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  1. That's what we thought but he originally applied for three properties. This was turned down but he did get permission for two. The plot is 50m by 20m on one side and 10m on the other so sort of triangular in shape. It originally had a small bungalow on it so they built houses with the upstairs in the roof. Still three bedrooms but technically still bungalows apparently.
  2. If you could get planning provisional permission from the local council for a couple of properties then the maths is simple. A builder built two large houses on a similar sized plot in our village. He paid 100,000 for the land and told us each house was about 200,000 to build. They sold for 450,000 each. Not a bad profit for two years work.
  3. Field Studies have a composting toilet at one of their centres I worked at in the last century. It produced a large amount of compost out the back of the shed it was in. They were able to leave it to compost naturally over a long time before bagging it and spreading it on the garden. Worked well as far as I remember.
  4. He suffers from bipolar so you have to admire his bravery or stupidity to agree to appear on the program.
  5. They double bag it and put in the CRT bins.
  6. The handler was on foot so this made it unlikely he could get to the fox before the pack but it could be possible.
  7. I think in Sweden the right to roam is up to but not over 100m from a residence which covers gardens around big or small estates. In Suffolk the local hunt has overcome this small problem. They go for a run with their dogs after a dragged scent. If they disturb a fox (as if) then no problem they have a man with an Eagle Owl who will dispatch the fox. I had a chat with him and he assured me his owl was perfectly capable of killing a fox. I asked him if it had ever been needed to kill said fox, "er no" . It was a magnificent animal and the thought of throwing it into a pack of dogs who had just caught a fox to dispatch said fox struck me as unlikely!
  8. Trouble with that is the fox hasn't been told that and the hunt follows them. We only had a few hundred acres and so weren't consulted. Only an irritation but they certainly did more damage than any walkers could ever do.
  9. Just to add another aspect to idiots wandering through heavily managed farmland it seems odd that the local hunt is allowed to do it with immunity but a few harmless walkers cannot. We lost several pets to the hounds and had crops flattened and fences damaged by the horses.
  10. It says in the description it was designed for coastal travel. A 36" prop might dig in a bit on the canals.
  11. This has got to be a snip at £84k. I'm tempted..... Not. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STEAM-POWERED-COAL-FIRED-NARROW-BOAT-65ft-cheshire/184114550444?ul_ref=https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F184114550444&rvr_id=0&rvr_ts=b03f4d9816f0ac3cc73399d2fff70e32&ul_noapp=true&pageci=50a529f9-527b-43ee-b7b0-2c7d4ee58d09&redirect=mobile
  12. Having digested all of the above comments, so to speak, I have formulated some explanation for the behavior of my system. I think the blue the previous owner used killed everything and so no gasses were produced and there were no smells to start with . I stopped using blue after about six months and changed over to Silky but it seems the transition can take longer than I thought. If there is still blue in the system killing the bacteria, but not all of them, leading to some fermentation of the waste and some gas production which is venting along the pipe from the waste tank to the toilet. The non return valve is probably there to prevent the back flow of liquids but not gases. Hopefully with each new pump out the gas production will get less and less as a finally get rid of the last of the blue.
  13. Ah yes well. Exactly. No the comment was to illustrate the anomaly between the smell before and after. Using blue no smell from toilet but waste tank very smelly. Using no blue toilet smelly but waste tank not so smelly. That's what I don't understand. ?
  14. Yep the smell is now much improved if you see what I mean. However it's not the smell that bothers me but the fact it comes out the toilet. This didn't happen when I was using the last of the blue stuff yet when I did a pump out the contents were rank. That's Friday, I'll get back to you.
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