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  1. This also seems to be more poignant, so you're saying costs not such an issue? I've seen the low water reports. You are fortunate indeed to have the choice. Solar would be good, does it work on the heavy grey days when they've sprayed chemtrails abd the sun is obscured?
  2. Have boaters noticed the cost of fuel hitting their pockets more or as much as landlubbers? I've considered buying a third boat (sold my second in 2020) but feel nervous that boaters living aboard might be feeling it worse than households.
  3. Interesting point as my tunnel light was on a bracket so could be adjusted before entering tunnel . It was quite a small but adequate little oblong light and more than adequate shining slightly at the 'roof' of the tunnel. I do understand those with eye challenges but mine are getting on and I found oncoming excessively bright lights required my hand to block them.
  4. Lion hearts cruising club is a small friendly club. Up to 35' I believe and those I met were nice people. Nr Giffard Park. MK
  5. The pumpout there wasn't great - I preferred to cruise up to Baxter's for a friendly service. Last time I went to PB I had to try to do it alone, it was lucky there was a guy hanging around who offered to help but it wasn't guaranteed and he said you had to pay for a second token if one didn't do it and my tank was small but it was roof access. These things matter but I was a visitor not living there.
  6. I lost a 1000 deposit to a broker in 2008 near whilton locks because we stupidly paid it and our funds hadn't cleared in time - 1 week! The owner took the boat off the market.. I felt bitter at the time, but we subsequently found a boat at a brokers quite nearby that took a deposit fixed a few important things then took the rest. It was a stroke of luck. The second boat had dropped by £13k by the time our house sold, Steve lost about that on his house sale so we were quits, and we got a much better liveaboard for the mooring we had chosen. Loved it and miss her.
  7. The windows say woods tough with a bs857 but can't work out who made them
  8. I'm about to order some new catches. Any advice? Ta muchly
  9. Sort of on topic. I was advised that if I were to upgrade my propane gas regulator it ought to be of higher load as I have heating, cooker and hob all gas. How do you choose a better propane gas regulator ? Thank you!
  10. I guess it must have been at the museum in Birkenhead as I'm not that old...defo rode a tram. Can't ask rellies as they are mostly dead. Sadly. Going to get photos...
  11. I was a bit bored, so I decided to see what happened to the freeflowing barge. I really loved the bit about the trams and would also love the recipe for the malt loaf. Probs need to make appointment at opticians now and... I have a tram story. I was very lucky to ride one in Liverpool/Birkenhead more like when my boys were little. Could probably find a photo but would be hard to put it in the slot on my phone.https://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/museum-of-liverpool
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