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  1. ..........................and never mind the noodles - has anyone seen the duck recently? Spotted in Shardlow:
  2. The Great and Good of Retford always fancied the river traffic (and wealth associated with it) arriving in their town and so paid a handsome amount for this stretch of the canal to be built as a wide canal. Of course the original bridges from 1777 were probably wooden structures that have long since gone and as the river traffic never did come to Retford the replacement brick and stone bridges were never built to accommodate wide boats. Our historian tells me he is not aware of any wide boats ever reaching Retford. What dimensions are your friends fat narrowboat?
  3. Eek! If any communication has been sent by post then it had not arrived before we left 4 days ago! Can a copy be picked up from somewhere by one of our team who are in the area?
  4. Thinking for a moment about the other competition - the one to guess how many boats the noodle will travel on the numbers guessed are here: 3 The Biscuits 7 Rusty 69 9 Bilge Pump 11 Naughty Cal 12½ Dr Bob (or 102) 13 Athy 16 Keeping Up 17 Lady G 42 Yellowback 948 Kiwidad The Biscuits and Rusty 69 are both out! Bilge pump's guess is still intact if we do not get any more boats to help and we still have to travel from Shardlow to Birmingham Does anyone else want a guess or to revise their initial guess?
  5. I am now regularly getting asked by boaters how many have carried it so far so I need to have a bit of a tally up Python started the ball rolling Dingo Lady June Carrie~Lou Noodle Joamela Hekla Livi Mae House Martin Daydream
  6. After a fairly hopeless day yesterday when we only shared locks with cruisers who didn't want to get anywhere close to a steel boat we finally made it back onto the canals and have had a bit more success today. At Beeston Lock we met with a lovely couple and their dog on Livi Mae. It was their first ever lock! They took the noodle on to Cranfleet lock for us. They were turning and heading back there. My finger gets a bit part in the image - I can't crop it out without losing the dog! Photo taken below Cranfleet lock. Then, into the lock with a lovely family on House Martin. They were thrilled to be asked to be part of the challenge and carried the noodle to the junction where they were mooring for beer at Trent Lock And the noodle is retrieved: Then we shared Sawley lock with "Daydream" - the day boat and the helm was happy enough to carry the noodle the short distance back to the marina for us
  7. Hi Martyn. no need to apologise, we don't recall passing a narrowboat on the tideway but "White Angel" is ringing a bell with me. While you were at West Stockwith why didn't you explore The Chesterfield? We are through Shardlow now and making good progress with the noodle too!
  8. While we were waiting in Nether Lock wondering how we would get the noodle transferred safely to the other boat we thought about asking this little thing but it had it's beak full so we employed a specialist Noodle Transfer tool We had agreed to meet the crew on Joamela when we were all moored in Newark and to pick the noodles up from them again. They pulled over on the wall downstream from the Castle Barge, just before NB Hekla but we carried on to opposite the Abbey. As we came in to the side a familiar pair of faces walked towards us - Rob and Lesley from NB Hekla were walking their dogs and took a line to help us tie up. They had perused the moorings and decided to shuffle up and come to moor in front of us - as they were going back to their boat I asked if they could collect the noodle from Joamela and bring it to save my legs. This satisfied me because although we had a photo of Rob with the noodle at West Stockwith I was not 100% sure how far the noodle had actually moved on their boat but now I know it has at least been carried under Newark's Trent Bridge Now I just need to catch it a lift with a passing boat - whether that will be today or tomorrow only time will tell
  9. Today was a 7am start to catch the flood tide so it was our turn to carry the noodle on Carrie~Lou Under Dunham Bridge Past New Besthorpe Jetty Then safely off the tideway at Cromwell: At Nether Lock this gentleman agreed to carry the noodle on Joamela I intended getting the lovely couples names when we met them in Newark but....... the noodle moved on ....
  10. The noodles have been travelling..... Barry carried them out of West Stockwith Lock onto the tideway on his boat "Lady June" But he had a hungry look in his eye and as he was heading for Lincoln we thought we better catch up with him: We called ahead to Torksey Lock where CRT volunteer Martin was on hand to apprehend the noodles for us: That was yesterday ..... and the sun set on a day in the life of a pot noodle
  11. I am unable to give a firm ETA for the delivery as it is unlikely to be in my hands!
  12. It has been a while I know but I resisted the temptation to take the noodles to Venice with us and take a photo of them on every vaporetto and gondola we went on as I felt that was not in the spirit of day. However we have another photo of Rob Pearson on board NB Hekla with the noodles: He is just about to head out onto the tide at this point. The journey will be continued on Thursday and the relay should start to pick up a bit of speed in the next couple of weeks so watch this space
  13. That is suprisingly on topic - film cameras are arriving tomorrow
  14. Of course if you ever feel you want to get a boating "fix" there are plenty of volunteering opportunities close to where you live now, even if you might struggle to get Python on the plane you have seen how she goes on The Trent
  15. You know what time I am usually up so why do you have to ask? I didn't mean us I meant the tardy boats
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