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  1. I believe Mickey Mouse uses the good old solid US dollar, not the rubbish used in Frogland and the european continent etc.
  2. Thats the problem with having an address!! Easy targets. Sad but very true. I will admit that years ago in previous life for before a change in the law, travelers were not pulled up for vehicle checks unless absolutely no way out of doing so. Trying to track them down for serving summons etc was a nightmare so they got left alone.
  3. Its been failing and bailed out for many many years. Plants have been shut at many places over the years. Times and work changes. eu loving dinosaurs just will not admit to anything factual. How many fletchers do we have these days? how many wheelwrights? What happened to the potters? The weavers? etc etc etc etc etc. People have to move on, many of us have done so over the years.
  4. Well spotted that man
  5. Yes I know. It was a pee take, there are second hand ones available however!! My bro in law sold his last year and some mug actualy gave him some money for it 😵
  6. There are different shaft sizes, prop sizes, pitches, left hand, right hand and musnt forget Axiom 😎
  7. Loads more info needed!!
  8. Come on you glass half empty lot u r a bit slow mentioning British steel going into liquidation.
  9. Yet you and others still back the axis powers up who now rule us by the pen. They tried twice in twenty years to take over our fabulous country and twice got their arreses kicked so set up the common market, a pretence that everyone fell for. Its now an empire that is taking ever and ever greater control of those who kicked its aress. Not only have we allowed them to " Get away with it " people like you actively assist them.
  10. It simply quite rightly says that its nowt to do with quitters. Why the hell should we the majority of UK voters listen to, or care one jot about people who have buggered off elsewhere. You love Macron and that is your choice. Sad though as it is.
  11. Yes, its become pointless answering any of his posts, he STILL doesnt " Get it "
  12. A boat pulled onto the moorings where we are yesterday. All I heard was he screeching of a hairdryer for a few seconds, then the screeching noise became slower and lower. I looked out of the front of our boat and saw a little fifty odd foot boat with the steerer getting off the arse end with the centre rope in hand, the pointy bit still ten feet from the side 😂 A complete waste of water tank space.
  13. Very good beef it is too, so is the stuff we get over here from the good old US of A.
  14. You may well be right Mike? As a strong leaver though I just despair at the way its been handled, I dont think I am alone there from either side of the coin.
  15. There was nowt on my ballot paper hat even mentioned a deal. It was stay or leave but the straw clutching losing minority have still failed to accept the FACT. Still tying to get a losers vote etc etc etc. Not a shame at all, if you quit why the hell should you get a vote from the land of Johny Foreigner. Good riddance to em. Its a bit pointless anyway, we may as well just count that handful of people as remainers if they hadnt quit lol. Irony eh.
  16. Blimey phil, you are the master of the understatement
  17. Better than zero hours surely? We are in a period of high employment, that is fact, similar to the fact that the UK majority voters voted to rid ourselves of the eu cancer. A straightforward fact.
  18. The uncertainty over Brexit has nothing to do with British Steel going bump. If you actualy had any understanding of it and believed in the truth you would know its been in the shit since the early 70s.
  19. We are doing thanks. Its a beautiful sunny day here. We are starting the engine and going off to Somerton meadow or somewhere for a barby in a short while. Fantastic country for those of us that havnt quit and given up on it. Enjoy your snails.
  20. I agree. It aint going to happen, May has played a blinder and I am learning how to squeek like a remainer sycophant. I have ordered my deluxe prayer mat so I can bow to the scumbag Macron across the sea in Frogland. Our only hope now is the collapse of the eu, its our only way out. Byeeeeeeeee.
  21. I think hes some old bloke that has allowed the eu to fog his mind? Bless him. Praps he needs to move to Frogland and kiss the aress of Macron and his lot?
  22. Its only going to be cashless because cocky little mugs like you allow yourself to be railroaded by the banking system. I dont use a spell checker because spelling is trivia in the greater scheme of things. I dont know if you ever visit Oxford? Do you actualy know where it is? Ask a grown up and they will tell you, you can then go to the busiest as in always busy pub there called The lamb and Flag, a great venue. When you approach the bar from any direction the first thing you read ( You can read cant you? ) are the words " Cash only " No debit or credit cards, thats if you can get to the bar for all the people paying with cash. Just because you and others allow yourself to be pushed around by the banking system doesnt mean we all do. Just because some of the country are mice that like to be pushed around by the european empire doesnt mean the stronger of us allow it. Now run along and finish your homework.
  23. You are talking bullox again Peter. There cant possibly be an act of parliament in plaee stating we were leaving the eu. We would surely have had to have it passed by parliament in the first place? Maybe we would also have to have a referendum that a majority voted leave on? Naa, if this was all true then in our democracy we would have left by now. Have you been reading the Guardian or somett or listening to some unbiased telly programme on the beeb?
  24. Most people rented but colour tvs were unavailable at first. remember they were a hell of a lot of money at the time. Times have changed. My gran went to Australia around the same time visiting rellies. She was only in her seventies but the local newspaper came round and did an article re her flying to Australia it was so unusual lol.
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