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  1. All the above is good advice but I would add: Be very careful to tie up properly if you have to drain a lock on the Nene e.g. to let another boat down. The lock landings are not narrowboat friendly as they are short and allow the gunwales underneath the walkway. Do not try and "hover" in midstream while you are waiting as the currents are way beyond what a boat can overcome. How do I know? We didn't tie up and I have the paint damage to prove it.
  2. Ahhh.. you want a public confession! Yes, I have two stainless steel drip trays that hold the mats. I assure you they are shinier than the engine....
  3. I collect drips in the absorption mats between annual services, about 50ml per 400 hours (best guess).
  4. Why go grey? (The 2UC has since been replaced with a PRM500).
  5. Just what I wanted to read Dave having just moved two boats up Hatton today 😀
  6. If people realised the damage that can be caused by the metal washer at the base of the rubber tube style ones they wouldn't leave them down.
  7. Fresh water mussels on the shelf behind the bottom gate was the cause when I got stuck in there. They were removed with a long keb by C&RT Ops.
  8. Yep, still required at Crick.
  9. Just a gut feel but this type of response will almost certainly see this thread tumbling to the bottom of the postings list with no further assistance being offered by members. Perhaps you would be better served by a mobile engineer that can visit your boat and advise (and bill) you accordingly based on their "expert" advice. Worth bearing in mind that the good ones are always fully booked so you may have to wait a while though.
  10. It may have something to do with the "modern" customer buying a "modern" boat demanding the same "modern" appliances that they have/had at home.
  11. In November 1992 the steel for my 62' trad cost £2708.55 + VAT which would be £5900 + VAT at todays prices.
  12. @Halsey did you sell your spare?
  13. My mistake, the description doesn't really follow standard convention for this type of crimp. The 10mm, in this case, is the length of the conductor.
  14. 10mm on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/112382849258?chn=ps They probably sell small files too .... 😉
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