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  1. There's a village nearby?
  2. Several, but in each case only from one end😊
  3. Because the cottage is at the lock where the canal commonly called the Huddersfield Broad Canal joins the C&H. The name of the canal when it was built was Sir John Ramsden’s Canal. In the same way that the canal commonly called the Huddersfield Narrow Canal was the Huddersfield Canal when it was built, later the Huddersfield & Manchester Railway and Canal Company. Sir John Ramsden was a major player in 18th century Huddersfield, commemorated in Ramsden Street among other places. I learned to swim at Ramsden Street baths.
  4. Well I know where you're coming from. Maybe it's a Golcar thing. 😊
  5. For those interested there is a rather lovely evocation of this area in “Black Lion Crossing”, a model railway based on the area though not of a specific location, built by Geoff Kent. There are buildings modelled on ones Geoff photographed back in the fifties. https://www.flickriver.com/photos/simage61/33936559678/
  6. Well, as the true expert (the owner) is on holiday, I'll tell you it is indeed Bingley.
  7. Huddersfield & Manchester Railway & Canal Company. Incorporated 21st July 1845.
  8. Further in than that, the line into Birmingham Central Goods?
  9. Rather handsome isn’t it
  10. The station building gives that one away.
  11. Home of Dougal, which I hope to have a go at firing before too long😊
  12. That went well then. Passed it broken down on the Barby straight. "What do I want with that Swedish sh***" as someone once said😁
  13. Not as of yesterday there isn't. Need to get your finger out, get it painted, could have it in the water by next Friday😀
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