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  1. Cripes, I've been selling mine to people too cheaply. One box turned up on ebay several years ago, when I won the auction the seller said they had four boxes, would I like the lot. It has turned out to be a very long term investment, not sure if I'm ahead yet.😊 They are very sweet little switches; unlike the secondhand ones which turn up regularly the sprung contacts haven't got lazy so they have a very satisfying positve action.
  2. Of course you could use switches which swing both ways like these. I might know someone who has a stock of brand new (in about 1950) old stock😀
  3. There's a rather fine pub in Huddersfield called The Slubbers Arms. Gets a bit crowded before and after Town games.
  4. Lifted from the CRT archive, I was actually looking for a different photo but came across this one. Looking at it again the headlamp on the motor boat to the left of the Edgware is also offset, and dropped. To address the original question: I picked up a good condition headlamp on ebay a couple of weeks ago for £20 to replace the one which has self destructed after 37 years on the boat. I took it off to repaint it for possibly the first time to discover the difficulty of getting paint to stick to the holes which should be metal.
  5. Obviously nobody in the Grand Union Canal Company told their counterparts in the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company that. Note also the offset headlamp on the Edgware which I don't think anyone has had the cojones to replicate yet, probably because it looks so odd.
  6. Ah, so in extremis then, we've all had to do that, if only you'd said that.
  7. Really? So what purpose does the "non slip quality" serve then?
  8. @Graham_Robinson might be along in a bit if he can be bothered
  9. Perhaps we should try another track, how about: Not sure how many days. I thought it was getting better, but until today I haven't had a cough, now I do. This could get worse before it gets better. I have original pressings of both of these, must be worth all of....25p?
  10. And I immediately thought of this....
  11. One thing that worked when I had this problem recently was: 1. Drain the calorifier 2. Remove the thermostat & anything else loose on the immersion heater 3. Trim back the foam spray round the boss, how far you go depends on how well ventilated the space is 4. Get as much if the foam off the copper in the trimmed back area as you can. This isn't going to be pleasant if you don't 5. Play a blowlamp around the boss for about thirty seconds 6. Put the box spanner on and turn it. The one I did this to came out by hand on the spanner without using the tommy
  12. Beware anything deep with a glass lid if it is going back against the hullside.
  13. Were one to put scumble on top of that I shudder to think of how it would look; it's aluminium wood primer.
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