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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. The plans look interesting but I can imagine if built, there will be lots of complaints about noisy and polluting boats and before you know it there will be lots of no mooring signs appearing.
  3. Problem is its still in Slough !
  4. It's just a drip 😜
  5. The country is full of selfish people who want to do whatever they want, that is not a boat and they should be made to remove it.
  6. They weren't fitted out in Ireland, they were constructed and built in China.(with UK sourced engines,gearbox,cookers etc) The smaller ones (39 foot and 44 foot) were then put into containers and returned from China. Whilton sold almost all of them.
  7. Wouldn't it be a good idea if they cleaned them as a matter of course after servicing or clearing blockages ? It might help people appreciate them more and attempt to keep them clean also .... obviously there are people out there who won't but perhaps for the others it might be a nicer experience
  8. What a sad state of affairs, a major bridge in the capital city is in such a bad condition that vehicles, pedestrians and now craft passing under are not allowed. What is the Mayor of London or the authority that is meant to maintain this bridge doing ?
  9. I'm surprised we are allowed to use the term in these days of PC twaddle and removing statues for the mob rule opinionista's
  10. I received the same email today - not been south of Whilton Marina since we bought GLAD in 2017 .... I have asked them to explain why they think we have been in London recently.
  11. We used Michael for our survey - the boat was at Whilton and the BSS related issues Michael highlighted were fixed before we completed purchase and collected the boat.
  12. In 2009 we paid 46,000 for a new East West from Whilton, they still achieve 42,000 to 46,000
  13. Have to say, never did Harecastle but did not have any issues in other tunnels or bridge holes with our east west.
  14. I owned one for three years and never had issue with it. It was our first boat and we were very happy with the fit out. The paint was not the best, that was the one thing that seems to let them down although most have probably had some paint work done on them by now. Never had an issue with the internal wood work, the bamboo was bullet proof and very hard wearing. Importantly, they still achieve near to their original price upon resale so all the naysayers out there were wrong with their initial negative comments on value and expected future value.
  15. You could install Firefox or Opera as alternative browsers - they may work and allow you to access most websites whilst you decide what to do next ...
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