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  1. I agree that the referendum may well have been as you say advisory. For me then if it had been disregarded from the outset that woukd have been fair enough. Yes the minority would have won the day but at least honesty would have prevailed. Fact is though we were told it was to be honoured and an act of parliament and article fifty triggered to tell the world we were leaving. Thats were it all became clear it was all lies.
  2. The only con was when we were told the result would be honoured. Without doubt I would vote the same way again. There is not one jot of anything I have seen as yet to change my mind, there is still no good for my country to remain in the crock of crap. Anyway you and I have said it all dozens of times so this is all pointless as neither of us will change and I doubt any other voter will. I dont want to be part of a european empire and you do, thats what it all boils down to. So you and the minority win, only one good thing will come from it all and that is the demise of the eu as they will change or collapse sure as eggs is eggs. Politics in the eu can never remain as it was now after this debacle so collapse is on the cards. Other countries who dare not offer the chance of a referendum knowing the electorate will vote to leave are all worried plus sustaining failing economies with more and more cash cannot go on for much longer. Meanwhile the weather will pick up again soon for mi next barby
  3. There lies the relevant part of your post.
  4. On this we can all agree!
  5. Blimey doesnt the price of these vary massively for the same battery from 190 squids up to nearly 300 flippin eck what a difference for the same unit.
  6. But, but Matty, ya cant get a boat on the L and L!!
  7. Who would you losers have given the job to seeing it has to be the government?
  8. Probably. Pointless now as nowt would be done. There are not even any police stations anymore or police on the beat.
  9. Definately cut off Tony, clean as a whistle with disc marks to boot. My missus also found a broken cutting disc in the grass.
  10. The " Guardian " readers are not of one opinion either? my arse!!
  11. No houses anywhere near. Its a very strange location for this type of vandalism. The missus has just been to the lock and found a broken cutting disc in the grass. It may or may not be of coincidence but yesterday she was speaking to an angler who was packing up and told her he was going home early as there were too many boat!! She is polite and dint say owt. " Its a canal " springs to my mind!!
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