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    Somewhere a 68 foot narrowbeam boat can get.
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    Very varied to include. Pubs, restaurants, boats, history,pubs, the inland waterways system and pubs.

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  1. mrsmelly

    Painting around mushroom vents

    Love the mushrooms 👍 ours are painted matt black with gloss red tops. You wont believe this but they are usualy made of a dull alloy metal and some people spend ages rubbing them with some compound until they go shiney for a day then they go dull and the action is repeated 😂
  2. mrsmelly

    Problem with Thetford toilet

    They rarely go wrong and if they do just bin the cassette its MUCH cheaper than WHEN a macerator bog goes wrong!! You old sea dog you. Thee worst though and I am sure you will agree is having a pump out bog and a self pump out kit simply horrific and the worst of all worlds combined. I watched a bloke using a mechanical one at the elsan point a while ago, he was slowly pumping it into a large plastic water carrier then pouring it down the elsan time and time again. We were filling with water nearby and the smell was unbelievable and he was still at it when we had filled and made off!!
  3. mrsmelly

    Painting around mushroom vents

    As others have said you must remove them and prep properly. One very valid point is make sure you cover over the wholes inside the boat or you will end up with rust and dust everywhere. paper taped round with masking tape does the job.
  4. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2017

    I am. Why the hell should I be allowed to live and work in some country not my own? The way things are done in the vast majority of the world is you ask and quite rightly they say yay or nay. Hence my grandson just been working in Australia and is now in Bali having a ball and has then got a working visa for NZ.
  5. mrsmelly

    The Long Good Thursday

    Fab 😁 soon be lighting the squirrel 👍
  6. mrsmelly

    Broken down, is it the fuel pump /lift pump

    Im no mechanic but over the years if I have had fuel problems its always been crud/blocked filters.
  7. mrsmelly


    I think we are in agreement I have to say though that what worries me far more in the World is that when people of immense power quote " God " as the yanks always do!! and indeed others. How is it possible to have any sort of sensible meaningfull debate on anything with someone who has imaginary friends?
  8. mrsmelly

    Caledonian Canal June 2018

    My missus wont go on a boating holiday ☚ī¸
  9. mrsmelly

    Dunton Windlass

    Ok I am interested in one you can pm me if you wish as I am no where near Braunston 👍
  10. mrsmelly

    Dunton Windlass

    Im interested in a Dunton double as swmbo threw hers in the cut and is at present using other alloy windlasses. I like the DD had them for years. What price and could you post please?
  11. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2017

    By the same token it could be said that remainers were messing with my safety, security etc etc as WHEN the eu actualy do force countries to become " member states " and have one currency and eventualy head of state then my beloved UK would be gone forever. What is it you hate about your own country being able to make its own way? Why do you think being subserviant to others is better? surely life is far more than finance? Or perhaps its not for some?
  12. mrsmelly

    Moorings Leicester.

    Someone will be along soon who has recent up to date info. I havnt moored there for about twenty years so pointless mentioning. However I contacted CART a couple of weeks ago asking if they had a list of times allowed at various mooring site since the introduction fairly recently of the 1 day, 2 days 1 week etc etc etc etc etc and they dont have one!! Its the usual case of 14 days unless posted otherwise which of course is a fat lot of good to people trying to make any plans for various reasons.
  13. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2017

    I didnt use my vote for anything as short sited as a mere couple of generations, I wanted out so the future not just ten minutes down the road was free of the lousy club. It will be a minimum of ten years before any of us knows what will happen on the small subject of trade and even the much bigger picture will take longer than that. People who voted just for themselves and immediate children didnt understand this was a one time chance to get out and therefore for the future of the UK had to be taken when offered.
  14. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2017

    Of course if parliament decided we had to have a second referendum and that went the other way then of course as said previously we would obviously have to have a third to clarify the result

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