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  1. I dont get it? Here a 1000 ton oil tanker passes me twice a week, this waterway was designed for big boats like most of the North, its got to be a struggle on a converted waterway?
  2. Well? wheres it going in, clearly not a big waterway like we have up North
  3. I think you are both going to be sadly mistaken in this one, the results on Sunday will I suspect put paid to any idea of revoking article 50 or asking for extensions. The EU will have its own set of problems to contend with, and its possible that our MEPs might make up the balance of power in the EU who are populist, so from the EUs point of view get rid of us and our MEPs will return the status quo for a few more years! They would do it in a heartbeat, to keep their snouts in the trough for a few more years, they could revamp the deal so that we had a trade agreement and Bobs your uncle we would be on our own 😈 Very interesting times we live in
  4. Do the sums it will be July before a new leader is elected, a few debates before summer break ,back in October in time to leave the EU, First thing a leaver PM does is start all arrangements to leave with no deal just in case, which will be a good idea as they will have no intention of staying, Also get rid of the speaker for someone who is more pro leave so that your agenda goes through 😈 Fraid I like Maggie she did very well in my opinion, other opinions are yours
  5. You missed lots of lovely space to live in, and no rocking when you walk from one side to the other
  6. But he is an English peasant, and they in the end changed how things worked in this country many years ago, seems like the peasants are doing it again 😈
  7. Because after the EU elections its more than possible that the EU will be on the road to nowhere! If as predicted the populist own parliament its the end of the empire 😊 so why bother trying to stay in something that will either end this election or the next.and waste huge amounts of money trying to save itself
  8. No doubt after todays vote we will be getting the WTO model instead of the remain version of democracy where the minority overule the majority
  9. Anyway dont forget Brexiteers vote today and remainers vote tomorrow..........................................😈
  10. They extract as much money as possible as quickly as possible just in case the company fails, they have other tricks as well like selling the property to themselves and then renting it back to the company at inflated rates, think of all the retail companies that do it are are in serious trouble now
  11. I was in the Falklands fighting, that was then, we won they lost end of, now we have moved on, we arnt at war they produce top quality beef so I buy it. As for looking at lots of products far from it, mid last year in supermarkets it started to change hardly any products from the EU on sale anymore, I mean why have second quality oranges/stawberrie from spain when you can have South African oranges and British strawberries? I as a rule buy British if possible that way I support our farmers
  12. My greenie is for this bit ^^^^^^^ kiss of death for so many viable businesses
  13. It takes seconds and Underwoods the butchers meat is from here or Argentina, the supermarkets handily put country of origin on things perfik
  14. Its not a problem for me if the pound falls against the Euro, I buy things from this country or non EU countries, my holidays are here or non EU countries, My cars are from here or Japan by direct import by myself, so does it really mater if stuff from the EU becomes unaffordable, whilst our products become more affordable in the EU, bit of a win win for us
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