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    Brexit Land.
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    Very varied to include. Pubs, restaurants, boats, history,pubs, the inland waterways system and pubs.

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    Lazy git
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  1. mrsmelly

    I have to hit the mute button!!

    I would say that about sums up " Match of the day "
  2. mrsmelly

    I have to hit the mute button!!

    If you have seen it fifty times a day you are wasting your life away.....................far better spend the time on the Brexit thread 😂
  3. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    Just been listening to Corbyn on the news. What a pathetic little weasel. At least we are even more assured after seeing him of late that we have no chance of having to suffer a labour government.
  4. mrsmelly

    wabasto thermotop

    Probably needs a quick decoke.
  5. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    Well I reckon everyone on the planet knows what they are. As a glass half full type of woman I reckon she will be pleased with the result, what do you think?
  6. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    Keep up at the back.
  7. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    So there we go. Nowts changed. Shes still at the helm.
  8. mrsmelly

    Dog collars

    So she should. Ours stands and dips her head whilst we put it on. Luckily for us she was a failed police sniffer dog and very well trained 😊 Makes us look like we know what we are doing amongst other dog walkers 😂
  9. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    I said all of that in six words 😀
  10. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    She will remain. We will remain.
  11. mrsmelly

    Marina smoke pollution

    Thats because the forum reflects real discussions in real life innitt. When we are out with friends for a beer etc we often start discussing one thing and an hour later have covered zillions of topics. Never in real life does no one wander off on another tangent.
  12. mrsmelly

    Marina smoke pollution

    Its not uncommon in a prison environment!!
  13. mrsmelly

    Dog collars

    This is what we use. Our dog always stops, sits, comesback etc when shouted and theses leads are light and easily fit into a pocket.
  14. mrsmelly

    Brexit 2019

    The thing is Ian, thats a given realy isnt it? The best people dont do politics, they are self employed billionaires or if not quite that good very well paid employee millionaires. Those at the top wouldnt be a PM for all the tea in China. Lots of people earn more than the PM including rellies of mine. We only have one political party in reality anyway so you are stuck with a Conservative party member for the forseeable future unless some new party comes into the frame which I doubt.
  15. mrsmelly

    Marina smoke pollution

    Precisely what I was thinking 😊

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