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  1. Three more photos which fill the gaps up to post 14 89573277_10157905461414070_5202095020621 89810788_10157905911689070_1732129249273 89912706_10157906569404070_8671110032240 Unfortunately the images seem to have uploaded in the reverse order that they need to appear in the other thread - sorry! this is getting complicated!
  2. I had not forgotten I needed to get on with trying to deal with the photo conundrum but have been busy doing other stuff but I am going to see if I can get it up to date this week. If there is a kindly admin who has a little time on his hands to dump the photos on the gaps I would very much appreciate it, Once it is all up to date this thread can then be deleted so I am not taking up too much space on the forum with my rubbish I figure if I spam this thread with the photos and try and add the sequence of numbers that appears where each one is missing from then hopefully it will tally up for whoever is doing it? I am going to post the very first one to test how it works and, if I don't get distracted I will follow with more Edit to add the file name because I am unsure if it is visible 82781124_102293641326171_679360654670299
  3. Thank you, no it won't be straightforward to locate which photo goes where. In the mean time it seems like I need to create a new thread just to host the photos. It's seems like it is a lot of work, not just for me but for you mods and I am unsre I want to put you to all that trouble, I will have another look tomottow when I might be in a better frame of mind to get it done
  4. OK, can someone hold my hand please! As I have kind offers of trying to edit the posts to add in the photos I thought the way to go would be for me to find the photos and host them in the CWDF gallery but when I click on "gallery" there are no photos there! How do I host them on CWDF?
  5. I am trying to work out whether the sequence of numbers that appears in the place where the photo used to be is in some way linkable to the original photo. Looking at photos hosted on FB I don't see anywhere were it has a series of numbers to identify it so I can't be certain which photo I had used - for example for the very first photo. It seems very strange that we can both share the photos from FB now and everyone can see them but all those I shared earlier this year have vanished.
  6. Very few of my friends are members of the forum and would be unlikely to join just to comment on my posts, also the page is not just open to my friends, it is open to anyone who might be interested. It is far more immediate and is much easier to navigate on a phone than the forum is, which usually has to wait until I finish a day's cruising and boot up my laptop
  7. Thank you It is not a post, it is a page that was added to on a day to day basis as was this thread. In that way it can get a bit out of sequence when people respond to an older post and bring it to the top. The link is in the thread anyway,this should work? https://www.facebook.com/LMS-Delhi-102291267993075/?modal=admin_todo_tour I will start filtering through and see if I can work out which should go where. Thanks for the very kind offers of help No the photos are all still there and as always if you right click it gives you the option to copy image address which is what I used to share the photo of the goat
  8. The page on FB has quite a following (not anything epic but plenty of interested people) I am not aware of any way to share a combination of news and photo with a group of people in one place that might be described as "a conventional picture hosting site" I know you can do it via Instagram but that too is classed as Social Media. I presume if people use "a conventional photo hosting site" such as Flikr or similar they then have to upload the photos again to the place they want to share them? Just to test if FB will still allow me to share my photos here is one: I think when we are out cruising to update the Facebook page and upload the photos there then to have to do the entire rigmarole again here kind of defeats the object and there is no fun in doing things twice
  9. Thank you The pictures are still on FB as part of a public page so the privacy has not changed on them. I don't know how easy it will be to work out which photo belonged in which part of text. I am unsure if I can even be bothered to do it which is just a shame. I am a bit gutted to be honest - I appreciate it is not CWDF's fault but as it is what I have always done the entire forum is probably littered with my posts that have now lost their illustrations Sorry I think you edited your original post to add a comment, when I shared it there was just a photo without any text to suggest how or why it had been posted which is why I was asking what the point of it was
  10. That is what I have always done. If it is now not allowed then obviously FB have changed things. Is there any way I can edit all the posts so I can try and get the photos back? That is assuming I can identify which photos they were! If not then it has all been a bit of a waste of time
  11. On a miserable damp Sunday afternoon I decide it is long overdue I bring my cruise log up to date so I log in and find that all the photos from the first part of the log appear to have vanished leaving just a series of numbers What did I do wrong? https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/105317-carry-on-regardless-with-lms-delhi/
  12. Chaplains can only support people who accept their help. They are also volunteers. The lack of support by "others" is a bigger worry in my mind. We no longer have a proper safety net for those who need help. those that want help struggle to get it and there are no resources left for those who don't know they need help
  13. It is a beautiful canal and I wouldn't worry about retracing your steps. the view is always different when going in the opposite direction. If that was the case we certainly would have got bored with our regular trip to West Stockwith from Clayworth and back to pump out over the last 6 years I always look forward to it, especially through Wiseton as I can usually get to see at least one Kingfisher! A lot of people suggest there are depth issues and in fairness it isn't the deepest canal but the hire boats are not especially deep draughted and the mistake many make is to treat it like The Trent and Mersey, expecting another boat to be coming around the next bend so they stay over to their side of the canal "just in case" in reality the likelihood of meeting another boat coming in the opposite direction (even in August) is quite remote and so just stick to the channel and don't be tempted to cut corners or try and take the "racing line" around the bends. Python can do the entire 32 miles without getting stuck (with an experienced steerer) and she draws 3'3" We are 10' longer on Delhi but only 2'10" - just take things slow and you get there faster. Chesterfield Canal Trust do a guide to the canal which is available mail order from their website and there is a lot of other information about the canal and points of interest worth browsing there
  14. Try getting in touch with Liam and Kerry https://www.midlandsandcoast.co.uk/
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