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  1. More admin for business owners!
  2. GRLMK38

    Marine VHF Frequencies Change 1/1/19

    Thanks Alan. Do you know if this means that radio firmware will need to be updated?
  3. Surely the words "for the purposes of propelling private pleasure craft" are key here? So I don't see how white diesel can be considered taking in to account the needs of commercial craft* and non-propulsion uses on all crafts. On that basis I can only see that red diesel with duty on the propulsion part being the only viable option moving forward. Will Brexit help clarify the situation ... who knows? *This includes CRT registered boats that are not on a Standard Licence.
  4. GRLMK38

    What paint is this?

    I was advised by Phil to use a high gloss between the undercoat and raddle. This provides the best weatherproofing and when it comes to maintaining the raddle you only rub down until you see the gloss. That way you don't compromise the undercoat and primer layers. In my case I used the same colour as the handrails so there is a consistent seal from side to side. I would suggest caution when using the Craftmaster quantity calculator. I have 2.5l of undercoat, gloss and raddle left over that is enough for another roof repaint in the future. It suggests approximately double the quantity actually used (and that's be generous with the paint). Red lead is still available but it's expensive http://www.traditionalboatsupplies.com/consumables/leadbasedproducts/red-lead-paint
  5. GRLMK38

    Etruria last Saturday

    You appear to have caught me polishing brass, that makes it a very rare picture indeed. I was shamed in to it ....
  6. GRLMK38

    Electrolux Travelpower.

    Apologies, been offline heading for Stoke. Thanks @WhiteSuit I don't doubt it needs a service but for the purposes of this trip we now have a working hairdryer for the "captain" (and a coffee machine for me). It fired up in a matter of seconds this morning when cruising so pulley revs at idle are presumably a tad low. When I have some time I will work out the generator rpm at idle/cruising revs to get a baseline and get it looked at. @mrsmelly is Ed Shiers aka Four Counties Marine?
  7. GRLMK38

    Electrolux Travelpower.

    My travel power failed this weekend. No matter how long I left it to power up at increased revs etc. it would not activate so I thought on my way through Atherstone I thought I would drop in to Cox Automotive. Before setting off I thought "why not check the brushes myself?" It's as simple as removing two cross head screws. Once the plastic carrier was removed I discovered the brushes were still 10-12mm long but there was heavy black dust deposits and fluff. Once removed with cotton buds and solvent and reassembled it initialised within 2 minutes (much quicker than anytime in the last two years). Well worth a try and I will keep Cox's in mind if the failure is ever more serious.
  8. GRLMK38

    Stove Paint

    As above but if you really want paint then Wilko seems to have a good competitive offer, or Vitcas Online for a higher spec option. https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/wilko-bbq-woodstove-matt-spray-paint-black-400ml/p/0413886 https://shop.vitcas.com/vitcas-heat-resistant-paint-high-temperature-paint-spray-black-526-p-asp.html
  9. GRLMK38

    Boutique Narrowboats - any reviews?

    When are you planning your trip? Watford Locks is closed for most of November and half of December (subject to final confirmation by CRT).
  10. GRLMK38

    150th Anniversary

    Looking forward to it ....
  11. GRLMK38

    150th Anniversary

    We will be setting off this weekend. How many boats are registered?
  12. The Stovax Brunel 1A is worth a look. I have just swapped out our 25 year old one due to a top plate crack. It will have the top plate replaced and then be fully refurbished as a spare because all the other castings are still in excellent condition. The crack was caused by a rope failure which allowed the top and side to "corrode weld" together.
  13. GRLMK38

    License for Grand Union

    When you say Crick, do you mean Crick Marina? Have you spoken with them about availability of moorings already? If not, you might want to talk to the office sooner rather than later. It is likely to be full over the winter months.
  14. GRLMK38

    Does Apolloduck have technical issues today?

    Good to hear you're well..
  15. GRLMK38

    Does Apolloduck have technical issues today?

    Just seen the ad - you ok?

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