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    The British Isles. Situated close to, but not part of Europe.
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    Very varied to include. Pubs, restaurants, boats, history,pubs, the inland waterways system and pubs.

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    Lazy git
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    Floating hopefully

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  1. mrsmelly

    Kids on Strike

    Precisely. The same kids will already have summer holidays booked somewhere " Abroad " and be flying in humungous fossil fuel by the million gallons air travel. The whole thing is one gigantic joke until every country and every household in the World adopts a completely different lifestyle. Buying a " Plug in " car or riding a pedal bike to work simply is never going to cut it.
  2. mrsmelly

    Kids on Strike

    My holiday was cut short in march due to the rivers being in flood due to the never ending torrential rain. Lost about three weeks before we could set off!!
  3. mrsmelly

    Harvesting free power

    Yes I was thinking that after I typed but though life was too short to try and be PC so left it and hoped for the best 👍
  4. mrsmelly

    Harvesting free power

    Ahhh, she be from the deep dark saarf then innitt.
  5. mrsmelly

    Partially incontinent Shurflo 403-444

    I must confess its not realy that easy...........but they taste bloody brilliant
  6. mrsmelly

    Harvesting free power

  7. mrsmelly

    Partially incontinent Shurflo 403-444

    Pigs..........chickens............ducks.............dogs.............cats..............soon be barby time for some fab belly pork
  8. mrsmelly

    Partially incontinent Shurflo 403-444

    Ows ya doin?
  9. mrsmelly

    Harvesting free power

    Yep thats what we always say although some say snicket.
  10. mrsmelly

    Partially incontinent Shurflo 403-444

    Buy two new ones. Replace the old knackered unit and keep the other new one for a spare. Bin the old unit. Dont listen to Nightwatch hes a drug addict.
  11. mrsmelly

    Harvesting free power

    Yonks, bloomin awesome. Praps we could baffle t suvverners wiv us own language? appen
  12. mrsmelly

    Harvesting free power

    Can you not ask your boss at work assuming its not your business if you can charge a battery pack each day? Assuming you work a five day week a couple of packs and you could even cover days off? No good of course if you are retired? If you are on the dole then surely wetherspoons are used to this and will have dedicated sockets near the fag machines?
  13. mrsmelly

    Well it's Valentines day

    😁 Just for the hell of it I once bought her a huge bunch on a non descript day and had them inter flower jobbied to her place of work. Its amazing what people thought. I believe buying a pressie however small it may be just on a whim rather than some cows droppings commercial day is far more appreciated by the recipient as it show genuine thought rather than some money making scam day 👍
  14. mrsmelly

    Harvesting free power

    But somebody might see you entering a wetherspoons
  15. mrsmelly

    Well it's Valentines day

    If I bought anything for the missus on the ridiculous con known as Valentines day she would give me a royal rollicking.

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