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    Very varied to include. Pubs, restaurants, boats, history,pubs, the inland waterways system and pubs.

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  1. mrsmelly

    “Landline “ phone/Internet connection

    I had such a mooring in 1991/2 I doubt there are many around now since the wifi era.
  2. mrsmelly

    When do you run your engine?

    Or a poxy school when parents have the sense to take kids on holiday out of term time?
  3. mrsmelly

    When do you run your engine?

    Which is precsiely why there is the 8am to 8pm thingy as its a sensible time period. 😃
  4. mrsmelly

    Wood Burner Advice Please

    They are superb. I think the problem today is they dont comply with the latest snowflake legislation. They were made in NZ and very popular over there when I researched it. Very adjustable with an auto or manual system, burns anything in any amounts, never had a chimney soot up at all and never a whiff of co thingy. No fire bricks to replace. The best but too large physicaly for a sewer tube or I would have the one on ebay in a shot. There were two on there last week one was £250.
  5. mrsmelly

    Wood Burner Advice Please

    That will depend on the stove. The stove on my fatty was 16 kw BUT it ran perfectly with literaly two handfuls of smokeless on or a bucket full or anywhere in between. Superb in every way.
  6. mrsmelly

    Wood Burner Advice Please

    Buy item 273483031898 on flea bay. Nothing to do with me its not my stove but I had an identical one on my 50 x 10 fatty and it was superb. Found another on fleabay for a mate for his barge and he took his morso off and put it on a few years ago now and still superb.
  7. mrsmelly

    canal bucket list?

    I have always fancied the Caledonian but swmbo will not allow boating holidays ☹️
  8. mrsmelly

    Allies and Enemies.....who are they these days?

    We are never told the truth about anything, by either side of any arguement, especialy in politics innitt.
  9. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2017

    I disagree. Its far more complicated than that. 😁
  10. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2017

    Summed up very nicely innitt.
  11. mrsmelly

    When do you run your engine?

    Not living like a caveman comes to mind. As a liveaboard I fully expect people who live in houses to use electricity and I also fully expect them to understand that I will be using it. My battery bank is charged every day whatever the useage to keep the batteries in reasonable condition, much of this is often but not always done between six and 8 pm because suprise suprise I tend to put charging on when batteries need it rather than when they are full and can alos have travel power running for other chores, this leaves batteries full or nearly at 8pm. On vms I am afraid engine running is inevitable. My engine with hospital silencer is very quiet as with most unless its some old knacker from the 1930s.
  12. mrsmelly


    Every month even if I dont need it.
  13. mrsmelly


    It must depend on the make. Our single mixer tap works very precisely without fault every time mixing from the cold tank and cauliflower. I wouldnt have a thermostatic one given.
  14. mrsmelly

    Allies and Enemies.....who are they these days?

    The whole world is crooked Im afraid and always will be. I must say that Sergei Skripal brought on everything himself, there is simply nothing lower than crapping on your own country as William Joyce for one found out to his detriment. The big problem there was the blazen way he was dealt with which cost at least one UK citizen their life and endangered the lives of countless others. As well you know this is all to do with oil.
  15. mrsmelly

    Pump out manual and pump out station

    There are many many different types of very varied capability. Some are useless and some are exellent. Best one so far this year was Bristol floating harbour, it sucked like a good un, probably used to pump out big holding tanks rather than my little sewer tube.

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