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  1. cheshire~rose

    Shall I Take These to The Erewash Festival?

    OK folks - scrap that I just got an offer I can't refuse - these are now sold
  2. I have not been about very much of late because I am busy with a house move - on top of being busy with everything I am usually busying at. I just moved a box and found these: That photo does not do them justice because they look a bit dusty when in fact they are in pristine condition. A very good supporter of Chesterfield Canal Trust donated these last year and I have not got around to finding a new home for them yet and it would be really good if I could find a new home before I move house and indeed at a point when the new home will not need to pay for postage to get hold of them so, as we are going to be at the Erewash Rally this weekend, it is an opportunity to get them a lift with someone who might be a bit more central. There is every issue present from the first one up until winter 2016 and I am fairly sure that if you wanted to make up the set you could get the back issues for them. - that is only 4/5 issues missng (is Spring 18 out yet?) You can pick up second hand copies on eBay at around a fiver each - yes they do actually sell at a fiver (sometimes a bit cheaper if someone is selling off 3 or 4) There are 44 magazines here with the binders which means if I split them all up and listed them on eBay I would eventually - hopefully manage to raise around £200 for Chesterfield Canal Trust but I know there is someone here who is going to make me an offer I can't refuse to take the job lot off my hands aren't they? Please, if you are interested in these and want to make an offer send me a PM and let's see what sort of deal we can come up with. I promise you will not offend me if you feel the offer you can make is a low one but I you will understand I do need to maximise the amount I make with thse so I might wait for a while to see if anyone else betters it .... oh and someone do me a favour and comment on them to keep them bumped up please
  3. cheshire~rose

    Python & Dawn Rose - On The Tideway

    Thank you
  4. The boats are ready! Breasted up in "The Idle Hole" at West Stockwith are Python and Dawn Rose - the Chesterfield Boat. Tomorrow at around midday we will leave the canal and head out onto the tidal waters of The Trent. Dawn Rose has never left The Chesterfield Canal before and Python has never towed on the tideway either so this is going to be a bit of an adventure and a new learning curve for our crews. Dawn Rose is due for docking so we are taking her to Langley Mill Boatyard where we know a warm welcome awaits. The planned route is as follows: Overnight stops at Torksey on Tuesday, Newark (Kings Marina) on Wednesday, Nottingham on Thursday, Trent Lock on Friday and Langley Mill on Saturday Please come and say hello if you are around where we moor overnight or give us a wave as we pass Surrounded by plastic boats they look a bit out of place :) Tomorrow we go that way:
  5. cheshire~rose

    Sewing Machines

    Carl is your man to answer this one. If none of the machines I have are any use for what you need then I would not be surprised if he does not know there whereabout of something that will be ideal for you
  6. cheshire~rose

    Pass The Parcel

    We could have Frontier Psychiatrist?
  7. cheshire~rose

    Pass The Parcel

    Did I miss the party poppers?
  8. cheshire~rose

    Pass The Parcel

  9. cheshire~rose

    Pass The Parcel

    Rose arrives in the bar and realises she is a bit early. She digs deep into her delightful duck egg blue Gucci clutch bag and pulls out a contraption. placing it down on the occasioal table (that on this occasion, is a table) she wanders back out again.
  10. cheshire~rose

    Sewing Machines

    Carl, thanks a million, you were going to check with a friend on a ball park value for the fiddle base? If you can PM me with it that would be great, I knew you were fascinated with the Nuttalia - how did it clean up and did that mother of peral sparkle as much as we hoped?
  11. cheshire~rose

    Pass The Parcel

    I am not at all cookie
  12. cheshire~rose

    Pass The Parcel

    In some places it is considered good fortune to make the sign of the monkey
  13. cheshire~rose

    Leisure Moorings allow 1 week stay a year!?

    A very long time ago (and so it may not any longer be relevant) I was under the impression that the residential mooring closest to the services was associated with some sort of caretakers post involving keeping the facilities cleaned and reporting any breakdown problems. But I only ever heard that as word of mouth so I may be mistaken
  14. cheshire~rose

    BW Livery

    Close inspection of the photos I posted will show a multitude of little scratches and chips that have already been picked up and, weather permitting over the next couple of weeks our team will be doing some touching in of the various bts of damage picked up when 47 volunteers put in over 1000 volunteer hours using her to access and trim 155 bulk bags of offside vegetation along 32 miles of canal. Yes, we were all saying yesterday that she looks far too good to put to work but the novelty will wear off and she already has a date with some local scouts eager to use her for litter picking duties this summer. I said to Steve yesterday that I thought perhaps the paintwork on her was not as shiny as most of the boats he paints but he recognised an authentic working boat and the value associated with it to a community.
  15. cheshire~rose

    Pass The Parcel

    Rose wanders into the bar and picks up her invitation to the party. She muses on whether a shopping trip might be on the cards to get a suitable outfit. Stabbing at the screen on her phone with her manicured finger she calls up the cafe and replace s the usual bun order with one for a choclit cake. She scurries back out of the bar to try and get on with an incredibly hectic schedule she appears to have set herself.

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