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  1. The pay TV is only the half of it - Pay for coverage (asking for a friend; I'd never do it), then have incessant adverts, THEN have two layers of advertising around the pitch. I've often wondered what would happen if all the betting companies, all of them, walked away and said "you know what lads, those 'as want to gamble are with us, those that don't have made their mind up". Would players be paid less, go on strike or would TV Sport subscription become even more expensive?
  2. Less need, perhaps, but they do sound ever so comfy. Bugger - bloody spill chucker at it again - 12 coach commuter trains...
  3. A HUGE increase in home working (up to six weeks ago home working [in our organisation] was treated as a joke. As in "It's Thursday, I suppose you'll be 'ahem' working at home tomorrow"). Now it's recognised that we get more work for less cost with over 90% of the staff at home with a laptop and iPhone. When this is over (say 2022) I foresee our organisation ceasing to lease a lot of the London estate. We had desk space for 400+; we're now managing with about 30 (some jobs need specialist hardware / physically being close to customers) There will be knock on effects on London prices (lot of empty offices up for grabs), transport (lot less need for 12 couch commuter trains every twenty minutes from Milton Keynes at 06:00) and it may impact on house building - less need to be near transport hubs / major cities (and I wonder if all new-builds will now have at least one room dedicated as "office"*) [ * - Mrs 1st Ade has trouble with Working at Home (for me). She gets the "at home" bit but not the "working" ]
  4. Look forward - no. Expect it - possibly. I have not armed myself but take "sensible" precautions (What's sensible? Don't know really - I was so into NOT panic buying that we got caught out with only a days food and two toilet rolls in the house. We're SLIGHTLY better prepared than that...)
  5. Until the red mist comes down - then logic goes out the window. The protest is the thing. Look at the climate change protesters disrupting public transport... Driving people into more polluting modes of travel
  6. Apologies - another thread I need to catch up on...
  7. I thought that. I've seen the same photo claiming to be in at least three widely (geographically) separated places in the UK.
  8. I'm sure punching a police officer (or their tyres) is an offence?
  9. It may not be meant to return to zero. We had a (big) outboard where the rev counter "froze" wherever it happened to be when you turned the ignition off.
  10. or removing the termination resistor from the end...
  11. 10base2 (Google it) - wired the whole house before it was taken over by twisted pair - we don't use either now - WiFi all the way. And flood wired the house for telephone - don't use that either - DECT rules (except for the emergency phone under the stairs which is hard wired and powered by BT from the exchange)
  12. I was in Starbucks yesterday.The barista serving me had some kind of face mask on.“Is that a surgical mask?” I asked.“No” she replied, “It’s a coughy filter.”
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