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  1. peterboat

    Coal shovels ?

    I have a copper one which goes with my Victorian copper coal scuttle its a thing of beauty more a scoop than a shovel though
  2. peterboat

    Brexit 2019

    The EU is the cause of the problem, has no intention of change, and is in serious trouble with it member countries wanting to break it up! I would rather abandon that sinking ship as its rulers dont want make the changes to save it
  3. peterboat

    Brexit 2019

    Given that we seem to be creating a lot of jobs here just maybe we will have full employment after we leave? Its got to be better than opening the floodgates with no controls hasnt it
  4. peterboat

    Brexit 2019

    Or it could go really well and we drift out on WTO rules! But I did say ages ago and have repeated that this deal was never the real deal, that comes at the 11 hour and would never have got through, but will on the day. But we will be out Richard either way and thats what counts
  5. peterboat

    Channelglaze or Caldwell?

    My double glazes units are ace and well worth the money that the original owner paid for them 😎 whilst a get a bit of condensation on the frames windows dont. Mine are held in by rivets and could be removed and replaced from the outside with ease
  6. peterboat

    Brexit 2019

    Tell that to Spanish youths with 40% unemployment they might disagree with your thinking
  7. peterboat

    Brexit 2019

    Go to Malta ask the locals that cant afford to live because cheap imported labour has destroyed their livelihood
  8. peterboat

    Hydro Electric Plant at Newark Town Lock

    We have these on the S&SYN, they work well and make use of wasted water, cant see any reason to consult us boaters as they are behind barriers and as Detling says they are fish friendly and spin slow love watching them work
  9. peterboat

    Brexit 2019

    The problem you have with your story is that Eastern Europeans have jobs in those countries where their is high youth unemployment! so get rid of the those and the locals will have work thats how the locals see it
  10. peterboat

    Brexit 2019

    Red Herring? You live in a dream world Go to those countries that are suffering high youth unemployment and ask them who is to blame! You wont like the answer, because your beloved EU is causing this with its freedom of movement, cheap labour from eastern european countries are taking away jobs from local youths and at some point they will object to it strongly!! The EU is on borrowed time
  11. peterboat

    Brexit 2019

    You are wriggling they havent gone down by 18% which is Audis drop or Renault/Porsche/Ford?Alfa/Fiat the list is long
  12. peterboat

    Brexit 2019

    Just go on how many cars sold in the UK, it doesnt matter how many are sold, its the percentages that are going down yearly! have a look Audi are down 18 plus % on 2017 and 2017 is down on 2016. EU produced car sales are falling in the UK, so it is hitting the EU and will be one of the causes of Germany going into recession and France/Italy/Spain suffering as well
  13. peterboat

    Another Lithium battery thread

    All good, my domestics are strapped down, the drive batteries have a wooden lid because of the same lead problems which could short, the batteries are a tight fit as well
  14. peterboat

    Another Lithium battery thread

    Great stuff MP my domestics live under the steps coming down from the stern, they have central heating pipes to keep them warm 😎 the drive batteries live in the well where the engine lived, because water down that deep doesnt freeze, and they are insulated they should be ok, and sit at about 4 degrees or so in the winter. Ps I worried about getting my batteries out but in reality they are there to stay and if you are like me the box wont be opened unless it to get something else out of storage My board cost less!! but in practice the batteries are fine without all the stuff to protect them, or they are unless a solar panel goes down 😟
  15. peterboat

    Brexit 2019

    It is Ian completely barmy but so much fun, millions of Indians cant be wrong 😂 I love visiting countries in Europe and have lived and worked in them whilst in the Army,however I dont want to be tied to them through the EU, the Common Market gets my vote but ran from the individual countries and not Brussels and Strasbourg with all those hangers on

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