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  1. Well that told me then! The Halfords panels are tiny things. Just designed to keep a car battery topped up if you don’t use it much. No controller needed. I’ve had it a few years and it’s doing a good job so far.
  2. Lol. Please refer to my totally workable stater battery / solar suggestion above. Simple, cheap, totally fit for purpose. Just saying?!
  3. Yeh. True. Sorry about that! Honestly not sure if it would have helped. But sounds like it might. We discussed this at Wyvern and did wonder. The matress definatley was not interfering with the navigation as was stuffed right up the back of my boat!
  4. As usual I have a naff, but workable solution. A small cheapo Halfords car battery solar panel. Sits on my hatch and wired directly to the starter battery. So low power that’s fine. I’ve had the setup for years. Never boiled the starter battery and it’s always charged 😊
  5. If I had RCR membership I definitely would have called them. I don’t. Time to look into it again. So far I’ve managed to fix anything myself 😀 Very grateful to Wyvern, who have always been helpful and friendly. And probably could have charged me much more than they did! Recovery, dry-dock, repair…
  6. Its too late for that now. But seriously. You think if I had called CRT they would have taken responsibility and come out to sort it? Noticed no one else suggested that?
  7. Its’ well stuck. Wyvern pulled a huge load of springs and stuff out. But no joy. We are docking the boat in the morning as it seems to be the best bet! Thanks guys.
  8. Thanks all. Wyvern shipping are sending a boat down to tow me to their yard. Yup. Screwfix do have them in stock too.
  9. Thanks Dave. I called Wyvern and am waiting for a call back. Homebase doesnt do bolt cutters would you belive?!
  10. I dont have bolt cutters, but can see I need them. My wire cutters are not man enough.
  11. It was bound to happen one day. And today is the day. Matress!! Its totally wrapped round the prop. Springs, material, siezed solid. Ive pulled out a handful of wire and material but its still wrapped solid. I just cant shift it. If I ever needed some help its now. The chance of someone being in Leighton Buzzard this afternoon is remote. So any tips gratefully recieved!
  12. Why would you want to put an old BMC diesel into a new shell? A modern engine a much better option. Nothing wrong with the old BMC, but its hardly a historic narrowboat engine. Just old…
  13. Makes sense. Ive got 2 switched lights in the bathroom and BSS never said anything!
  14. Hi. We have similar caravan 12v LED lighting units and they work well. I replaced all our old lighting with them a couple of years ago.
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