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  1. It all about NOX pollution which is local and lethal, plus the government were taken to court so they have no choice but to do something, and lets be honest none of which we do makes any difference? If they banned our diesel boats tomorrow by the end of August you would have solar and an electric motor on your boats Mike, and your whispergen would be on kero as well New boats arnt allowed to have vintage engines they were stopped years ago
  2. Cars whose life isnt finished shouldnt be scrapped, natural wastage should happen, mostly more energy is used making a car than it uses, however that isnt always the case, some cars manage phenomenal mileages and others use a lot of fuel. The boat situation is an easy one all new boats have to be electric/hybrid/LPG and replacement engines diesel engines cant be sol/reconditioned eventually the boats would all be cleaned up, sledge hammers to crack nuts never works! To speed up things cheaper licenses for full electric boats/Hybrids with large solar arrays would help
  3. You are right, shame the public transport wasnt greener then perhaps a consultation about cleaning up inland waterway boats wouldnt be needed? I for one would favour electrification of all railway lines and the first lane of motorways so that lorries could have overhead contacts like trolley buses of old and currently in Athens, Greece, this could be paid for by scrapping HS2?
  4. Both are Hybrids one still nearly hold the record as the most economical car at 149MPG and the van is full electric, so yes I feel happy at passing them on
  5. What you have to do is convince the consultation that these journeys are that important that the pollution you are creating doesnt matter, then nothing will change but if you read the consultation you will see that the status quo wasnt on the list reduction of emissions by 2025 was
  6. Until its banned from the place where you want to go, the world is changing and its not in ICEs favour, its a fact of life and at some point you will realise that. Me I cant wait until I can get rid of my cars I get no joy from driving in a poison atmosphere and ever going traffic snarl ups There are Teslas on the road with over 500K on the clock with their original battery packs and running gear how much pollution have they saved over that time
  7. Secondhand model s telsa 30K good range free supercharging, and yes most cars can do fast charging everytime, they have to have battery cooling and heating Nissan didnt bother
  8. No I am not, I knew this was coming, its been as plain as the nose on my face! Everything says that diesel is bad, diesel car sales are dropping daily, electric car sales are going up daily, boat makers are producing electric and Hybrid boats, stamping our feet and holding our breath wont help, come up with a sensible reply to the consultation and send it in
  9. Alan we both know they dont care what we think, their aim is to reduce emissions on inland waters by 2025, I have done the consultation stating I have converted to electric, no doubt others who have electric boats have done the same, people have to put up solutions not that it cant be done. Hybrid LPG powered boats are a solution both for NOX and Particulate matter especially if solid fuel stoves go as well They arnt interested, the world will keep on spinning if your boat is scrapped, which is one of the suggestions
  10. LA's would be neither use or ornament Mike as a battery storage solution I am going to have to tell my boat it doesnt work! the fact is looking at this consultation the option to stay as we are isnt on it so I suspect you aint going to get a choice!
  11. Everyday more and more clean energy is being made if we are lucky we might survive but everybody will have to do their bit and thats the hardest part
  12. I think Boris should do a deal with Nigel and call an immediate GE to which will take place November the 7th 7 days after we have left the EU! thats after deporting Gina Miller as an enemy of the country!!! Seriously though she had better watch herself because last time she received death threats this time they might carry them out
  13. And some paddles for the submarines 🤣 and maybe large catapults to launch their aircraft?
  14. Mike I havent bought diesel for over a year, and when I did it was bio diesel, I have added kero to the tank, but havent run the whispergen other than for a test run when I installed it at the beginning of the year. The 3.7KW of solar can be all switched to domestic use so even in the winter I get enough power from the sun, I am trying to clean up my lifestyle before the big sticks are brought out to force us
  15. So what are you all going to say to this report that will make them decide that diesel has to stay because nothing else can replace it? I have suggested converting engines to LPG which is much cleaner than diesel, and can be used to heat the boat and would be cleaner than a solid fuel stove. Unless you can come with solid arguments you will not get anywhere with this consultation, and remember they can point to electric boats that are working and working well
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