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  1. Getting back on topic A positive for me today. The prescription charges went up today! How is that a positive for Covid-19? I was originally due to order my repeat prescription this week but a text from our doctors surgery advised us to get repeat orders in early as there were likely to be delays in fulfilling them so I did and picked up a 2 month supply last week at the previous lower price. By the time I am due my next prescription I will be too old to have to pay Result! It's winning those little battles that help us through these days
  2. @tree monkeyshared this before me so I will credit his newsfeed for making me smile with this one: @tree monkey
  3. No sorry I can't claim any credit for it at all. I have a saucepan with bolts that replaced the aluminium washers that disintegrated after years of being put through the dishwasher (yes the pans were supposed to be dishwasher safe
  4. I don't know the author sorry, It was just one of the many doing the rounds on Facebook - but one of the better ones I thought, hence I shared it here
  5. I have to admit seeing this amazing news today certainly made me smile: https://www.chesterfield-canal-trust.org.uk/new-ferry-possibility-for-killamarsh/
  6. ONE HUNDRED THINGS TO DO INSIDE THIS WEEKEND 1. Say “hasta la vista, baby” whilst closing every work-related tab on your computer 2. Try to find yourself on Google Earth 3. Tighten the screws on your saucepan handles 4. Organise your computer desktop so it’s all neat and tidy and you no longer know where anything is 5. Clean the kitchen 6. Rank every crisp flavour in order from best to worst 7. Come up with a new signature 8. Download TikTok 9. Spend fifteen seconds on TikTok 10. Decide that’s enough TikTok for one day 11. Clean the kitchen again 12. Rank every chocolate bar in order from best to worst 13. Use the nutritional information on your canned goods as a makeshift version of top trumps 14. Watch a marble race on Youtube 15. Get far too into marble racing 16. Decide you’re going to have your own marble race 17. Realise you don’t own any marbles 18. Put your marble-based dreams on the backburner for now 19. Watch a years worth of Netflix in an afternoon 20. Avoid eye contact with all the books you own but have never read 21. Rank every biscuit in order from best to rich tea 22. Resist the urge to cut your own hair 23. Figure out what your three wishes would be, in case you ever come into possession of a magic lamp, fish, or monkey paw 24. Learn your debit card number off by heart like a Jedi or something 25. Clean the kitchen for a third time 26. Play Scrabble 27. Pull out two Qs and no Us 28. Argue about whether “Qi” is a word 29. Put Scrabble away 30. Spend fifteen minutes looking at pictures of quokkas on the internet 31. Decide you’re going to have an early night 32. Spend two hours in bed on your phone 33. Go to sleep 34. Wake up 35. Decide you’re going to have a productive day 36. Spend two hours in bed on your phone 37. Have a sitdown shower because you’re an adult and you can do what you want 38. Use a 48-pack of Weetabix as a makeshift Jenga set 39. Spend fifteen minutes hoovering up crumbs of wheat 40. Research who would win in a race between a zebra and an ostrich 41. Check the news 42. Quickly close the news 43. Give the kitchen a once over 44. Brush up on either the history of the Roman Empire, or the history of tomato ketchup, depending on what sort of a mood you’re in 45. See what’s happening on Instagram stories 46. Is anyone NOT doing online yoga? 47. Research home workouts 48. Instantly feel exhausted 49. Call your parents 50. Call your best friends parents, see how they’re getting on 51. Facetime someone with a dog 52. You know what, that quick once over really wasn’t enough, give the kitchen a proper clean 53. Look around your kitchen and decide which of your friends would be what household appliances 54. Ponder who invented the coat hanger 55. Learn to spell onomateopia 56. Play Rock Paper Scissors over Skype, first to 500 wins 57. Search “two dogs dressed as one dog carrying a present” 58. Attempt to clean your oven 59. Realise you’re in way over your head here 60. Have a picnic in your lounge 61. Enjoy the pleasant lack of wasps 62. Try Scrabble again 63. Pull out two Qs again 64. Decide Scrabble can self-isolate itself at the back of the cupboard 65. Give your kitchen a deep clean 66. See what’s happening on Instagram Stories 67. Is anyone NOT making their own sourdough? 68. Research how to make sourdough 69. Decide that quarantine or no quarantine, you do not have the time or patience to make sourdough 70. Tidy up all the tangled cables behind your TV 71. Put on your shoes, just to remember how it feels 72. Go through your phone contacts and guess whether each person keeps their ketchup in the fridge or cupboard 73. Try to figure out how many seconds you’ve been alive for, without using a calculator 74. Choose which knife, fork and spoon are your favourite 75. Choose which are your least favourite 76. Make up mean names for them 77. Think about doing the ironing 78. Decide against doing the ironing 79. Crave ice cream 80. Check your freezer - no ice cream 81. Really crave ice cream 82. Check your freezer - still no ice cream 83. Debate whether going to the shops for ice cream counts as “essential travel” 84. Reluctantly accept that it definitely doesn’t 85. Check your freezer again - just in case 86. Research how to do that magic trick where you whip the tablecloth out from under everything 87. Attempt that magic trick 88. Spend fifteen minutes cleaning up broken glass 89. Make a drawing for a friend using MS Paint 90. Clean your kitchen, but this really is the last time now 91. Casually check your fridge every forty five minutes, on the off chance the contents has changed 92. Watch a Youtube tutorial on folding fitted sheets 93. Try to fold a fitted sheet 94. Fail 95. Decide that if you’ve made it this far without learning to fold fitted sheets, your fitted sheets can jolly well go unfolded 96. Read a needlessly long Facebook post because you’ve got nothing better to do 97. Start dusting your skirting boards 98. Remember this is a marathon not a sprint and you’re going to need to save some fun for next weekend 99. Realise you haven’t cleaned the kitchen in a while 100. Clean the kitchen
  7. Chapter 5 Back out onto the river briefly but we were enchanted by the Sand Martins giving us the most amazing aerial display as they swooped around us near Barton Island. They are one of the first spring migrants to arrive in the UK arriving mid March to Mid April. Welcome back! Even if getting a clear photo of you is almost impossible because you fly so fast. We also saw a stark reminder of how a river in flood takes no prisoners: Up through Sawley Lock we saw the serving hatch at The Lockkeepers Rest pub was open. There were signs asking people to keep the statutory 2m gap while waiting. I npped over to get a couple of the nicest hot steak pasties we have had in a good while. They have been forced to close now but we will certainly make sure we stop off there in future and support them where we can We called in at Sawley Marina to try and get a couple of chandlery items but they didn't have them sadly but they did have plentiful stocks of fresh bread, milk, tinned and long life grocery items and toilet rolls. None of which we needed of course but my social media feed was full of people struggling to get all these things in the supermarkets Then we got to do something VERY exciting!!! We actually had to work Delhi through Lock number 1 - Sawley Flood Lock. We have been that way numerous time in numerous vessels but have NEVER had to operate that lock before. It is usually fastened open. It was a proper novelty! Finally we locked up through Derwent Mouth Lock and onto the canal leaving the river behind with some relief. We stopped that night above Shardlow in the middle of nowhere so we could be isolated for a while
  8. We won't be venturing out at all now we are home. He is classed as vulnerable and we don't have a home big enough to allow seperate beds and bathrooms to shield him and to be honest if we are stuck here together I want us to be together not trying to keep a distance in our own home so I am staying in with him. We have plenty of supplies having stocked the boat up ready for a long summer on board then decanted everything into the hire car to bring it home it is only likely to be fresh fruit and veg I will need but our local community has it sorted, the local shop, the co-opm the pet shop and the fish and chip shop will all deliver to us and I have arranged a delivery of milk and eggs with a traditional milkman. I have seen a photo online of people standing in a queue to go to our locall co-op and everyone says it's all very orderly. The Parish Councl has details of when the Co-op gets deliveries and what they are expecting so if you are short of something particular you can aim to get there at a time they may have had some delivered.
  9. World events caught up with me a bit and I didn't get around to continuing with what may well end up being the shortest boat blog of a summers cruising ever! I think I probably ought to bring it up to date don't you? Chapter 4 (Friday 20th March) We dawdled up to Holme Lock the next morning. It was on restricted operating due to contractors doing work there. There had been a stoppage notice stating that the contractors would lock boats through but to allow for extra time for this to happen. We had a call from our friend on Jophina II when he went thrugh a day or so ahead of us. He said he had arrived there to find the place completely empty and devoid of any contractors or anyone. He had a hunt around but couldn't find anyone so called CRT who assured him there should be a contractor there but said they would get onto it and call him back. He had a closer look around to realise the lock operation office was open with several job sheets from the contractors loose on the desk there. A contractors van was nearby, open with a flask and sandwiches on the seat but no contractor anywhere. Alarm bells started to ring as he wondered whether at this point he should be checking the weir for a contractor who had fallen in! He called CRT again to report the additional information just as two guys wandered back onto the site oblivious of the worry heir absense had caused. They locked him through but it took a long time as only one paddle was working. He then told us they were upadting the stoppage to say passage would ONLY be available Monday to Friday between 12 midday and 1pm. We arrived at Holme Lock around 11:30 with the other boat that had travelled up from Gunthorpe. It was being a bit of a mare of a journey for them. They were moving the boat for the owner but it was a boat that had previously been stolen and trashed and they were having to iron out a lot of faults as they went on their way. I hope they got to their destination without further troubles - they are a lovely couple. The lock was painfully slow filling but we got on our way eventually and it was with some relief we finally entered Meadow lane and got a bit of respite from the strong flows: One interesting picture I took while on the river was this pair of Greylag Geese: The pale one is leucistic. This is a genetic conditioning meaning it lacks melanin, a pigment that is responsible for the darker colours in birds plumage At this time in our journey we had become very aware of the fact that many businesses were now closed due to the Covid-19 restrictions. One of the things we had not managed to buy before we set off was some additional spares for Dave's vape. We tied up at Beeston that night and a quick search suggested there were 5 vape shope within walking distance so Dave called to see if they had the stuff he needed. Thankfully the first one he called (the one closest) did have it so I set off to get them and decided I would have a quick look in the local Co-op I had to pass to see if they had any fresh tems to supplement our fridge that was starting to get a bit depleated. The vape shop was great, they had bagged the stuff up ready for me and a wave of my contactless card meant that I had to touch very little in the shop nor spend much time in there. The coop was a different matter, heaving with people making it very hard to keep the distance we had been advised would keep us safe, hardly any stock either so i grabbed a couple of bits and walked back. The pub I had passed earlier where I could see several people inside through the windows now had sveral people standing outside, smoking, messing with mobile phones etc. I had wondered about the blackboard in the carpark advertising their free to enter disco that weekend. I felt that was a bit of a silly thing not to be cancelled and at that point a big fella came out of the pub making a very loud bull horn sort of noise <Arrroooogaaahhhhh> at the top of his voice. It was a little bit startling but I went on my way back to the boat to hear that while I had been out the goverment had ordered the pubs to shut - and I suspect the announcement came just before I walked past that pub - hence the outburst of frustration on the part of Mr Bullhorn
  10. Excuse me! Overalls??? OVERALLS? 😳 You cannot be serious! I managed to nip into the Salvatore Ferragamo shop before the lockdown and managed to panic but a fetching little silk shirt dress
  11. Watch which container you clean your brush in!
  12. Having tied up for the night in Beeston I was out hunting down vape spares for the skipper. As I walked past a pub 3 people came out, one making a huge bellowing noise like a bull in a field next to a cow in season. I wondered what on earth it was all about! I found out
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