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  1. Yes it will definately not happen on the 23rd 24th May. It may happen later in the summer if things improve and we can find a suitable date. If not it will be cancelled for this year. Sue
  2. Yes it is sad, but looking on the bright side (which it's important to do when you can) at least I'm all organised, proof read etc ready in plenty of time for the next one. Sue
  3. I'm sure this won't surprise any of you, but after discussion with the BCN committee we have decided to hopefully postpone or possibly cancel the challenge for this year,. Depending on what happens in the next few months it might be possible to run the challenge later in the year, with changes in timing to cope with shorter days. If not then I'm sure things will have returned to normal in time for next year. Whatever normal is by then. So Alan, there will be a lot more sleeps before the challenge now. Sorry everybody. I know for those taking part on theri own boats it's no different to being at home, but we couldn't really have a do at the end, and that's a very big part of the event. Sue
  4. Explorer Cruise itinerary. Saturday 23rdWolverhampton to Titford . Sunday 24th Titford to Tipton 6 locks Monday 25thTipton to Hawne Basin 3 locks And this from the organiser We should arrive at Titford sometime in the afternoon - sorry can't be accurate but we will move aside to let any Challenger to use the locks before us. The same would apply on the way down on the Sunday morning. We are likely to start at about 9am. I will instruct the cruisers to allow Challengers free pass. So that this into your account when planning your route.
  5. Sorry about this, not spotting that the finish is not an end point is an oversight. We did get a small comittee together to think about the changes, but none of us clocked that. I'll make ammednments and re-issue. To clarify the scoring per section. The bonus counts for the whole section, so this is the correct calculation ((number of miles * boat points per mile) + (number of locks * points per lock)) * bonus or if you prefer (number of miles * boat points per mile * bonus) + (number of locks * points per lock * bonus) Which gives the same result. I'll put that on the revised planning sheet so it is clear. We'll decide exactly how to cope with the end point not being at the end of a section and make the ammendments. I'll get that out ASAP but I do need to fit it in round work and my lambing shifts . Sue
  6. Yes we can supply a larger pulley, they are not very expensive and relatively easy to fit. Probably the simplest and cheapest first stage. We usualy recomend fitting the largest oneyou realistically can. message me if you want to discuss it. Sue
  7. I (We) are in the process of updateing the scoring system for this year. Once that's done I'll publish on the BCNs website, and send to all current participants. I don;'t see any reason not to make available to everyone, it might encourage otheres to enter. Not quite sure when, most of my spare time at the moment is helping my sister with lambing and calving on her farm, I saw 3 lambs born this morning, up and feeding within 1/2 hour. very cute. It will be in plenty of time for those who've already decided their route to rethink if necessary. Sue
  8. Possibly, I couldn't possibly comment (having won it twice, and not booked in early).
  9. The forms have been proofread and approved, the date is set in stone (23rd and 24th May as many have assumed) and the finish booked. Several here have suggested Withymoor with varying degrees of enthusiasm, and that's where it's going to be. Our reasons for choosing there this year include: They are keen to host us, which is always a positive from the organisers point of view They are going to have a bar all weekend and food available It will encourage more boats to travel to "the back of the map", and covering more of the BCN is the primary aim of the challenge. They have also offered to move their own boats so we can all fit in breasted 2 or 3 up, so there should be plenty of room for us. Participation is open to everyone who has a valid C&RT license, whether you've done it before, the more the merrier (especially after we all get to the bar!) I can't upload the files here, but email me on bcnschallenge@gmail.com and I'll send them out. Now I wonder who's going to be first to ask for a form? Sue
  10. Open up the cruise log. You'll see a list of canal sections. Hint you started at Salford Junction. Find that and put in your start time in the box. Then the time you left the section in the end time box. Salford Junction will be mentioned more than once as it is the end point of several sections so check when you get to the other end your on the correct section. Ask your crew for the junction names they should know. Good luck.
  11. I have finally managed to sort out the route planning sheet, and the rules. There are still some details to work out, but you now have the information to start your planning. I have emailed all those who have entered, please let me know if you don't receive the forms. But if you are considering having a go this year here are the rules and planning sheets so you can decide if you want to ply. If you do please email bcnschallenge@gmail.com for the application form. Sue BCNS Marathon Challenge 2019 Info & Rules.doc Route planner 2019.xls
  12. I'll give it a couple of days to see if someone can use the whole thing, if not they are yours. They are also a bit bent, but might give a some to try and improve without risking making yours worse.
  13. hi tawny do you still have alde .i think i could make use of it as i have that in my boat .would be good for spares   regards 

  14. HI, we have taken the Aldi boiler out of Tawny. It was working the last time we needed it, but probably needs a good clean out as it can be a bit temperamental, especially trying to start it the first time in a season. Would it be of use to anyone, before I take it to the tip. For collection in Kenilworth Sue
  15. I haven't seen the email yet, can you send again. bcnschallenge@gmail.com Found it! It sneaked in when I wasn't looking. I've sent your form. Sue
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