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  1. Why do Marxists like fruit infusions?Because all proper tea is theft.
  2. Thanks for the replies - so; alternative question, which compact or pocket camera? I've seen two votes for the Lumix TZ70 (one tempered by failure under warranty). Any other contenders?
  3. Agree 100% It's not just the cost but the faff factor; especially when I've already got dog, poo bags, treats, whistle, lead, tennis ball, spare tennis ball...
  4. Recropped for you... Which is the fate I fear mine would suffer
  5. Yesterday I made the effort to take my trusty DSLR and 55-200 zoom out on a walk. I did so as I knew there was subject matter worth taking and I think the results show I was right If I hadn't known in advance, I'd have had my Samsung phone. No matter that modern phone's are very competent camera's; they don't cut the mustard when you need to zoom in across an industrial estate (or conversely when you are very close and can't back off) Supplementary lenses for phone's seem to promise miracles. Has anyone tried them, are they any good, are they difficult to align? In short is spending £20 on something like https://www.amazon.co.uk/Universal-Telephoto-235°Fisheye-Starburst-Samsung/dp/B07C7BNQBQ going to spoil my Christmas? Thanks
  6. Thing is, a second one wouldn't be as popular - what makes Falkirk is the fact it's unique
  7. It's so disappointing to see so few jokes that make use of round or square brackets, dashes, or commas. I blame the parenthesis..
  8. I really annoyed my wife last week by opening a box of Celebrations and changing all the wrappers around... She really got her Snickers in a Twix!
  9. I once went out with a Morse code operator's daughter. She wasn't a supermodel by any means, but she didit and didit and didit….
  10. I don't know if that's what happens here but contactors on trams used to have a permanent magnet to extinguish any arc. As the contacts opened there is the possibility of an arc; the magnetic field "pushed" the arc away from the housing. This made the arc longer so it was stretched out and extinguished quicker. Conceivably the physical design is that in the case of reverse current either the arc doesn't extinguish or it hits something it shouldn't. This would affect the max breaking current.
  11. Which experts? I wouldn't ask BT or the Fire Service about Crime Prevention? I wouldn't ask BT or the Police about Fire Suppression? Individual police or fire services advising on geo-location and technology seems (to me) like asking an individual boater their opinion on makes of paddle gear or lock gates
  12. In rural areas each mast normally has three aerials pointing in different directions. and you (or the mobile operators) can get a rough range. But yes, in rural areas worst case is "within 47 kM of the mast I'm currently on". (The BT system was originally designed to make sure you got through to the RIGHT police force or ambulance) But if you have no GPS W3W has the same issue; if you have GPS it's available to AML as well.
  13. Agreed - but with W3W also needs a smart phone.
  14. BT*, in conjunction with one mobile CSP, one handset manufacturer and UK National Government developed and tested the idea. After a few tweaks it was gradually rolled out to other networks, other handsets and other manufacturer's. The standard is open and has been made available to other countries (the code is in all handsets, not just those sold in the UK) Postcodes are surprisingly useless in this scenario - not because you can't find them but because many people don't know instinctively the post code of where they are now. A common use case was a mourner having a heart attack at a funeral - those present had just driven from all over the country to .... Crematorium and knew the name but not the address or post code. BT have no power to force individual police or ambulance services to accept the location. And I'm not going to die in a ditch (possibly literally) by saying to the call handler "no, I'm not going to install W3W". But if a relative of mine was in the "I'm under a tree and don't know where I am" scenario I'd be asking serious questions around why that police / ambulance service didn't use the information that BT make available when forwarding the call. AML is not perfect and doesn't cover the "I had no signal when we found the casualty but I do now" scenario. But it doesn't need the caller to be conscious, to speak English or even to speak. Rapists have been caught because the victim managed to dial 999 and keep screaming. Robbers have been caught as someone managed to dial 999 and the call handler heard gunshots. [ * - All 999 / 112 calls in the UK go to BT Call Handlers. They then forward to Police / Fire / Ambulance / Coastguard as required. BT also forward a rough position based on location of the subscriber (landline) or the cell site (mobile). This sorts out (for example) if you want Thames Valley Police or Bedford Police. AML adds a much greater degree of accuracy a few seconds later ]
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