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  1. You are an imposter! Are you Dr Bob or Keeping Up?
  2. Now then. I only have access via my phone over this weekend but I feel we need a list of who has suggested which numbers. I will do that when I get home. I intended taking a group shot with our lovely volunteers and your noodles today but didn't get around to it. The noodles were on the move for 7 whole hours today BUT only got as far as The Lock Keeper PH. That is usually no more than an hour's run. We did collect a huge mountain of rubbish as we travelled though.
  3. Not wishing to give any suggestions but we are booked in..... That would have been lovely but I don't have anyone to take it that far just yet. Oh yes please so. Hang a left at West Stockwith to explore the most wonderful canal in the country. You can take the noodles with you then
  4. Please can you define half a boat? Ah that is your cunning way of not going bust isn't it? For goodness sake! A boat! Also know as a bote. I didn't say vessel because that's open to loads of nonsense. I hadn't thought of canoes, I was thinking of powered vessels but I would hate to miss out the chance for the noodles to find a nice butty so I feel we need to be reasonably relaxed while keeping with the spirit of it. We have not got to our boat club yet, 50 boats on linear moorings But THAT WOULD be cheating...
  5. It is the efficiency of the members of this forum to transport non-perishable freight that is what is being promoted here I feel. along with an excuse for what I hope will be a jolly good excuse for some fun in boats through the summer.
  6. Consider this your dispatch note: https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/100559-the-epic-duck-noodle-adventure-begins/
  7. Cast your mind back to November 2018 and some of you may remember that I somehow managed to sell a duck pot noodle to The Biscuits for £23? The thread is here: https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/99045-auntie-wainwrights-fundraising-auction-2018/ He then posted this comment: .....and so the journey has begun.... Yesterday said pot noodle was loaded into the cargo hold of NB Python at Shireoaks Marina on The Chesterfield Canal to begin it's journey out onto the system in the hope we might be able to get the good boaters to CWDF to join in along the route and take this very precious bit of cargo a short distance on their boat. The more people who are willing to share the delivery of the pot noodle, the more the easily outraged The Biscuits will have to dig deep to pay. The noodles will travel down The Chesterfield Canal and out onto the Trent heading to Nottingham and into the heart of the canal system. The Biscuits is already a bit of a moving target to aim for to achieve delivery and so the itiniary of The Epic Noodle Adventure is flexible but we need to be generally getting the noodles to travel in a South Westerly direction. How many boats will we use? ..... and, probably more importantly, how many of them will be willing to provide photographic evidence of being part of the mission! To add a truly exciting edge to this Epic Adventure I am going to throw in a prize of a second Duck Pot Noodle to the person who correctly guesses how many boats will be recorded as part of the Epic Noodle Adventure. The rule for this part of the competition is that you must post on this thread your best estimate of how many boats will be involved and you must have posted your final answer before the Noodles arrive at Fradley Junction. You can only have one guess and the winner will be the person giving the number of boats closest to the final total without going over. No two people can guess the same number (unless they are willing to share the pot noodle if they win!) Here is our first piece of boaty evidence: For those of you who want to be certain what it is he has in his hand here is a close up - the best I could do on my phone without getting wet feet: Now, my mission today is to ensure the 15 volunteers coming to carry out a spring clean on Python do not: Get peckish and eat it Deem it to be rubbish and throw it away We only have a short hop into Worksop today but I won't be around to do much responding on here. Over to the good people of this parish, are we likely to encounter you along the route and would you be willing to carry the noodle for part of the journey? If not do you want to have a guess at how many boats we will total to get the noodle delivered.....
  8. Oh don't worry! I feel that deserves a thread all of it's own ......
  9. Don't remind me there is so much to do and a long trip to get there
  10. Just DON'T try Googling "Waterproof Mini Skirt" ... I said don't!
  11. Python already "wears" a mini skirt! I have told the story before I think but for those who have not heard it: When she was re-bottomed at Paul Barbers the engine was also rebuilt but the engine was returned to us much later than we had hoped. Paul had to refit it (involving a lot of rewiring work because there was a huge amount of 1980's hydraulic switch gear type stuff on the engine that was likely to fail at any given moment, this was all removed to simplify matters). We had a deadline as there was a winter stoppage on Newark Town Lock that year and, if we did not get past that lock before it closed we wouldn't get Python "home" until the spring and as she had already spent 2 years cluttering up Paul's yard we knew he would be really pleased to see that back of her. Fairly typically, everything that had been stripped out two years before was stored in a volunteers shed for safekeeping BUT we had chosen to keep everything, just in case we needed a pattern or something. When you store "everything" out of a boat in a small shed t becomes impossible to find anything when you need it. We really needed the ducting for to connect the air cooled Lister to the vent on the side of the cabin. None of the volunteers was completely sure what had happened to the piece of white vinyl (former bit of truck curtain-side fabric re-purposed in true BW style) We suspect "somebody" might have binned it as it was a bit gross but we couldn't find it and we needed something heat resistant that would duct the hot air out of the engine 'ole. The "proper" canvas thing could be made but not in time. One of our volunteers said he could make something up that would be suitable to get her home so it bought us time to get the proper thing made later. The next day he turned up with a duct made out of a fetching chestnut coloured suede leather. Perfect! Where had be got the suede from? It was in his shed, something he kept hoping it would come in one day, it had been a mini skirt in a former life! Having got Python home and the mini skirt had done a perfectly good job of ducting the air and being heat resistant why would we pay good money out to replace it? Python being kept as faithful as we can to being a BW Maintenance craft we decided no money should be spent on replacing an item that served the purpose perfectly. If anyone visiting Braunston would like to see Python's mini skirt we would be happy to show them :)
  12. Thank you for that. Python will be one of the pair of boats leading the parade (the other being Panther) My dilema now is being asked to wear "period costume" and it seems the steerer of Python has been asked to wear an apron and bonnet! The good people of this forum helped me a lot of reseach on what would be the correct period costume here: https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/99717-british-waterways-uniform-mid-century/ Having spent so much time trying to ensure that we were as faithful as possible to Python's appearance being correct for a mid century workboat as this is an integral part of her heritage and, the very thing that saved her to be asked to wear gear from an earlier and incorrect era rubs more than a bit. I will now ask around to see if anyone can lend or hire me and him a donkey jacket each!
  13. I have done no research on this but I was told there were two available and the larger was 20kw.
  14. Well yesterday this all got even more interesting. To start off with I thought we had safely put all the concerns to bed when we assertained that all the boats in question are categorised as being "non-private boats" as opposed to"Hire boats" so none of the changes regarding arc of the tiller etc are for us to worry about (yet) However, one of our team spotted a mention on the BSS website that it was "Strongly Recommended" that ALL boats are fitted with a bubble tester on their gas system. Now a recomendation is just that, we are not forced to do it BUT if it is highly recommended by BSS then one has the feeling that there is good reason for it and if it would help make any of the fleet safer then why wouldn't we fit one? After all it would give the volunteers the opportunity to test for gas leaks themselves at regular intervals rather than awaiting a 12 month gas safety certificate being produced..... I had reason to speak to our surveyor about another matter yesterday and felt I wanted to run the bubble tester thing past him before we dash out and invest in several of the things. He said he wanted to give me a strong recommendation on this - write to the BSS office and tell them to remove their strong recommendation -eh? what? He pointed out that if a bubble tester is fitted then it must be fitted according to the manufactures instructions. He said that st present the higest rated tester is made by Alde and is rated at 20kw. He knows Python and her equipment intimately (he does our Gas Safety cert annually) He said working from memory our Morco water heater was a little in excess of 11kw. We also have a 4 burner gas hob, a grill and an oven. He suggested I get the model numbers of the other appliances and check the rating of each then add them together to get the total for the boat. He assured me that it was highly unlikely that with the appliances we have there is any way we can be under 20kw and so if we fitted a bubble tester it would be outside of the manufacturers recommendations and it could cause us problems with the efficient running of our appliances. While I know that will not apply to a lot of boats I do wonder how many people actually check the total rating of their combined appliances to ensure a bubble tester is suitable for their boat. Perhaps they do but there is no mention of this on the BSS website. If they are issuing a strong recommendation to do this and yet there is no product on the market suitable for some boats to comply why?
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