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  1. I think you now have to move forward and not dwell on things. 'Plenty more boats in the sea etc'. You have alot more inside information gained from the advice given and that will help if you decide to continue your search. I really hope you do. There are a number of things I would have different on my boat but it's a life I wouldn't change. Think of this as the end of page 1.
  2. Take a breath! We had the same dilemma a few years ago. Our surveyor advised that if nothing untoward showed up on the survey then not to worry. As others have said as long as you keep an eye on everything and keep on top of all the jobs required just try to enjoy it but if it really feels wrong for you then if you can withdraw from the sale. You normally get this feeling after the sale! Only joking. The boat looks very nice and cosy though, I wish you well.
  3. Thanks everyone for so much info. There's alot to think about. Our water is currently stored in the front part of the boat. We had it cleaned and repainted last year and now it needs doing again! We do have space under the floor of the cratch area & a neighbour suggested a tek tank (unsure of spelling). I guess they've all got pro's & cons especially the fact that the bladders can snag on the sides. Thanks again.
  4. Hi Everyone We're thinking of getting a quote for either a plastic tank or a water bladder for our fresh water. If anyone has any advice on the subject please reply. Many thanks
  5. Hi Our BSC is up for renewal & we are currently on the Caldon Canal. Can anyone suggest a surveyor for the Stoke area that they have some dealings with, Good ones I hope? Thanks
  6. Can anyone suggest a good mobile engineer that could come & advise us of a problem we might have with our stern tube? We are in the Burton On Trent area. Many thanks Sue
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. When I got the boat It struck me that I had taken on something huge! but when I`m out with her my stresses fade away & I`m lost in the inner peace that I feel. How lucky are we to expererience this!! Sue Does anyone feel the same?
  9. I obviously have given the impression of whatever happens - happens! This is not the case. I will endeavour to avoid ANY sort of contact and merely wanted advice. Sue
  10. Thanks everyone. Will keep everything crossed as I hope to `venture out` this weekend. Will take `on board` all of your advice. Using the ropes I think will be the key. They do say it`s a contact sport don`t they. One way to introduce myself to the neighbours I suppose. Sue
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. That was my plan originally but was concerned that I would have complaints from `neighbours` as the jetties are not quite 40ft, my boat is! I think it worked by chance only but had asked one of the marina chaps to help (this advice was suggested from one of my neighbours) got a very strange response so decided to have a go alone, doing that alot lately!
  13. You have hit the nail......... I did have to turn her last week so she was nose first but it was driving me crazy, in the end I used the centre line and then had some help with the stern line. Want to take her out at the weekend but feel that I am now at the mercy of the weather. Thanks for your help! Sue
  14. Many thanks to you all - I guess it really helps just knowing that it`s not that easy for the professionals either. Looking a pratt is something I`m getting used to, although (forgive me ladies!) I think it is expected as the norm for us females not to quite get things right. I will continue to `have a go` or how else am I going to get it right! Sue
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