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1st ade

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  1. 1st ade

    Harvesting free power

    No - (assuming their "acceptable use policy" is 13A for as long as it takes to drink a coffee) - is how many watt hours can I carry and what is the most efficient / most compact / easiest to carry way of doing this. (Don't ask why...*) we discussed this at length when I was with a previous employer and we came up with an insulated container of hot wax (chosen for the right combination of latent heat of freezing and a sensible temperature at which it solidified) which you could plug in at work and liquify, then take home and use the energy. [ * - Another lengthy lunchtime discussion ended with the conclusion that early RADAR scanners probably went at 78 or 33 1/3 RPM ]
  2. 1st ade

    I'll have some of that!

    The octopus has been found... https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/octopus-man-swerved-avoid-been-2516935
  3. 1st ade

    Not quite so limited edition

    Thinks Carefully - "Rare limited edition print of Lutine arriving at destination on time?"
  4. 1st ade

    Not quite so limited edition

    Don't tell Mrs 1st Ade - I might have to build another wall to hang it on!
  5. 1st ade

    Not quite so limited edition

    I was tempted to add a 1/2 to the one we kept...
  6. 1st ade

    Not quite so limited edition

    Almost - he did say he would arrange collection. And then failed to do so. I did think of that reference then thought; I'll let someone else rise to it.
  7. Many years ago Mrs 1st Ade bought a framed picture. It was a limited edition print "35 of 750" or something like that, bought directly from the artist. It was of a wooden sailing ship under full sail in stormy weather, matched many other similar prints we have and looked nice on our wall. Or it would have, were it not for the fact that the shipper had managed to break a considerable amount of the glass in the frame. The box was undamaged and it was only when we opened up and went to hang the picture we discovered the damage. Rang the artist, no question, he'd send a replacement framed picture and arrange to collect the broken one if it was still in its box (it was). Next day a van pulled up outside, driver handed over a box, declined to take the damaged one as he's not been told to do so. We spent probably a year repeatedly asking the artist to collect the damaged picture. In the end we put it in the loft and forgot about it. I was putting the Christmas decorations away last week, spotted the box and thought "maybe get the glass repaired and flog it" Then I made an interesting discovery... The limited edition print with the broken glass is the same print number as the one that's been hanging on our wall for nearly twenty years! What to do: - It feels "wrong" to deliberately destroy a perfectly good framed print, complete with supporting documentation regarding how long it took the artist, how many false starts he had and the history of the scene. It feels equally "wrong" to flog a limited edition print to some punter knowing full well it's not as limited as they think it is (lastly, and why I've not given the title of the print or the artist) it feels wrong to make this information public and have 749 other people find their print isn't as limited as they thought! Thoughts?
  8. 1st ade

    fridgemaster 12 volt fridge

    Parallel? Half speed? Don't you mean series so they got six volts each?
  9. 1st ade

    Jml plug in heater

    This ^^^^ (or these?) I've seen very similar products in most of the Sunday Papers and all seem to be a solution (a 500w heater that must be on a wall* at ankle height) looking for a problem. [ * - Don't get me started on the wisdom of using one on an extension lead, even at only 500W ]
  10. 1st ade

    Possible Paypal scam

    There are some links that make me worry how the person who posted found them...
  11. 1st ade

    The Joke Thread (Friday and Every Day)

    Please treat as humour and don't get distracted down the B Word route...
  12. 1st ade

    another scam beware

    4. Seller emails privately, and suggests that he will get a better price (and will split the difference with you) if you both move away from the "reputable platform" (whether eBay, Gumtree or whatever) and conduct the transaction privately. Too late you realise that you've also lost any protection (or sympathy) that the reputable platform may have offered
  13. 1st ade

    Boat Hire for 2020

    To be fair - the dog was staring intently at the water and the pads on his paws totally failed to grip the steel deck (although i don't dispute that if a tennis ball had floated past he'd have launched himself straight at it without a second thought). Second the vote for doggy life jackets with handles!
  14. 1st ade

    Battery discharge/charge cycles question.

    You learn something every day - I'd always thought a curve (by definition) was not straight but now I know better. I'll save that away for a suitable time - say when Mrs 1st Ade tells me to slow down, the road curves ahead...
  15. 1st ade

    Smart Meters - do they kill people?

    You're both correct - my mistake it was the monitor I hid. In defence all the adverts for Smart Meters show the monitor...

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