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  1. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    You are both males if your profile is to be believed so unless you are both transsexuals you wont know what its like for a womens space to be invaded by a man dressed as a women, my daughter and many women who voted for her dont want laws foisted on them by men!! They believe that as women they should have the finale say on this. If a person has been through the whole sex change operation then she accepts that the person was born into the wrong body. The trouble is some of these people go through life cross dressing but still going out with women and yes they use the ladies loo not fair to women is it? So should it not be women that have the say on whether its right or not, and not men as seems to be the case
  2. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    You have no idea what you are talking about and the problems it causes for women, that is why she is doing it because women dont like it when men in frocks invade their space!! She has popular support for this from women and at the end that is what its about for her and other women
  3. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    I suspect she wont be a labour Councillor afterwards🙃 and she doesnt care
  4. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    Simply put, yes it is undemocratic to have another referendum before the first has been implemented, but then again I expect nothing less from the losing side to be honest. My daughter is going to the labour conference I think she is speaking out about men dressing as women and then saying that they are!! She says even when they have added bits and removed others then they still arnt a women because they were born a man!!
  5. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    Richard we dont have another GE immediately after we have just had one the reason because government has to be formed and the will of the people enacted after that its five years or less with agreement of the other parties. The important part here is the will of the people has been enacted, until we have left that will hasnt been done, so lets wait until forty years have gone by like the last time and if people arnt happy we can have another vote on it, instead of people like you trying very hard to destroy democracy and if QT last night was anything to go by failing
  6. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    Virtual greenies! I for one would consider the chancellors job a poisoned chalice something to be avoided at all costs
  7. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    Is this the same ex Rothschild banker that more than likely has a lot to lose if we leave? I do wonder how much its going to cost some EU countries when trade is reduced with them? Like when cars we drive are from either here or Japan or Korea because tariffs from the EU make them to expensive
  8. peterboat

    Mineral oil

    I think you are right Tony, In high performace diesels oil keeps them together and the wrong oil can end in disaster in a very short time, but my Barrus shire is hardly a high performer and has had 5/40 fully synthetic in it since I bought the boat, the reason is simple I get it for free, it never uses any between changes, oil pressure is good and no smoke at all. When I checked the tappets everything was clean unlike days of old when you would have had a black mess in there
  9. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    removed double post! how did that happen?
  10. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    Question time and This week seem to think a hard exit is on the cards. On QT when asked only one third at the very most supported a second referendum, I wasnt surprised in the slightest to be honest and it was a good mixed audience, project fear by the remainers has managed to get peoples backs up in a way that I wouldnt have thought possible 🙃
  11. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    Nope we wont be asked to vote again they are scared of the events that will follow as sure as night follows day! The remainers think its ok to destroy democracy because they lost, if their was a second referendum and they lost that as well, they would then go for the best out of five!! All you have to remember is that the Irish were made to keep on voting until the EU got the result it wanted. Me I am ready to join marches riots whatever is needed to ensure that the result we won is upheld, otherwise the rich and powerful will hold us to ransom for the rest of our lives
  12. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    Exactly this^^^^^^^^but of course you are now being racist because you are speaking the truth and not what the PC brigade want to hear
  13. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    The problem is you dont know that it will screw out economy, Italy collapsing and renaging on its debt will destroy the EU and the member countries so we will be better of out and I suspect Mrs May knows that which is why she keeps on saying no second referendum
  14. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    Two shining buildings Tim!!! they use one once a month and we all pay to keep it shiny and empty to keep the French happy, the whole thing is a travesty people starving whilst unelected Eurocrats try to create an empire!! One which is already crumbling even as we speak🙃
  15. peterboat

    Brexit 2017

    They lost on Brexit and Trump so if you want to throw your money away feel free Phil, I can feel a hard brexit coming our way

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