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  1. Chaplains can only support people who accept their help. They are also volunteers. The lack of support by "others" is a bigger worry in my mind. We no longer have a proper safety net for those who need help. those that want help struggle to get it and there are no resources left for those who don't know they need help
  2. It is a beautiful canal and I wouldn't worry about retracing your steps. the view is always different when going in the opposite direction. If that was the case we certainly would have got bored with our regular trip to West Stockwith from Clayworth and back to pump out over the last 6 years I always look forward to it, especially through Wiseton as I can usually get to see at least one Kingfisher! A lot of people suggest there are depth issues and in fairness it isn't the deepest canal but the hire boats are not especially deep draughted and the mistake many make is to treat it like The Trent and Mersey, expecting another boat to be coming around the next bend so they stay over to their side of the canal "just in case" in reality the likelihood of meeting another boat coming in the opposite direction (even in August) is quite remote and so just stick to the channel and don't be tempted to cut corners or try and take the "racing line" around the bends. Python can do the entire 32 miles without getting stuck (with an experienced steerer) and she draws 3'3" We are 10' longer on Delhi but only 2'10" - just take things slow and you get there faster. Chesterfield Canal Trust do a guide to the canal which is available mail order from their website and there is a lot of other information about the canal and points of interest worth browsing there
  3. Try getting in touch with Liam and Kerry https://www.midlandsandcoast.co.uk/
  4. For aesthetic reasons. We had suggested it could stay the same but having looked at it for a couple of days when taking a break from finishing his previous job he mentioned something that struck him about it. Having seen numerous examples of his finished work we are fairly sure he has an eye for what "looks right" (as is often the case with signwriters in my experience over the years) Because it was not a change we had considered and not knowing the relevance (if any) behind the existing scheme I wanted to look at others to get a general feel of different interpretations
  5. No shit Sherlock As you say, apart from the white on the bow we have the ability to interpret the livery as we choose which does leave plenty of scope for amendments. No I don't think I ever saw Mecca For cream read "Straw"
  6. Yes agreed Many older photos may not be from a great angle and, as it is the colours I am interested in monotone photos are no help at all. "Modern Interpretations" on modern boats would be best avoided I think but modern interpretations on historic or replica boats where it is known the owner has tried to keep the boat sympathetic to the heritage would be interesting to see.
  7. Thanks Ray Not many of your photos show the colour schemes of the diamonds too clearly. I had seen a deck board in Colours of The Cut which seems to reflect the colours we have. I have seen boats with an emerald green in the diamonds and possibly an orange too but I have no idea if these are just personal taste (whether current day or that of the steerer back in the day) or if there is some tradition to the colours used depending on the company who owned the boats
  8. Time to freshen up this. We don't know if there is any significance to the colours that had been used previously or if it is just an interpretation of something the previous owner liked. We were just going to get it repainted the same. The painter has suggested a change. I guess we need to understand how and why the colours were chosen in days of yore to decide whether we will be breaking some tradition that is not known to us if we change things. Can anyone outline the heritage surrounding the diamond design on the cabin top please? It would be lovely to see loads of photos of diamonds to compare too so please spam this thread with as many photos as you like
  9. Delhi doing her impression of a Shroppie Flyboat: Nice to tie up at a former LMS wharf even if it isn't one she would have been using during her working years
  10. Speaking of Wheaton Aston: We took the opportunity to seek out the SSSI nearby called Mottey Meadows, At this time of year there is a permissive path allowing you to walk through the meadow. https://my.viewranger.com/route/details/Njg0NTU= It was very warm going yesterday but certainly worth it. The variety of tiny flowers among the grasses was superb and the air was thick with butterflies.
  11. You do not think in the essence of discussion a "?" is a ridiculous reply then?
  12. I have to say that I find this comment inflammatory. Athy, you are an intelligent person, please go back and read through your input to this thread over the last page or so. I have to say that while the discussion has been quite passionate at times it has been about the problems with children missing out on there schooling and whether people feel teachers are pulling their weight or not. When someone quotes you with a "?" it is very obvious to anyone reading that they are asking you to elaborate on a throw away comment you made in the quote. You chose not to do that and tried to be clever instead. Ange does not have a nasty bone in her body, she is always very measured in her responses and your reply to her when you yourself are responding to comments in this thread like a bored kid in the school playground was, in my view unnecessary and her ban from the forum is totally unwarranted. I feel it shows a degree of arrogance on your part. I am basing my opinion only upon what has happened in this thread so if I am missing something elsewhere then I may be out of order but .... Maybe I will get a ban for daring to disagree too?
  13. A CWDF without an Ange is not a CWDF as far as I am concerned. I have seen far too many friendly, intelligent and experienced people leave this place over the years - either they jumped or they were pushed, Thankfully the majority of them we have managed to stay connected with via social media But Ange??? A great loss to this place
  14. Thank you We do have that book but it is at home and we are not
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