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    Somewhere a 68 foot narrowbeam boat can get.
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    Very varied to include. Pubs, restaurants, boats, history,pubs, the inland waterways system and pubs.

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    Lazy git
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    Floating hopefully

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  1. mrsmelly

    Slim washing machine

    Im the boss here cos the missus says I am 😂
  2. mrsmelly

    Slim washing machine

    I thought you were married?
  3. mrsmelly

    Slim washing machine

    Ahh nowts changed much. My youngest daughters husband played those silly computer games that children play nowadays and you grow out of. Well she would return home from work most days and he would be playing them whilst sat waiting for her to get home from work to cook evening meal. Anyway she mentioned it and asked him several times over several months to cut it down a bit all to no avail. They live in Cornwall. She came home one evening and he was there playing some silly pooter game so she packed him a suitcase and threw his xbox etc inthe car and told him to get in which he duly did. She then drove him the 200 miles or whatever it is to his parents house in Bournemouth and dropped him off with his mother and that was that 😂 Not funny realy and can you imagine the atmosphere in the car all that way!!
  4. mrsmelly

    Slim washing machine

    Make sure she does the washing up afterwards.
  5. mrsmelly

    Captains chairs

    In short the expensive ones are ten times better. Having owned everything from ikea to wilsons over the years and refusing to pay out for ekorness stressless we bought some mint ones seconhand on fleabay that had been 1200 quid each for iirc 400 quid the pair two years ago and the difference in finish and leather quality and comfort is remarkable.
  6. mrsmelly

    Fenny Stratford

    It probably will continue as it makes it easier for boaters to take up prime angling spots.
  7. mrsmelly

    Forum Software Upgrade

    Are you the founder Nick 😂
  8. mrsmelly

    Forum Software Upgrade

    Oh yeah 😁 thats what I use all the time just there are so many flippin abbreviations used for everything now I am losing the will to live. TTFN.
  9. mrsmelly

    Amusing (?) Facebook Post

    a houseboat aint a Boat its a floating house. You cannot burgle a narrowboat. You can break in and steal from it though.
  10. mrsmelly

    Forum Software Upgrade

    What the hell is a VNC?
  11. mrsmelly

    Amusing (?) Facebook Post

    You cannot commit the offence of Burglary on a boat.
  12. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2017

  13. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2017

    eleven is most of twenty 😎
  14. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2017

    Of course they do IF they WANT to trade with europe that is obvious. You are like others and still fail to understand what we voted for it was a VERY straightforward single question without ambiguity Stay or leave. It realy was that simple. Most of us voted leave. We were given no other questions and the one part of club membership wasnt part of the vote. It was in/out. Anyway it will not effect you French so why are you bothered?
  15. mrsmelly

    Why do we tend to forget?

    The biggest problem by far is our flag. It has been taken over by numpties who think football players are Gods.