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  1. CV32

    Dogs in pubs...again!

    we were there tuesday and he was sat watching that bowl with the gold fish in it - the food was excellent as per our previous experience. we ate in the other part of the pub so we weren't having to watch the dog ...
  2. apparently they are also free 'They are free to use and on people’s doorstep.' wonderful, i can cancel my direct debit
  3. Sounds like these two would not be able to direct traffic let alone anything else. Folks who have a vague idea of boating would be good, not walking the towpath once a day ... we have enough towpath experts already.
  4. CV32

    I’m chuffed

    Relative !
  5. CV32

    Webasto\Eberspacher 4 or 5 KW?

    We have a Kabola HR300 and it is superb .... We did not fit it though (and subsequently pay the huge price for it), it was already installed when we bought the boat.
  6. CV32

    Banbury to Leamington for a week

    It's a real shame that the face of Leamington from the canal is not a good one. The council have apparently finally realised this and are threatening to try and protect the canal side from overdevelopment and hopefully will clean it up a bit. The rest of the town is very nice to visit (over the river Leam) - well worth a walk into if you get the chance.
  7. CV32

    Leeds and Liverpool breached at Maghull

    I wonder how long it will be before Parry gets out the poor pot and starts asking for donations .... perhaps he had better cancel the second round of new logo stickers !
  8. This should be of some use
  9. CV32

    Visa meltdown.

    Well ! 1/ Data integrity tests after migration (before go live of the new system) 2/ Transaction testing - all the functionality of the new platform. 3/ Transaction load testing (simulating thousands / millions of transactions per second if required) 4/ Interface testing - do the other systems talk and respond as expected with the transfer of data etc. One place i worked hosted the Nectar card ... remember the carnage of that launch. Site taken down on day one and for a few days. They had built and tested that for months but without SSL. Once the site went live with SSL it could not cope and many IT heads of the involved companies (BP, sainsbury's etc) arrived at the data centre and sat in the customer meeting room looking very unimpressed whilst the management tried to explain and suggest the solution Ultimately it was because they did not test in true production conditions.
  10. CV32

    Shower drain pumps

    Whale gulper for us too - it washes the boat next to us nicely
  11. CV32

    Visa meltdown.

    Indeed Mike, but with proper testing they should not have had the issues they are still experiencing. Often down to over zealous project/programme managers who have no technical understanding whatsoever ignoring the old dinosaurs who inhabit the data centres and have seen it, broken it and got the T shirt I am now happily not in that world and feel much better for i lol ... redundancy of hardware or their skilled staff ? Both in most cases. I was made redundant last year and my job is now in the hands of the offshore 'experts' , much like BA's IT services.
  12. CV32

    Visa meltdown.

    Sounds familiar, I worked for a few large corporations over my IT career and not one of them had a full data centre failover test. Most just did bits and pieces because they knew doing it all would be a real disaster I am surprised a hardware failure cause this outage, large companies like Visa would have redundancy all the over the place - possibly very old infrastructure and no one brave enough to migrate to a new platform (bit like TSB, still suffering issue).
  13. CV32

    blue tooth not working

    I was going to suggest checking the device in regards to the driver - my sound often stops after windows update and i have to re apply a different driver to fix it. It's a real pain ... why can't things just work
  14. Yes, it did I have been called a gobshite etc for asking for the crime number .... the mouthy tossers can get on with it.
  15. CV32

    Variable Speed Limits , Another Shambles

    I think the 'Historical usage' numbers are worked out by Dianne Abbott and Amber Rudd, one can't count and the other can't remember !

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