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  1. Not as smart as them if they had started at our point it would have been done in a couple of days.
  2. We converted a building they built complete ftom the foundation up! Big difference to say the least
  3. I don't believe their figures but I know that they don't care about people, they are not to be trusted that is for certain far more dangerous than the Russians who you don't trust at all
  4. You need to look on line, DVLA millions of numbers for sale, loads of companies selling them Richard it's big business. Sometimes you just don't see them I do because I am in the car game
  5. Yes if we believe the Chinese figures it hardly effected them yet Europe and the USA are in for a slaughtering strange that isn't it?
  6. And they don't harvest organs from criminals?Ones captured and then left for dead I am just curious no doubt it will be on line?
  7. I will leave mine for a couple of days before opening!
  8. Yawn you are guessing private plates are popular you must be driving around with your eyes closed mate. I have 3 of them and at the garage we see them constantly on all sorts of cars from large to small, cheap to expensive
  9. Without being funny neither of you really know where this virus originated from, you are trying to see the best I am using my experience as a radiation officer who had on exercises worked with biological warfare officers, so know what we and the enemy are capable of! It's a theory it could be true or false we might never find out the truth, but then again we might
  10. You are guessing at best personal plates are very popular so clearly you are in the minority
  11. Reads well fits with how China operates easily the best explanation for what I have seen. When a certain establishment in this country makes a virus it also makes the vaccine! Like it or lump it bio warfare is very old and efficient warfare
  12. Utter and total b*******s you run around on a motorcycle but own houses which you let to people I have 3 old number plates which cost me nowt! No comparison really,. I have a widebeam boat because I am on a big northern waterway, it could be seen as swanky but plenty of narrowboats cost more
  13. Well clearly thousands if not millions of people disagree with you, mine came on cars that I have bought, I have 3 of them they are just old number plates that I have found memories of the cars that they came off. In the past I had CEX 3 which I sold in the 80s for 5K a madame in Bournemouth bought it. They are easy to remember and I like them.
  14. You could have a private plate Richard just go out and buy one no need to be jealous of us that that just inherited them with the car
  15. I have had my private plates for 20 plus years they came on cars I owned, they are easy to remember cost mr nowt and I like them so who is wrong?
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