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Jim Riley

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    Calderbrook, Littleborough, Lancs
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    Boating, caravanning, walking, cycling, gardening, got 2 hens, I'm also Founder and Chair of the trustees of Skylight Circus Arts, a reg'd charity using circus in education and youth work.

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    Circus Skills Teacher/ performer, Circus Jim
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    Marshwiggle, 32ft narrow boat reg'd 1968
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    Warland, Rochdale Canal Summit

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  1. Jim Riley

    Boat Rescued from Non Navigable Trent

    That really is tupperware!
  2. Jim Riley

    Composting Toilets. Clarification Please

    However, if we are to eat less meat there will be less fertiliser to grow the veg, so composting our own makes sense.
  3. Jim Riley

    Chinese diesel heaters........dont attack!!!

    DYOR??? He is doing, he asked a question or two here for a start. Ever wondered why canalworld loses the C? 😂😂😂😂😂
  4. Jim Riley

    Strange Question

    Sometimes Cart have a ransome strip, otherwise this would be the solution, you are just reinforcing your boundary with a ribbed steel (for strength, not surface area obvs) wall, whilst creating your own fish pond.
  5. Jim Riley

    Brexit 2017

    All this wiffling and waffling is a smokescreen to cover the fact that both wings of the leave campaign have been up before the beak for dodgy dealings. Aaron is saying the original source of the funds was UK, but he channeled it through the IoM business so, plain and simple, he turned it into a foreign donation, Money coming from another country. Now witter on, I'm off to a beach in Spain.
  6. Jim Riley

    Brexit 2017

    Evidence? And Brexit? 😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Jim Riley

    Police asking for help - attack near towpath, Elland

    Do two wrongs make a right? My mother thought not.
  8. Jim Riley

    Community Led Housing Fund

    They'll be full of wagons queueing for the ports come April.
  9. Jim Riley

    Brexit 2017

    You really should be a politician, answering questions that weren't asked with answers that weren't relevant to the original question. Disemblers 'r' us!
  10. Jim Riley

    Brexit 2017

    Thankfully, your opinion hold no more sway than mine, others, who know about these things, will decide, once the evidence is gathered. Are you happy that Arron is involved in your campaign. Ends justify means?
  11. Jim Riley

    Brexit 2017

    Despite brexiteers trying to justify his (alleged) behaviour, Arron seems decidedly dodgy. If he has information on the source of his funds being legitimate, why withhold it from the electoral commission, why push it to the point where the Police get involved to look at the provenance of the roubles funds. What if Arron Hoists the whole caboodle with his petard, where is that ironic smiley when you need it?
  12. Jim Riley

    Brexit 2017

    I don't mind at all, I am a Marxist, of the Groucho Tendency. I wouldn't join any club that would have me. I also have principles. If you don't like them, I have others.
  13. Jim Riley

    Brexit 2017

    Hehehe. You must admit it was an apt error you made, Freudian even? And so, worthy of comment, too good to miss, in the throes of a good banter!
  14. Jim Riley

    Brexit 2017

    Haha, never sure which way I should be voting when I've just woken up!
  15. Jim Riley

    Brexit 2017

    "brexiteers are stupid remainers" Priceless! A remainer would have put an apostrophe in the right place!

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