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  1. I would say about 35% oversized and with luck I will confirm it next week, I have done an electric boat before but with a different motor so gearing on that was the way forward, DD series motors are slow spinning high torque Beastie's and the right propeller with direct drive will give me the best results I would like to see 1650 rpm flat out which will give me 700 rpm cruising fingers crossed
  2. A bit like I have 13.8 it enters float which is 13.6,actually its double as mine is a 24 volt system. I have a disconnect for over and under voltage job done
  3. The problem is the winner's don't normally protest or enter petitions after all they have won! At the moment we are still winning and it's looking more like a WTO Brexit by the day! Who is to blame for this Parliament of course, in their rush to destroy the vote of the people they have made the conditions right for a straight Brexit perfik
  4. I have the whisper gen which in the event of low battery starts and charges, I find leaving the fridge on is a safety device, against solar just putting in an amp at the end, and so maybe eventually overcharging
  5. I know you new to lifePo4s are enjoying yourselves but why? I have solar, every day it charges, at the end of the day my state of charge says 13.3 volts next morning they charge again until they are full or the sun stops shining? It really is that simples! These batteries work and work well, far better than LAs and the only things that will kill them is over or under voltage's so stop worrying and stop scaring the general boater
  6. Ian all joking aside I believe the news over here before I would believe the beeb! So why is it that the rich and powerful seem intent on stopping brexit?
  7. Completely agree with you, we are on holiday in Turkey and the news is full of brexit and Turkey joining the EU! Bet that and the worsening yellowcoat riots arnt being reported on the beeb? The news here thinks we won't get an extension and no deal with nine months to implement it will be what happens, that will do for me and it will serve Parliament right as only they can be blamed for the cockups! If they had done what the vote told them rather than what they wanted the negotiations would have been easier! However at least 52% will be happy whereas with a compromise more would have been happy
  8. My moorings are the same wide or narrow, I don't think I could go back to a narrowboat but am glad I started with one. Most of the north is widebeam country I would not go down south in one.
  9. The problem with you gov polls is you have to register, so they can be very biased and give the wrong result, as they have done in every recent election/referendum. So maybe it's why everybody is avoiding a second referendum, because they don't want another shock result?
  10. All I can say is never try to license your boat as electric! I have been through months of pain with it! Now sorted with the help of a license checker. Our marina operates a no fixed mooring spot as well, in practice it doesn't happen but on linear moorings it does make sense
  11. So you think its OK for Parliament to tell us what we want isn't what we voted for? I am watching TV in Turkey the yellowcoat riots are getting worse, rioting in Albania because of corruption the EU telling them to stop it! Spain marches because they have put the Catalan's on trial, yes it's all going so well in Euroland isn't it? Bet you arnt seeing any of this on your news?
  12. It's a limited ticket only event I am led to believe
  13. Actually you are correct long stroke slow revving engines are perfik for boats, powering a large propeller, same as steam engines and big DC series electric motors. I will try to borrow another propeller before chopping mine down
  14. If things continue as they are we will more than likely leave with no deal! The kids are arguing in the nursery and have taken their eye off the clock! You couldn't make it up Stan
  15. If I remember right it did 1k miles on a full tank? But I could be wrong
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