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  1. Thanks @NB Esk - that makes sense. I hadn't appreciated the need for pre-heating the whole thing rather than the norm of creating a local hotspot where the weld is taking place. Every day's a school day....
  2. Can you explain what is happening in Pic 2 please? I'm assuming you haven't been photo bombed by a summer BBQ......
  3. Try the CRT offices at Hatton Locks. The train between Lapworth and Hatton or Warwick Parkway makes it virtually next door. It's all on this page https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/boating-services/water-points-and-sewage-disposal
  4. True - my point was in relation for a replacement for under £1000 on the basis I thought they more. Their relay and alternator pricing is certainly less than a supplier I have used in the past. Presumably they could have tested the blower on the bench? They are after all an Eberspacher agent.
  5. Useful to know. Good to hear it's resolved - pricing looks competitive too.
  6. "Canal Market Place" on Facebook has photos. I hope the owner gets the help they need to get it refloated.
  7. Try these guys http://boatingleisureservices.com/services
  8. I recently tried WD40 Degreaser (one of their newer products). It did the job, but so did paraffin the previous time. I would always opt for solvent based products because I can't comprehend covering the engine in water based products, surely it creates rust? I can't comment on whether anything is compatible with painting as this is a "dark art". I'm sure the painting experts will be along shortly to offer their advice.
  9. I think "expert" salespeople and naive buyers have a lot to do with it. Wow...it's got a "dream kitchen" and "dream wardrobes" let's not worry about the fact it has a 4mm baseplate.
  10. Just a reminder that Watford Locks opening hours change from tomorrow morning September 30th. Hours are 08.00 - 17.00 (Last boat in 16.15) The flight is locked outside of these hours.
  11. I think the 3D printed versions are still at the prototype stage.
  12. ..... or switching to kerosene.
  13. About 40p per litre (in favour of heating oil) 😉 Somebody will be along with a technical answer but diesel and kerosene (heating oil) are different products.
  14. Which as a Roving Trader I'm perfectly entitled to do...
  15. Apparently it can take years to remove traces of red from tanks so the transition period could be a long one.
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