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  1. It's a unit they are not used to but have only heard of in farming terms (hundred acre wood for example). A friend bought a house with a garden of nearly an acre - as gardens go it's big, but not "If I'm not back by nightfall send a search party" big.
  2. Them funny square things consisting of black and white cubes you seen on adverts that ensures those with smart phones have no idea what dodgy site they are being taken to... They can be quite scary for other craft. I was doing a refresher for power boat handling near Poplar a couple of years ago (6.5 metre RHIB with a 140HP Suzuki on the back). We were doing 17 knots upstream and one overtook us as he was slowing down for the pier
  3. Depending how many are in the "real" meeting a projection screen, a wide angle camera or two and a single microphone can work. Audio feedback can be an issue if the microphone / PA speakers aren't matched and designed to work together. It gets worse if a small subgroup also want to be in a group (I frequently have a dozen people at one end, four at the other and another half dozen dialling in independently; herding cats isn't in it! Fortunately all our meeting rooms have VTC installed) A few other considerations (which apply to real meetings as well but are "different" in the virtual world) The need / ability to allow members of the public (often in listen only mode) The ability to handle aggressive / abusive members during discussion Any business where one or more of those present must not participate due to a financial or other interest. But need to be re-admitted for the next item of business
  4. This bit is fairly crucial. Like David Mack I've done this for business but you MUST have someone who's only purpose is to administer the virtual part of the meeting. Not the Chair; they have other things to do. Not the Note Taker. And not one of the main presenters otherwise (as I know to my cost) it goes Pear Shaped when it becomes your turn to speak! Good Luck!
  5. Thanks for bringing this up - fascinating. Re post 14, lower picture. On my desk as I send this is...
  6. Dr Bob is on the money - I avoid politics on the forum but there is an inevitable undercurrent which drags almost every boating topic off into politics - I'm amazed someone has not yet pulled one of the most interesting threads in years (DIY Li BMS systems) off course with "... you must realise the vote in ... will increase / decrease the price of Lithium cells..." followed by a (re)heated argument about who won.
  7. The only time I can visualize "Next Page Alexa" being useful...
  8. Majority of photos - phone because it's always with me Good photo's - Canon DSLR, if I know in advance I'm going to see something worth photographing
  9. There was a time when phone reviews had things like Transmitted ERP and Receiver Sensitivity (will it work well when a long way from the mast) - "Good" battery life was a couple of hours on a call and perhaps twenty on standby. Then we went to a battery life of 7-10 days... And now "Awesome Battery Life" is 48 hours or so...
  10. We seem to have a culture of what Terry Pratchett described as "Famous for being Famous"
  11. I have experienced (for example) a northbound train with "our next station stop is Milton Keynes" followed by the train stopping at Bletchley for a crew change. Although it didn't make a blind bit of difference to those pushing the "open door" button (presumably either very short sighted or were going to catch a train back to Bletchley) technically we stopped at Bletchley but it wasn't a Station Stop. Or was it...? (gets coat and runs for exit)
  12. I'm given to understand (by someone at London North Western or whatever franchise has it these days) that trains sometimes stop, not at a station, and sometimes pass a station without stopping; therefore "The next Station Stop is Wolverton" covers the grey area which I would otherwise describe as "the next place the doors will open and you can get off is..."
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