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  1. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    Tim don't worry Italy is on the point of collapse! taking both the Euro and the EU down, September or October according to the experiential investor. So we will get what we want and with luck all those eurcrasts will be jobless to boot
  2. It was the same last time I went on the L & L scraping the bottom all the way, and last year to Huddersfield was no different
  3. We were going that way originally but changed to a trip down the Trent seems like it was good idea 😎
  4. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    As long as the EU sees help from within the Government they will have the upper hand, as soon as they realise the government is united they will then talk deals to avoid the loss of our market. The remainers in the cabinet are traiters to the voting public, and the quicker they are back benchers the better
  5. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    So do I the few remainers left in the cabinet might be gone by tonight 👍🤣
  6. peterboat

    The Fat Ones are revolting.

    Would be loads of water if they built it to Scotland!! 🤣 Shame they never built the contour canal dont think narrowboats would have been welcome on it though or even existed because of it
  7. peterboat

    The Fat Ones are revolting.

    But how can you call a sewer tube a boat? 🤣
  8. peterboat

    The Fat Ones are revolting.

    So if I follow your thinking all narrowboats should be in Brum and a few other areas and the proper waterways should only have big boats on them 😍 I like it a lot
  9. peterboat

    The Fat Ones are revolting.

    A compromise is in order here all the wide boats stay up North and pay a standard licence and all the ugly non standard sewer tubes stay down south and pay a standard licence everybody happy especially us lovely big boys
  10. peterboat

    Bluddy cars...$%&^€£%$%/=

    Opel Monza I had one fantastic vehicle very similar to my Ford Granada mk 1 coupe mine was a 2.8 LHD one superb
  11. peterboat

    Widebeam Hull Blacking

    Whatever it is it looks sprayed, who built the boat? and if you find that out ask them what they put on it, It looks like its still original so you have a chance of getting info that way. Good luck with your mission
  12. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    I still think we are going to leave with no deal Ian, maybe the EU will try to tempt us around like they did with Cameron but it will be the usual to little to late. We have a cabinet that is made up of Brexiteers and they hold the power at the moment, and as said for a while I think she is playing a very good game of poker with the EU.
  13. peterboat

    Bluddy cars...$%&^€£%$%/=

    I couldnt believe what I was reading on the website, they were all saying the same thing about the transfer box, some were failing at 20k and all started with a droning noise like Martin described, apparently at that point its not a bad fix but still expensive! They knew exactly what they were doing when they told Martin it was nothing, in lots of ways it is fraud as they hope that the transferbox last until its out of warranty, rather than do the right thing and fix it. I hope that Martin wins this one as the evidence on the sites is clear the transfer box isnt fit for purpose!
  14. peterboat

    Bluddy cars...$%&^€£%$%/=

    It seems that this guy might be able to help if the dealer doesnt Seriously email Rory Harvey direct, he was superb!! Rory.harvey@vauxhall.co.uk Hope it doesnt come to that
  15. peterboat

    Bluddy cars...$%&^€£%$%/=

    I have googled it and yes they do have an issue fingers crossed for you, looking at it reasonably you have a viable claim, they should made the product up to the job, and clearly its not! I really hope you get the right result on this one 👍

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