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  1. Oh yessum, proper still cider. Ive just had a huge Pork chop from the shop ere. Bloomin awesome, its a tough life
  2. I think you need to address what the initial question was. We were all asked if we wanted to remain in a political and trading union, the majority said NO. We were not voting on world war three, or arresting homosexuals, or invading Argentina. It was just about the european empire. There are nutters in all walks of life but this was only a minor decision in the greater scheme of things. You were in the minority and others were in the majority, you really need to get over it.
  3. Whats a nutter?? It may well be someone who voted to remain in the european empire?
  4. Update. Not only a proper bar but as we speak a bloody good band is being arranged for an evening here. We will also have real ale and oodles of cider and other stuff. Looking like august 7th and already going to be busy. It will be ticket only to control numbers. Not expensive tickets though. Watch this space if yer interested or PM me We have bloody good scrumpy from Napton old boy.
  5. They have done well if indeed they are five years old. Batteries are like diesel, they are consumable items, even expensive ones need replacing. Your sealed ones are cheapo disposables like I use and they have done you proud. Boating aint cheap, new batteries are just part of the territory. New batteries will transform your electrics.
  6. Dont forget the yellow vest lol.
  7. Its going to be fab tomoz I reckon. I have an awful decision to make. Do I slip from my mooring and bimble off for a night or three somewhere in the wilds or near a pub? Do I go off for a night to the New Forest at my mates pub with fab rooms and go to my sons pub down there for free everything? or do we just go somewhere new for a night for a change in a Hotel? Life is so hard at times innitt.
  8. They will be happy on hook up at a marina. If they realy were at 10.3 then they will be knackered anyway if they have done that before. If they are cheapo sealed batteries at a minimum of five years then they are disposable consumeables and you have done well. I am happy to get two years out of mine at less than a hundred quid each. Much though depends on time on hook up and time cruising and cycling the batteries.
  9. Soylent green may well move from fantasy to reality one day!!
  10. The european union was not formed until 1993 after several more treaties had been signed. We had a referendum on a common market in 1975 that we had already been forced into. The question that was asked was Do you want to stay in the european community ( common market ) we have never been asked about joining or indeed staying in a european empire. The vote in 1975 was so far removed from the shite we have ended up with that it needed re addressing. So after 40 plus years its been addressed and the majority voted out. Time to try independance and then people can try to join whatever empire is left in forty years from now, whoevers it may be.
  11. They feel just about as conned as we the majority referendum voter feels. we were told the vote would be honoured and its not happening so I know how they feel.
  12. Agreed the system is different. Never the less thats the system they use and Trump shall we say Trumped the others and is the boss. Gee thanks Alan. I will print it off and take it into use immediately. Think its time anyway again to leave this thread to the losing minority voters to cry and whine on.
  13. Ive quoted it twice as its a special post. You and every losing minority voter on this thread has denigrated Trump, a democraticaly elected leader and you are slanging off Johnson who wishes to be our leader. Macron is a maggot that wants everything that is bad within the eu to be strengthened. Far better an alliance with Trump than Macron and the eu.
  14. Further to this Have a poxy cratch board to bang yer edd on when getting out of boat Have a pram hood to put loads of stuff under cover that needs taking down every time you go boating. Ensure the gas locker is a pillock to get at and if at the pointy end made even worse by a cratch and cover Fit a cross bed so only pygmies can sleep well at night
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