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  1. I got this too. Nowhere near London for more than 5 years. Someone got it wrong for sure!
  2. Very similar to my own early 80s boat. Be sure it’s solid and you know what you are taking on. A survey is a must. It may even save you money in the end as usually any bad points on the survey can be used to negotiate on price. Projects can be fun.
  3. Looks like the previous owner was a bit of a bodger. Time for someone more competent!
  4. Still available, Just ordered it for £5 ?
  5. I don’t mind the smell of Blue TBH. It’s not that strong and gotta be better than sh*t!!
  6. Last week Another boater gave me this as a tip to help stop my mooring silting up. I’d no idea it’s against the license terms (perhaps I should read what I’ve singed!).
  7. This! I deliberately use 95ah batteries as 3 of them fit in a box which only held 2 x 110s.
  8. Yep. My wife. I tell her I love her. She says “I love U2”. I say “Never been that much of a fan of Bono, and the Edge is overrated”. Only been going for 15 years so far tho...
  9. Jak


    Moderators? Can someone remove this empty thread?
  10. Yep. Virgin uses EE which is generally rated as having the best 4G coverage. I’ve been using EE for a couple of years now. Though I believe many boaters have taken up the 3 unlimited data deal and are pleased with it. The point for me is that EE don’t currently do unlimited data so that’s why we have gone to Virgin. My Buzzard 2 car WiFi 12v cig lighter device works with both EE and now on the Virgin unlimited deal. Though I’m lucky I wired the boat’s 12v cig sockets above the gunnels next to windows from what Tony has said! Other options are available. But as of now only the 2 unlimited data deals. I need unlimited data as we stream all our telly (really could not be ars*d with putting up the aerial pole and retuning unless absolutely necessary). Just letting you know what works for us FYI. Cheers, Jak.
  11. Good point Tony. My cig lighter socket sits at the bow by a window and works well.
  12. I bought the device (a Buzzard 2 car WiFi dongle) on ebay and then ordered the SIM on Virgin's website. The device is badged as for EE but it works for Virgin too. As I understand it they use the same network.
  13. This works well for us, handy as it plugs straight into a handy 12v "cigar lighter" socket on the boat or car. Also now (from today) with unlimited 4G data courtesy of Virgin mobile!!
  14. Jak

    Dreaming, ?

    “Most” people aren’t weekly paid anymore so unlikely to spend all their left over cash on lottery tickets every week. I’d go as far as to say I don’t know anyone who does this. I buy one every couple of months when I fancy being a Millionaire. Not worked yet ?
  15. We've had mostly positive experiences of them over 2 years boating so it can't be all bad.
  16. Jak

    Dreaming, ?

    And me. After a couple of years NB ownership I'd love to go over to Crick this year and talk about commissioning a new build. But the waterways are still ready to be explored in a slightly tatty 1980s 48ft trad.
  17. Jak

    Too much solar?

    Yup, it works well enough for what we need. I originally started the thread to see if there was a rule of thumb for solar (W) to battery’s (ah). It’s been a very interesting thread, but the answer to my simplistic question seems to be a No.
  18. What he said. From 20k you will be able to find a useable older boat with plenty of scope to improve and make something you can be proud of. Working for us anyway!
  19. Jak

    Dreaming, ?

    I disagree. I would have plenty to buy, but high on the list would be a really decent narrowboat. Rather jealous of those beautiful bespoke new boats.
  20. Jak

    Too much solar?

    Hmmm. I need to check where the blue wire goes as I honestly can't remember. Yes, the black and red wires come from the solar controller and are due to be connected properly (and to either end of the bank) - they are just 'jammed' in to the clamps on the nearest yellow battery. I'd forgotten I left it like that....
  21. Jak

    Too much solar?

    Evidence added...
  22. Jak

    Too much solar?

    I agree. And we originally had 2 (knackered) x 110ah and replaced with the 3 x 95ah simply because they were smaller batteries and I could shoehorn them into the box (even then with some modifications). I cannot see how to make space for more batteries. It's quite tight under there ☹️.
  23. Jak

    Too much solar?

    HI all. I suspect this is too general a question, but is there a rule of thumb between W of solar and AH of battery bank? We have 3 x 95AH batteries and have 3 x 100w panels. This seems to work well and suit our needs as hobby boaters. I could add panels, but suspect it would be a waste as we already have what's needed to fill the batteries. I'd be interested to hear from others on the correlation between the two and when there's "too much" solar? I know some of you have huge arrays (thinking of Peter Boat's 3.6KW here!!). Cheers, Jak.
  24. My inverters have never hummed. Is that a thing?
  25. PRICK: Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tensepricks , present participle pricking , past tense, past participle pricked Verb If you prick something or prick holes in it, you make small holes in it with a sharp object such as a pin. Prick the potatoes and rub the skins with salt. [VERB noun] He pricks holes in the foil with a pin. [VERB noun preposition]
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