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Jim Riley

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    Calderbrook, Littleborough, Lancs
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    Boating, caravanning, walking, cycling, gardening, got 2 hens, I'm also Founder and Chair of the trustees of Skylight Circus Arts, a reg'd charity using circus in education and youth work.

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    Circus Skills Teacher/ performer, Circus Jim
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    Bittern's Boom, 32ft narrow boat reg'd 1968
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    Warland, Rochdale Canal Summit

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  1. Is this the first of your Sinatra moments? May there be many more.
  2. We bow before your expertise.
  3. If you fulfilled your side of the contract then just go. The marina has not lost any money, just not gained any that they weren't entitled too. No extra expense will have been incurred by them. If you pay you will be the one that is losing out because of covid19. If they've furloughed their staff it will only have cost them 20%, presuming they have been generous.
  4. Arrgh! Tin sardines. I'd much prefer somewhere like this. Probably the highest ordinary mooring in the country, certainly on a Broad Cut. I doubt there's anything higher on the HNC, apart from the trip boat.
  5. What about a caravan scrapyard. I got my spare cassette from one, a good bleaching, new seal (tried a pattern one, too tight, got an original) and dump till your hearts content.
  6. They are everywhere and ubiquitous. Best stay home and tape up all the gaps.
  7. So why not say x boxes of gloves. Oops silly me, that's a far smaller number. Doesn't help the BS factor.
  8. I heard the supersonic bang as it whizzed by @Alan de Enfield 🤣
  9. Many care home staff are single handedly doing great work. If only gloves were supplied in pairs...
  10. Thread derailed by the right wing junta posting twaddle that needed rebuttal.
  11. However, it's "most people" hmg are touting their wares to, how about "enough gloves for x people". That wouldn't be deliberately misleading. Another point, "Following the lead of the Sage panel" We all know Dominic and his acolyte are in there very vocally throwing their weight about. Why, if it's not to influence matters in his government's favour, not the countries. People would be reassured if the scientists were names and the minutes published.
  12. ... And we have a lot of unidexterous nhs staff? Aw, I thought you might turn up in your Miss Whiplash outfit to administer it. 😒 I live in hope.
  13. Latest "truth" issued, they have shipped a large number of items of ppe out around the country. Guess what, they don't count gloves in pairs, but singly, so inflating the number of items to "boast about". Also turns out that the renowned widely acclaimed stockpile of emergency kit for a pandemic had no gloves, gowns or masks. Just who believes these pronouncements? Over to the hmg apologists... Will I now get smacked legs for questioning the situation?
  14. Can't you get that pink changed under warranty?
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