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  1. They have reappeared today. Have been away in Poland for the month of August. Pity no mention on website or answer phone. Very frustrating.
  2. Has anyone been able to contact Viking Canal Boats recently. I’ve been trying for the last month or so but am not getting any responses to visits to there office, emails or phone calls.
  3. I paid £37 on the 5th November for 13kg down here in Essex.
  4. Thanks. Glad to hear you are on the case.
  5. Attached is a screen shot of yesterday’s emails and have had a further 10off this morning. Also getting normal posts coming through. Any ideas as to what is going on please?
  6. Has anyone a recommendation for a reasonably priced refractometer which they are happy with? Thanks in anticipation. Roger
  7. Same problem on our end cruiser stern Piper. May be brave and try Alan’s solution. Roger
  8. We were lucky to have bought our boat when Nottingham Boat Sales were still trading honestly at Castle Marina in 2013. They were in the process of moving when we left having completing our purchase. James Shakespeare, David’s brother, was dealing with us and all went smoothly for us. Hopefully he hasn’t been a party to the deception.
  9. Suggest you could try DW Mechanical Handling http://www.forkliftsharlow.co.uk/ based in Harlow. I have seen their van at Limehouse in the past.
  10. Thanks for your responses. I think it is polypropylene so I will just pressure wash as required. Roger
  11. Is there any recommendations for preserving buttons by the forum. Mine is of black rope construction and has cleaned up well after a jet wash and I was wondering if it was worth putting a preservative on it before putting it back?
  12. Would also highly recommend Beccy. She did our sign writing last year when we had “Dorinda” painted at Rose Narrowboats, Stretton Stop on North Oxford and they also did an excellent job.
  13. I would highly recommend Rose Narrowboats at Stretton Stop on the North Oxford from personnel experience. Price included sign writing and blacking. Fosse Way, Rugby CV23 0PU 01788 832449
  14. As bottle said "thousands" BUT a very competitive price compared to other quotes. Also we had an excellent result with very good customer service. Yes it was us. Glad that you were also pleased as well. Thanks for the link and a great improvement since we saw it when Paul was stripping it. Will do. Is that the time scale for such problems to manifest themselves?
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