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  1. The plot thickens... I received numerous emails from Sue yesterday That either means these were emails sent earlier in August that got lost in the ether or communication between Sue and I via email is more reliable than verbal communication in the Powell household 🤣
  2. Most of the time when we are not on the boat I am accessing my email via the website I have just checked filters and only have a couple of rules set in there from many years ago with a couple of troublesome email addresses, certainly nothing that might block these emails and, if that had been the case I would have expected it to affect the emails I was getting without any problem from the same email address in 2020?
  3. Mine is @gmail.com I am tempted to say it is a little more "intelligent" than Microsoft but I suspect it is more a case of Google not missing an opportunity to gather data where it can
  4. Thank you Nothing has yet been received. I am very used to getting emails with multiple recipients from both the boat club and Chesterfield Canal Trust. I am not too sure how they are sent though and if it might differ from the format you are using. I hope we can get to the root of the problem soon Jan
  5. Something is very wrong. I am unsure how best to fix it. I emailed Sue on 9th August to the BCNS address and she replied saying she would update things now she had my correct email address. (An email address that has not changed for 9 years and was the one I was successfully receiving email to that address for the last BCN Challenge) When I realised yesterday there had been another email sent out I replied to that email that Sue sent me just so it would hopefully flag up the correct email address. I am not aware of any problems with my email, nobody else has suggested they are having problems sending email to me and I have checked my spam filter. If you did not get that email I sent yesterday there is little point in me sending it again. Perhaps you can message me via PM (on here or on FB) to let me know what email address it is you are trying to send to to see if I can identify where the problem lies. If my email client is filtering out emails from the BCNS address I need to know why and try and convince it that I really do need to read them!
  6. Where have you seen this please? I have not heard anything about it. Who says? Blacking is sacrificial! We appear to have managed to clock up close to 500 miles and 289 locks this year despite it being a funny year and starting very late. After the amazing crew that arrived to get us up Tardebigge and then out to Kingsbury a couple of days later I can imagine there may be even more crew wanting to get involved - our boat will be the one with the tent pitched on the patio! I know Kev is up for it as as Tree Monkey doesn't have a weed hatch to worry about I expect he will be too. We just need to make sure Rob doesn't have any more accidents before May
  7. Yes indeed, it is a lovely conversion and it is great to see a historic boat that has been converted in a sympathetic way making it a very practical boat to use. A boat that has been much loved
  8. When we apply for our licence each year we have to give the details of our mooring. We have to apply for our mooring each year, it is a boat club mooring and if we have not kept our nose clean and followed the rules of the club then we could be refused a mooring. The date of our licence application is not the same as the date of our mooring application and so the two can overlap by a long time before the next declaration to CRT where our mooring is. There used to be a boat that bimbled up and down the canal making good use of the various 48 hour moorings on the canal (most of the moorings on The Chessie are 48 hour) Nice enough chap, kept himself to himself etc. Occasionally we would think pah! when we found him moored where we hoped to as some of the best moorings are only big enough for one boat but that's life.... then he joined the club and got himself a mooring and we thought we might get to know the guy but he continued to keep himself to himself (not a problem) and didn't really engage with the club much or give anything back to the club which is part of the T's and C's of havng a mooring there. After a year he gave up his mooring and moved on. We don't know where to but the boat that replaced him were people who engaged with and became active members of the club. Much later CRT contacted the club to check if he still had his mooring there. Joining the dots we think his bobbing back and forth on one stretch of canal had brought his activity into the spotlight of CRT so he took the mooring so he could get his 12 months licence then continued to declare it as his home mooring long after he had actually left. In truth depending on when his licence was applied for he could have possibly gained an aadditional 11 months of declarartion of having a home mooring before the next licence was issued. Whether or not he then made a false declaration we won't ever know but these things can and do happen
  9. I already opened one can of worms with an email this month! Their business department needs to investigate further before they can answer my question. Don't temp me....
  10. But the Highways Agency don't have a rule like this so it can't be interpreted that way. I really don't understand why they have created another rod for their backs with what appears to be a totally unnecessary rule. Perhaps if every boater with the name of their boat builder, painter, chimney maker or whatever immediately cintacts them to request permission to have that name on show they may realise?
  11. This business of not displaying a business name had me wondering: I think as London Midland & Scottish Railways have ceased trading we should be safe but it did flag up to me that Python has the names of various companies that supported her restoration displayed when the engine room doors are open. Having brought this new rule to the attention of the boat manager last night he is already in reciept of an email from one of the local CRT managers giving permission. Not too difficult for him but who would a private boat owner ask permission of I wonder? This is the sort of thing I imagine a request would be batted from pillar to post before anyone took responsibilty for it. On our last boat the boat painter had signed his work so is that allowed? What about all the boat builders who have their name either painted on or in some cases cut into the steel, does that require permission? All those people with one of those posh chimneys from The Little Chimney Company are very proudly displaying the name of the company - does that require permission? I have seen various boats named after a particular beer - will they have to change their boats name? As always it is just too vague.
  12. We think it might have been to give the headroom for the bedroom cabin ? There are some elements of that boat that are really rather lovely but sorry - not my cup of tea
  13. So many people think this only happens in these threads. Those who find this thread entertaining need to check out the movie of the book by helping in real life ....
  14. No you do not remember correctly Python is not "my" charity boat Python is not used for "pleasure rides by the public" Python is Chesterfield Canal Trust's historic WORKBOAT. She is used by volunteers to maintain the canal. The rules have probably changed. I have already told you I do not have documentary evidence so please stop asking for it. At the time we were at pains to try and comply with RCD where it was practical to do so as we felt that by doing so we were building in a greater level of safety for the users of the boat. This was even though at approaching 90 years old RCD was never going to be required. The work was overseen by two surveyors at the time, one of whom is a registered marine gas safe engineer. At the time he had a situation with a boat privately owned by one of the volunteers and he had bought a new open flue Morco and moved it to a different site from it's original fitting. He had to move it back again! Obviously my understanding of the legistaltion is out of date so ignore me but I would suggest that any query about a gas appliance of any sorts would be raised with someone qualified to answer and not from what someone has posted on social media so I will leave this discussion here.
  15. You have lost me now. I must have misunderstood you. I thought you were suggesting that the boiler was not in compliance with the rules for a live aboard boat where it is currently situated so you suggested moving it. I have no knowledge of the rules of where you can and can't site a boiler on a live aboard but I do know that it is only permissable to site an open flue instant gas water heater in a place where one has been previously fitted (for example to replace one that has failed) Any new installation is required to be a sealed flue heater. At least it was a couple of years back = perhaps I am out of step with the changes No, or at least I might have a trail of emails between myself and the surveyor who was overseeing the refit on Python but that is not really "documentary evidence" We were able to fit an open flue Morco on board because there had previously been one fitted but it had to go in the exact same location which involved fitting a new bulkhead where one had previously been removed when she was re-bottomed.
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