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  1. GRLMK38

    Samofa 2-S-108

    Nice. I like the use of rigid copper throughout in preference to flexi-hose despite the extra work involved.
  2. GRLMK38

    Settings for Tracer MPPT with 4 x Trojan T105

    "... would be worth posting" i.e. to get an opinion. They have helped me in the past and were right. I'll leave it with you.
  3. GRLMK38

    Settings for Tracer MPPT with 4 x Trojan T105

    If you are on Facebook it would also be worth posting the same question in the "12 volt boating" group. The two main guys are very well informed and straight talking.
  4. GRLMK38

    From inside Braunston Tunnel

    @MJG you may well be right about the technical aspects. I was merely pointing out that there is an artistic element and a technical element and as part of a discussion forum we are free to explore both aspects. That's the great thing about "canalers", lot's of people from many different backgrounds with many different experiences and opinions (and everyone of them right!) To be fair to the photographer, the boats were moving and he had never been through Braunston tunnel before so had no idea of light levels etc.
  5. GRLMK38

    From inside Braunston Tunnel

    It's Will Hewitt
  6. GRLMK38

    From inside Braunston Tunnel

    Agreed - I have never seen anything similar so my post was about the "art" rather than f this, 35mm that, my giga pixels are bigger than your mega pixels, 1 stop here, 1/2 stop there and uv filter just in case and oh, now what did I do with the tripod? More than happy to see how it should be done from the more expert photographers amongst us? Does anyone have any shots from inside the tunnel to compare this one to?
  7. GRLMK38

    From inside Braunston Tunnel

    The lack of definition is most likely to be the fact that this image was downsized to be uploaded to Facebook and is displayed in large format in this post.
  8. If you were in Braunston today you may have seen Nutfield and Raymond heading towards Norton Junction with a group of 25 enthusiastic photographers. I thought you might be interested in this photograph which was one of many taken during the trip. It was taken by David Pond so please respect his rights as the owner of the picture. If you are a member of a photography club and would like Friends of Raymond to host you for the day please contact treasurer@friendsofraymond.org.uk for more details.
  9. GRLMK38

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Heading for the Crick Show I think. Pretty sure I saw it on the list of historic boats attending.
  10. GRLMK38

    TV ariels

    It offers me Trent Falls, Keadby Junction, Dukinfield Junction, Salterhebble Junction or Swale Nab as the end of the journey because the limit is 61ft 6in. Thorne Lock is stated as 61ft 8in so Canalplan says No. Is it correct?
  11. GRLMK38

    Making lock gates

    Perhaps future episodes can be filmed with an installation team and another with Vlockies? .... and there is a distinct lack of a Gardner in the engine series, although I accept that they don't have the "drama" that some vintage engines do. In fact come to think about it they probably have less drama than a modern japanese lump.
  12. GRLMK38

    TV ariels

    Canalplan agrees with you
  13. GRLMK38

    TV ariels

    I have no idea, never been to either (yet). I seem to remember it was fine in Sharpness which is not too far from Bristol. Can we get to York in a 62fter? Apparently we can but it will take 24 days....
  14. GRLMK38

    TV ariels

    Agreed - it's good in the right situation but it's not the panacea. Crick = all the channels including HD Braunston = hit and miss Norton Junction = generally ITV stations only and some confusion over whether it will tune to West Midlands or Sandy Heath. For all other weak signal areas, it's the radio. Jo Whiley at 8pm is preferable to most TV at that time in my opinion.
  15. GRLMK38

    TV ariels

    I have had limited success with a signal strength meter attached to a Moonraker so I now prefer this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.esys.dvbtuk The best feature for me is the "as the crow flies" direction from my location to the mast using satellite mapping it provides. It tells me exactly which tree to aim at and it's free.

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