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  1. Thanks all for the responses. Brian - your sketch design was what i had in mind. It would need so e form of clamp to secure it I thought about the tiller mounted type but had not considered using the tiller pin to secure it. I will look into it again. Tripod on the roof is another thought. If i happen to make a piling fixing version ill post a picture of it. Might be an excuse to buy the welder??? Cheers😀
  2. The laundry operation is being improved on board and this includes the provision of a small rotary dryer. Seen the brackets that allow for putting the dryer on the tiller but don't think that is going to work for us. Has a yone ever seen a clip on bracket that fits on the standard piling? Before reinventing the wheel thought I would ask the collective.
  3. Thanks all for the replies. Will follow up. M
  4. Looking to get the dinette cushions recovered on the boat. Cushions are loose and are 2 seats and 2 backs. Anyone know a good upholster in the Lichfield/Stafford/Tamworth area?
  5. Looking to get the dinette cushions recovered on the boat. Anyone know a good upholster in the Lichfield/Stafford/Tamworth area?
  6. The crew of CharlieB would like to thank Sue and Richard for their sacrifice of not taking part to organise the challenge. Congratulations to the crew of Great Times for a spectacular win. We particularly enjoyed the night cruising which was made all the better by the interest of coming up Ryders Green locks complete with the fire extinguisher hazard!! Well done to all the other competitors and trust you all have safe onward journeys. Nb CharlieB
  7. Just checking the zip we have fitted to the weed hatch! Need to get the crew awake from their slumbers. Obviously my motivational talk last night did not have the desired effect. ? Shock tactics required - start the engine. Nb CharlieB
  8. Does not the challenge start at 08:00? Have I missed getting the route planner??
  9. I always liked the class 47 North Eastern indeed . Formally D1500 - first production version of the class. They looked good in almost any livery. Nobody normally asks about the number. I believe it is at the Midland Railway Centre. Martin
  10. CharlieB is not the mystery boat but will be entering. Just got to get the form filled in and sent off. Let's hope the weather is a good as this last weekend. ? Martin
  11. All, Thanks all for the feedback. We will continue in our quest to come up with a scheme but I think we are getting closer now. Our boat is 12 years old and the finish is looking a little tired, especially the red bits, and rather than just repeat what is already there we have decided to 'up level'. We concur with the 'less is more' approach and the sign writing can make all the difference. If you have a boat on traditional lines that is different. The painter we are using likes international paints. They do a number of RAL colours and I found a website that gives the RGB values for the RAL number. This is useful to see the amount of each colour in the number although I realise this is not how the paint is mixed and looking at it on a screen is going to not give a definitive representation. So it might have to be another 1 litre tin to paint the hardboard test board. Not sure what to do with all the rejected tins of colours with only a small amount used from them....... Martin
  12. Dave, Thanks for the reply really appreciate it. We have numerous colour charts but found that how they look on the chart/swatch and when you have it on a larger area quite different - normally we find they look darker. I have a large board that I have put trails on which has helped. Just do not want to get the boat painted and then see it afterwards as and not be happy. Martin
  13. We are having the boat painted in a couple of months time and we are struggling to find the paint colour we want. Already spent out on tins to test but so far have not found the right one yet. On the cover of this months Tillergraph is a boat with a purple/blue colour which we like. Anyone know what colour it is?
  14. Another spanner in the works is the closure of the Gower Branch from May 22nd until 16th June!! Could do with this being postponed a week. Serious points on this section. is Pinfold Bridge actually going to open on time? Based on past performance ....
  15. Thanks for the tips. I did email one of the advertising nb window suppliers together with photos of the problem. Helpful reply which confirms my thoughts that if we decide to change the windows in the future a design that requires you to dismantle the window frame to clean the glass is best avoided. So cotton buds and Milton it is. Sure we have Milton at the back of a kitchen cupboard left over from when the offspring were born. No moss growing on them after 30+ years so this could be the answer! !!☺☺
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