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Jim Riley

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    Calderbrook, Littleborough, Lancs
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    Boating, caravanning, walking, cycling, gardening, got 2 hens, I'm also Founder and Chair of the trustees of Skylight Circus Arts, a reg'd charity using circus in education and youth work.

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    Circus Skills Teacher/ performer, Circus Jim
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    Marshwiggle, 32ft narrow boat reg'd 1968
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    Warland, Rochdale Canal Summit

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  1. Jim Riley

    Running the engine

    You can't move onto the springs branch to run your gennie, my daughter lives there just beyond the bridge, I'll tell her her rights and lend her a long 10mm drill!
  2. Jim Riley

    Water levels - likely predictions?

    Racism can also be making unfounded casual assumptions and remarks about other races, it does not have to be a full on race hate crime. Just chucked a salesman out on his ear, complained, got a £ voucher. He made a casual remark that "Asians try to game the system". I would have had no problem if he said "some people try to game the system". But I won't have it in my own house, a few of our family are married/in a relationship with Asian heritage partners. He probably thought subconsciously that it would aid his case, because we live in an ex council house on a small estate. It's bad sales technique too, as well as being plan out of order. It's also the presumption that we would agree with him that grates. Having said all that, it's OK to bait Yorkshire men. That's just speciesist.
  3. Jim Riley

    Water levels - likely predictions?

    Vague mention, yes, but hardly calling a spade a spade! First they came for the.......
  4. Jim Riley

    Water levels - likely predictions?

    You are intimating that the moorings in the park or where ever are dangerous because there are ruffians about, you are saying the ruffians are Eastern European, what proof do you have of that?
  5. Great fun. I've done the tidal links on the Ouse and the Trent, great fun, would like to do the Ribble link one day, but this is the next level from that.
  6. Jim Riley

    Water levels - likely predictions?

    "Eastern European feel" sounds like a dog whistle racist term to me! Where are the over zealous mods when you need them. Perhaps they agree.
  7. Jim Riley

    Rochdale Canal

    Thanks, I know when it is, I know the organisers. There's a lass Sam who now lives at Warland and who is bringing her boat up with the convoy from New Islington. I hadn't seen the proposed dates for the convoy on the website, now I have I'll see what I can do to come and help. My mooring is at Warland locks 35/36 pound. Probably the highest ordinary mooring on the network. (not counting standedge trip boats!)
  8. I've heard of enterprising individuals with a yellow vest just opening a gate in a convenient field, waving them in, taking their money and then buggering off. The main problem is finding somewhere to park while you do it!
  9. Jim Riley

    Rochdale Canal

    Ah, great, I have a few bits of work around then but would like to come down and help the convoy. If I have enough time I will be bringing my boat down from Summit to Littleborough, whatever I'll be around, whatever I'll be around and about at the event. Do you know what day the convoy is planning to come up from New Islington?
  10. Jim Riley

    Rochdale Canal

    There are wolves at the summit! But if you are feeling brave, if you need help coming out of Manchester you can ask CART for a Volunteer. Ian Mack, sometimes of this forum, helped us. If you come across a low pound just fill it. But I'm sure you knew that, some don't and ring cart, who go and let water down from the same place you would. There's one day of grot through Newton heath, a couple of hours of semi grot in Rochdale, apart from that it's beautiful.
  11. Jim Riley

    Boat name: Punning assistance required.

    Excargo carrying co? What about something truly original, Dreamcatcher, Narrow Escape, Dunmoorin.
  12. Jim Riley

    Can we have a new rule

    Just to add to the confusion, the second, the monkey, which you see as BnW I see in colour. The thot plickens.
  13. Jim Riley

    Can we have a new rule

    A new rule? I have 12 inches but.........
  14. Jim Riley

    What size of outboard do I need?

    I bought a 32ft nb hull with an old honda 9. 9 on it, it was OK but I do like to do river trips and also I didn't think it had enough stopping power. I got a 2012 Honda 20 and put a high thrust prop on it. Its great! Its also more economical than the old engine and has more electrickery coming out to feed the batteries. I don't know if there's a high thrust prop for the older Hondas.
  15. Jim Riley

    Another "Liveaboard" article in the media....

    Corrected that for you. What do you think of the new soft editor BTW?

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