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  1. Metric stupidity

    Can't speak for others but I don't buy fuel in metric or imperial - I wait until the little red light comes on then fill it up. Normally about every 450 miles. Beer or cider on the other hand - definitely in pints!
  2. Three men in a boat

    The skin off the turkey (after cooking before anyone starts...) was one which surprised us.
  3. Three men in a boat

    And a plentiful supply of dog biscuits. Very "treat" oriented is this particular animal!
  4. Three men in a boat

    Full marks (and a Greenie) to GRLMK38. Local fishing tackle shop said exactly the same. Also said it was a regular occurrence - now slightly puzzled that we've lived near the canal for over twenty years (six of them dog walking on the towpath) and never seen it before. Shows how much we run (or walk) on autopilot i suppose.
  5. Three men in a boat

    Mrs 1st Ade was walking the Staffie along the Grand Union through New Bradwell yesterday. She came across a small inflatable boat with three men on board. They were wearing dry-suits but no life jackets; neither boat nor men had any form of name or identity displayed (CRT lifejackets and overalls tend to have their logo on) The boat seemed to be full of batteries with two electrodes dangling in the water. Around the boat, fish, apparently stunned, were on the surface and being "scooped" into keep nets. Mrs 1st Ade (politely) asked their business and one responded that they were doing a fish survey! She asked who they worked for and was given a name (which she now can't remember but wasn't CRT, British Waterways etc) and contact number (ditto). They were polite enough but it sounded a bit, well, fishy... I asked if she got a photo of them and got a lecture on having her hands full of over excited Staffie and in any case it was raining! Thoughts?
  6. Fiendish photo competition (or not)

    I bet your spell checker had fun with that!
  7. Marina Plans, Milton Keynes

    Doesn't stop some people! we had a restaurant that was open and serving food before the planning permission came through! I guess if you are prepared to take the risk...
  8. Peak Forest Canal

    Onto the locks - Can't see it opening this month, Lock 15 simply isn't there! The entire sidewall has been removed. The sacking over the far side is covering that wall (presumably to prevent damage although there might be mortar drying if they have done a bit of remedial pointing while the going is good) Access for the "digger". To the right of the excavation you can see the base of the original lock wall. Again, whilst the coast is clear, some remedial work on the bottom gates of lock 13... And the top gates and paddles, same lock.
  9. Peak Forest Canal

    OK - so starting with the Aqueduct... Safety cable on the right (towpath side), preparatory work on the left I'm not over impressed with the "artists impression". Given that the stated reason for these works is so that people who are stupid enough to access the "wrong" side of the aqueduct can't injure themselves the person below looks remarkably casual...
  10. Marina Plans, Milton Keynes

    Thanks Tim; I'm not in that Ward so we don't get automatic notifications. I have to go and look just like everyone else!
  11. Peak Forest Canal

    I took a modest number of photographs of both Aqueduct and lock 15 last weekend - give me a few hours to edit and post...
  12. Marina Plans, Milton Keynes

    Thanks - I'm a Parish Councillor in Milton Keynes - I'll have a look...
  13. Electrical System

    I was about to comment on this but you beat me to it. As per the drawing, nothing except common sense to stop you leaving the charger on when disconnecting from the hookup and moving to inverter...
  14. Diesel heating 5kw new for £163

    But the ten more are not fakes as the seller has removed the name of the (non) manufacturer from the advert?
  15. Batteries and BSS - Juno

    But you will as soon as you put it back... So might be better to get passed what will pass and have some crumb of legality than have it on record as "not required"?