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  1. Similar to Hudds Lad. The pole at the bottom being essential as others have commented.
  2. Yes. I was going to suggest them too. Really nice people and excellent well maintained fleet of boats. I am moored a few hundred yards away on a permenant leisure mooring. So do pop by and say hello if you hire one.
  3. Yes. I only have 300AH of batteries, which is why is not going to happen. You could buy a Jackery for about a grand that can run your PS5 for over 6 hours, according to an article I found….
  4. I did look into running a PS5. Incredibly power hungry console. On my set-up it would flatten my batteries in a few hours! And 55” telly in a narrow boat? You couldn’t get far enough away from it. Sounds a bit mad 😀 🤪
  5. New starter battery can do wonders 😎
  6. I am paying £2500 for an online leisure mooring with basic facilities. No security. No electric. But a short walk / trip from bins, elsan & water. Leisure, not residential. But CRT are turning a blind eye to a few boats that are obviously permanent homes. edited to add that there is a residential mooring available in the centre of Aylesbury. No good for you. But out of interest thats buy it now for £4700 with electric and water on site.
  7. I am old. But have friends who have helped their student sons / daughers onto boats for uni. And its worked. Serious about the boat. You have seen the comments about 25k boats. You should take a look, it might be an option. All the best eitherway and good luck. Might be a good plan 👍👍
  8. This very true. I know a people happily living on CRT leisure moorings for many years. If you keep to yourself it seems that CRT really dont care. We have no electrics, though elsan and waste are very close. All down to battery management off grid again. See 100s of previous posts on this 😱
  9. Hi. This isnt so daft. I know a few students who have found boat life works for them. When you are young and love the waterways. Hassle around toilets, water, waste, mainenance, etc. can be manageable. Just allow for it vs. the cost of usual, (read boring), student accomodation. if you are serious, I know of a circa 25k boat with BSS, good hull recently blacked and decent electrics that might suit. Please PM me for more information. Cheers, Jak.
  10. I am not at all convinced that CRT are on top of this. I know of boats local to me that have massively overstayed their restricted moorings. Here I am paying full price for my lesure mooring and watching them taking the P. I would love to be a proper continuos cruiser, but for now I’ve a permanent job in a fixed location. That does not work for a proper CC in the spirit of the rules. Tell me I am wrong, but CC is not for you. Its for people to enjoy a journey to explore the system. Not to punt around (20 miles a year, seriously) locally just to save paying for a permenant mooring. Ffs, this forum is full of people trying to get minimum travel to CC with permanent jobs and even school children. Not what its for. Get a mooring…
  11. You might try it yourself. Its not that hard to remove a window, tidy the inevitable rust, treat and paint, apply sealant and re-install. Not sure how your window frames are attached? Mine are riveted on so had to drill out the old ones and rivet back on. Cheapo Homebase tool did the job and now no leaks 👍 As Tony says this assumes its not the windows themselves that are the problem…
  12. Gas free boats tend to have acres of solar and big battery banks. This one really does not!
  13. Jak

    BSS renewal

    Mine expired last year when I left the exam a bit late, then failed needing a new gas hob. Sourcing and fitting a new one, boat gas safe engineer, retest. I contacted CRT and they weren’t bothered. Just said to keep in touch and get it sorted ASAP. In the end I think we were 2 or 3 weeks over. But very good point about the insurance.
  14. All this really proves is how very little 50M is in terms of govt spending. King Charles’ coronation also cost more than the annual CRT grant. I am a Royalist. But FFS. Its not a lot of money in those terms.
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