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  1. I have an Autoterm heater fitted: https://www.autoterm.com mine is a wet (radiator) system, but I believe that their new air systems could suit boats. they also have a remote control (via app and dongle) option for when you are away and a very good comfort controller. Their Facebook page is excellent for getting answers to questions. mine has been reliable and it is cheaper than other similar options.
  2. I think that we have to be careful about how we define ‘literacy’. Using today’s definition isn’t helpful and we can be too judgemental about those who lived many generations ago. People were mostly educated to the standard that their job required. As ‘literacy’ increased through greater educational attendance it is perhaps easy to see why many people working on Narrowboat’s we’re left behind. That is assuming that their children spent all of their time on the boats none living with others on the bank. Anyway, everyone before the 1950s was illiterate in a sense - none of them were ‘computer literate’.
  3. Earlier this year I spoke to a couple of surveyors at Cosgrove who were engaged in surveying for this plan.
  4. A lovely little canal, always felt safe on it,
  5. Most stores deliver goods picked from the shelves, these still need to be stacked, so the shelf space argument doesn’t apply (to most)
  6. How about getting a portable cassette toilet for the weekends away? Then you don’t need to use the tank
  7. I have an Autoterm (Planar) Diesel heater running rads and hot water. It has worked perfectly for two years now, and there is an option of controlling it via your phone when you are away. There is a blown hot air option (for smaller boats) They have an excellent FB help page to assist you with any problems, and are somewhat cheaper. Worth considering. But I also have a coal stove.
  8. It’s better than losing an eye 😉
  9. Surely you worry about where you live at the moment? Us natural worriers can find anything to worry about - is it just different things that you hadn’t got used to worrying about? In my dreams sometimes watch the boat the boat sinking, but it’s always in random ways that will never happen! good luck
  10. I agree, best signal I have ever had.
  11. In my experience the Huddersfield Narrow has some maintenance issues- it is very shallow in places - with fewer places to moor on the eastern side. You need to ensure that your boat will fit through the Standedge Tunnel, there are details on the CRT website. However I do enjoy travelling this canal. The Rochdale canal is beautiful, cutting as it does through the Pennines. It’s less pleasant sections lie at the Manchester end, it is hard work getting into Manchester, though I believe that there are volunteer lockies available at times. I always recommend turning around on the outskirts of Manchester and doing the eastern part again! Having said that, it is all quite do-able, even as a single hander. I hope that you enjoy your trip.
  12. This is my worst example, the Huddersfield Narrow Canal The sand on the left hand side breached the retaining wall, covered the footpath and entered the canal. Note that the footpath has been cleared There is a 'navigable channel' - if you are psychic - over by the far bank and a gang plank is needed at the next lock landing:
  13. If it were dangerous, it would be banned
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