cable ... and make absolutely certain you get the polarity right from battery to router.
  5. It is open now. We came up past the repaired breach on Monday. And there's been a few boats each day going in either direction. The repair was apparently straight-forward: pile driving with gravel backfill. The time-consuming part (over a month) was firming up a 2km stretch of earth track around the Theale waterskiing lake to get to the breach, then building/removing a causeway across the weir stream. Yes, I'm glad the contractors have done a great job in repairing it. I'm not fully thrilled with CRT, though, as we were sent overstaying notices while trapped between the Burghfield breach and Fobney Lock (where the gates were being replaced). And the determined ambiguity in reporting timing of the works made planning extremely difficult. (A number of people have lost money on moorings they haven't been able to reach.) Happy to be cruising again! Good winter weather for it at the moment.
  6. Sorry, no. The canal breach fix was completed yesterday and we've moved on out of there (after 6 weeks). For what it's worth, when on 5 bar, the iPlayer streams a show at hi-res (for a Mac 2880x1800 Retina screen) without dropping out. At 4 bar the same shows might drop out or stutter 2 or 3 times an hour.
  7. Sorry, that is a pain in the ... Here's a proper paste-in. Note that there is WAY too much cable for your average boat installation. I coiled it around a glass and zip-tied ... rather than invest in connectors and special shielded cable tool ... and invalidating the antenna warranty.
  8. I installed the Poynting antenna about a month ago -- hooked up to a Huawei 535 router and on the 3 network. We're presently in a fairly challenging signal location. These are the results we've had: With my old 3 dongle plugged into the laptop = 1 bar With just the router high up on the cabin wall = 2-3 bars With the router wired to the Poynting on the roof = 4-5 bars Poynting on Roof
  9. This head has now gone to a good home. Thanks all.
  10. This is the electronic 'trigger' component of their Animal handheld model. It's brand new and FREE if you can pick it up from our boat at The Cunning Man, Burghfield on the eastern K&A. Also have a fairly new charger for the same hoover. We just bought a Gtech to replace the old 'Animal' ... and it is a very, very long story as to why I have a new assembly still in its box kicking around. PM me if you're interested. (I've put it here, as I never look at the For Sale threads ... and suspect there are others that don't either.)
  11. Yea, well, there was even less going on Saturday and Sunday! Everything was locked up in their ad hoc compound. I'll apologise if there's serious and intense brainwork and planning taking place across the weekend ... but this 'working seven days a week to get it finished' business seems to be stretching it. Ho hum.
  12. Dial a Code app: http://www.dialacode.com Not free, but really cheap to phone many places in the world if you're on either the 3 or O2 networks; on a contract or pay-as-you-go. For example, 2p/minute to USA, Canada, NZ, Australia, India, etc. 3p/minute to France, Brasil, Greece, etc. You just open the app, choose a person in your Contacts list ... and ring them. If you are on a contract, the cost of the call is added to your bill. If you are a PAYG customer, the cost of the call is deducted from your balance.
  13. Latest Info: There's a crew down from Birmingham improving a track around the Theale Waterskiing Club lake in order to get access to the breach site on the K&A. I reckon the track in is about 2Km long, and there appears to be a heck of a lot of gravel going onto it to firm it up. The improved track is now about halfway complete, and they expect to arrive opposite the breach at the end of this week. Not much is known about the temporary fix or the timing of it (the back fill of the breach, to get the canal water level up). This is what we boaters are waiting for. This could be down to the fact that different crews can be working on this from week to week. There is apparently a bit of a hold-up signing off the plans for the permanent repair -- in regards to choosing stonework and various materials for the final design. Although the CRT Twitter account reports work going on here 7 days a week, I'm not sure this is the case, because all of the diggers and front end loaders and other vehicles were tightly locked away in an ad hoc compound on Saturday when I wandered up there to take a look. Fingers still crossed.
  14. Hi Jane When we were looking for our perfect narrowboat we had to rely on public transport to get to some pretty remote places all over the south and Midlands to view boats. So it became crucial to get the best idea of a boat's condition and layout beforehand, so as to not waste time and resources. What ultimately worked best was choosing a place where there were a few brokers close to each other, each with a couple of potential boats advertised that we were interested in. Then we'd make a long weekend of it. We did this by bus and train. If you've a vehicle, it would be all the easier. For us, the Braunston area, taking in Whilton and Blissworth, was productive. If you're more mobile you could add Rugby, etc. into the mix. I would want to know an awful lot about a boat and its condition before traveling down from Northumberland to view it. And I have to say we had a few serious (and expensive) disappointments traveling out to single boats that had been 'oversold' and overvalued by private owners. At least with the brokers there was a variety of boats to see all at once. Our perfect live aboard boat turned out to be one that was not yet on the broker's website - and that we looked at on a whim ... because we happened to be there at the right time. Best of luck finding your boat.
  15. ... or the Burghfield bank breaching ... 🦫
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