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    Somewhere a 68 foot narrowbeam boat can get.
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    Very varied to include. Pubs, restaurants, boats, history,pubs, the inland waterways system and pubs.

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  1. Wi Fi

    We have a little white thingy that fits in your hand. 30 sometts a month and everything works ont boat throught it. all the pooters and both fones. Free it aint but as we all know boating aint cheap.
  2. My Hudson was 70 foot without an engine room with a superb, quiet, instantly responsive beta in the back. Loads a room for living on as is my present 68 footer. This 68 footer actualy has more interior space than the 70 foot Hudson had. I could go back to a tidddly little sixty footer but its a hell of a compromise on living space as a full time liveaboard. Sixty footer makes a sensible hobby size though.
  3. Easter Weekend

    Yes matey. Its fab innitt today. Just taken the mutt for a walk then some chores then ont move c I told you it was summer
  4. Metric stupidity

    You are dead right about papers I havnt bought one for over twenty years they are fifty percent nonsense and fifty percent sport which is even bigger nonsense!! Its supposed to be fine tomorrow so we are still on the move. Have a Tuborg for me its actualy drinkable unlike some stuff on the continent of europe
  5. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    Upward and onward............
  6. Oi you young whipper snapper. I will have you know its still in use so it cant be that old
  7. Brexit 2017

    I reckon most government pension schemes are unbeatable. Mine certainly is, no pension company could come anywhere close to how its been for me since age of 34.
  8. Easter Weekend

    Too true. I am doing what all liveaboards should be doing. I am tying up and letting the hobbiests get on with it.....remember its their first days onboard this year Its true
  9. Metric stupidity

    Sadly enough its just a minority of our own residents with that persepective of life, the rest of the world still know the UK is brilliant. Do you read The Guardian by any chance? Hi Laurie I actualy think I might have them somewhere. They are pretty crap ones some numpty barmaid took them one night when I was looking after my mates pub in Wokingham whilst he was on holiday. They were not even good ones!!
  10. Cycling

    youve about as much idea as the sustrans plonker and a typical cyclist. It is sad to say that though the standard of driving in the UK is fairly poor the standard exhibited by cyclists especialy around large vehicles in towns and cities is absolutely abysmal.
  11. Metric stupidity

    we are no a lone 118 118.
  12. Cycling

    Im still game. bring your grand along and we will count. I was on radio oxford doing a live talk show with Bill Heine a while ago. He had the local spokesperson for the sustrans and bike club on and was asking for motorists views so as I was then an ex Police advanced driver and at the time of the proggrame a dept of transport driving instructer in Oxford Bills team foned me to see if I wanted to give my view. In a nutshell the sustrans cycle pushing bod came a very poor second during the debate and he turned down the opportunity to spend a day in my driving school car so I could show him just how bad cycling is in Oxford. What expertise would you have brought to the debate?
  13. When living aboard the longer the better. If you must do the L and L and another tiny perecntage of the system then hire for a fortnight. Ten feet extra is a HUMUNGOUS difference when onboard fulltime. A cruiser stern gives much more outside space than a semi trad.
  14. Metric stupidity

    I doubt it Martyn have you not seen the long running thread on..................................................Eco fans...........................never mind B----T