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  1. There was a drawbridge marked on old OS maps above the lock at Kings Langley. But it is not an obvious match with the photo. This image from the 1938 6" survey. It is now a footbridge.
  2. While I was at FBS at Foxton Locks in the mid 1980s Avon spent a winter at the yard. I had the job of modifying the sidecloths to make two short sections each side which could be removed as ways in and out for a towpath shop. But I can't any more tell you the owner's name at the time, or what he wanted to sell, or how he got on. I also had the job of running the (hand start) HB2 once a week to charge the battery for the automatic bilge pump. Especially memorable for me was that the joins in the top planks didn't line up with the stands - I undid all the sidecloth strings and then cheerfully walked along the top planks, landing unceremoniously in the bottom of the hold under a shower of woodwork when I reached the first unsupported join. Happy days ...
  3. The two restored locks on the Ripon Canal were officially reopened in September 1986, so the filming more likely took place in 1984-85. Fascinating bit of programme making, thanks for posting this. The only time I boated the Trent and Ouse and on up to Ripon was 1988, just a couple of years later. All I really remember of the tidal Trent was constant worry, as we were in a 35' Springer and did Cromwell to Keadby on one falling tide - no idea so much leisurely sightseeing was possible! I see Pete Morgan also did a similar thing with the L & L Canal, do you have that?
  4. Collating the information in the source material kindly posted by @Pluto and @matty40s for the the lock sites on the Swale and Bedale Beck (sorry, didn't mean to shout ... ? It looks as though after Grundy's report a few things were changed when work started: 1. Grundy's Lock B planned for Thornton Br. replaced by locks at Helperby and Leckby 2. Topcliffe Lock moved downstream from the original site at Topcliffe Mill 3. Grundy's Lock E moved to the next bend downstream Does anyone know whether Lewty's map was perhaps associated with the second, unsuccessful bid to raise funds after Topcliffe lock was completed and work at Leckby had begun?
  5. Somebody really wants us to make this film ...
  6. Excellent - we need you for the filming of the story of the Swale Navigation, any ideas for a title? I only "discovered" the Tristram Shandy film recently, but really enjoyed it ... but not always the ones which were originally planned or actually built ...
  7. Fascinating how these maps show different locations and even numbers of locks - this one (maybe earlier?) shows the original plan for a lock at Topcliffe Mill, upstream from that which was built, and does not show Leckby Lock, there is also only one lock shown on Bedale Beck. The map you posted upthread, which also shows the Ure Navigation to Ripon and Cod Beck to Thirsk, marks six locks on the Swale plus two on Bedale Beck, but only four on Cod Beck (contradicting the printed surveyor's reports) and only two on the Ripon Canal. It certainly underlines the uncertainty and changes of plan. Fun fact, a bit off topic: the last lock marked on the Ripon Canal is at "Kangel Cross" - this was one of the cathedral Sanctuary Crosses, the name is a contraction of Archangel ...
  8. I'm beginning to imagine this as a film - maybe by Michael Winterbottom, along the lines of "A Cock and Bull Story", his 2006 version of Tristram Shandy (from exactly this period) - in which the newly appointed Bedale Harbourmaster tries to get his keel up from York to Bedale, including at Topcliffe passing through "the first Swale Lock which without vanity it may be said if not the very best, yet one of the best and compleatest Locks in England."
  9. That track leading to the Mill is called Old Sike on the old OS map as well I'm really enjoying this too, and learning ... This lock site, downstream from Topcliffe turns out to be known as Leckby Lock (from the info linked by @matty40s upthread)
  10. That's great, thanks for both of these
  11. Thanks for this - my bad, I didn't register the link properly. Link works fine, looking forward to reading it. I grew up in Ripon, this feels like a "home" waterway ...
  12. So there were works actually carried out - but was this for navigation or to protect the bridge against floodwater? I wonder if we shouldn't be saying "Asenby Locks" for the earthworks which started this thread off, to save confusion with the weir upstream of Swale Bridge in Topcliffe?
  13. OK, yes Topcliffe, but not the locks below Topcliffe as shown in the first post of this thread, but here, just above the village, with the weir, the mill, and the roadway by the river: Remarkable that there is evidence of a lock cut on the modern satellite image but not on this map!
  14. But is this Topcliffe? I've not yet seen a map which marks a weir here, or this farmhouse, or any water in the lock cut ...
  15. So does that mean that working lock(s) were actually built at Topcliffe? I'd got the impression it didn't get that far. I guess that would have helped boats to get further up the Swale towards Bedale Beck, but four other locks were also planned, plus a second one on Bedale Beck, and there seems no trace of them, so navigation will not have been easy. Wikipedia quotes The river is said to be the fastest flowing in England and its levels have been known to rise 10 feet (3 m) in 20 minutes so perhaps no surprise if it was too great a challenge to create a navigation in the 1760s Given how obscure this is nowadays I find it remarkable that 75 years later, when the OS map makers came along, those Topcliffe earthworks were still associated with locks and river improvement. There were navigation works started in Thirsk as well, the same OS 6 in maps show a "Lock Bridge" so Cod Beck must have been under serious consideration for a while.
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