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  1. I am thinking of saving a few quid at renewal time by declaring the length according to the waterline. Once you take the bow shape in to account we must be 2 feet shorter. If I take some ballast out of the rear the uxter plate would be clear of the water, that's another 3 feet. Which actually makes me 57' so I now fit in to the "go anywhere" category, which clearly isn't the case. The whole thing is a joke! (and I am a supporter of CRT).
  2. Maybe it was a radio controlled widebeam?
  3. Not until next year. I'm not sure if it is calculated on the beam at the waterline or the overall width though?
  4. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story 😉
  5. Perhaps it's time to be thinking about winter moorings.
  6. That's what the skipper told me.
  7. Thanks Pete. Interesting and somewhat definitive of the situation that appears to be repeating itself today, albeit for different reasons.
  8. Fact or fiction? That would be very odd because when we went through on Saturday there was somebody on board ABSUMUS (the raw water outlet was in full flow). The skipper of Tranquil Rose had guests that were destined for Warwick. I can't imagine the TR skipper would go to all the trouble and inconvenience of turning round and changing his itinerary for the sake of not asking the other boat to reverse back a bit.
  9. Where is Arm End Junction, is what we know as Gayton Junction today?
  10. I agree ... and there's plenty of time to enjoy that uniqueness while you turn the windlass 20 times per paddle.
  11. There does seem to be a lack of acknowledgement that the wide locks were built to allow a Motor and Butty pair travel through more efficiently than a narrow lock allows. From Wikipedia ".....although the Grand Union company had a number of broad boats built to take advantage of the improvements, they never really caught on and the canal continued to be operated largely by pairs of narrow boats, whose journeys were facilitated by the newly widened locks in which they could breast up." I would be interested in knowing more about these broad boats e.g. Who built them? Were they named? Have any survived?
  12. If the Government had not passed the Act of Parliament in 1929 to build wide locks (but not the widen the bridges or the cut) it wouldn't be.
  13. @Grahamnewman, remind me to discuss this with you next time I see you.
  14. That's the one... a friendly bunch.
  15. It was passable on Saturday when we went through at lunchtime. The latest chapter of the story is that one of the hotel boats (a regular between Napton and Warwick) could not get through the bridge. According to the Skipper they have never had a problem getting through before (12'6" widebeam). As a result they had to turnaround and take their guests to Wigrams Turn rather than Warwick. He wasn't sure if this was anything that CRT had done recently that caused the issue or longer term bridge subsidence problem. The saga continues...
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