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  1. Yeah, lol. Just as a for instance, before dieting I used to use a block or two of butter a week and now use a block of butter per month!! We used to buy about 1 litre of cooking oil a fortnight before starting to diet and now so far THIS YEAR we havnt bought any at all.
  2. Yeah there was, I lost one and a half stone, that 11 kilos in funny money. However life is too short so I am having a life again for a while and will put a couple of kilo things back on but in a couple of weeks time I am dieting again and will aim for 5 kilo loss this time so will still be over all losing even more. It can be done, much like giving up smoking I just said right I am stopping today and thats what I did. I once when ill was advised by doc to stop drinking and did so for 6 months didnt touch a drop but doc said I was ok to have a couple of beers after that time so I now have a beer again. We can all make excuses re how hard it is to diet, stop smoking etc but in reality you just have to get on with it. By the way and this is good tip for wannabe dieters. I still most days had a proper english breakfast when dieting and still lost the weight. Proper English breakfast has a lot of protein so keeps hunger at bay much longer than so called healthy breakfasts, I also stopped all sweet stuff and snacks point blank. It was the buns, butter, fat, chocolate, fruit juice and milk that made me too heavy, when I removed them all and was careful I lost weight. Eat less, do more might sound boring but thats actualy what works innitt.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Yep, all the pigs here are oxford sandy and blacks apart from 3 big gloucester old spots. I am just about to cook Oxford sandy and black bacon and sausages with duck eggs for breakfast Oxford sandy and black roast pork for dinner today.
  5. Err no Mike, I was feeding the pigs and lambs this morning lol. A couple of gloucester old spots are going to be the bacon and gammon for christmas 👍
  6. Bloomin eck!! I had forgotten about Pan Yan pickle
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. You, like me then are far too young for The Beatles. We were only in our very early teens when they broke up and only at junior school when they were at the top.
  9. I was feeding and stroking my christmas gammon this morning. I was also giving water to my christmas leg of lamb.
  10. mmmmmm methinks you must be kidding. In cold winter weather cars need lights on permenantly and Heating which will be the killer blow for leccy vehicles. No heat being produced when stood still on a motorway from the motor so where does the heat for the interior and windscreen come from? Producing heat from batteries is a no no on boats when not ont national grid. It will all come but we will all be long dead before it happens. I suggest this winter you venture out on a cold night with no heated rear window on and no heating and see how far your jumper takes you.
  11. So genuinely again I say, how the hell do we remove the one thousand plus flat batteried vehicles after a major motorway hold up in inclement weather? It WILL happen and what do you suggest will be done about it?
  12. I bloody well wouldnt. When you are in one of those jams ( there was one ont tother side of mi to us yesterday luckily for us ) it was there for 3 hours with road closed. It was peeing down with rain, luckily it was daylight but how many of those evs that were already well near their maximum range would have run out of juice due to wipers, heater blowers, lights on etc etc. Then be broken down all around you unable to move? How far are we supposed to genuinely risk taking a leccy vehicle before stopping to recharge? too many times we can be stuck ont road system no where to go.
  13. Most bacon and much chicken has water pumped into it to add weight. The eu that is supposed to protect us allows water but if its above about five percent then it must be called bacon with water added or somett. In my opinion it should simply be illegal, end of, to add water to meat. The bacon here is awesome and no water, it costs much more than the crap sold in supermarkets but they sell masses of it to discerning customers. Anyway there are a couple of must haves for a bacon butty It absolutely MUST be on white bread, non of that healthy coloured crap. It MUST have butter on it, not the spreads that some people buy, they should be illegal I also prefer two eggs with my sarnie but thats optional. Another point NO sauce of any sort as most sauces are fifty percent sugar so thats all you taste. Man made processed food muck. Again old sport, visit a proper pork rearing farm and pick whichever bacon you want out of the box. All natural, some with some without fat depending on the pig much of it.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. Yes is the short answer. I had a new build a few years ago with a beta 38 and a prm 120 on a 57 footer. I did the tidal rent on a massive spring tide and rounded up and pushed it to get in at West Stockwith. HOWEVER whilst the unit did the job I reckon I was being a tight arse when I specified the 120 as it was rather clunky and didnt inspire me as to its longevity. It did the job and I sold the boat aged just over a year but if I had done another I would have fitted a better gearbox. Yours though Tony is a " proper " engine. I had a dv 36 in one of my boats, they are first class bits of kit.
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