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  1. Yep. Sorry got to go as we are on the move. Back in a couple of hours.
  2. Had a word with an electrician yesterday and have arranged for him to come and look at my system. You hit the nail on the head there Tony. I am out of my comfort zone here. I understand the advice being given and once someone shows me what to do I am fine but have limited knowledge of the systems on a narrowboat.
  3. Soryy for being ambiguous. The generator is a beta marine installed one.
  4. Thanks again Tony The charger is a MasterVolt combi 2500. So it could well be a split charger. Having talked to someone else about this they suggested that the generator could be charging the starter battery. Do they do this or just provide the 240v supply? If so that could account for the 14.4v.
  5. I have AGM batteries which are supposed to float at 13.8v I think. I wondered if the going to float too soon was the problem also
  6. I need to have an electrician look at this as I am not sure how to find out what set up I have. But thanks I now know what to ask and understand the effects.
  7. OK. Still getting a reading of 14.4 to the starter and 13.8 to the domestic Bank. The monitor shows 31amps. Does this mean it is 14.4 for both? Shouldn't it automatically change over at some point?
  8. I have just looked at the dip switches and they are bloody small but I think they are set for fixed float at 13. 8v. I have switched everything off and I am waiting for the mass combi to cool down and then I will change the dip switch. Why they were set like this I don't know unless the original owners were in a marina and plugged in all the time?
  9. I have been looking in the manual and you can set the dip switches to give a constant float of 13.8v I wonder if this is the setting I have. Why would they be set like that? Is it easy to check the dip switches and if they are set up like that can I just change them?
  10. I have just looked at the batteries this morning. They were at 12.4! I have put the generator on to charge them and I don't know why but I hadn't noticed this before. The starter battery is being charged at 14.2v but the home bank is being charged at 13.8v. The starter battery was at 12.8v this morning so didn't need to be charged really. I am know seriously worried that this has been the problem all along. Does anyone know what I should do to correct this?
  11. As it happens .. no. I will try this next time....... Thanks.
  12. Yes I read that. Before we had the new batteries that is what we got. How do you do a factory reset? The charger is showing the third and then the fourth LED. So both are absorption. I have got it to the first float LED a couple of weeks ago but that took about 8 hours and for half of that it was showing less than 10amps and 100% (I know)
  13. The manual for the mastervolt reads as if all is preset with dip switches. I don't see how to change the charging voltage. Could the charger be using the float voltage? The manual is here https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.mastervolt.com/products/mass-combi-12v/mass-combi-12-2500-100-230-v/&ved=2ahUKEwiFvvXDt-biAhVTtnEKHctfC2EQFjAAegQIAxAB&usg=AOvVaw1Jdam_DAACcxzSTqFAve8k&cshid=1560428104826 I will check the charging voltage with the supplier
  14. This morning the monitor read : 95% 85ah used 12.49v I switched everything off and waited about ten minutes and the voltage read 12.61v The toilet is still working today! I've got the mastervolt 12 / 2500 100 combi and the masterlink BTM III Thanks for everyone's help so far.
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