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  1. Felshampo

    How to strengthen this knob

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Visbella-Filling-Reinforcing-Adhesive-Porcelain/dp/B07FDPXHWW/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1549570552&sr=8-6&keywords=Visbella This stuff looks interesting. Claims you can drill it and sand it. I have got some but haven't used it yet. Anyone know if it works.
  2. Felshampo

    Double Glazing on narrow boats

    We have dg portholes with no condensation, dg side hatches with no condensation but the dg houdini hatch had frozen drips all around it this morning. Our Squirrel seams OK when it starts to get hot, about 20°, I just close the round vent and it stays about right.
  3. Felshampo

    Speed Wheel

    I'm still turning clockwise when I should be going anti clockwise. At least with a lever I can remember forward for forward and back for reverse.
  4. Felshampo

    Speed Wheel

    The boat he describes has a National I think. Clearly from the above example you can use a wheel to change gear. I find using a wheel to change revs is complex enough for me.
  5. Felshampo

    Speed Wheel

    I am reading "Anderton for Orders" by Tom Foxon and was confused by his description of the controls for his first narrowboat. He clearly describes using the speed wheel to change gear and the handle to accelerate. Is this even possible or am l missing something?
  6. Felshampo

    Handheld vacuum

    We have a Dyson v7. It's plumbed into the electrics so is always being charged when the 240v is on so is always ready to use. Has a spinny thing which cleans the rugs. Very powerful suction quality product but expensive.
  7. Felshampo

    Red Diesel Update - Meeting 20/11/18

    Then it becomes part of their journey through life..........
  8. Felshampo

    Red Diesel Update - Meeting 20/11/18

    With you there, its like the London marathon., you come 2056th and you still get a medal, only the first three should get medals all the rest should be disqualified.
  9. Felshampo

    Speeding on The Fosse

    Now that's an image I'll find difficult to forget........
  10. Felshampo

    Protecting batteries from over discharge ?

    OK I'll check this next week.
  11. Felshampo

    Protecting batteries from over discharge ?

    OK so I have 5x 160ah batteries. That means the charging current is around 8amps and 14.4 volts. So this will be at the end of the absorption phase of the charger? Right. I can do that.
  12. Felshampo

    Protecting batteries from over discharge ?

    95% NOT 65%....sorry
  13. Felshampo

    Protecting batteries from over discharge ?

    At the moment I can only visit the boat once a week. While I'm there I switch on the inverter and do a few odd jobs lowering the batteries down to about 65%. I then put the generator on for a couple of hours and that leaves the battery bank at around 98-99%. I read in the masterlink monitor manual that the final green led comes on when the battery bank is full (96-100%). So I had assumed that this was OK. A month ago when I returned to the boat the solar would have returned the bank to 100% but lately it is still at 98% a week later. Having read this I'm now concerned I am actually killing the batteries slowly. Should I not leave the boat till the monitor shows 100% and the bank voltage is around 12.65 V. Or is 98% OK.?
  14. Felshampo

    Feeling like a dead duck

    Tony Kaye on keyboards was a jazz musician then along came Rick Wakeman on fragile who was more into........ well other stuff
  15. Felshampo

    Feeling like a dead duck

    Oh the early 70s were close to the edge of prog and indy rock self indulgence and self destruction. Concept albums, often doubles, all over the place. I liked thick as a brick but the follow up passion play was really dull. Thankfully punk was just around the corner........................

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