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  1. You may be interested to know there is a 4 page article on Nelson in the winter 2020-21 Cuckoo Magazine published by Chesterfield Canal Trust.
  2. Get it out on the river and wind it on for a few days and photoshop wouldn't be needed
  3. Hello Nigel Thanks for coming to give your side of the story. It certainly helps add some balance. While I can't speak for others my personal thoughts are that if an image that wins the category it did is so far removed from reality as it is and is within the boundaries of the competition rules then the rules need changing. Having said that this is an IWA competition and their views on the waterways are also often so far removed from reality they could be considered "composite" too. Art is subjective and people will always have opposing views depending on taste. P
  4. From my memory of the photos of Nelson at the boat club I would say the conversion looks very similar to those photos shared by Max's Son. Obviously a lot of conversions of that era looked very similar but R&WBC's Nelson was a BCN boat and the BCN plate and then T-stud from the bow are displayed on the fireplace wall in the bar there (sadly it has been closed for far too many months but I suspect it might be possible to get someone to get a photo of them and or the photos which are in the function room IIRC
  5. Yes it won't fit in the hearth and can't be stored in summer. I am sure someone will want it. I will re-advertise it but it may stick now as I always find that sales dry up after the first few days of December. It can always go back in the loft until next year
  6. Bugger - Now I need to work out how many coal scuttles we can display and store on and under the tug deck so we can go boating Sadly it's forever home didn't work out, kismet or no kismet so roving traders licence it must be ... Unless anyone else wants to give it a home?
  7. I think it is only fair to mention here that this bucket does have some forum related provenance! We had been looking for something like it for a while for our former boat Carrie~Lou. On the Thursday before Easter some years back I was due to visit the cheesemonger in Chesterfield to collect our "Wedding cheese" for the wedding banter we were having at Calf Heath that weekend. Here in Chesterfield Thursday happens to be flea market day and I was far too busy to allow the magnetic attraction of hundreds of stalls of old tat to distract me from the task in h
  8. It depends whether it is deemed necessary travel and whether CRT expect us to have a trading licence
  9. I bought a stainless steel bucket from a car boot sale for a fiver that I used to use for ash. I think it may have been surplus from a pub so that could be another route to look for something for ash. I have this for sale if it is any good. It's old and brass and you could polish it if you wanted to but it is pretty solidly made. I was asking a tenner for it. Are you still on The Chessie?
  10. For 5 full days of travelling back in March. Left West Stockwith on March 15th heading upstream on the tidal Trent with 11 foot of fresh coming downstream. In some sections it was a struggle to achieve 2 mph. 5 days later we arrived at the relative millpond of Newark We had far less problem with coke nuggets popping out of the exhaust stack for the rest of the summer
  11. It is only 1 and 1/8 on my screen and was just one single line when I created it but as always there will be soneone on this forum that likes to split hairs
  12. I would like to tactfully suggest that perhaps one or two people who may not be aware of the recent history of Birmingham that has led up to the sale to a new owner would do well to wind their necks in and not post comments that may be construed as being hurtful. The boat is no longer for sale, it has a new owner and we all wish that owner well. The fact that the boat is being sold in such fine fettle is a testament to the time it spent with it's previous owners and so anyone who appreciates how much time, money and emotional energy it can take to keep a historic boat
  13. It's probably on auto renew, she changed hands today Edit to correct , it was actually today I learned she had changed hands
  14. If anyone is interested, tonight there will be a live stream of the awards ceremony of another boating related photographic competition: Copied from an email I have received: Having been honoured to attend a previous ceremony in person at Trinity House I have to say I am really looking forward to watching this. The calibre of the photography is always amazing and it depicts some seriously interesting vessels and their maintenance. use and restoration.
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