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  1. It was good to "bump" in to you and B...... + Beaulieu + Renfrew
  2. These guys only offer one option which might narrow it down a bit for you. https://gardnerspares.com/shop/uncategorised/exol-meg-antifreeze-20-litres-ready-to-use/
  3. This may explain why you can't see out of the windows. As ABNB has explained elsewhere outside of this forum, it's a method they use to reduce shadows and contrast for their interior shots. It's a professional photography technique, nothing to do with creating a false impression. [Photo credit: ABNB].
  4. There is work going on this week to remove safety fencing and other related 'stuff', this would suggest that things are going to plan. If you use social media, @WatfordLocks on Twitter may be a useful source of updates.
  5. A reminder that Watford remains closed until Saturday 26th Feb. Hours will be 09:30 - 15:30 (last boat is 14:45) until the end of March.
  6. The leak between Lock 6 and 7 was fixed during the last stoppage by installing a new clapper post i.e. the post that the top gate of Lock 6 closes up against, so that is no longer an issue. The erosion of the bank alongside Lock 3 (the main reason for the last stoppage) was due to an unused culvert being damaged by water entering the lock from the (red) paddle. The culvert and surrounding floor area has now been fully bricked up and the cavities filled. The current stoppage involves the regular routine maintenance work i.e. gate replacements, grouting and ladder maintenance. As MP states, the side ponds have more than enough capacity to keep the flight operating.
  7. There are loads of capable brokers, some of which specialise in vintage engined traditional style boats. Where are you?
  8. What is behind the small circular covers towards the top?
  9. Worth a taking a look at Maritime & Coastguard Agency document MGN629 - Part 3 Section 3.10.
  10. @sarahavfc at Glascote would be a good starting point.....
  11. It was a test to see who actually reads it 👍
  12. Interesting, do you have any more information, photos, dates etc.?
  13. Try Northwich Dry Dock http://www.northwichdrydock.com/
  14. You need the diagnostic cable or someone with one, this allows you to drive the pump independently to prime it. I'm not sure where you are these days but Lee at Days Afloat can do this if you're in the Braunston to Leicester corridor.
  15. That will be Lee. https://www.daysafloat.co.uk/index.php/contact-us/
  16. In this case the 3/4" BSP male fitting was missing leaving a 3/4" BSP female. I used a combination of bends/couplings from the other tap to fix it. The remaining broken one needs a replacement directional valve ...... anyway, back to the OP.
  17. Good to know that one is still working. Last Thursday morning I had to "borrow" parts from the other broken one so there was at least one working . CRT NW and WM team are aware.
  18. Being unfamiliar with the area, I'm looking for recommendations for boat docking (V-hull springer), possible remedial welding and plating work to the counter side plate and uxter plate plus a blacking service while it's out (i.e. a single docking charge) on the GU between Cowroast and Cowley (boat is heading South). Equally if there are any "avoids" it would be useful to know (PM me if you would prefer not to comment publicly)
  19. @Grahamnewman I passed through an hour ago. I would treat it as "limited access" at this stage, it could change at any time.
  20. Despite various definitions, opinions etc. the true answer is actually whatever the surveyor defines in their scope of work and terms and conditions. It's down to the client to decide whether the scope is sufficient for their needs.
  21. Agreed, that is certainly the approach taken by all the surveyors I have worked with. However, the evidence will be interesting... I'm always happy to improve my knowledge based on supportable facts.
  22. Says who? IIMS, YDSA, Society of Armchair Surveyors?
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