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  1. I'm not convinced that view is restricted to religion. Those who have a toilet which requires emptying (whether pump out, cassette or composting) are absolutely convinced their choice is the only true way (or so an examination of this good forum would have us believe) - those (like me) who live in a house with plumbing may see all sides!
  2. Personally - I don't have issues with Blatantly political (or religious or ...) threads provided they don't deteriorate into personal abuse - I can ignore them. The Brexit thread is in this category; I know not to look I do have an issue with threads which are hijacked where I'm interested in the main theme but have to read or skip (which means I have to read to know where to stop skipping...) multiple posts of the "Well people can't afford Lithium batteries, it's all the fault of the [insert religion or political party of your choice]..." between the interesting technical bits.
  3. I don't know what I'd do if a pen leaked in my mouth. I dread tooth ink.
  4. "In my head" - given peace and tranquillity (read "no interruptions" rather than "no noise") I can quite happily listen to "Tall Ships" in it's entirety with no electronics or mechanics involved. But any interruption and I lose the flow.
  5. I remember it well - i learnt to drive round there in 1980. If you can do a hill start on Lockgate Bridge you can probably do it anywhere!
  6. And therein lies the difference between 1800 and 2019... 1800 - it'll look better if... let's do it 2019 - it'll look better if... stuff that, it'll cost
  7. It might just be the shadow but the pier looks offset towards the other side of the 'ole (possibly under the canal rather than under the towpath?) Is there a suitable view from the other end? (or does that also rely on the vegetation clearance?)
  8. I know a bloke who is mute, he communicates through embroidery... Sew to speak.
  9. Or a chain of them... Engine and propulsion in one, kitchen and dining in another, bedroom with en-suite in a third. If visitors arrive go and hire some more of the latter and insert as required. The conventional mode would be a boat 6 foot 10 wide but flexible; if you get to a really tricky bit (or need to wind in a tight space) disconnect the sphere's from each other, manuavere and re-assemble.
  10. I picked up a Dalek hitchhiking last week. I said "Where you going?" He said "Exeter mate, Exeter mate." --------------------------------- I have just swapped 50 raisins for 100 sultanas. I cannot believe the currant exchange rates!
  11. And who would keep the database of speed limits up to date? And would they be responsible if it was wrong? I had a hire car with this "feature"; it didn't know about a 40 limit (down from 60) less than a mile from home nor a derestricted (up from 30) about four miles away. Both had been I'm place about two years. I'll lay money I still get the fine for the car not knowing the former. And for the car to suddenly slow to half the speed limit with no obvious reason (unless you're a local) is Bl***y dangerous
  12. So he's kind of got the right answer (if for the wrong reason)? - High voltage = change coolant
  13. Don't know about Ph but I guessit's forming a battery between the copper probe of the meter and the steel of the engine block with the coolant as an electrolyte? High voltage means it's a "good" electrolyte?
  14. While you are at it, check the width, especially if there are any comers either side of the bridge 'ole. I've spent long periods manoeuvring when driving the tow vehicle straight through the hole results in the trailer catching (or vice versa)
  15. The new Combi replaced a mains pressure immersion tank / conventional boiler setup. In terms of component count I reckon over 2/3 of the latter was safety devices. Over pressure and over temperature relief valves; both with a tundish. The immersion element had two thermostats; one adjustable and one (latching) over temperature. Two tank stats and a complex array of motorised valves which (amongst other improbable scenarios) could deal with the tank being too hot and the boiler refusing to shut down (dump the waste heat in the radiator circuit whether it wants it or not). The old boiler was over twenty years old and inefficient - but it was the complex and (increasingly) unreliable control mechanism that forced the change.
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