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  1. Paper cruise logs were posted on Friday evening so should be with you today or tomorrow. I've just emailed the excel file, and the details of the food drink and entertainment on offer. There is a dummy page on the file, so you can open it to make sure it's working, but don't look at sheet 2 until Friday morning. Let me know if there are any problems. See you all at Withymoor on Saturday. Sue
  2. As Always some allowances will be made for happenings on the day. The year factory locks were closed with a broken gate the end timings were treated a bit flexibly, and when we arrived at Bradley workshops one year and encountered a 15 boat queue before we could get close enough to hand in the logs allowances were made. It will all be fine.
  3. I don't know, I'm assuming that Closing the tunnel at 1.30pm means no boats can enter from either end after 1.30 pm. I'll send a quick email over.
  4. Latest update. The tunnel will be closed from 1.30pm, so you must be through by then (But you should be anyway to get to Withymoor on time.) They are going to tell the paddle boarders they all need to be waiting at the end of the tunnel to go through as soon as it's closed. Any stragglers will have to walk or make other arrangements. The tunnel will be reopened as soon as they are through, so agg221 if you go and queue at the tunnel entrance ready to go through as soon as you're allowed hopefully you'll get to Wolverhampton in time. They think it will probably be closed for a couple of hours, maybe less. Sue
  5. I'm not sure. I spoke to someone from the local C&RT area. They said the notice had been cancelled, and a new notice with revised times would be issued next week. He didn't say what the revised times would be, I don't think they know yet. He did say there had been a lot of complaints about the notice so they had reacted to them. As soon as I know more I'll let everyone know.
  6. Yes my first though was that I would get boats to note their time arriving at the tunnel, and allow them to keep the points for doing the last bit to withymoor after 2pm. If the time change can happen that will be best so no-one is late to the party. In other news there will be food and drinks on sale, and they have arranged some entertainment. Sue
  7. Right, I have had a chat with the chap who issued our Licence. It seems the request to close Netherton for the paddleboarders was received quote late, as the organiser didn't know they had to apply for a closure for the boarders to go through. I think the request for the closure went to C&RT, and they issued the closure notice, not realising this would impact our event. I suspect it's different departments and they didn't have all the details to hand. That notice has now been removed pending discussion with the boarders organiser. I have said we are happy for the tunnel to be closed from 1.30pm, you'll need to be through by then anyway to get to Withymoor on time.. They did suggest closing it earlier instead, but as I don't know what time people were intending to come though that's not going to work. The trip the boarders are doing includes going through the Dundley tunnels so the suggestion is they do that tunnel first, or only that tunnel if they can't swap the times over. I'll get confirmation once I've spoken to the licencing chap again, probably early next week. Because this is very late notice, I will make allowances for anyone who can't get through the tunnel in time. That will be in the final email I send out with the cruise log. Should be OK I think. Not a deliberate aim to ignore boaters, but a mix up and communication failure. Sue
  8. I have just been told about this, and I'm not very happy after jumping through hoops to get the event licence issued. I'd have thought someone could have let me know this was happening as well. I've put a call into C&RT but it was after 4.30 so no one to speak to me. I've asked for an urgent call back tomorrow, and if they don't call me I'll call them. I'll have to make some allowances if nothing can be done to allow us through during that time. If people were intending to go through the tunnel just before they finish then we can adjust for that. Otherwise people may need to be through the tunnel before 11am. I'll make the decision after I have spoken to C&RT tomorrow, and put the decision on here as well as emailing everyone. I didn't need this complication!!!! Sue
  9. Excuses excuses.! That's a pity.
  10. HI Everyone. We now have 14 entries so it should be a good challenge. If you are thinking of entering and haven't done so yet, please get your form to me ASAP. We've now had some discussions with those in the know at the BCN and C&RT and made our decision. Due to the closure of Blackcock bridge we have decided to remove the Daw End and Rushall canals from this years challenge. Therefore no points will be awarded between Catshill Junction and Rushall junction. This is because there is no suitable winding hole between the top of the Rushall locks and Blackcock Bridge, and will save water as all boats would have to traverse Rushall locks in both directions. We have also allowed points to be scored in both directions between Catshill and Pelsall junctions, and between Pelsall and Birchells junctions, so it's still worth going up to the cannock extension, and Angelsey basin. Please find the new planning sheets attached. I hope you understand, and are happy we have done our best with the situation. Sue Route planner 2022 Final.xlsx
  11. It depends, I'm hoping for a few more, nearer 20 if we can. Sue
  12. We have been notified of this, and advised there is no alternative as the bridge is becoming unsafe. We are just waiting for the official preferred winding hole details, then we'll rejig the route planning document to take this closure into consideration. Sue And I have 8 entries so far, so do send yours in if you want to join in. Sue
  13. Hi Jan. yes. I need to find an hour to reply to everyone. Been a bit manic with work recently. Sue
  14. Possibly, we'll have a look and think over the weekend. Haven't had a chance to get the books out and see exactly what's where. Sue
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