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  1. Being unfamiliar with the area, I'm looking for recommendations for boat docking (V-hull springer), possible remedial welding and plating work to the counter side plate and uxter plate plus a blacking service while it's out (i.e. a single docking charge) on the GU between Cowroast and Cowley (boat is heading South). Equally if there are any "avoids" it would be useful to know (PM me if you would prefer not to comment publicly)
  2. @Grahamnewman I passed through an hour ago. I would treat it as "limited access" at this stage, it could change at any time.
  3. Despite various definitions, opinions etc. the true answer is actually whatever the surveyor defines in their scope of work and terms and conditions. It's down to the client to decide whether the scope is sufficient for their needs.
  4. Agreed, that is certainly the approach taken by all the surveyors I have worked with. However, the evidence will be interesting... I'm always happy to improve my knowledge based on supportable facts.
  5. Says who? IIMS, YDSA, Society of Armchair Surveyors?
  6. They should do both because the cabin top and engine bilge is part of the hull.
  7. I get frustrated by Apollo Duck adverts appearing when the boats status is changed to sold or sale agreed (without the updated headline) but I know the brokers do it to attract attention "look I've sold another one". I sent a request to Apollo Duck to add a search filter based on "For Sale", "Sale Agreed" etc. I wasn't expecting a reply and so far they have met my expectations.
  8. By all means call him but I think you'll find he has retired. You could try Justin Green (JG Marine), Charles King (Monarch Marine) or Mike Chadwick. Google will get you to all three.
  9. Matty's right but "should" is not always the case. Ultimately the "10%" and "walk away" caveats will come down the term and conditions you agree with the seller. It is really important to read these terms (and when you have read them, read them again!) before committing to anything, especially handing over cash. Head must rule heart in this situation. If in doubt, ask somebody with contractual experience. It's not just the deposit at risk here, you are likely to spend a not insignificant sum on the survey so getting it wrong is not a nice start to your boating experience.
  10. Start with these guys https://britishmarine.co.uk/ and these guys too ..... https://www.rya.org.uk/ and don't forget the most important https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-revenue-customs
  11. Try this https://indigodream.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/technical-isuzu-42-servicing-info/ various part numbers quoted for the air filter. The Fram appears to be readily available. I can't take any credit for this, it's the 2nd link in Google when you search for 100066-4LS
  12. I was told by a reputable marine engineer that routine servicing can cause more problems as they are quite precise in their assembly. Long runs with good fuel is as good as any service from what I understand. Cycling is the problem, made worse by thermostatic controllers. On/Off with a 1 hour countdown is my approach.
  13. The OP has not specified which areas are to be tested but it's true that they perform well on a relatively flat painted surface but even the good ones are fussy on corroded steel e.g. narrowboat bottom plates. Spot grinding is sometimes the only option.
  14. In the case I'm referring to there was a need to move the fuel pump, which involved copper work. Only you know what you are confident in taking on yourself.
  15. It doesn't sound as if you do. To give you a rough idea, I am aware of a Webasto Top C being replaced with a new Eberspacher Hydronic S3 D4 12V Kit. The kit was £1350 from Midland Chandlers and a local engineer charged £350 to remove the old one, replace and test the new one. For the same work, another "provider" quoted nearly £3k.
  16. Yes, the Angling Trust is very strong and represents anglers well. You are exactly right about the second homes situation. Can you imagine the public reaction if boats had free movement but caravans didn't? We would be stoned at every bridge (rather than just some of them!) Enjoy your boating, you've waited long enough....
  17. The daft thing about the current situation is that it would be totally legitimate for you to take some fishing tackle and night fish next to your boat (providing of course you have the correct licences, permissions etc. and it's not a river affected by the closed season).
  18. That's good value! Some charge that (and more) per day down here....
  19. Try the folks at Northwich Dry Dock. If they can't do, they will know someone who can. http://www.northwichdrydock.com/contact/ P.S. I wouldn't put them in the average narrowboat marina category though.
  20. My system has 1 rad that you can't turn off (for safety reasons), the rest are on thermo valves and get turned off in the summer. I was told recently by a marine engineer that he got called to a boat with a failed Eberspacher. It turn out to be an empty diesel tank. The owner had no idea about the need for diesel, he thought it ran on batteries because he could hear the fan running all the time.
  21. The steerer will need the other 7 to do the "left hand down a bit....."
  22. A useful perk... At £500 per week, for me it works out at £8/ft. Then there is £1/ft for paint. That puts it at the same price as I pay for an equivalent blacking service with a credible boatyard. Good ROI for the canal society though with an annual income at c.£25000.
  23. I think that is a standard request by any surveyor, whether it gets actioned by the vendor or broker is another matter.
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