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  1. We just fitted one to replace a split charge relay that had gone faulty. We had several people whose advice we trust suggest it was the way to go. Our problem wasn't a flat starter battery but rather intermittent lack of charging on the domestic bank.
  2. How incredibly sad. There is such a tragedy in someone's life that is the back story to this. My heart goes out to everyone involved including the emergency services who have to deal with these horrible situations.
  3. Having just spent a thoroughly pleasurable couple of hours chatting on the phone to Ron and Margaret Baker who built this boat they have told me they spoke to a gentleman who used to own the boat some years back at Hawne Basin (where their current boat is moored) He said he believes Jamie is on the River Avon. He was telling me about the time them took the boat down The Anderton Boat Lift and on The Weaver and through Salt Marsh Lock (this was before the boat lift had been out of action for many years). He mentioned about a broken down boat he towed back to Lymm and t
  4. I would also say that Oxley Marine will give great service. We used to moor quite close and have used them for numerous jobs over the years from blacking to engine service to fixing the loo!
  5. Yes, part of the Chesterfield Canal is an SSSI - from West Stockwith up to Whitsundaypie Lock. For that reason clearance of reeds has to be done carefully at the correct time of year (winter) but this is the blanket weed that causes a problem during the summer and will choke the canal for all the natural biodiversity it is a habitat for just as much as it does for boating. SSSI status does not apply above Whitsunday Pie Lock and yet the method of only removing the top few inches of blanket weed is employed along any part of the canal where you might find a weed cutter working
  6. It certainly looks a much loved and cared for boat. It has a charm to it. The question I would be asking is how long as the seller owned it and what is their reason for selling it.
  7. Leaks can be elusive! Water will always tend to flow downhill but that can vary depending were it gets in and what the trim of the boat is like. We had a drip under our side hatch. We were aware that one porthole forward of the side hatch was also needing to be resealed but we couldn't work out where the water was getting in around the side hatch. When the boat was painted the ports came out and it turned out that the bond between front and back face of the brass had broken. It would never have been spotted if he porthole had not been removed. It was rebonded and seal
  8. I would add that before you think about a surveyor or anything you really need to visit the boat yourself. You can't buy a boat from photos alone. Poke your finger into any places that look like damp may have affected the wood top. Smell the boat inside - if the superstructure is damp or affected by rot you will smell it. If it smells of fresh paint ask what that is covering up and why the blacking was not attended to rather than cosmetic stuff. If you are not close enough to visit then ask if someone else who is would be willing to give you an opinion before you trave
  9. I think Lady G has a valid point. You will never be happy with this boat. If there are any defects found further down the line you will struggle to get anywhere with the builder. Any relationship you had with the builder had broken down and even if you manage to patch things up (which may mean a compromise on what you thought you were getting or throwing extra money at it to get what you really want. If they are willing to refund your deposit you can walk away and build a new shell (and relationship) with a new builder. If you decide upon that route pleas
  10. Welcome to the forum A boat that has not been blacked since 2016 AND has a wooden cabin is likely to be a bit of a can of worms. That is not to say it might be ok for someone capable to fixing stuff themselves but you have to ask why it has not been blacked and if an important piece of maintenance like that has not been completed then what else has been neglected? Wooden cabins need some regular care to keep them rot free and watertight. A nice old engine that may be absolutely fine for years to come but if it has not had a regular oil change then has it reduced its li
  11. Mike, I am in contact with the area manager and have made m dismay very clear to him. The Chesterfield Canal is managed under the Yorkshire & North East CRT region. It moved from the East Midlands region with the shake up a couple of years back. I have to say that in my opinion that is when the the situation started to go from poor to dire. The Chesterfield is the only canal of it's type in that region and so many of the staff lack the experience in how to manage the water levels etc. This combined with the Regional Manager (Who I will say has served The Chessie really well in
  12. Among all this discussion regarding adding potential additional placed to the award I am more concerned that The IWA may have to make an adjustment to one of those head's of navigation! I have been very aware for a long time that CRT were up against a big problem without sufficient budget for a long time. The 23 locks leading up to the current head of Navigation at the top of The Chesterfield Canal were all restored at the same time. That means that 23 locks worth of gates were always going to reach their best before date at around the same time. (some are doubles and trebles so
  13. As there is an extra day in the bank holiday next year perhaps it will be a 48 hour challenge!
  14. You may be interested to know there is a 4 page article on Nelson in the winter 2020-21 Cuckoo Magazine published by Chesterfield Canal Trust.
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