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  1. Gas free boats tend to have acres of solar and big battery banks. This one really does not!
  2. Mine expired last year when I left the exam a bit late, then failed needing a new gas hob. Sourcing and fitting a new one, boat gas safe engineer, retest. I contacted CRT and they weren’t bothered. Just said to keep in touch and get it sorted ASAP. In the end I think we were 2 or 3 weeks over. But very good point about the insurance.
  3. All this really proves is how very little 50M is in terms of govt spending. King Charles’ coronation also cost more than the annual CRT grant. I am a Royalist. But FFS. Its not a lot of money in those terms.
  4. I go up to Birmingham by train. The service is ok. Given a choice of saving the entire canal network, or getting to Birmingham 1/2 hour quicker? Never understood why HS2 represents value for money….
  5. I like that. Cancel HS2. I can handle an extra 1/2 hour to get to Birmingham. And I’m actually one of the commuters who would benefit from the new services! Give all the money to CRT 😀
  6. Great minds… 👍 though the BSS inspector did tut at me and I took it off for him!
  7. This. Fitted my 1.5 BMC and works well. Quick delivery too. Obviously you can change the pulley, etc. over from your current unit if different.
  8. I’d hazard a guess that almost 50% of long term moorers are actually live-a-boards from what I’ve seen. As you say “keeping under the radar”. No one seems to care.
  9. I also think this. The holiday business is huge, and those posh boaters arent short of a couple of quid. Not at all convinced this is the end.
  10. I’ve read through this. And unless Ive missed something really obvious, it seems to be a case of read before you sign. If you are not prepared to pay a non refundable deposit, why are you paying it? I work in a business where we challenge contracts and understand exactly what we just signed. In private life I do the same.
  11. Hit the nail on the head I think. But then does it matter? I’m a hooby boater with a cheap project boat. But those guys at Crick with the 200k widebeam might be our saviours. What will they do if there is no where to float their mansion?
  12. I will get in my car and collect it from you if only I could find someone prepared to fit it. I know, you have seen my previous posts and are probably bored, but not given up just yet. Lol.
  13. I may have rose tinted specs, but I just dont see this. Canal Boating is bigger than its been for years. Holidays and private owners. Then we have the tow path enhancements and the new marinas. Its a p@ss take surely?
  14. Thank you! And that is where I bought her 6 years ago at Aylesbury 😎👍
  15. Hey Paloma Bob. I know you have a trade going with these older open flue units. Ive got an 80s narrowboat that might well have been fitted with one, or a Morco or Paloma, but wasn’t. I could buy one, from you probably! But do you know of anyone who can retro fit one? Thanks if you can help. Jak.
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