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  1. You will find it was Whiton Marina shipping in East West Marine boats (the later ones were named Whilton Marine) - 39 foot and 44 foot boats fitted in containers, the 57 foot boats were bought over non containerised.
  2. The ultra low emission zone and other projects in London are completely useless until they sort out the river traffic .... https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/air-pollution-river-thames-boats-transport-shipping-ferries-nitrogen-dioxide-sadiq-khan-a8411561.html
  3. Still looks dreadful ..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Narrow-Boat-Canal-liveaboard-Dutch-Barge-Houseboat-ECO-ELECTRIC-Narrowboat-PX/123671401680?hash=item1ccb63d4d0:g:P0cAAOSwu3dbt0NF
  4. Cat litter can be messy to then clear up - I use nappies (cheapest from lidl or aldi) - great for soaking up quite large puddles from the bilge etc
  5. Our boat - a 1999 reeves, is zinc and 2 packed. This was after a survey in 2015 where some pitting was discovered. The pits were puddle welded and then the zinc/2 pack was applied. We have recently purchased an isolation transformer. As your hull is in good condition, an IT may be a better investment - assuming you are connected to a power supply, and you can take it with you to your next boat.
  6. we were there tuesday and he was sat watching that bowl with the gold fish in it - the food was excellent as per our previous experience. we ate in the other part of the pub so we weren't having to watch the dog ...
  7. apparently they are also free 'They are free to use and on people’s doorstep.' wonderful, i can cancel my direct debit
  8. Sounds like these two would not be able to direct traffic let alone anything else. Folks who have a vague idea of boating would be good, not walking the towpath once a day ... we have enough towpath experts already.
  9. We have a Kabola HR300 and it is superb .... We did not fit it though (and subsequently pay the huge price for it), it was already installed when we bought the boat.
  10. It's a real shame that the face of Leamington from the canal is not a good one. The council have apparently finally realised this and are threatening to try and protect the canal side from overdevelopment and hopefully will clean it up a bit. The rest of the town is very nice to visit (over the river Leam) - well worth a walk into if you get the chance.
  11. I wonder how long it will be before Parry gets out the poor pot and starts asking for donations .... perhaps he had better cancel the second round of new logo stickers !
  12. CV32

    Visa meltdown.

    Well ! 1/ Data integrity tests after migration (before go live of the new system) 2/ Transaction testing - all the functionality of the new platform. 3/ Transaction load testing (simulating thousands / millions of transactions per second if required) 4/ Interface testing - do the other systems talk and respond as expected with the transfer of data etc. One place i worked hosted the Nectar card ... remember the carnage of that launch. Site taken down on day one and for a few days. They had built and tested that for months but without SSL. Once the site went live with SSL it could not cope and many IT heads of the involved companies (BP, sainsbury's etc) arrived at the data centre and sat in the customer meeting room looking very unimpressed whilst the management tried to explain and suggest the solution Ultimately it was because they did not test in true production conditions.
  13. Whale gulper for us too - it washes the boat next to us nicely
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