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  1. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    Corbyn doesnt stand for her labour principles so she spoiled her vote as did others she knows, she has her reasons and I find them justified she will be proven right in time
  2. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    True but even the last election last and like Brexit it wasnt the majority, also my daughter a labour Councillor didnt vote labour because she despises Corbyn, that is a real mess
  3. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    Or Ian the great British public will be reminded of it at the next election which could easily scupper any chances he thought he had
  4. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    It takes the same effort to turn a narrowboat around as it does a big ship in fact it might be easier so an enemy is an enemy regardless of which way it was steaming!! Just think if they had ignored it and it had sunk some of our vessles and killed our forces what would have been said then?
  5. Praise where it is due.

    You are right I use trip advisor to praise and shame, but do feel happier when I am doing the praising. Two often good service isnt rewarded and that is a shame
  6. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    ^^^^^^exactly this the new test for cars is going to test exhaust emissions for diesels and I expect a lot of failures as the makers have been telling porkies for years interesting article I read it last year and interesting times ahead for diesel car owners
  7. RIP Stephen Hawking...........

    He was always on the Big Bang series. I loved his film and the world really is a poorer place for his passing
  8. Ouch

  9. Ouch

    Oh yes used to wear a leather apron and fireproof coverals but my jeans were stuck out at the bottom lump of white hot steel and............................trousers on fire
  10. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    Interesting stuff I remember something about it last year on the other channel it was in reference to fridge/freezers on lorries I think, of course we could easily be caught up in the crossfire!! My mate does agricultural machinery and some of it has to run on white to maintain its warranty so maybe that is causing the drop? Or maybe its like Mick Longfords farm he has six wind turbines on his land and free lecce so his red diesel use has gone down with a bang, other farmers are following suit
  11. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    I am inclined to agree with you but I have a nagging doubt that maybe the ruskies sold some of this stuff to other people/countries, and maybe the management might not know its happened?
  12. Ouch

    In the past whilst welding up a Jag I have had hot stuff disappear into my boots and even set my jeans on fire once! hot hot hot
  13. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    I am worried that the Russians didnt do it! equally I am worried that they did! but they may not be the ones in charge and ones that might have an agenda? This whole thing is a total mess, to use something that is so traceable is stupid to say the least, and in todays climate not something that I think even Putin would do, but who knows? and I suspect we will never know
  14. Brexit 2017

    Read your beloved Guardian about it and the independent and all the rest they all said the same it was a proper investigation started by Peter Mock saying he thought something was wrong but he just informed his mate who checked it out
  15. Ultramax Lithium batteries

    Right I have finally managed to get the software working to get into my Valence LifePo4 batteries, interesting stuff to say the least, On a standard car battery charger it has happily charged up the battery, cells balanced no issues at all. My plan is to charge all the batteries up to full, activate the balance, disconnect and then check them in a couple of weeks time. When they are in full use we will see how they go with no BMS controlling the charging just a voltage disconnect to use the power to heat an immersion heater, lets see how dangerous they really are, or how fragile they are