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  2. Ok folks time to call it a day. I have made a few points, raised a few questions, answered a few comments, ignored others, upset some, made others laugh and hopefully made the 1% think. We are all right, we are all all wrong. We are individuals, we are one. Hopefully this may have shown you that there are more important things in life. Some of you will continue along your path, others will chose a different one and still others will stand at the crossroads hoping someone will take their hand and show them the way. I hope you all find the answers you seek, if indeed you seek any. I hope those who are content remain so. I hope those with closed hearts and minds open them just a little and let some fresh air in and I applaud those who keep the windows wide open. Some of you care about others, some do not. Some have strong views and opinions, some do not and some have none at all. Who is to say who is right or wrong. If I have offended anyone, that was never my intention. You only get one life, so we are told, and if we believe that then I trust you enjoy yours and may be it be long and fruitful. All I ask is that you be kind to yourself and to others. Life is a bitch and then you die. OR.... Life is beautiful, unique, enriching, wonderful, stunning, unbelievable, a rollercoaster, exciting, rewarding, a one time experience...... and then you.........???????? love to all Paul
  3. Oh God help me on this one............... do I really have to explain every comment to you? I am talking about the 1%....... I could have referred to slavery/votes for women/fox hunting/hanging/organ transplants If it wasn't for the 1% we would all still be wearing furs and clubbing animals.........does that ring a bell?? Proves my point...beneath contempt....
  4. Did you know that Flat Earth is one of, if not the, most emotive subject to raise? I have just 'come out' on this forum. Not a word!!!!!! I once lost a job because someone outed me!!!!! Interesting don't you think, or not as the case may be
  5. I love this one..... Look at billiard table. All the balls are round, yes? Does that mean the table is?
  6. Yes...... but there is always the 1%.......... Ok you have probably worked out by now that I am gay. i spent my former years in fear and torment. The first person I told was my doctor who asked me if I was religious. I asked why? he said "Go to Church and pray". today we have gay rights/civil partnerships/marriage (though I actually do not agree with that...personal point of view don't all get itsy) and we are (supposed to be) protected by law. All because of the 1% It reminds me of one of my few neighbours ( I live in a very rural area) who came to my door. He is Irish and an ex teacher. He had recently been in hospital to remove part of his kidney and wanted to know if I could drive into town (a 20 mile return journey) to collect a prescription and some groceries. I immediately said yes to which he replied in a broad Irish brouge, "You know I never thought the day would come when i would be stood on a gay's doorstep asking him to go shopping for me" I replied " that's funny because I never thought that the day would come when an Irishman would be stood on my doorstep asking me to". Needless to say it went right over his head. ER>>>>>> I demanded nothing yet another example of getting your facts right, or wrong as the case may be. I repeat, if you ain't interested, move on there is nothing here for you...... we are a local shop for local people.....
  7. No please enlighten me...... my quest for knowledge is insatiable ....... just for clarification i am being sarcastic Then take the easy route and just believe everything you are told. It is the path of least resistance and no shame in doing You won't be ridiculed or laughed at............
  8. You are not allowed to Antartica without permission. You have to book a 'guided tour' at a cost of approx £10,000. You will be met with military intervention if you try to explore. Look up the 1959 Antarctic Treaty. No nation is allowed to make claim to it yet it holds £££££millions worth of oil, gas, coal and uranium reserves. Do you think Shell/BP etc etc would be mining there if they could? Look up Admiral Byrd, Operation Deepfreeze etc. These are true documented accounts. Make your own mind up.
  9. Obviously (see other replies) but is that not my point. If I said I am going to paint my boat with emulsion I expect some people will make fun of it. If i say I believe that Christ existed am I allowed to without being ridiculed? I would not accept that, but I would accept an intelligent debate with researched arguments, perhaps it may change my mind? is that not what learning and debate is all about. Again, I say to those who are not interested, move on.
  10. GREAT!!!!!!! To those who ask questions....... if you are interested then look it up. I cannot tell you what to believe. I have not stated anything as absolute truth. I merely raise the subject. If you find it interesting explore further, if not, read someone else's post. It is a free world after all, is it not?
  11. Possibly..... but that is my whole point....... who are you, me , others, anyone to ridicule anyone else? Disagree, debate, challenge certainly but do your research so you can argue the point from and informed position. I did not make the post to argue though, merely to ask people to challenge things in general, Flat Earth is merely a part of it. And if you are going to engage, be thoughtful and respectful to others. I do not use any social media, I don't understand them nor am I interested in them, but I do not ridicule those that do. However I hear the stories of how people hide behind their anonymous profiles and torment and bully people using profanities and vulgarisms. Knowing this I therefore ask the question: "Is this really what people are like today. Despite being the most complicated, intricately, beautifully made thing in the whole universe with the greatest potential, is this what we have become?" I use generalities here before being accused of tarring everyone with the same brush. Because they don't. Research it.............. or by a Nikon P900 Coolpix camera, or watch videos of those that have one. GREAT!!!!!!!
  12. I am ignoring the ignorable and replying to those who ask me questions. I DO NOT KNOW. the clue is in the "Research IT!!!!!!" Do your own work, come to your own conclusions but at least you are questioning it. I do not know what is actually truth anymore, so I choose to challenge it. If you are asking questions and challenging things then my post has succeeded. Here is a challenge........ look up Dr Judy Wood on Youtube, specifically the disappearing tower. It refers to 9/11. I am not saying what my beliefs are on this but all I know is that she, in an unbiased way, explores and shows how solid steel 'evaporates' (Literally) into thin air. Don't reply to this post with ridicule, grow up, be interested in it or not. Explore or move on.
  13. Apologies again. The whole point of what I was trying to say is that there are people who do not care, not everyone, but the evidence is in the juvenile and irrelevant responses and the fact that, like most posts on here, people go off on their own tangents. Again I did not, nor do, assume anything about anyone, I was merely making the general point that the world has changed, people have become selfish and indifferent. I was not accusing anyone of anything, merely trying to raise awareness of what the majority believe is relevant and/or important in or to their lives and asking the question "is that enough?" If it is then great, who am I to argue or ridicule? But maybe, just maybe there is something we are (all) missing and maybe, just maybe we should question what we see and hear. It has been reported only today that one in four people do NOT trust the BBC, once the bastion of propriety. My personal experiences were stated not to elicit sympathy but to show how indifferent and intolerant the world, in general, has become. They are relevant to my posting because they demonstrate my point. To be honest, I no longer give a ounce of time or energy worrying about what people think of me anymore. Again I tried to make that point when I mentioned significance. The very proof of what I was trying to say is evident in the fact that you have chosen to engage in an intelligent and questioning manner whilst others can only deride and mock. (and before I am accused of it , I am not being patronising). Let me make myself clear : My beliefs are mine and are based on my own research which I choose to consider as having merit. (For example there is not ONE photograph of the earth from space which is true and accurate, they are ALL composites and NASA admits have been photoshopped. I have done my research to learn this, not just taken the words of others). Likewise my experiences are mine and I make no assumptions that because someone does not share or accept them that their views are wrong, quite the reverse, everyone is entitled to their own view. I used my own experience exactly as that, as truth, and I ask the question 'have we really come that far". But consider this, had I posted a question asking the merits of buying a wooden boat as to a steel one, would the responses be the same. I am pleased that you have challenged me. Whilst my log on name is Numpty, it refers to when I originally joined this forum and was in reference to my experience of boats and boating. (Coincidentally I asked, only today, how I might change it.) I consider myself articulate and to be of moderate intelligence and I have never questioned, or referred, to anyone elses' in any of my posts on here.
  14. These are my views and opinions. I do NOT ridicule anyone because they do not share my opinions/beliefs,comments. I do not believe you, or anyone else for that matter, are trivial or any less of a person. Should I return my 'Help the Heroes' sweatshirt??? You have clearly misinterpreted what, and how, I have said things, which can be a problem with the written word. If you read what I actually wrote I am saying that I, despite the details I give, have no right to judge others thereby no one has the right to judge me. But also read what others have put and you will see my point. Oh, and by the way, I though very hard before I made this post. I believe I have nothing to defend myself about. If people don't agree, fine, ignore it but if they feel they must reply at least be mature and intelligent. There rests my point.
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