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  1. I am pleased the owner has found the boat they were looking for to replace this one. It seems we may have just got in with Delhi before her! She had viewed twice an only found out it was under offer when trying to set up a third viewing I feel happier that the right boat came along for her in the end. I am also pleased we beat her to our boat
  2. Just to update this thread - I have managed to locate the majority of the books that have been mentioned on the list at Audlem. Sadly the HNBC didn't have any of them. I am advised that their stocks have been quite depleted after a reduction in prices last autumn but I think it is still worth asking if there is something you need. The one book that I am struggling to find anywhere which I think could be really interesting is the one Pete mentions ^^ Tom Foxton - Following The Trade. Just in case anyone has a copy that they might consider parting with if we cross their palm with silver please get in touch
  3. Goose Busters? Sorry I couldn't resist? Is there a local facebook group you can post on?
  4. I will second Elliot Berry, he traveled from his usual South East area to survey Delhi for us and the entire experience was really good. He was informative and willing to give us advice openly. We learned a lot in the few hours we spent with him and came away feeling we knew exactly what it was we were buying. He came very highly recommended to us by someone who is well respected by many forum members
  5. Always sad to see a sight like this. I sincerely hope that nobody was hurt but we should all use this as a reminder how important it is to ensure our boats are as safe as possible. Have you got a smoke alarm and when did you last test it? Do you have two exits from your boat that are available for you to use and the routes to them are not cluttered? If nothing else if someone reads this and thinking about having an escape plan saves their life then that is forum etiquette enough for the post to stay as far as I am concerned.
  6. If it is the one we saw when we were there last year then the "free" offer would have to be taken up by someone with deep pockets or the ability to do a lot of structural stuff themselves.
  7. I thought that was what you had suggested it was? I actually raised £18 for the "Nurser" so thank you very much for clearing out the loft
  8. You are all too late! This has already been snapped up by someone local to grace a property in that traditional canal town of Whitby I still have the satelite system though
  9. When I was told that someone was donating a water can decorated in the style of Nurser for me to raise funds for Chesterfield Canal Trust I started to get excited..... But then I should have known that the individual who so kindly donated would have their tongue very firmly in their cheek Ah well - if anyone wants a decent base to create their own painted can it has a beautiful copper rose and could be yours for a donation (suggested around £15) to CCT I also have a travel satellite set up to sell too
  10. Oh no! don't tell me you are expecting to be all competative again this year? Didn't do us much good last year did it?
  11. You can't plant them out at this time of year, they are not hardy enough
  12. Yes I have been meaning to head over there but have had a busy week thanks
  13. I can feel a shopping trip coming on. Any idea of where I might get one of them?
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