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  1. Is this connected to the pressured change when going into neutral, if only briefly, when changing gear. On my hydraulic gearbox the pressure drops from around 275 psi in gear to 50 psi in neutral. This I understand was only introduced by prm in 2010.
  2. I will be using a 1/2 inch brush. I will stir it a lot more. Is it a good idea to put a coat of plain Raddle on top after you've got the texture right?
  3. I don't really have an issue with it but the gunnels are textured and give that extra grip. Just thought it would be a good idea.........
  4. Yep, I wondered if I hadn't stirred it enough. I'll try that. I have seen a couple of boats with textured roofs that looked really good which is what gave me the idea.
  5. As someone who walks on the roof of the boat to get in and out of locks I thought it would be a good idea to use a textured paint when I did the roof. I have got some Craftmaster textured deck paint which appears to have a fine material in it. I have tried a sample patch on the roof and it doesn't look too good. Some parts are fine but others seem too textured. Am I being too optomistic? Is this one of those jobs I should have left to a professional and just used ordinary Raddle red? Has anyone any expert advice to help me do a better job. If you have used Craftmaster textured deck paint on the roof and it turned out alright what are the tricks of the trade.
  6. Thanks for that confirmation. Maybe the dementia isn't progressing as fast as I thought. The problem with reading books is you often think that's really interesting and then six months later have no idea where you read it or if you are misremembering. Any votes for returning to that system, just for the W&B, maybe starting on the 1st of April.
  7. I was asked today why boats pass each other on the right. This made me think I once read of a canal that had the opposite rule, historically, of passing on the left. Have I made this up? The Worcester and Birmingham came to mind for some reason. I'm probably making it up but don't mock its my age.
  8. That's sort of it. We don't end up with an argument more of a "your better at it than I am, you do it" I'm sure if I wasn't there and she had someone else to show her she would do far better. That was certainly the case when she came to an outdoor centre I worked at in a previous life. I think your right. Although funnily enough I did teach the kids to drive but they refused, point blank, to go out with their mum.
  9. I want the qualification for the insurance but we mainly want the training to give my OH more confidence. Try telling that to my OH!
  10. I've been using trad controls for a lot longer than three years. I think you have misunderstood my post. Thanks for all the replies. I think it went off topic from the start which always seems to happen. If anyone knows of an instructor who can use trad controls then please dm me.
  11. We have had the boat for three years and have lived on it for most of that time, experience is not what I'm after.
  12. I agree that trad controls are more sensitive especially with a large prop. Getting used to the prop effect allows you to control mooring and entering locks but it doesn't always work. Also the ability to go quickly into reverse with a hydraulic gearbox can be a great help in an emergency. I am sure we would learn a lot of other things from using a trainers boat. However I need the trainer to use our boat to give my OH the confidence to steer our boat on her own. We have a Gardner 2LW by the way and I love how it sounds, sorry. So true, especially the emergency stop, don't ask me how I know that.......
  13. No but you are. You didn't read my original post where I said I had a boat with a trad stern and speed controls.
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