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  1. I used to take groups of students around Gales brewer in Horndean to learn about the use of enzymes and stuff in the production of beer. Seem to remember they also brewed Carlsberg as they always had spare capacity and liked to take advantage of the popularity of lager. So I suspect its made all over the place, after all one of the yeasts used in making beer and lager is called Saccharomyces carlsbergensis
  2. Agree they are excellent chips, if you don't mind the queue. The Dunwich beach chip shop is also excellent but the nearly best is the one in Aldeburgh high Street. The best was the pub in our village until they moved back to Ireland, cooked in goose fat.
  3. Got a Whale Gulper............ Sorted
  4. Which valve? The base of the shower is clear. The pipe leaving the shower is clear and the pipe leaving the boat is clear. The pump worked today fine. Pumped out the water and you could see it exiting the boat really well. What's bugging me is on three occasions over the past couple of months it has not worked at all, like last week, then it does work, like today. Maybe I'll just get one of them.... 😁
  5. It's a Johnson pump. Viking power 16. Do you mean the tricuspid valve on the exit pipe? It was clear.
  6. My shower pump stopped working. It vibrates but the shower was like a paddling pool. Thought the pipe might be blocked so checked that but no. So got the pump out and checked it was not blocked. Looked at the diaphragm which was not split. Put it all back and the pump worked. Great.... Job done. Then used the shower a few days later and same problem it vibrates but doesn't pump. It looks like the water is just moving up and down the plpe about an inch. Decided I need a new pump. Used it today and it bloody works! Twice. So can anyone suggest why it is taunting me like this.
  7. I thought I had a leak in my 2LW water pump so got a refurb kit from Walshs for £80. When we took it off it turned out the leak was coming from the drive shaft archimedies screw. Cleaned it and put it all back and problem solved. As we hadn't used any of the kit I asked Walshs for a refund but they don't do them. So if anyone would like an unused gasket and bearing kit then I will accept sensible offers.
  8. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Visbella-Filling-Reinforcing-Adhesive-Porcelain/dp/B07FDPXHWW/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1549570552&sr=8-6&keywords=Visbella This stuff looks interesting. Claims you can drill it and sand it. I have got some but haven't used it yet. Anyone know if it works.
  9. We have dg portholes with no condensation, dg side hatches with no condensation but the dg houdini hatch had frozen drips all around it this morning. Our Squirrel seams OK when it starts to get hot, about 20°, I just close the round vent and it stays about right.
  10. I'm still turning clockwise when I should be going anti clockwise. At least with a lever I can remember forward for forward and back for reverse.
  11. The boat he describes has a National I think. Clearly from the above example you can use a wheel to change gear. I find using a wheel to change revs is complex enough for me.
  12. I am reading "Anderton for Orders" by Tom Foxon and was confused by his description of the controls for his first narrowboat. He clearly describes using the speed wheel to change gear and the handle to accelerate. Is this even possible or am l missing something?
  13. We have a Dyson v7. It's plumbed into the electrics so is always being charged when the 240v is on so is always ready to use. Has a spinny thing which cleans the rugs. Very powerful suction quality product but expensive.
  14. Then it becomes part of their journey through life..........
  15. With you there, its like the London marathon., you come 2056th and you still get a medal, only the first three should get medals all the rest should be disqualified.
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