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  1. How fast will it go up again when the lockdown is released and the nasty little virus rubs its hands together as we all appear? or do peeps think it will have evaporated?
  2. Judging by the amount of cyclists using the towpath everyday then a small yearly fee would soon swell the coffers. My boat licence is about 1100 quid iirc so lets be realy fair to peeps and just charge them ten percent say a 100 quids a bike for the unlimited chopping up of the towpath they now get for nowt? Muck much smaller fee than us boaters but would be a considerable sum of money when collected.
  3. Blimey, I have just put a hock in the slow cooker for sarnies this evening, lamb curry for Tea 👍
  4. It is an atonishing photo nevertheless and does prove the vast majority are indeed taking this event seriously. They had just driven up the m4 and come off at Cardiff and took the photo for me. They saw practicaly nowt on the road all the way across country.
  5. She works for the government as does her partner. Both were out today on official business. They stopped and took this on the way home. They are both working from home wherever possible but neither have jobs that can be done entirely from home.
  6. This is a photo of the M4 sent to me by one of my daughters an hour or so ago. People Are taking it very seriously innitt.
  7. mrsmelly

    Time to go

    Ive got mi tin att on 😜
  8. Thanks Jen, I have two daughters in the thick of it lol. Daft my kids innitt. One works in Southmead ospital and the other in childrens respite all of her kids are dying anyway and at the very very top of the sharp end if they get covid.
  9. mrsmelly

    Time to go

    I say chaps and chapesses, cut her a bit of slack eh, you are in fairness ganging up on her and like a pack of dogs over a bone. Just sayin like
  10. A good post. I agree wholeheartedly and have complied from day one with lock down. Another problem with the perpetual number of covid deaths is that everything is attributed to the covid infection dispite it being the straw that broke the camels back for the majority. I reckon if someone has tested positive for Covid such as Boris but is knocked down by a bus the cause of death will still be counted as covid.
  11. yes all agreed with but the perpetual numbering and media bumff just makes matters worse. Many people are terrified even though the chances of dying from it are very remote. Sticking the numbers up hourly on the news does nothing to help peoples mental health. We all have kids and grandkids, some at the very sharp end who are coping admirably without the hysterical attitude. Two of my youngest grandkids aged 6 and 14 are at home now listening to all this and their mum my daughter is going to work this evening for 12 hours in the thick of it, no hysterics, no drama, she is just getting on with it.
  12. Whilst I agree its a serious situation I think perspective is still needed. Since the out break here vastly more people have died of cancer than covid, thats an indisputable fact despite the cancer deaths not being broadcast everyday. Also will we ever be given the number of suicides? and will we ever be given the number who die from such as cancer whos treatment has been stopped to prioratise a different disease? Just sayin like from me locked down position
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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