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  1. That sounds like a close call and must have been quite scary for those involved. It doesn't surprise me that the lock keeper there stepped up to do what was necessary, I can take a guess who it might have been that was involved too. The problem I have with these sort of posts is that each time something goes a bit wrong on The Trent people broadcast it and a few more boaters decide the river is far too scary for them to venture onto. I think anyone reading this needs to be aware that things only go wrong very rarely. If a boat sinks in a lock it will always get reported on this forum along with a discussion of how it happened and what went wrong. It doesn't stop boaters from going through locks and locks are used thousands of times without any issue at all. The same applies to The Trent. It is a beautiful river and is, in my opinion, a stretch of water to be enjoyed. Yes, it does need to be respected (as do locks) but it is not something to be feared. Give your engine a treat by getting some deep water under the prop and making it work for a change. It's a great way to give it a tune up!
  2. The locks are wide but the bridges are not. There are a couple of bridges through Misterton that would cause problems for anything that differs significantly from a cabin cruiser at the widest. I had been reliably informed there had never been a wide boat reach Retford but recently someone told me their friend did in theirs some years back. They couldn't tell me details of boat dimensions name or date so it may be hearsay... It could be done with a crane and lorry.. . https://canalplan.org.uk/waterway/qigg
  3. There was a green boat following us down through the locks there with another that, from a distance had what I will describe as an interesting wooden cabin structure. There were two very friendly and helpful volockies on duty too.
  4. Well that counts me out...a lady?
  5. I have heard boats started going through around 3pm today Not my photos credit to Boatman John on FB Our till receipt for Sawley Marina was timed just after 2pm so we got through just in time yesterday
  6. You ruined my weekend by withdrawing the offer of donating them! Absolutely runied I tell ya! I was absolutely cock-a-hoop when I counted up the takings and realised that thanks to the generosity of the people who either donated high quality tat or parted with good money for high quality tat we had managed to raise a magnificent sum of £718.55. If you had let me sell the twins I might have managed to top £720
  7. Your first point has nothing to do with Python or her crew. You did not see the boat there and so cannot comment on how it was handled. If your point was not personal why make it personal by naming a specific boat unless you really do want to ensure that someone day is spoiled because they failed to smile at you? Some of our volunteers are very sensitive and we work hard at boosting their confidence. A comment like that could be all it took to put someone off volunteering in future. Have a think about that next time you find your paintwork perilously close to going through overhanging vegetation because that is what these volunteers do when they are not out raising money and the profile of the canal trust at events like Alvecote. Thankfully I know the steerer well enough to know he will probably have a good laugh about it over a beer tonight but others might take it differently I have not read all the other comments and whatever the route the discussion took I logged in to read that you were making a point about Python crew being miserable. On your second point it is you who is misunderstanding the point I am making.: You chose to single out the steerer of Python as somehow creating a bad image for historic boaters. The chap has never met you and yet you have decided he is miserable and unfriendly. If you choose to hold that opinion then nothing I type will change it. My point is that we have passed you twice this year and on both occasions we were blanked. Whether you recognised us or not makes no difference, the fact is that on two occasions a steerer on your boat has completely blanked the crew of a historic boat. Yes we recognised your boat, it is very distinctive and so is ours now. Our previous boat was very unremarkable and very similar to thousands of other semi-trad leisure boats out on the system. When we have passed you on that boat (at least twice from memory) we were greeted with a smile. Whether you had any clue about who it was you were smiling at we will never know but when we had a clone leisure boat we got a cheerful greeting. Now we have a historic boat we get blanked. You chose to make a point about being blanked by a specific boat on a specific occasion and yet crew on your boat have blanked us on two occasions without me feeling the necessity to name and shame on a public forum or suggest that all Hudson owners are miserable The name of our boat was updated on the forum on the day we picked up the boat. There has been much discussion about our acquisition of said boat on this forum but of course you have no interest in historic boats and so it is possibly beneath you to have delved into those posts in which case you wouldn't have a clue it was us on the boat. That really isn't a problem at all, at least it shouldn't be but if you choose to try and make a big public thing of being hurt by not getting a friendly smile from the Python team when you yourself don't bother making a cheery greeting to random owners of historic boats then you can expect it to come back and bite you on your bum. I sincerely hope that next time you happen to meet us. The Python team or for that matter, the owner of any other historic boat out on the cut you will get an appropriate greeting and it might save your fingers from all the typing
  8. Apparently this is not Passing comment? You mention a boat by name stating the steerer did not leave a good impression No of course you can't vouch for what Jeff did or didn't do, because you were inside the boat. Just as I can't vouch for what the steerer on Python did or didn't do. I can see it has touched a nerve to think that maybe I felt alientated a little by the fact that my friendly approach was ignored? Well sh*t happens and I didn't lose any sleep over it and certainly didn't feel any need to identify the boat that had blanked me on a public forum. It seems because I have suggested that you might be guilty of some double standards we now need an inquest. Really???? Well, we passed the other day somewhere around Bears Hay from memory but it may have been a little earlier or a little later, we were travelling with Python, they got behind us when our inexperienced steerer moved across a little too far for an oncoming boat and ended up aground, it was a steep learning curve for him that day and so hence the fact I have a good idea of how he may have been focusing so hard on getting it right when you passed. I have spoken to him just now and he does not recall your boat but then why would he? We have passed a LOT of boats since Alvecote. You would have passed us a few minutes before passing Python so you will be as well placed as me to remember where it was as you are very obviously still hurt at being alientated by the steerer of a historic boat. I took the helm at some point around there and I am struggling to remember whether I was steering with Dave standing next to me or vice versa, I recognised your boat and said to Dave oh look it is Telemachus again and we both smiled and I know I waved and then felt foolish because I realised it was not you steering and so the poor chap probably thought I was a bit odd being so friendly when he didn't have a clue who I was. With regard to the earlier meeting I can possibly pin it down with a bit of detective work but I will say it was either on the Bridgewater or The L&L - possibly around Leigh or Pennington Flash way. It is interesting that because we have only met a couple of times and you are not great at remembering female faces that would be a good reason not to have acknowledged us and yet Python's steerer has never met you before in his life and yet you feel alienated because he did not respond to your greeting. How does that work then?
  9. There is indeed a very long history of a brickworks on that site. Is there an article awaiting publication? If there is I will look forward to reading that.
  10. A little late to get back to this thread but I am absolutely astounded to see you felt the need to mention that you were apparently "blanked" by Python's steerer. It is oft said that none of us know what is happening in the mind and life of another boater and so we should not take any reaction personally. For your information the steerer that was on Python when she passed you is quite new and not yet completely comfortable with how the boat might react in shallow water when passing other boats so I suspect he was concentrating VERY hard on making sure he did not run aground which would have made the bow swing directly into your path. I will apologise on his behalf becauseI know him to be a really friendly chap and he would hate to have given the wrong impression. I find your comment quite odd though because within a few minutes of passing Python you also passed us and my enthusiastic smile as I recognised your boat was met with a head turned away and a blank stare. I realised that Jeff has not met us so put it down to unfamiliarity but it was you who was steering when we passed you earlier on in the summer and we got the same reaction from you then. When we have passed each other on our previous boat you have been all smiles so I suspect that you do have an axe to grind with historic boat owners because we are the same people - it is just the boat that has changed! I didn't feel the need to pass comment about it on the forum though. Perhaps it is just the hard working volunteers that deserve being moaned at for not smiling? I am not aware of our team being responsible for any atrocious steering. I was so proud of Jenny who only came and joined us last autumn with no desire to do more than help with vegetation cutting and has maybe steered Python no more than a handful of times. She took her out on parade and coped admirably. There were three different team members steered Python on parade including myself. It's amazing to think that because an inexperienced crew member was concentrating hard on trying to make sure he got things right a comment is made about him being unfriendly and yet nobody felt drawn to post about all the effort (and personal expense) that went in to create the Python into the spectacle that was ONLY boat to takepart in the illuminated boat parade. Smoke breathing snake and laser displays were greeted with a round of applause by the people along the towpath but our team juts gets a mention because a crew member didn't smile - frankly it makes me want to weep.
  11. We have been getting a similar thing on our recently acquired boat and it seems that it is because the batteries have got a bit low and the extra draw of trying to push charge into a low battery bank is the cause, that is why it stops after a short time as the batteries settle into a steady charge
  12. That's super thank you! He may be attending in person to pick it up but if I don't hand it to you by the end of the weekend please don't assume he has done so as I may have just forgotten it and need a poke to remind me That is wonderful, you may wish to peruse Auntie Wainwright's stall where, among other delightful goods, I will have for sale a rather fetching and useful hand whisk which may interest you
  13. We are not being told very much at all. I still wonder at people who go to the bother of advertising a boat without giving more information and sharing more photos. It is being sold as being suitable to live aboard (for a family) but how many and what configuration of berths are there. Mike has told us there is no soild fuel stove but otherwise we wouldn't have a clue. It always seems such a waste of effort to advertise something with such a lack of information.
  14. You really ought to go and at least see the boat if you want to fnd out more about it. I do find it strange that anyone would declare they intend buying a boat they have never actually seen "in the flesh" the people who know about it and what the original plans were are all there at the yard where it is for sale. If you are genuinely interested in buying it go and look at it with your own eyes. I wanted to add to this post just in case there is someone else out there who would have liked to buy the boat but has been put off asking about it because they think there is a deal that has been done. It is a lovely boat and it needs someone with the vision and ability to bring it to completion. It could be a very special vessel if the project was handled correctly
  15. His query was 18 months ago though and has since been dealt with
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