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  1. This is my worst example, the Huddersfield Narrow Canal The sand on the left hand side breached the retaining wall, covered the footpath and entered the canal. Note that the footpath has been cleared There is a 'navigable channel' - if you are psychic - over by the far bank and a gang plank is needed at the next lock landing:
  2. If it were dangerous, it would be banned
  3. How do you remove blacking?
  4. I was going to say that they are unlikely to sink, but might have to retract that now ...
  5. Hold on, I'll just fetch my rose tinted glasses to look that up...
  6. Hi all, does anyone have an idea of what I might have to pay for an Alde central heating boiler removed from my boat? By a gas certified engineer of course! many thanks in advance Paul
  7. I too have a copy of these records. at the time of this entry the records are very erratic. the previous year Daventry had no boat inspector. The entries for 1904 are very different in nature, so much so that I suspect that some, if not all, of the entries have been made up. The entry in the register on 31 Oct 1904 says " Hope to see more work done when a proper inspector comes". I was surprised to find so much information on the Linslade. Also, Sophia Brace is recorded on a narrowboat in the 1901 census at Simpson, nr Fenny Stratford (about 1 mile from where I am writing this!) with her husband John (44) son John (19) daughter Ada (16) and son Albert (10), son Horace (or daughter Florence) aged 8. All listed as born Worcester, Son Benjamin (6), daughter Beatrice (4), daughter Olive (6months)
  8. Thanks for that, much appreciated.
  9. Hi All, I am planning to do the Huddersfield Narrow later this year. I can’t seem to see many mooring spots on any of the maps I have looked at. I think I may need a break or two rather than try to do all the locks in one day. What is it like for mooring up? Thanks. Paul
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