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Jim Riley

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    Calderbrook, Littleborough, Lancs
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    Boating, caravanning, walking, cycling, gardening, got 2 hens, I'm also Founder and Chair of the trustees of Skylight Circus Arts, a reg'd charity using circus in education and youth work.

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    Circus Skills Teacher/ performer, Circus Jim
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    Marshwiggle, 32ft narrow boat reg'd 1968
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    Warland, Rochdale Canal Summit

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  1. Another stoppage, hopefully quickly sorted, Bridge 58A, Deepdale Swing Bridge, Rochdale Canal, broken lock mechanism.
  2. Having had boats with outboards and little generating capacity I used the cupboard with hole to the bilge idea. However last summer I invested in solar, mppt and a new battery bank, topped off with a Dometic compressor fridge, thermostatic, adjustable, draws 2ah ish once cooled down and maintaining the temp. Costly but does the job. We still use the cool cupboard for some things.
  3. Nice to meet another couple of boats at lock 16 this morning. I was on my boat last night nr lock 15, just to move 1k or so through lock 16 prior to going to Hebden at the end of the week.
  4. Taught to me by my Grandad, John Zehnder, his Dad was a travelling Swiss tailor, very appropriate for this thread.
  5. You want Latin? Si senor derdego, Forte lorez inaro Demainte lorez, Demiz trux Fulla cowsan ensan dux
  6. Just nipped down the the cut to catch them going up the hill. I was aiming for Hebden for the bank holiday myself, didn't know about the gathering.
  7. What's this convoy then? Over summit tomorrow or Saturday? I live near summit so might find time to come and wind a paddle or two up the hill.
  8. Would there be any grievance if the Volockies followed their training and asked first? Maybe, but far less.
  9. Somewhere round Burnley I recall seeing horse ramps periodically along the cut. No use to deer if they aren't where the deer fall in though.
  10. So who made the cock up, mismeasured, completely got it wrong? Who was in charge on site? What sanction is to be imposed on them? Pay for the cost of reinstatement to original width?
  11. Do you have evidence of osmosis sinking a boat?
  12. Something just left a breaking wash past me. A motorpike and sidecarp.
  13. Where are these fish "jokes" of which you speak? Shouldn't jokes be funny?
  14. I invested in my boat, its worth more than I have spent on it to do it up.
  15. What about taking a big deep boat in as close as you can, "to measure the depth", you might need bursts of speed on the prop in case you get stuck. It might disperse the silt accidentally. Curious where your land is, no doubt I will pass it one day. Plastic wood - manufactured in Nelson, https://www.kedel.co.uk/, I bought some 5x2 to replace bilge keels on a Dawncraft.
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