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  1. Well, It was the marina who told me this - they had their 'known' examiner do the BSS and they are dealing with the repairs/amendments to get the BSS signed off. That is why i found this thread and added my question to it - for folks with more experience than myself to comment / offer advice.
  2. My boat recently failed its BSS because the examiner could not see the bulkhead fitting inside the cabin (as its panelled/tiled in behind the stove). We are now having to basically destroy some of the 21 year old panelling and tiles that are behind the stove to enable a visual inspection of the fitting. I am told this is a fairly recent amendment to the BSS and has come in since 2017 when our last examination was carried out. 7.8.3R Are all LPG pipe joints accessible for inspection and of the correct type? Rear of bulkhead fitting through forward cabin bulkhead not accessible (its behind the tiled stove hearth) - unable to verify condition of joint Is this something that others have experienced ?
  3. Looks very nice, can you give us a rough idea of the cost of the cratch cover and rear cover - just to give folks a comparison.
  4. He looks like a little boy with a bit of bum fluff on his chin, it's his girl friend I would be scared of ?
  5. They seem to have answered the 'where did you get your money from for your new boat' ish .... on their latest YouTube vlog
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. I would rather a nice bit of smoked bacon in some fresh crusty bread with a bit of tomato ketchup or brown sauce Gotta keep those tow pat.... cycle paths maintained !
  8. Puncture repair kits / high energy drinks for cyclists / maps of the cycleways (formerly tow paths) ...... and vegan rubbish / Mr Whippy ice cream ?
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. True, classy and stylish compared to the others.
  11. I think the programme proved money can't buy taste .... Horrid interior for likely dodgy rich owners with too much money to waste.
  12. Quite amazing that UK PLC can't afford to fix this when we are burning through 100BN plus for HS2, 18-20BN for Crossrail ..... a national embarrassment involving a beautiful bridge sadly no longer fit for purpose in terms of safety or capacity for that part of London. The government can afford to pay for replacement of duff cladding on privately owned buildings but not for a part of the infrastructure of the capital city.
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