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  1. Edders

    Mineral oil

    Tim, If by chance you take winter moorings at Barton, try the Vintage Bearing Company in Burton. 01283 509562. Near the canal at Branston. Used to get all my oil from them. http://vintagebearings.co.uk/vintage-classic-oil/2528971 Very helpful people. Tony
  2. Edders

    Bluddy cars...$%&^€£%$%/=

    Lotus Carlton was a formidable car., but good ones I suspect are now very rare. How about a VXR8 GTS-R?
  3. Edders

    Satellite TV Receiver Latest

    The ability to tune into your own "local" TV area and programmes when you are away from your home region. Plus there are some channels that are mutually exclusive.
  4. Edders

    Recommendations for vacuum cleaner

    I see Miele market one of their 1200w vacuums which replicates the performance of a 2000w by using a specifically designed floorhead.
  5. Edders

    Recommendations for vacuum cleaner

    Good point. Mind you, I have always considered Miele a quality brand.
  6. Edders

    Recommendations for vacuum cleaner

    When we moved onto our boat in 2002, we took our Dyson DC04 with us but it proved to be far too big and bulky (although it performed well enough whilst we owned it). Sold it and bought a new Miele 2000w 230v vacuum. (pre EU power wattage regulations). Brilliant machine with fantastic suction. Still have it today. Great for getting the very long cat hairs out of the carpet. Should we ever need another 2000W model, they will hopefully be available when we are out of the EU?
  7. Edders

    Marine Generator

    Definitely agree. Two of my boats had travelpower and performed flawlessly. I did have a Mastervolt Whisper 6kva 3000rpm on one of my boats (I had a vintage engine) but it was relatively noisy even though it was positioned in engine room well away from the main living area, but virtually inaudible from the outside. I was always concerned about the cooling water inlet getting blocked when moored with the inlet to bankside.
  8. Edders

    Diesel fumes

    In a previous life selling commercial vehicles, I was very much aware of exhaust emissions and it's dangers but it didn't stop me having a vintage engine in one of my boats. I fitted the longest exhaust stack possible to get under bridges and did not have a splitter. Strong headwinds were sometimes unpleasant though. Investigated having a tilting exhaust pipe, but sold the boat before getting it sorted.
  9. It's not the CO2 I would be worried about.
  10. Edders

    EE 30Gb Data sim - £15/month Rolling contract.

    I was previously on 32GBpm for about £15pm (a rolling contract that I obtained through HotDeals UK) and contacted EE to see what the latest best deal was. Someone on this forum had previously posted they had managed to get 64GBpm for around I think £25pm. The saleslady at EE said they couldn't offer this so I said fair enough, I will wait until another offer comes up. After a brief pause, the salesperson said hang on whilst I talk to my manager to see what I can do. She came back with an improved offer but nowhere near what I wanted. She then consulted her manager again and came back with what I have now, but on a 2 year contract only. I was OK with a contract as EE offer a good service and is the only 4g I can get where I live (no landline and no other mobile provider in the area). Even though I have only been on this plan for about 6 months it appears I can upgrade again, should a better plan become available.
  11. Edders

    EE 30Gb Data sim - £15/month Rolling contract.

    We also have the EE 60GB/month mifi (for £20.20pm) and it did take a bit of negotiation to get. 60GB just about last the month ( have to keep an eye on binge watching on Netflix etc). Download everything in HD (TV further upscales most programmes very well) and find on average an hours worth of programme uses around 1GB. 4K downloads eats data.
  12. Edders

    My turn - Moving on a boat

  13. Edders

    My turn - Moving on a boat

    Both Bristol and Seddon produced a Gardner powered, horizontal, underfloor, rear engined single decker bus/coach in the 60's to name but two. These engines were in an in-line configuration. (not transverse like most new double deckers of that era.) The Daimler Fleetline double decker had a transverse, rear mounted Gardner.
  14. Edders

    Any good data deals ?

    Not 100% sure but I think EE was the result of a merger in 2010 between T Mobile and Orange. The resulting company was acquired by BT in 2016.
  15. Edders

    Any good data deals ?

    EE is the only network that covers where I live and having no landline, I am tied to them. Last June, I managed to get EE down to 60gb for £20/month. I just rang them to see if there was any offers available and after some haggling this was the best I could get. Tried again yesterday as I would like more data but currently no better deals on offer. It was in fact more expensive. I will try again in a month or so. Very good 4g service.

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