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  1. Our local rail company introduced a similar (Sounds like a good idea in theory but ...) some little while ago. Reserve your seat from a smartphone App. What could go wrong, instead of reserving a seat days or weeks in advance (when you don't know which train you will actually catch) - allow the user to reserve a seat while standing at the station waiting for the train to arrive. Even if it's not where the train originates... Now imagine the poor non-smartphone user. They boarded the train as it left the starting point and sat in a seat marked "Free". While they are sat there - the sign changes to "Reserved from ..." A passenger approaches "you're in my seat". "no I'm not... Ah" (IMHO) a solution looking for a problem - Moor up, go hit the buttons on the console. If you MUST offer local remote working (a tautology in my view) make it BlueTooth or something which is provably with a few tens of metres of the structure. And make sure the BlueTooth Network is isolated from the Internet...
  2. My misunderstandingđŸ˜• I'm currently in the US every other month and a different city each time - for me it's good to pick up a hire car - turn on the phone and it's remembered my last search for xxx hotel in Denver (or Miami or Seattle or...) Be aware - some states (California is one) prohibit phones or sat nav's on rubber suckers - they must be fixed
  3. ^^^ This. I'm on 3 PAYG - it's not free Internet but it's the same price as the UK so I don't sweat at a 40 or 50 Mb for a route map (Off Topic but Mrs 1st Ade thought I was ill when I switched to 3; BT are £1.50 a minute to phone home, 3 is 3p a minute. Makes a BIG difference phoning the Other Half)
  4. Not only does it work in the UK it was (mostly) developed in the UK. There's a compromise between W3W and the "official" system - a compromise with no obvious solution. W3W (apart from any commercial consideration) gives you the address which you pass on - hence it can deal with the "my boat is at ... but I'm phoning from.." scenario. The BT / Google / 999 services solution is totally automated and transparent to the caller. This makes it far better when the caller is incapacitated, frightened to speak or whatever. Think terrorist attack, rape victim or an almost unconscious victim of an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) And as an aside, check out all the pro W3W articles in the media. Over 90% quote the same source in either Bedford Police or Avon and Somerset Fire Service. A very small number of people in the Blue Light services seem to have a downer on the system which was developed in consultation with ... The Blue Light Services!
  5. Swapped over so the cyclists can whiz past.... (Ducks for cover quickly)
  6. That sounds rather more important than "the only other thing..."! - Shouldn't your power audit start with "whatever happens the supply to ... must not fail without warning overnight ..." and take it from there?
  7. Also known as the "Vimes theory of economics" - a rich man can afford a decent pair of boots that last for years; a poor man can only afford cheap boots which leak and need replacing each year.
  8. Point of order m'lud. Solar Panels use energy which would literally go to waste - the sun shines whether there is a solar panel there or not. Wind / Wave / Tide on the otherhand do extract a (miniscule) amount of energy which would otherwise not be used so do have a (very small) effect on the environment. This ^^^. And that is a particularly "British" view. Most countries (and people) accept short term pain for long term gain. Brits are really good at arguing for bread today rather than jam tomorrow
  9. I've just played a football match on a surface of crushed concrete and broken bricks.We won 4-3 on aggregate.
  10. I think timeframe enters into the "bad execution" at some point. Scaffolding is good to access a bridge for painting short term; bad for holding it up long term. Many of the examples were well executed at the time but didn't survive increase in demand, new technology being introduced / discovered / made affordable. I could add the motor car - personal transport = good. Hundreds of people being transported individually in steel box's each an order of magnitude heavier than that of the cargo they carry, propelled by a highly dangerous, flammable and volatile fluid, emitting poisoness vapour and with limited safety systems to stop the vehicles banging into each other = bad.
  11. That sounds worthy of a new thread in its own right! Canal junctions where not all permutations of entering and leaving are possible
  12. You may be right about its current function - the button labelled "random" suggests it's meant for security; switching lights on/off in a predictable (or not so predictable) fashion. There is no obvious manufacturer or model number - on the back or under the terminal cover (shore power off first!) may be - if so a google along with "security timer" may work wonders. Good luck
  13. I do the same - a cold draught beer for preference...
  14. I paid this carpenter in advance to make me a double bed; but now he's done a bunk
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