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  1. cheshire~rose

    Dredging the Chesterfield?

    No, nor would I, but you were talking about The Gate Winding Hole and Bonemill Bridge. The Gate bend is downgate of the winding hole (admittedly only by a hundred meters or so) with the stretch you mentioned being upgate of the winding hole. That was why I did not include it in my estimations The bend at that bridge does catch folks out but I am unaware of it being caused by lack of depth (except for when folks try and put things right when they have already got it wrong) It is certainly a lot better since we cut back the huge overgrown hawthorn that was doing a great job of hiding behind the weeping willow that everyone's bow ended up in. It never seems a huge problem to nose into a weeping willow but that one used to bite back - especially if you had crew on the bow!
  2. cheshire~rose

    Dredging the Chesterfield?

    Yes Python is only 50' and so she is more able to stick to the channel on the bendy bits than a longer boat would, one of the reasons she is the perfect boat for maintenance, you can shove the bow into the shallow offside and still keep some water under the prop in the middle. However the stretch between The Gate Winding Hole and Bonemill Bridge has never even flagged on our radar as being anything close to "the worst", Also as it only has a very gentle curve rather than any of the wiggly bits like found up towards Ranby there should be no problem a long deep draughted boat keeping to the channel (although sods law predicts that Python would come in the opposite direction Indeed the what were the worst bits where we got stuck every time we passed have already been dealt with and I would suggest the next "worst" that we regularly transit is between downgate of Greys Bridge where the scour comes in from the brook that enters there. We find that stretch slow going in our own boat which is of the "floats on a damp teatowel" type of draught. The plans for the brickworks at Walkeringham are due to be released any day now. I personally feel that it is exactly what is needed for that long derelict site and wish him all the best with creating a destination for canal visitors and boaters alike. His ideas for using the salvaged materials, like the pan tiles and all the old bricks from the underground ventilation channels to create a bar/restaurant around the base of the iconic chimney are great. We have a good relationship with the landowner who has been most accommodating of our team and came out to join us when we were clearing the vegetation along the edge of his land. He has recently (safely) cleared a huge number of collapsed pallets full of dumped corrugated asbestos from the bank of the canal and is in the process of planting it with lavender to attract the bees. Trees that have had to be removed are being lifted with roots to re- plant further back on his land I have to admit I covert the view from your bedroom window and know exactly which window that is One of the things I adore (and point out to volunteers when we pass) is the fact that your cottage is detached, even though at first glance it looks like a semi. I love looking for the point where you can see straught through the ginnel between Do you know the history of why they two were built so close? I have often wondered Different sections were always different depths. certainly there were bits that were always a bit shallow and the Gate to Bonemill Bridge is, I believe one of them. I know when we are out with Richard Allsop at the helm he knows chapter and verse of which bits should be what depth and will suck his teeth and point out how bad it is quoting what it should be.
  3. cheshire~rose

    Dredging the Chesterfield?

    Aww thank you!
  4. cheshire~rose

    Dredging the Chesterfield?

    You mean you need a qualification to baffle people? Where can I get my certificate?
  5. cheshire~rose

    British Waterways "Uniform" Mid Century

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing those photos (sorry I saw them last night and responded to a couple of other posts before getting distracted away with something rather urgent. It appears the logo is embroidered onto a tape that is then stitched onto the overall which actually makes a lot of sense. I adore the holdall too! If you ever fancy an excuse to wear the donkey jacket you would be very welcome to come Python boating in it Thanks a million, I am so pleased I started this thread, it was just a vague gap in my knowledge about the era in question and everyone has pulled together with loads of information.
  6. cheshire~rose

    Forum Finances Summary 2018

    It's good to see the finances are looking a bit healthier than they were but a valid reminder that the best things in life are not as free as we might like them to be and so thanks for the nudge to dust off a few coppers out of the pocket linings and send them over. If others feel so inclined I will help by posting the link here: https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/store/category/6-make-a-donation-to-canal-world/ For future reference it can be found on the home page
  7. cheshire~rose

    Dredging the Chesterfield?

    I am unsure if I knew that but it still doesn't help me pinpoint the location and if it were from his bedroom window it isn't on the stretch that I believe is now in the greatest need for dredging.
  8. cheshire~rose

    Dredging the Chesterfield?

    It is actually the way it was traditionally referred to upon The Chessie. Instead of referring to upstream and downstream the boaters were facing upgate or downgate, "Boaty Clark" was a Chesterfield Boater and used the language that was the norm for this canal. (we have ponds rather than pounds too) All canals tend to have their own terminology and I think it is nice to try and keep some of the traditions alive where possible. We have a daily checklist on Python that the helm has to fill in to confirm the usual checks have been carried out at the start and end of the day. It has the start and end points of the trip at the top. The first few days when folks filled it in they would put they were facing Worksop or Shireoaks but once Richard had filled one in with "Upgate" everyone soon realised it made more sense and so that is a term we have adopted and it now appears on formal reporting from our crew. Python may not ever have had a history on The Chessie but that doesn't mean to say we can't do our bit to keep the history of this bit of cut alive
  9. cheshire~rose

    British Waterways "Uniform" Mid Century

    What an amazing photo that is - thanks for sharing Indeed, that is good to read. We received our first licence with a dissolving polo mint on it today
  10. cheshire~rose

    Dredging the Chesterfield?

    Noddyboater I will ask again because I am interested, which section of the canal is it they are checking the depth of please? Just tell me which winding hole it is you mention and whether they were working upgate or downgate?
  11. cheshire~rose

    Dredging the Chesterfield?

    It is good to know the old traditions are still being kept alive in the Dukeries
  12. cheshire~rose

    Dredging the Chesterfield?

    I know the canal fairly intimately Which section is it you are referring to please? Which winding hole? ....and as has already been asked - what units are you quoting please? While it is indeed a shallow canal we have managed to clock up 178 miles trundling up and down the entire 32 mile length with Python with her draught at over 30" without any major problems with going aground (except when we were asking her to go places so self respecting deep draughted boat should ever be asked to go when we were vegetation cutting) It would be great to get some more dredged, CRT did a great job of listening to us when we advised of the area that was the worst (downgate of Bridge 31) and acted upon it having done a significant amount of dredging between there and Ranby over the last two years. I will be thrilled to know which stretch is next. There is a good opportunity for them to deal with the brickworks stretch at Walkeringham too if they can work with the landowner. Just to add - I am assuming you do mean the eastern section and not the unconnected stretch of Derbyshire waters? Python managed almost all of that a couple of years ago too - right up to the flood lock at Mill Green. After that it was far too silted to go any further and although trip boats have done it there are a lot of boulders in the water so that really does need some dredging
  13. cheshire~rose

    British Waterways "Uniform" Mid Century

    Ah! Yes I know the one you mean, it is like two white wiggles I thought when I posted the yellow one it was earlier. There is a sign somewhere with that old logo on. I think I have a photo "somewhere" but whether I would ever find it.... I bet Alan Fincher has a picture with it in though!
  14. cheshire~rose

    British Waterways "Uniform" Mid Century

    Steve, this is fantastic and just what I was hoping to find information about. I can'y believe you still have some of the gear! Hang onto that! Do you have any photos of the gear you have that you are willing to share with us? Is the logo that was on the front this one: and roughly how big would that have been?
  15. cheshire~rose

    British Waterways "Uniform" Mid Century

    This is true, although a natty waistcoat has become a tradition at banters it is not really like "dressing up" I don't mind going to town for a proper fancy dress event but for a festival you need to be safe and comfortable for the duration of the day Agreed, we have had people come to volunteer with us simply because they refuse to dress up to volunteer as a "friend of something"

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