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  1. How do I find the correct battery cable sizes etc to link my battery bank up and also where can I find information to help me find the right size buzz bar. Where's the best place to buy cables and buzz bars. Thanks
  2. As anyone fitted and used a planar heater. Just wondered if I could gain any information about them reliability, spares, noise levels etc are they better than webasto or Espacher. Thanks
  3. Thank you for your input folks much appreciated
  4. So where is the best place for cables and busbar
  5. These are the methods of connecting I have come across but confused to which is best
  6. Hi As anyone got a wiring diagram showing the best and efficient way to connect 3 leisure batteries together please. I've seen a few ways but I don't know which is the best method. Thanks
  7. We would like to be able to run the washing machine through the inverter especially in the summer. The washing machine is cold fill only and heats it's own water. There is 960 watts of solar and 540 amp off battery on the boat and I know the alternator is only 70 amp connected to a beta 43.
  8. I will measure the cables over the next few days. Tony have you got a link to your site please. Thank you all for any info
  9. Everything needs an overhaul so I would appreciate any suggestions or help on batteries / alternator etc Thanks
  10. I would like to change my 1600 victron inverter / charger to a victron 3 kva inverter / charger. What cables do I need to change and what size cable do I need to go up to for a 3kva
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