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Jim Riley

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    Calderbrook, Littleborough, Lancs
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    Boating, caravanning, walking, cycling, gardening, got 2 hens, I'm also Founder and Chair of the trustees of Skylight Circus Arts, a reg'd charity using circus in education and youth work.

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    Circus Skills Teacher/ performer, Circus Jim
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    Bittern's Boom, 32ft narrow boat reg'd 1968
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    Warland, Rochdale Canal Summit

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  1. I moor near the Warland swing bridge, east of summit. My wife has Narcolepsy with Cataplexy so often it means I am single handing. (ooer missus), mostly on the Eastern side but I have done the bridges solo. It just takes a bit of time but all do able. Just carry a big stick to keep the summit pass wolves at bay. Once you are through to Rose of Lancaster it's lovely, then Rochdale is a bit grim from Castleton to the first swing Bridge. There's a often a bible study group at Oldham Road who will share their Communion Stella with you. Once past there it's great. I started with grp up and down there.
  2. Eh! Either it was or wasn't a problem and was or wasn't dealt with effectively 50 years ago. That is irrelevant, if it is happening now it needs dealing with now.
  3. FTFY😂😂😂😂
  4. There are two places 100yds from the bridge. Doh!
  5. "most"? Nah! More than 70% of the houses round me haven't been sold off. Remind me how much profit persimmon, barret and their ilk made from building houses? That would build a few more. Have you seen what tiny shoe boxes they are too, tiny gardens around them. Give me a roomy council house and garden any day. I'm happy to pay whatever tax I'm eligible to pay, when I first started work it was 35%.
  6. Just allow councils to build new council houses with the profit from selling existing ones. Or to borrow to fund them.
  7. Just had a look at plus codes, simple enough, but MW57+77 Littleborough it isn't as memorable as Limp.thigh.banana
  8. Soooo many cats. Not enough recipes.
  9. Recipe for Canada Goose. Prepare, butter and season goose liberally. Place on middle shelf, gas mark 5. Place brick on shelf next to bird. Prod brick periodically with fork. When brick is cooked and tender, so is Goose.
  10. Eh! What or who is to stop you marking with a uv pen, engraving etc etc?
  11. I fitted s/h Worcester Marine windows to mine, except mine have the integral top opener too. Yes they can be lifted out.... And better still, replaced with Ali sheet cut to size when you have to go away and leave the boat. Worcester have gone bang a couple of years ago. Shame.
  12. Of course, only a numpty would think otherwise. Avoiding the issue? Or no real answer?
  13. Can't you see that CRT are one of the worst elements of modern society, doing as they like claiming t&cs are law and we must abide by them or not get a licence. They are doing the majority of reasonable sensible boaters a great disservice by not staying within their legal boundaries.
  14. The nub of this fir me, is that CRat are saying we should agree to their guidelines, they claim they are ts & Cs, or we can't have a licence. Statute says we can have a licence if we have a BSC, insurance (and a boat). Nothing more, nothing less. So the t&cs have no force. Everyone should abide by the law and not push the boundaries, be it a cmer or big dick parry.
  15. Someone will feel left out then. Unless you mean 699.
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