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  1. Agree with tat guy about researching your artist first. I find Instagram is really good, as the artists regularly post pictures of their latest work for you to look at. It helps to broaden your understanding of what can be achieved, and what a good tattoo should be. I have three tattoos, they were all 'walk in' type appointments, I'm happy to say that I was sober for all of them, but my first tattoo was a bit of a mistake. The first time I was 19, didn't have a clue, and just went to the nearest tattoo shop. I was pretty strapped for money so I even contemplated haggling with the
  2. Sounds like one for DC Morse and Fred Thursday!
  3. Thanks Dave, I very much appreciate the support, you have a talent for inspiring others about the folk art specific to English canals! I look forward to bringing some of my historic pieces along for everyone to draw inspiration from, I always find that it helps to channel the spirit of the 'old masters' (so to speak! )
  4. Thought this may be of interest to enthusiasts, we have some traditional canal arts and crafts courses coming up on the 7th and 8th of May. Learn to paint Roses - May 8th - taught by Chris Weston Learn to make rope fenders 7th and 8th May - taught by Phil English The courses will be held at Stretton Wharf CV23 0PR, which is a real traditional working boatyard. You will get to take home what you make! Pm me if you are interested and I will give you more details. Cheers Chris
  5. Poor Bob, he must of been working late on something
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Nilfisk Compact C130.1-6 P X-tra 130bar Pressure Washer 1.7kW 240V
  8. I bought this Nilfisk a few weeks ago Nilfisk seem to have a good rep on the internet, karcher have come in for a bashing recently for premature failure. It's made a good job of the patio, and the car. Seems robustly built, the pressure is strong. One of the nozzles allows you to increase/decrease the pressure, in case you are worried about blasting your car tyres with a high pressure jet for instance.
  9. Don't forgot all the accountancy side of things as well, you will need to shoe horn time for that in somewhere
  10. I wanted answer because I feel I have something to offer on this. We record atmosphere every six minutes using data loggers when we have a boat in (which is most of the year). The equipment records and stores Relative humidity, air temp and surface temp on a tamper proof computer file. You have to be a bit techie minded to make sense of it all though! Effectively we have a detailed record of the atmosphere of our dock night and day all year round, including all the dewpoints, so we can see at a glance how the dock is performing. Exciting huh?! I can see you all glazing over. I
  11. ALDEBARAN all fine, I think the problem was further up
  12. Mike, I will be down there at 3pm today, I will have a look for you. Is Broadmoor Lock what I call Appletree Lock, by Ian Staples place?
  13. I searched my emails as soon as I read your post. You were sent an estimate for the work on the 6th of June 2014 from OBPCo, ref FIR1858. And I know you received it, because you replied to it.
  14. Morelli have a branch in Loughborough and they mix Mason's P-Type to order. Sit down before they tell you the rrp per litre though
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