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  1. Open up the cruise log. You'll see a list of canal sections. Hint you started at Salford Junction. Find that and put in your start time in the box. Then the time you left the section in the end time box. Salford Junction will be mentioned more than once as it is the end point of several sections so check when you get to the other end your on the correct section. Ask your crew for the junction names they should know. Good luck.
  2. I have finally managed to sort out the route planning sheet, and the rules. There are still some details to work out, but you now have the information to start your planning. I have emailed all those who have entered, please let me know if you don't receive the forms. But if you are considering having a go this year here are the rules and planning sheets so you can decide if you want to ply. If you do please email [email protected] for the application form. Sue BCNS Marathon Challenge 2019 Info & Rules.doc Route planner 2019.xls
  3. I'll give it a couple of days to see if someone can use the whole thing, if not they are yours. They are also a bit bent, but might give a some to try and improve without risking making yours worse.
  4. hi tawny do you still have alde .i think i could make use of it as i have that in my boat .would be good for spares   regards 

  5. HI, we have taken the Aldi boiler out of Tawny. It was working the last time we needed it, but probably needs a good clean out as it can be a bit temperamental, especially trying to start it the first time in a season. Would it be of use to anyone, before I take it to the tip. For collection in Kenilworth Sue
  6. I haven't seen the email yet, can you send again. [email protected] Found it! It sneaked in when I wasn't looking. I've sent your form. Sue
  7. The application form is now available. I have sent it out directly to all those who have asked so far, and to all entrants for the last 3 years, but if anyone else wants to take part here is the form. BCNS ChallengeEntry Form 2019.docx you can email it to [email protected] or post it to me. We hope to have the rules and route planning sheets out within the next 2 or 3 weeks, we're still finalising the details. Sue
  8. This seems to be getting very confusing, not least for us. I have contacted the person who runs the facebook page to ask about the email address on there, either to giveus access to it, or change it to the [email protected] one I do have access to, so hopefully I will get all emails from wherever. We do have the contact details of everyone who entered for the past few years so when we have finalised the entry form we will be contacting them to ask if they want to enter this year. We are also meeting the society committee on the 12th Feb to sort out some of the final details, so hope to have the entry form at least ready to go out later that week, and the route planning sheets as soon as we can. Thanks you for your helpful comments, we are doing our best, though it might not always be as good or organised as previous years yet. Sue
  9. These are last years rules. This year will be broadly the same, BCNS Marathon Challenge 2018 Info & Rules.doc
  10. That would be nice, but no extra points! See you there.
  11. We might have to make sure we got to the finish much earlier then we usually do, so no chance of winning anyway.
  12. The big announcement. Team Tawny Owl will not be taking part in the challenge this year. This is because Richard and I are now the organisers, so it might be a bit of a conflict of interest! Tug was intending to tale over the organisation from John and Roy, but due to a change in personal circumstances he is no longer able to, so last Friday Richard and I were asked if we could step in and get things organised for this year. We are just getting our heads round what needs to be done and how to go about it, so for the moment, if you'd like to take part please email [email protected], and I'll get the entry forms out to you as soon as I've finalised all the details. Sue
  13. Must read messages before pressing send, must read messages before pressing send, must read messages before pressing send!! Do you think that will sink in? Sue
  14. We are changing the foam cushions on our boat. There are 8 of them, all 78" long, and vary between 23" and 27" wide, 4 are straight, the other 4 are shaped for the bunks. They are 30 years old and have removable yellow covers. Might do somone a turn so offering them before they go in the skip. Collect from Warwickshire. Sue
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