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  1. GRLMK38

    star class boat Pegasus

    Presumably the "authority" (or the company contracted to do the work) will seek costs of removal from the owner. If that's not possible it will be sold to pay the bill.
  2. GRLMK38

    Brick attack on the Macc

    I think you should report it on 101. What if they hit the next kayaker?
  3. GRLMK38

    Morris Morendo Diesel Fuel Treatment

    So the "modern" is now history? Any plans to go to the Gardner rally at Etruria in September?
  4. GRLMK38

    Morris Morendo Diesel Fuel Treatment

    Mark, We use Morris SAE30 and add Fuel Set in the diesel. Touch wood, we have had no issues for the last two years using this approach.
  5. GRLMK38

    Heating oil, kerosene urgent info needed

    Great news.. you will also find them competitive for bulk as they check their prices against the likes of Boiler Juice etc. Good luck and check the fire escape is not locked!
  6. GRLMK38

    Heating oil, kerosene urgent info needed

    About 35 minutes from MK .... http://www.conquestoil.co.uk/domestic/kerobox.htm
  7. GRLMK38

    Number of people

    Have you considered purchasing a pre-1998 boat? The only thing you have to worry about then is the wording of your insurance policy. Ours makes no reference to the number of people on-board but it does state that the owner shall apply due care and diligence.
  8. GRLMK38

    Crick Boat Show

    You may want to try Bed & Breakfast - possibly better value for money? If you broaden your search to include West Haddon you will find a number of farmer (or farmer's wife) run places. Much nicer than Holiday Inn or Travelodge. Tripadvisor lists them.... If they don't do half board then there is hot food at the show (limited to your usual mobile catering fayre) or in Crick village.
  9. GRLMK38

    Rent a canal houseboat

    I would suggest you seek advice from a qualified legal person that has an obligation to provide you with professional advice. I would be seeking clarification that the Licensor has all the pre-requisites in place to make this a legitimate rent e.g. correct licence, insurance, entitlement to moor, boat safety etc. and how he/she will indemnify you for any failings in these areas. If you are potentially contracting to spend a minimum of 6 months x £1250 (by invoking the get out clause), a couple of hours of legal advice might be good value. + all of the above stated by Alan
  10. GRLMK38

    Three men in a boat

    Well thank you Sir
  11. GRLMK38

    Three men in a boat

    Likely to be CRT contractors electro fishing to remove Zander.
  12. A quick and easy option (but not necessarily the best) is Flash Floor Cleaner diluted in half the recommended amount of water. Apply using a hand sprayer but bear in mind it is water based so you will need to dry and protect anything that will rust. For heavy dirt, paraffin is good.
  13. GRLMK38

    Pigeon/Dog box finish

    This good stuff. Easy to apply and doesn't crack or fade. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00JPG1Q5S/ref=pe_385721_139953871_TE_3p_dp_1
  14. GRLMK38

    NASA BM2 Settings.

    I recently bought one of these. It will do SG and antifreeze %... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01IVQBQ7A/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The only thing to bear in mind is that you will have to put a drop of battery acid on the test plate. You may or may not see this as a safety issue.
  15. GRLMK38

    Batteries & charging

    That will be the fridge cooling down due to the heat of the dryer, perfectly logical