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  1. There will be many perfectly legitimate reasons why certain boaters will have permission to overstay in a given area and the reasons are not really anybody's business apart from CRT and the person with the legitimate reason. I suspect that it might be this particular person feels that people are pointing a finger at them for the crime of overstaying and so displaying a letter gives an answer to the critics who maybe feel that it is somehow their business. It is a shame we have got into this sort of situation where people are constantly watching others to check they are not getting away with something they didn't ought to. It is a sad indictment of society these days. We had to loiter in a specific area with our boat a short time ago due to us selling the boat and the potential buyers choice of boat yard to carry out the survey was at a place we had already stayed for the maximum allowed, then I knew if they bought the boat there would be a few days more it would stay there until they could move it and I didn't want CRT labelling them as overstayers when they had only just taken ownership. I pinged an email off and had a friendly chat with the CRT chappie in that area who understood the situation and said he had no problem in issuing an authority for our boat to overstay and gave me the date when that would expire.
  2. Oh My goodmess! I just went to the place you suggested Richard and found a load more I appear to be following - I have never knowingly followed anyone so goodness knows how that has happened
  3. Got it! I went via a list of people who seem to be following me and noticed that I had an option to follow some of them back BUT there were a huge array of people I appear to have been already following and when you click on the "follow" button a box pops up that says: You will receive a notification and an email when *** posts new content. I have no idea how I suddenly started following half a million forum members without even knowing it and thank The Lord that the majority of them do not seem to be people that ever post anything these days or else I would have been in serious trouble. I have just unfoloowed everyone so hopefully that will do the trick
  4. Sorry friends? Who are you? 🤣 I was just trying to find out where I can see who I follow - I was not aware I was following anyone but I did used to have quite a number of friends back in the days before things changed
  5. With regard to the "Changing this option will not affect existing followed content.". bit - the emails I am getting that are problematic are the ones for threads I have never even looked at before let alone followed. They are usually part way through and I will get one random email notifying me of a reply. The only common denominator I can see if that the reply is usually made by someone I know - like yourself, Keeping-up or RLWP
  6. I am aware of the second list and I am happy to get an email to let me know there is a reply to a thread I have created It is the emails that are alerting me to random posts on threads I have never visited I am trying to stop - but thanks If that is the case then it is indeed borked! Ah I am glad I am not the only one, I don't remember exactly when it started but maybe a couple of weeks or so ago
  7. Oh and another email notification at 21.18 last night telling me that Keeping Up had replied to the thread "Harecastle Tilley Hat" (post #39) Now I had viewed this thread before (because I was tagged in on post #2) but I am not currently following the topic and have not had any other notifcations about the other posts the the thread that occured after that one.
  8. I have been there many times but really can't see what it is I have ticked that I don't want ticked. I am happy enough with: Automatically follow new content I post and: Automatically follow content I reply to That means if I post something and someone replies I will get a notification - I know how to change that at a later date if I no longer want to follow. It is the random notifications I am trying to stop. I got another yesterday evening at 18:05. It was telling me that Mac of Cygnet had posted in the topic called "Scotland" The post was post number 33 on that thread. I had never read the thread nor contributed to it before and it was not the first time that Mac of Cygnet had contributed to the thread either so why did I get that random notification? What ticks do I need to take out of boxes to stop it happening please?
  9. I appear to getting a lot of random email notifications regarding posts and I am not too sure how to stop them? An example - I just got an email advising me that RLWP had replied to the topic DM2 Slowly Dies on Tickover I had not read any of that thread before that notification nor had any notification about the several replies before Richard's. I have been trying to pin down what is happening and it is almost as if by reading a thread the forum seems to think I want to follow it and so sends me notifications of other replies, even if I did not post in the thread myself. Another thought is that it seems to send me an email when one of my friends replies to a thread - it certainly seems to want to tell me what Richard is up to as if I am some sort of weird stalker or something. 🤣 I can't see anything in my settings that I can change to stop it happening but I might be looking in the wrong place, because I am not sure what is actually happening but I am a bit fed up of getting spammed by email Can anyone suggest what I need to do to stop it please?
  10. We stayed there last night and had a very pleasant day at Dunham Massey Hall and Gardens (after the rain stopped) We hope the appointment goes well
  11. I don't know, I was not involved with the build. CCT only got involved around the time of the launch when a great partnership began.
  12. Don't get too hung up about the price of the survey and if it will cost more or not. If you find the right boat then it is not worth cutting corners. It may take you a long time to find another boat that is right and you will always wonder what might have been. We found "that" boat and wanted a surveyor who had experience of historic boats who was not booked up for the next 6 weeks to do the survey. It turned out the only one we could find at short notice was one who is usually based in and around London and the south east. We had to pay for him to travel to Lymm in Cheshire and some overnight accommodation to boot but consider his fee to have been worth every penny
  13. I was struggling to find sufficient connection last night to post but we spotted @nicknorman yesterday, somewhere through Leigh way. I don't think he recognised us in this boat, either that or he was worried I was going to try and sell him something. He has probably already passed you Catweasel, or else you could have ticked the box of meeting another forumite
  14. To think we have been moored around a hundred yards apart all weekend without even realising it! For the record he got away without me selling him anything too! Great to meet you at last
  15. A bit late to this but I would add the elsan in Outrighton is fine to use. I think it may be free but I can't be sure. There is a handy shower and laundry facility there too and be sure to get some of the free range eggs from the house next as they are really full of flavour.
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