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1st ade

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  1. 1st ade

    Friday joke

    Out clubbing the other night, and DJ Badger was playing. Great sett.
  2. 1st ade

    Friday joke

    Just watching a shifty looking geezer in the library searching intently through the 'S' section of the dictionary, he's stopped now. I think he's up to something.
  3. 1st ade

    inflatable canoe - slow puncture

    OK - as others have said - same principle as an inner tube. One difference (for both canoes and dry suits) is that when inflated they are unwieldy. Another is that they normally operate at a much lower pressure (Our dive boat was inflated to 4psi, typical car tyres are 35-40 So, soapy water - enough soap that bubbles are stable and your slow leak is visible (pure water, unless submerged far enough to see the bubbles doesn't work). work over the whole surface, especially the bits it can't possibly be and pay attention to seams. Keep the pressure on as above, inflatable boats are low pressure at teh best of times. When you find the leak, make sure you have clean water, dry cloth and a marker to hand. Put finger on where bubbles are coming out, wash the area well and wipe dry. Then mark it so you can find it again! Make sure it's totally dry before attempting repair. I'll go and look in the garage later see what glue we used for dry suits - for pin-pricks a drop of glue and allow to dry is enough; for a more obvious hole a patch is needed.
  4. 1st ade

    inflatable canoe - slow puncture

    I will share the fix - but as I'm his brother I might offer much more than advice...
  5. 1st ade

    inflatable canoe - slow puncture

    I'll PM you - sounds like exactly the trouble we had fixing slow ingress of water in a dry suit. And the next dive due in four hours...
  6. 1st ade

    Mastervolt Mass Sine Inverter 12/2000

    Bit of a long shot but there are two resisters you don't know the value of and from your pictures two heavy diodes, one power transistor, two smaller transistors one transformer etc. If you are lucky, sketching the circuit diagram (you'll get the pinouts of the active components off Google) will show symmetry and you can work out the missing values. Or pull the datasheet for the nearest big chip with lots of legs and see if "suggested applications" looks anything like your hand drawn schematic.
  7. 1st ade

    New Moderators

    Congratulations both - and thank you
  8. 1st ade

    Friday joke

    Sadly the days of people knowing the chemical element with the atomic number 18 argon
  9. 1st ade

    Friday joke

    My speaking clock told me it was hungry. I told it to go back four seconds
  10. 1st ade

    Friday joke

    An old cowboy died and left his ranch to his three boys. They named the ranch "Focus", because it's where the sons raise meat.
  11. 1st ade

    Friday joke

    So many designer dogs out there these days. So I've successfully mated a cat and a dog. It's called a cog. You should see the teeth on it...
  12. 1st ade

    Dog life jacket

    Ollie the Staffie (I'll dig a picture out later) is a passable swimmer. But we bought a life jacket for him when we went on the K&A with the Bruce Trust. Our logic was that it's one thing for Ollie to deliberately jump in after a tennis ball with a known exit; another to fall in (and maybe not be seen immediately) unexpectedly and a long way from a climbable bank. Sure enough he slipped on the steel deck and fell in! The look on his face as he paddled valiantly behind the boat was a picture. He's only(!) 16 kG but we'd have struggled to get him back on board without the handle on the life jacket. Another up-vote for that reason.
  13. 1st ade

    The What Manager?

    It was actually a planning response to something in Milton Keynes several hundred yards from the nearest waterway where the meat of the communication was "No Comment". Dressed up in several paragraphs explaining the charitable status of CRT, what they did, why they cared, the various acts under which they operated and who they represented (which I'll leave for another posting).
  14. 1st ade

    The What Manager?

    Perhaps we could start a new thread on "Most Pretentious Job Title"? I'll start the bidding with another one from CRT - "Spatial Planning Intern"
  15. 1st ade

    lost thread

    For what it's worth (and acknowledging the Victron thread is "hidden" [but why does it still appear in "VNC"?]) I can't see the Guests and New Members Forum (unless I log out). It seems slightly perverse to have a forum ONLY for new members (and then bar them without warning when they are not considered "new" any more) And I'm a contributor (I'm reasonably sure) so that bit of the argument's fell over as well

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